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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  August 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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frosty record or robert tonight. players are still excited to see this front seven get after it. >> there shouldn't be a point this time this season where somebody's tired. if you're tired, we have enough backups to get fresh bodies. >> we just have such great players up there up front. and just like it's a bunch of guys just -- every person that's on that front is just somebody that you have to watch out for. >> definitely a big compliment from buck. patrick peterson, chandler jones and a few others on the defense. i would expect a lot of guys with a lot of reps. the d-line is to turn as many bodies as possible. no reason anyone should be tired among the front seven. the kickoff is at 7:00. hey, coming up at 6:00, a first for two cardinal rookies. we'll have that for you life at 6:00.
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12 sports. >> all right. you know the bird's nest will be packed tonight! and traffic always an issue before cardinals games. but there are some big changes with parking this year that could keep things backed up until the fans get things figured out. >> crystal hernandez is here to get things figured out. >> make sure you doublecheck the parking pass. yellow and brown passholders, talking to you. the parking lot for the yellow pass is on the west 91st avenue south of maryland. southbound traffic will want to use northern eastbound to 91st avenue southbound to get to the parking lot. 101 northbound traffic, your ammo is eastbound glendale to 91st avenue southbound. brown pass holders, you'll no longer be able to park your car at kellis high school. but you're in luck.
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all right. thank you so much for that, crystal. well, we know a lot of you will be hanging out at home for what's been a truly historic olympics in rio. >> seems like every night, a new record is broken. tonight expected to be another night of incredible moments on the pool, volleyball court and track and field. >> team 12's vanessa ruiz joins us live with more on what you can watch prime time on 12 news. hey, is it kind of bad that i kind of wish i was home to see the cards game? but just for tonight. just for tonight! because in the meantime, though, i have to tell you in all honesty and now being serious as you just said, what a night! i mean, we could potentially be seeing michael phelps for the very last time inside an olympic swimming pool. a thrilling night and it includes michael phelps, it'll,
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two olympic gold medalists. and could this really be michael phelps' last olympic race? huh, will katie ledecky will defend her title and look for another medal in the freestyle. katie ledecky is a human torpedo. this girl is unreal. there's a reason why they're saying that michael phelps is the le and also tonight, -- of katie ledecky. and michelle carter coached by her dad, michael carter. she's a 1984 olympic silver medalist and champ with the 49ers. so talk about a family legacy, guys. i wish i was able to just snuggle home on this friday night with the popcorn and get
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i have failed in my pin quest. i have three pins. so, yeah, again. >> what is the problem here? what can we do to get you on the trail? >> yeah, vanessa. you can't come back -- >> the problem is i'm working! [ laughter ] >> that's not an excuse, my friend. >> i don't have time to be asking for pins. >> you have to get pins for us! it's one of the requirements! [ laughter ] >> she had time to catch up with less city jones but not -- >> just -- lesley jones but >> get a lesley jones pin or something. >> oh, the pressure! >> she'll stop talking to us pretty soon. >> try to multitask better, all right? you're slacking out there in rio. >> great job, vanessa! it's easy to see american weightlifter kendrick ferris is unbelievable strong. but you wouldn't believe what he eats to get this way.
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weightlifting hopefuls on "the olympic zone." we're hearing from more witnesses involved to two more shootings tied to the serial shooter, the one that left three people dead especially. charly edsitty joins us with more. more than one person can be involved. >> reporter: a witness says she saw two other people inside a car along with the man believed to be the shooter who was standing outside the seconds after killing three people. two shootings happening within 45 minutes of each other in the early morning hours of june 12th. someone opened fire five times at a vehicle parked outside the home near camelback. 30 minutes later, he saw a car
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bullet casings and a witness reported seeing a dark colored vehicle leaving the area. just four miles south near mcdowell, another shooting. the deadliest of them so far. they were listening to music inside a parked car when they were shot several times. they saw stephanie's door open, her foot outside the car. they have ruled out a robbery as a motive because almost of the pockets. silver bottles of pills and marijuana were found in the car as well. charly edsitty, 12 news. >> thanks very much, charly. >> if you have information to catch the serial killer, you can remain anonymous by calling
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since 10-year-old jesse wilson disappeared from his home in buckeye. if you have information, they want to hear from you. just call 623-349-4611. we have more news about a teacher fighting cancer that was fired from the arizona department of juvenile corrections in the middle of her cancer treatment. job back. the governor intervened in her behalf. ausburn was fired monday after her unpaid medical leave ran out but she was too sick from cancer treatments and an infection to come back to work. according to governor's spokesman, the governor decided ausburn should continue her employment and the office has called her to let her know.
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for a new semester at asu. we'll hear from all the students getting ready to tackle the college experience. >> and in network versus out of network. we'll talk about that and how call 12 can help you. >> and we're also tracking some very active weather that's slowly making its way in the east valley. i'll let you know where this is going and how long it'll stick around coming up. >> and be sure the tell us what you think the answer today's social standoff. a new list out of the 30 most fun places to live in the u.s. so do any valley cities make the cut? we'll reveal the answer at 12 news at 6:00. >> and remember, 12 news is your olympic station.
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as the baby boomer generation ages, the number of americans living with alzheimer's is on the rise. how do you tell if someone you love is just forgetful or could it be time to see a doctor? we have the answers in this health check report.
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and say, what's the point? it's alzheimer's. they want fix it. >> reporter: that's a lot of people's reactions when they find out they have alzheimer's. it's true, there are no medications to treat or prevent alaska hyper's, they can treat the -- alzheimer's, they can treat the symptoms. and this is no reason to ignore the symptoms. >> it isn't always alzheimer's. >> if people are on two too many medications, adjusting fever is a common problem. rarely that can cause chronic meningitis which can effect us cognitively and can be fixed. >> reporter: when it is alzheimer's, having that conversation with a parent or spouse can definitely be difficult. >> there are some people as a manifestation of their dementia a type of what seems like personality change where they actually deny anything is wrong with them. they don't see that there's
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>> reporter: and that denial could be a sign of dementia and could be taken seriously. so should these precursors to dementia. >> anything that damages our brain effects us cognitively, whether it's a head injury, brain disease. >> there's no full proof way to predict alzheimer's yet. >> but there are some tests that can show you your relative risk of getting the se comes to health insurance. >> but what happens when your doctor's office makes the mistake and send your tests out of network? you'll wind up with the bill and it can be huge. >> that's right. if you've gone to the same doctor all this time, you know with the same insurance, you're probably not double and triplechecking this kind of stuff. so a suns lake resident was very surprised to get a bill for $585.
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blood work to an out of network lab. jennifer had no control of it. but the doctor's office told her she still has to pay. so she decided to call 12 to action. we took her case and let that office know he was working with their patient. and that changed everything. they admitted their error and erased the bill, saving jennifer $585. so here's our advice. even when you're dealing with they are sending it to a lab within your network and not one that's not because it's easier to fix it then than it is later. >> reporter: but we are glad to step in and get you a refund. it's your money! so far in 2016, call 12 to action has put $1,050,865 back in the pockets of arizona consumers. and we can help you, too. so if you have a consumer complaint, call 12 for action.
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calls on monday at 11:00 a.m. at 602- 602-260-1212. or go to it's that time again. the next round of sun devils moved into the dorms this morning. we caught up with those moving into taylor place, about a block from our studio. >> 900 students will be unpacking this weekend at the downtown campus. that doesn't thousands who will be unpacking in tempe. we talked with the dean of students and incoming freshmen about the new year. >> they arrive here to join us as part of the asu family. >> i am so looking forward to new connections and just meeting a bunch of new people. >> i guess just meeting new people here and making new friends. >> we also talked with seniors on the best advice they can give newcomers.
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procrastinate, be outgoing, and go to a lot of events. >> oh, the memories! >> monsoon storms popping up this evening. will they make it into the valley later on tonight? that's the question. here's meteorologist matt pace with the anxious. matt? >> reporter: -- with the answer. matt? >> we are seeing some storms northeast of the valley. if you live in east valley, you may see some strong winds within the next 30 minutes or so. this storm system formed over the pe this goes until 7:45. very heavy rain. so if you are traveling up to i- 10, watch for flooding on that particular road. you notice that on the bottom. that's those strong winds moving through the region maybe 25 to 35 miles per hour. now more storms around yarnell. more rainfall over the burnscar. there's a flash flood warning in effect there until 7:14.
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our east and north, seeing more activity north of pay is a. that will slowly drop -- of pesa. that will slowly drop. for us tomorrow, here's a look at the forecast. it's going to warm up. 106 is our forecast high temperature. slightly above average. the average this time of year is 105. the white mountains, that's where the storms will form. a 3 on the monsoon center. a 2 in southeastern arizona as well. now, here's will set up. really stuck between two areas of high pressure. the one over the pacific, that will slide right in towards arizona. and that will bring a big warming trend into our forecast. there it is. 107 by your sunday. but it looks like the monsoon thunderstorm chances may return wednesday, thursday, and friday. >> more rain. my goodness. hey! getting swept by the diamond backs in your own ball park is
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hi, i'm dana from aarp in downtown phoenix to tell you about all the real possibilities happening right here in your community. because if you don't think real possibilities when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." we are volunteering with fitphx meet me downtown walk-run program. join us every monday in downtown phoenix. helping build community through fitness and keeping our city in motion. get to know us and see all the real possibilities
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there are no excuses here. these are major league baseball players. i don't care where they came from. i don'ca the names on their back and on the front of their uniforms say they're a major league baseball player. it starts with them. and when you come and you owe what you do, you owe a responsibility to the fans, our fan base, the organization, and yourself the respect to this game to come out and grind it out. >> huh. that was terry collins speaking to the media after being swept by the diamondbacks who -- by the way way -- own the second worst record of the league.
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is this the kind of talk we should have heard from the diamondbacks back in the spring? oh, yeah, it is. it's inexcusable to see how they did, to the poor pitching, bad defense, yeah, it was all bad. clearly something needed to be done to ignite the team and perhaps a strong, stern, public tonguelashing from the manager instead of, we just saw them sit back, offer excuses until it was too late. the season is now lost and they're left evaluating young talent for the future. hey, look. if you don't have that voice from a player in the locker room to ignite an underachieving team, it has to come from the manager. and chip hale, ain't too complacent. >> do you think it should be public, though?
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real estating behind closed doors. -- and raving blind closed doors. and if that doesn't work, then you need to do what chip did. call them out in public. [ pac-man sounds ] ? [ music ] ?? two men in arizona edited together clips of michael phelps in rio. and as you could hear, '80s nintendo music was playing in the backou and this tape has gone viral. what they have to say about the millions of people around the world who are clicking on their creation. that's tonight at 10:00. >> and remember to keep it right here during prime time on 12 news, your olympic station. [ olympic music ]
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coming up new on 12 news at 6:00, all the olympic action in rio may be inspiring you to get up and start moving again. >> that's right. but hold on, weekend warriors! >> ten years ago, the old addening was, no pain, no gain. and we don't use that anymore. >> new at 6:00, what you need to know before jumping back into your favorite sport. >> and be sure to tell us what you think the answer is to today's social soundoff question. there's a new list out on the 30 most fun places to live in
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so do any valley cities make the cut? we'll have the answer for you coming up at 6:15 on 12 news at 6:00. >> and then tonight on 12 news at 10:00, a valley couple has ties to not only the olympics but also the host country of brazil. >> one of them, the seoul olympic jimmy to compete in -- gymnast to compete in seoul. >> no matter where you are, we have the news on, the 12 news app and your favorite social media channels. we'll see you back here at 6:00. ? [ music ] ?? you're watching 12 news,
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and having water here requires careful planning at srp.
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to store four years' worth of water underground. srp is always working to ensure our communities will have the precious water they need to thrive. discover the beauty of a reliable water supply
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tonight. deadly flood disaster on the gulf coast. state of emergency declared in louisiana. heavy rain and heroic rescues as rivers overflow their banks up to rooftops. damage control, donald trump now says he was being sarcastic after repeatedly calling presiden and hillary clinton releases her tax returns, trying to pressure trump to release his. violent flight, dozens of passengers hospitalized after being tossed through the cabin like toys, people hitting the ceiling. and the thrill of victory, michael phelps makes history again. we'll talk to his family. could he be back for 2020? and there's something about simone, we're with simone biles and aly


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