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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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it happened friday afternoon at an in-home daycare business. the woman called 91 after she found the baby play not breathing. he was called to the touch and he was napping in the crib for 90 minutes before the woman checked on him. no charges were filed at this time. an autopsy is planned. investigators said that there was work being done on the would expose. there was a deadly crash earlier this afternoon. a driver of a pickup hit westbound the loss control and rolled over several times. that man was ejected from the vehicle and he lost his life. the search is still on for a hit-and-run driver. a woman in a wheelchair was crossing the street overnight when she was hit and lost her
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colored truck. it has been a month since the 10-year-old, justin wilson disappeared from his home in buckeye. -- jesse wilson, disappeared from his home in buckeye. if you have any information that could help phoenix police catch the serial street color -- killer, call silent witness, you can anonymous. $50,000 award is being offered. the wild fire battle continues in california. it has grown 4000 acres and as you can see in this picture, buildings are going into flames. this fire is just 5% contained. severe flooding in
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homeless. many people were rescued friday. reporting on why the threat for some is not over. >> reporter: as they get a break from the rain, high waters remain, torrential downpours, leaving neighborhoods underwater and a lot to clean up. the damage was so bad that some of the parishes are considered federal disaster areas.>> is all across south louisiana. it has presented tremendous challenges. >> reporter: he is one of thousands in need of federal aid money. from the air the homes look like islands. many residents scrambling to safety, the coast guard used boats and helicopters to rescue 20,000 people.
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you just do not understand. water is one of the worst there is. >> reporter: the water continue -- continues to rise. they hope more help will arrive soon. >> more on the flooding devastation. that is more on we want to go back to our big story. a family up in the high country was traumatized after it dps stop. >> reporter: a family vacation quickly turned dramatic for he and his seven-year-old daughter. >> the officer yelled at her and said, do not move and stay down.>> reporter: the dps
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it changed the didn't -- the demeanor on how the trooper approached the car. he posted his account to facebook claiming that the officer demanded he rolled down the window and get out of her car different with out of the car with his daughter inside. -- daughter inside. he says stop reaching for your waist or i will blow two holes into your back you said.>> reporter: he was detained briefly to let go after it was determined that the car was not stolen. as far as the allegation with the officer's conduct, dps looked into it. he says that the radio
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information. >> we do not hear a trooper out of control.>> reporter: dps is not pleased with the backlash that he shared online. we understand. >> we understand we supplies with that, but that does not give you the right to act irresponsibly. the presidential candidates head to the battleground states. hillary clinton was joined by joe biden. pennsylvania today. they were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. they called donald trump the least prepared nominee ever. at a rally in youngstown ohio, he laid out his framework with dealing with terrorist threats. destroying isis would be the core of his foreign-policy.
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to the us. donald trump says that his opponent lacks the mental and physical stamina to fight the threats presented by isis. track and field competition is in full swing. >> we have seen some amazing performances from team usa. today, we will take a live look. devon alan is preparing for his moment on the vanessa ruiz is here. >> reporter: today is a really big day for one particular person. on talk about devon alan who has waited so long to finally make his olympic debut and is happening today. he became a star football player in oregon. and he left his mark in track
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he's never been one to choose between both of the sports. tonight, he has to give does all. he tries to qualify for the 110 meter finals. >> it has been quite the road for devon and his family to make it here to rio. he is so very close, we will be there and bring you the very best. i will see you guys in about an hour. >> be sure to join us tonight for the olympic zone at 6:30 pm. we will be talking basketball team >> that is all tonight on 12 news starting at 6:30 pm. teaching local kids life saving self-defense. we will take you inside the valley class and we will let you know where you can sign up. 12 news for action is helping a man save money with
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insurance. how many spots does arizona claim on this year's list for the top 10 mexican restaurants in america? >> 12 news is your olympic
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new at 5 pm. we have heard it before, insurance will cover it. a phoenix man told us about a surgery that he needed. >> he ended up with a bill for $20,000.>> if it was stressful enough to go through surgery, he get a bill for services that were supposed to be recover. it is hard to get the hospital and the insurance company to listen to you. he decided to call 12 for action. one of our investigators took his case. but she got the bill arrest.
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familiar, here is advice, the next time you hear a procedure is covered.>> if the hospital states they have checked with your insurance provider, get confirmation in writing. >> call 12 for action. from 11 am to 12 pm during the week or you can file your we say this a lot if it is too good to be true, it could be. he saw his main -- he saw his name on of winners list. someone reached out to him on facebook the center to reach out for his prize that he would have to pay a small fee. the small fee was $50,000.
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he is forced to delay his retirement. facebook says there is no facebook lottery and there never will be. the federal trade commission warns that if you never official entered a lottery that you do not win, case closed. if your child was attacked, with a know what to do? could they defend themselves with something as simple as a marker? the city of phoenix is teaching using a sharpie, to get an attacker to release their hold.>> you take a sharpie, or a hard object, you put pressure on the bone and that person will release.>> if you would like to see some demonstrations or learn more about self- defense you can visit .
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has really helped parts of arizona including places around flagstaff. the flowers are blooming, the grass is green, the ponds and lakes have risen. capturing some of the beautiful scenes. it sure does look gorgeous. we will take a little break from some of the rain, and we will turn up the heat. take a look at the high teat we have a long list of days that are above. it is not all quiet out there this afternoon, although the phoenix metro area is quiet, but look out to the west, western maricopa county, we're seeing a storm develop. there could be a possibility of blowing dust along interstate
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possibility. we saw that happen today with some storms. there was one fatality on interstate 10. even though it is not active as a whole, within the state, we can see some isolated areas with some problems. north and east of flagstaff, there are some storms pushing into an easterly direction. our pattern, it is high pressure. we will dry things out and we will keep that hit elevated for the next couple of days. with that sinking air, we have issues with pollution, we have always found high pollution advisories, today on into tomorrow. we will have clear skies tomorrow, up to 86 degrees.
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we have a low number for the monsoon meter. we will keep that moisture up into the mountains. we have a 34 northern arizona and a 4 arizona and a 44 white mountains. -- and we have a 4 for the white mountains. the monsoon moisture was back into the area over the weekend, saturday sunday, temperatures will be chance as we head through the beginning of next week. we will give you a live look on the loop 101 near university of phoenix stadium in glendale. later on this evening, guns and roses will take the stage. expect some traffic backups in that area. since guns and roses has taken over, the arizona cardinals decided to cool off in san
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story. what is up with that? >> let me tell you something, the cardinals along with other people in arizona like to avoid this heat. their trip to san diego, it was all business. they were able to fix some of the problems from friday night. cameron cox is in san o. assignments and then this. welcome to san diego. >> we have a nice beach breeze. >> reporter: for the next week, 12 sports and the cardinals will call this home. welcome to mission beach. >> great weather, everybody has been asking, where do i go?
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for us to go eat? there are a couple different places. >> you better have some good food spots for us because i am going to be hungry. >> reporter: do not forget rule number 1. with this view, i can see why, the cardinals landed, coming up at 6 pm. one player, he does not like the beach at all. that is crazy talk, right? >> the beach and food talk, cameron cox is having too much fun. i will look at if he is worth a $200 million investment.
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often coming back, their scheme coming back to bite them, they are adjusting and tweaking their scheme. mistakes. >> the guys are responding well. they are doing a good job. we are not just turning guys lose. they are doing a good job communicating and it is showing. >> after sweeping the mets, the diamondbacks return home tonight and they open up a three-game series. yesterday, the 260 mile in
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he was the first loss to the season, and the first loss since may 12, clearly, he had a bad night, and without question, his record and performance the season, it gets thrown out of perspective in this nightmare of the season for the diamondbacks there at 4 pm, mark curtis and i talked about devon allen, perhaps getting a gold medal and getting into professional football, we asked if anybody has done that? someone mentioned someone but he never played a single snap. he was a professional, after his season was over, the 49ers
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but that devon allen is a full out these. he has multiple skills. -- full out beast. he has multiple skills. >> there may never be another guy like devon allen. >> thanks. and olympic track star, he is a great football player. he is competing tonight, i know what he had to say about crossing the finish line. th 10 pm. phoenix is gorgeous!
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a glendale woman was arrested. dozens of dogs were removed from her home. >> she is now out of jail.>> i am morning the death of my dogs. the twin sister of one of the serial victims is doing and what documents show about the case. that is tonight at 10 pm. thank you for watching. you can always get the latest news online on you are watching 12 news ,
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tonight, relentless disaster. 20,000 rescues as floodwaters carve a deadly path of destruction. emergency shelters packed as we see the mammoth scale of devastation. residents running for their lives as homes burn to the ground in california. firefighters unleash a massive attack. extreme vetting. donald trump's new ideological test for immigrants, what he said today about allowing only people who support our values to enter the u.s. trapped by war. richard engel with a rare look inside a hospital under ground in aleppo to escape the bombs, treating syria's children who fill bed after bed. and unstoppable. usain bolt strikes


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