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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a wild chase around the valley.. ends with a tow truck on fire. we've got the details in your hot headlines... ???jimmy teases team u-s-a making history out in rio.. we've got a recap of yesterday.. and today's three must-see events. oreos is known for their mash-ups.. but does this one go too far?? we've got swedish fish oreos.. in the
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morning juice. ???adlib welcome
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???adlib weather now let's get a check of today's hot headlines... a man is behind bars this morning.. after he allegedly stole a tow truck and took police on a chase around the valley. authorities say d-p-s deployed spike strips in chandler to stop the driver.. but he kept going. shortly after that.. the stolen truck caught on fire. that's when police say the driver got out and continued on foot. but with the help of a police k-9.. authorities were able to take him down.
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an armed robber who killed a 7- eleven clerk. phoenix police releasing the surveillance video from the incident. it happened near 16-th street and southern avenue on monday. police are offering an $11-thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. authorities say they're increasing efforts to find a missing boy from buckeye. 10-year-old jesse wilson has been gone nearly three weeks now. yesterday.. the f-b-i.. sheriffs deputies and buckeye police spent the morning looking of the boy.. near the i-10 and wilson. they tell us.. his safe return is their top priority right now. bad news for macy's.. the department store plans to close 100 locations by next year. this week.. the company reported a drop in profits and sales. the exact stores that will close have not been announced yet. one day after we learned that the legalization of marijuana is set to appear on the ballot in arizona -- there is a challenge to block the initiative. team 12's nico
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what's going on in court today. opponents of a campaign to legalize recreational legalize a campaign to opponents of opponents of a campaign to legalize recreational marijuana in arizona will urge a judge to bar the initiative from the november ballot. attorneys for arizonans for responsible drug policy will make their arguments friday in a phoenix courtroom. they argue in part that the citizen's initiative should be blocked because the 100-word explanation on petition sheets doesn't fully explain the effects of the proposed legalization.the suit was brouby county attorney bill montgomery and yavapai county attorney sheila polk.backers call the lawsuit a desperate attempt to keep voters from having the right to vote to legalize small amounts of marijuana.election officials on thursday certified that the campaign to regulate marijuana like to regulate marijuana like alcohol submitted enough valid signatures to make the ballot.
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to the university of phoenix. the arizona cardinals returnfootball... team 12's jen wahl is at university
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we're we're finishing up our
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remains unstoppable. this morning.. we top the scoreboard with 38-medals -- 16 of which are gold. china comes in second with 30 medals.. followed by japan with 22. and the united states has plenty to be proud of today.. after amazing performances all around yesterday.. first up.. in women's gymnastics.. simone biles won gold.. in the individual finals -- which essentially means she's the best in the world.. anif u-s-a's aly raisman got the silver. and the united states making history.. with swimmer - simone manuel. last night.. she became the first black american swimmer to win an individual gold medal. she won it in the 100 meter freestyle -- alongside a canadian swimmer. they finished with the same time. then as if things couldn't get better.. michael phelps swam for his fourth gold medal in rio -- his 22nd overall -- in the men's 200
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just 38 minutes after the medal ceremony.. he was back in the pool for the 100-meter fly semi-final. he came in second.. which means he'll be able to compete in the final today.. and look to extend his record -- 15 individal gold medals... and speaking of today's must-see events.. at 1-30.. the valley's leonardo dicaprio look-a-like -- brady ellison will go for gold in archery. then during primetime.. meter freestyle final.. followed by michael phelps in the men's 100 meter butterfly final. and don't worry -- because if you miss an event.. we've got everything you need to know on 12-news-dot-com. exclusive rio content is just a click away. the latest plastic surgery trend.. isn't what you might expect. why belly button procedures.. are on the rise..
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or rather -- swedish fish in oreos...? the unusual concoction that is hitting shelves.. we've got that and more in.. the morning juice. you're watching 12 today... ###break###
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###break######break### ###break### now for another check of today's hot headlines... the investigation continues into a possible explosion at an apartment complex in the d-c area. at least two people were killed.. and nearly three dozen others were hurt. officials say more people could still be in the ruble.. but they do not expect
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no word on what might have caused the explosion. a funeral will be held today.. for a young boy killed over the weekend.. while riding the world's tallest water slide in kansas city. 10-year-old caleb schwab suffered a fatal neck injury nead the end of the ride. the details leading up to the tragedy are still unclear. a three year old boy was airlifted to the hospital after falling from a roller coaster in pennsylvania. it happened around noon yesterday. officials say the boy was knocked unconscious. the park the ride -- which is a 78- year-old wooden roller coaster -- passed it's inspection earlier this week. no word yet on the child's condition. today.. alex rodriguez will play in his final major league baseball game. the new york yankees face the tampa bay devil rays at yankees stadium. but it's not really the end of the road.. yankees officials say a- rod will serve as a special advisor and be assigned to work with various players. time now for your 12
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fried foods get a bad rap.. when it comes to heart burn.. but experts say ?how? you eat is more important than what you eat.. so here are three things you could be doing.. that are giving you heartburn... number one -- you're eating too late. eating within two to three hours of going to bed.. is a no-no when it comes to heartburn prevention. number two -- eating big meals. biting off more than you can chew? it's not a good idea.. if you are prone to heartburn. and last on the list -- drinking too much.. especially before bed. you have a pre-bed snack. the latest plastic surgery trend is not what you might expect. surgeons say they've seen a 33-percent increase this year.. in belly button procedures. that's right -- more women are looking to turn their "outies" into "innies." the surgery takes anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. and afterward.. it feels like you've done a few too many crunches at the gym. it costs about $35-
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???toss morning juice there's a lot of buzz this morning.. lot of buzz there's a there's a there's a lot of buzz this morning.. over two new food concoctions.. and we want to know what you think.. first.. oreo is launching a limited edition "swedish fish" flavored cookie. they hit cookie.flavored cookie. they hit shelves this week.. at fry's stores around the twinkies -- but not just any twinkies.. deep-fried twinkies. they're like the ones you get at the state fair.. but these ones state fair.. but these ones stay frozen until you're ready to bake them. they'll be available exclusively at walmart.. beginning this monday. so let us know -- would you try
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and speaking of the state fair.. we now know who will be performing cohi include.. b-o-b.. charlie puth.. and iggy azalea.... and big and rich.azalea.... and big and rich. the state fair is going on october 7-th through the 30-th. you can't buy tickets for the concerts just yet.. but if you go to az-state-fair-dot-com.. you can enter for a chance to
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now time for your juicy question of the morning... everyone knows someone who has done this.. many of us do it each month.. but surprisingly.. 30 percent of people do it.. because they want to make other people jealous. what is this? start sending us your answers...answers...???adlib
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hillary clinton gets
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back his comments on the president and isis. that's all coming up in 3 minutes.. you're watching 12 today...
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at a campaign event in detroit yesterday.. detroit event in at a you're and isis. back his donald trump athletes.. and from olympic athletes.. and donald trump comments on that's all you're ###break###
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at a campaign event in detroit event in campaign at a at a campaign event in detroit yesterday.. hillary clinton continued to outline her economic plan.. saying her tax and spending priorities.. would boost job growth. clinton also told the crowd her plan will strengthen america's place in the global economy.. and during the speech.. she took some time to bash trump's economic plan that he delivered fearful outlook for america's future. she even used u-s olympians to drive the point
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clinton once again challenged trump to make more of his products -- from neckties to suits -- in the united states. she also called on him to release his tax return yesterday.. donald trump defended his accusations.. that president obama and hillary clinton.. are the founders of isis. during an interview with our team in florida.. trump again repeated the claim.. saying clinton is to blame because she backed invading iraq.. and president obama because he
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this morning.. it seems trump may be changing his opinion.. he tweeted this out saying "cnn reports so seriously that i call president obama and clinton the found of isis... they don't get sarcasm?" today trump will be campaigning at two separate events in pennsylvania. two big movies hitting theaters this weekend -- one for kids.. the taylor is here with his take on both. the preseason games have just kicked off.. and we're already looking ahead to the super bowl.. who is ?rumored? to be halftime show performer.. that next.. in the morning juice...
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it's about that time.... football in arizona!the cardinals kick pre-season off tonight in football in it's about that time.... football in arizona!the cardinals kick pre-season off tonight in glendale.we're live with a preview. donald trump -- doubling down
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republican party leaders are meeting with his campaign today in florida. 'rumor has it'... adele will 'set fire' at super bowl 51 in houston this year.plenty of bad puns in your friday morning juice... ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy


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