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pass it off. walsh jennings tapping. still alive. make it 20-18. now, the second match point. right now for the brazilians. they can win it here. agatha. puts it away! brazil has upset the united states.
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>> incredible play by agatha and barbara. and heartbreak for the americans. technically, it's really not an upset. brazil ranked number two. united states, number three. but we all know the truth. for kerri walsh jennings, her first match loss in olympic play. so agatha and barbara, they will play for the gold medal against germany. the united states, meanwhile, will play for the bronze. wow.
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atmosphere. kerri walsh jennings had been 26-0 in olympic competition. her first ever defeat. what a setting for it to happen. it's possible that brazil could occupy two of the three places on the podium in this event. they will play the americans for the bronze, and they will play germany for the gold. and we'll come back here to wrap things up on this tuesday night in rio after this.
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this broadcast is presented by authority of the international olympic committee and may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form without the express written consent of the international olympic committee. wednesday, the games of the xxxi olympiad continue from rio de janeiro. in daytime on nbc, the u.s. men's volleyball team and in water polo the defending champions women collide with hungary. in prime time, the world's fastest man, usain bolt, returns for the 200-meter semifinals, sprinting one step closer to another historic three-peat. in the final of the women's 200 american tori bowie takes on a powerful jamaican contingent. in the 100-meter hurdles, a deep american team looks to over
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the women's platform diving gets under way. an nbcsn, kevin durant and the usa tip off against argentina. on the golf channel, the women take to the links following a sterling finish to the men's tournament. you can watch the olympics in spanish on telemundo and nbc universo and on and nbc sports app. olympiad continue from rio de janeiro on the networks of nbc. okay. here is a look now at the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supporting athletes on their journeys. the u.s. has opened up a wide gap. more than 30 medals ahead of china and great britain. not pictured here is argentina. brazil's sports arch rival. they collected their second rio
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longa and coranza, a 64-year-old olympian. last year longa was diagnosed with lung cancer and had his left lung removed. as he came to shore his sons, who also competed in rio, jumped into the water to greet their dad. longa said afterwards that rio was a very emotional games for him. he said watching the racing of my sons and my sons watching my racing and then celebrating today with them, it's just been too much for me. from rio, we'll return to the medal ceremony for the women's floor exercise earlier today. simone biles capped her impressive olympic debut with her fourth gold medal of the games while aly raisman collected the silver. her sixth over all. joining them was amy tinkler of great britain who took the bronze.
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biles, millions upon millions of americans who only a few months ago might not have known who simone biles was are more than familiar with that beaming smile. and she has had ample reason to show it to us time after time here. five medals, four of them gold. and already, by acclamation, the greatest female gymnast in history. aly raisman with six career golds one behind the american gymnastics held by shannon miller. here they are on the podium awaiting their national anthem. ?? ??
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] coming up in a bit, it's late night on copacabana with
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with kerri walsh jennings and april ross, right after their defeat a few moments ago. just up the beach in the morning, it's the "today" show with matt and hoda. good night. since it's past 1:00 a.m. here in rio, technically perhaps good morning as well from brazil.
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12 news at ten tracking the big picture for you, from the valley to san diego to rio, devon allen falls short of his quest for an olympic medal. >> it's not every day you come to the olympics and compete. a track star snags the silver and then makes the best day of his life even better. simone biles picking up more gold at the games. while inspiring a new wave of young athletes. at what it takes to broadcast the today show live from copacabana beach. bruce arians rushed to the hospital. in caat -- 12 news is in san diego. a cruiser snack -- slams into a little girl and more breaking news, fierce flames putting 80,000 people on edge. twelve news at 10:00 starts right now. good evening, everybody. coming to you from rio tonight and it is here where devon allen is still processing the
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meter hurdles. devon allen qualifying in the semifinal two race in tonight's final, just a couple hours later, devon in lane three, knocks down several of the hurdles along the way and then gets to the finish line in fifth place. but it is not enough to get him on the medal stand. twelve news speaking exclusively with devon right after the final and his parents as well. i felt good about getting to the race but it's how it is sometimes. >> tokyo 2020? too soon? >> i think so. i can only get better. the more training i do. >> it's amazing. i'm so proud of him and i'm not disappointed. i hope he is not disappointed. we are thrilled that he is here and we're going to go 2020. we're going to keep it going. >> i'm proud of him honestly. i know we are a little disappointed, but we know that he has worked really hard.
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the outcome obviously is not what we wanted, but it's not for lack of effort. so i'll never complain about that. >> what's up, i don't get to go around there too much because i'm doing both sports but i love you guys. >> reporter: less than 0.3 seconds separating devon from the gold. devon is also a player for the oregon ducks. and his teammates watching tonight from oregon, another athlete from phoenix is a big winner here in rio. today will claye is calling it the best day of his life. the mountain point high school grad winning silver in the triple jump, not his first medal. he also won silver back in london but he has another big reason to celebrate tonight after winning the silver. cameras catching william clay proposing to his girlfriend, queen harrison, a fellow track star. she says yes and then of course, they do the celebratory because under the american flag. i caught up with clay shortly after.
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>> yes. that's to say the least. when i woke up this morning i told myself today would be the best day of my life and that's what it is seeming like. it is a rush of emotions, all at once. thinking about all of the sacrifices, all of the times where you may have doubted or something may happen that you are like, am i going to be able to make it through? it is like, wow, i actually really did it. >> reporter: clay's coach tried today worrying it would steal his focus. simone biles picking up her fourth gold medal proving once again she is absolutely amazing. certainly one of the best of all time in gymnastics. mark, caribe and stacia will pick it up from here. >> thanks, vanessa. we'll see you in a bit. a medic ending in olympic women's gymnastics with a 1-2
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rio. her for golds in gymnastics ties a mark reached by only five other women. teammate aly raisman won silver. >> felt pretty good. ended on a good note. that's what me and ellie were hoping for. that's what we did. >> the women's gymnastics team leaves rio with its best medal count ever, nine, topping the aid earned by the team usa in 1984 and 2008. every four years during the surge in parents signing their kids up for gymnastics and swimming. this year it is bigger than ever. you won't believe how young some olympians are when they start training to win gold. the answer coming up in about eight minutes. the arizona cardinals week of practice with the chargers in san diego was supposed to be the highlight of training camp. it took a ski return tonight. here with the details. >> indeed. bruce arians missed practice
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stomach pain. cameron cox has put the team in san diego with the latest. >> reporter: what started as a day with so much excitement for these two teams quickly turned into a very serious situation. cardinals head coach bruce arion was was taken to a nearby hospital. before practice, according to the team, he told the medical staff he wasn't feeling well. he was then taken to a nearby hospital. is a positive one. >> put those heads together and a speedy recovery to cardinal coach bruce arians. >> [ applause ] >> reporter: the work never stops but practice is not the same without bruce arians. >> definitely not hearing him cuss people out when somebody messed up. that's what i was listening for. >> he is the leader of our team. anytime he's not here, it's always shocking. >> reporter: most of the players find out before practice. >> we thought the worst
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anytime anybody has a health issue, we always think of the worst. >> reporter: after practice, players received what seemed to be good news. >> whatever that means, saying a prayer for him and hoping he is back quick. >> we heard he's doing better. some discomfort. so we are always concern for him obviously. he is our leader, the heartbeat of our team. we wish him a speedy recovery. >> reporter: to honor their leader, the cardinals did the only thing bruce arians would want >> we were very professional. we got some good work today done, coach. >> get well soon. >> we are praying for you. we know we love you. >> we're thinking about you. we love you. get healthy. >> we got the toughest coach in the business. >> our thoughts and prayers are with be a tonight. >> reporter: something is really missing when bruce arians is not on the practice field. david johnson did mention it could be an infection.
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out more tomorrow morning. at 11:30 in the morning, at the team hotel. once again cardinals head coach bruce arians staying overnight in a local hospital. with stomach pain. in san diego, cameron cox, 12 spots -- 12 sports. >> good job. bruce arians is a colon cancer survivor so we hope that everything turns out just fine for him. the cardinals do practice in san diego again tomorrow thursday before the preseason game on friday against charges. kickoff at 7:00 p.m. and hopefully we'll see bruce arians on the sideline. >> i'll tell you, too, i have followed a lot of teams over the years as have you. i've never heard players use the word love for a coach like the cardinals do for bruce arians. >> they call him uncle. he is beloved. the guy is very special. >> what tyrann mathieu said, the heartbeat of the team. and how.
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aryans. >> thanks. breaking news, sky 12 of the scene near 72nd and camelback road. where a phoenix police car has allegedly hit a 3-year-old girl. the child rushed to finish children's hospital in critical condition. team 12's kevin kennedy joining us live from the scene with what we know so far. kevin? >> reporter: that 3-year-old little girl is in surgery right now, listed in extremely critical condition. police do tell us she was breathing that is certainly a little bit of good news. as for what's taking place right now as you can see, this is still an active scene as investigators try to reconstruct exactly what happened. as for what we know as around 7:00 tonight, that's when the 3- year-old little girl ran across the street to get some ice cream from an ice cream truck. she then ran in front of the truck trying to get back across the street and that's when the officer went to pass the ice cream truck and unfortunately when she hit that girl, police
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then running over her. police are not sure who was with the girl at the time but say her mother was in the area. as for that officer we were told she is an eight-year veteran with the phoenix police department. a spokesperson tells us she is absolutely devastated tonight. her and everyone with the department focused on that 3- year-old little girl. >> at this point phoenix police department, thoughts and prayers are with this 3-year- old in the hospital. and her family. here. they will investigate this scene. again talking to witnesses but more importantly attempting to reconstruct the actual collision based on the evidence at the scene. >> reporter: once again that 3- year-old little girl is at phoenix children's right now, she is in surgery listed in extremely critical condition. the phoenix police officer is at the maryvale police station tonight, being interviewed in
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live in phoenix, kevin kennedy, 12 news at ten. more breaking news out of southern california, where the so-called blue cut fire has burned 15,000 acres, forcing 82,000 people to evacuate. the fire is 0% contained, dozens of structures many of them homes have burned to the ground as firefighters battle high temperatures and high winds that are fanning the flames through parts other big story, phoenix police keeping people on alert as the serial street shooter remains on the loose. they hosted a community meeting on the east side of town tonight where three of the nine shootings to place. about 50 people showed up hoping to learn more about the investigation. also the man who has killed seven complete strangers. in the end investigators only urged everyone to remain vigilant and to call police if they see something suspicious. there is a $50,000 reward for any information that leads to a
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simone biles and michael phelps on the cover of sports illustrated. they're inspiring a new generation of athletes here in the valley. plus simone meets her celebrity crush. bethanie mattek-sands returns to the valley sharing what it feels like to win on a big old. taking you behind the scenes of the today show. >> this is really about as good as it gets. >> matt lauer and hoda kotb
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12 news back in rio.
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gymnast lori hernandez making the internet very happy. our friends over at the today show asked her parents what their reaction was after seeing this adorable throwback video. check it out. >> i remember the beauty, a lot of people would come out and comment on lori and what she was doing and how they thought at that age that she was going to do some great things. >> i didn't know the sport. i just enjoyed watching her. i felt it was know, look at are doing all these leaps and all this stuff. as a dad it was like, i get to see my daughter and all, but i'm a little biased. she is my daughter. but i didn't think anything of it. >> just like that, all of us want our kids to achieve greatness. but to see that dream become reality is simply incredible. so many major stars dominating the olympics this year including laurie hernandez who you just
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phelps will soon -- soon be coaching at asu and many arizona parents are starting to focus on that finish line. twelve news' monique griego looks into the big boost at sign-ups at training facilities for kids. >> reporter: watching the olympics you can help but get a little motivated. maybe you want to try things out for yourself or maybe you are thinking your kid could be the next arizona olympian. >> you just can't help but be captivated by watching it on tv. says the gym gets a boost from folks catching the olympic bug but this year it's even bigger. >> the phones are ringing, a lot more especially right after something has been on tv and a lot of people are watching it live streaming on their phones. >> reporter: for parents wondering what age there kid can get started, she says many olympians including alex no door hit the floor as toddlers.
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events. >> reporter: the bump in olympic interest goes even deeper than that. >> 50 to 75 calls about people who are interested in trying out something for the first time. >> reporter: garrett mccaffrey is the head coach for phoenix swim club. >> their parents got a little fired up and felt like swimming was a good sport thanks to the olympics. >> reporter: the group filling up classes fatter than ever, partially thanks to phelps fever. the superstar swimmer making the sport of sw are more motivated. i think they get more street grid with their peers, a little bit more recognition for being good at something like swimming. >> reporter: you will never know if you are raising a future olympian unless they dive in. and for more information on the programs we talked about today, go to from paradise valley, monique griego, 12 news. you go, girl.
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one of our favorite gymnasts, this olympics got to meet her celebrity crush. gold medal gymnast simone biles has made her crush on zac efron very apparent for a while now. and today this happened. not only did she finally meet him, she got to kiss him on the cheek and she got a kiss on the cheek as well. >> all right. efron has given props to biles throughout rio over social media, so the actor finally decided to travel to brazil to say hello in person. i love that. rate moment. one of the valley's own olympic gold medalist is back home in arizona tonight. after beating one of the world best tennis players in a very tight match on sunday, bethanie mattek-sands arrived to friends and family cheering as she walked through sky harbor with her first ever gold medal. she won it in mixed doubles between venus williams and regine brown. >> winning that match point, what a feeling. it's not comparable to anything else i've experienced.
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she wore in the match, you can see them there. she said they are retired but maybe we'll see a new pair in tokyo 2020. >> congratulations. time for a look at our medal count. u.s. has 84 medals so far and 28 is the magic number. twenty-eight gold, 28 silver, 28 bronze. china is second followed by great britain with 50. the "today" show is the biggest no doubt about that. when it is olympics time, they do the kind of coverage you really can't get anywhere else. we here at 12 news get an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes at what it really takes to put on the show of this magnitude. >> five, four, three -- spotlights camera -- beach. the today show taking over copacabana during the rio games. >> day in and day out, this is going to be tough to beat.
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corner ipanema. we've got sugarloaf behind us. this is really as good as it gets. >> reporter: matt lauer and huck -- hoda kotb part of the team spearheading the major morning olympic coverage bringing the unforgettable rio moments for the athletes athletes into millions of american homes every day. >> that's the fun of these games. right? you get to watch someone's life change. you get to witness a moment in their lives where sometimes for the good, sometimes not. >> reporter: for lower this will be his 11th olympics. no small feat unto itself but he said it is just as thrilling as the very first time. >> that's it for us. we are going to be signing off tonight from rio. tomorrow more competition to talk about. as the olympics in brazil continue. mark, caribe, stacia, back to you. >> thanks. we will see you tomorrow,
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north. >> weeded. earlier sky 12 was up flying around near lake pleasant. you can see some showers coming down, north valley, that didn't make it much into the valley, further south, but we did have some areas that were south of deer valley and far north peoria that picked up about .04 inches of rain. a couple stray storms making it on in. the rest of us just saw the cloudy skies and also the gusty winds earlier this evening. happening out there tonight, right now at 97 degrees, after another high today of 110. or 111 to be exact out at phoenix sky harbor. so we are adding more days to that count. up to 30, the record is 33. very possible we may get there. tonight the winds are coming down. we don't have much left out there. we have a guest at 13. and 14 in glendale.
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it is quiet for most of us but we do have a little shower off to our northwest. just south and east of wickenburg, so i think most of us are going to stay quiet for the rest of the night. we could see a stray shower move through. otherwise the rest of the state is fairly quiet at this time. monsoon meter not all that high for the valley the next few days. although we carry at least a slight chance for wednesday, thursday, friday. we are looking primarily at late afternoon evening thunderstorms, just ne widespread event here, more so still dealing with quite a bit of heat. tomorrow 89 at 7:00 a.m. if you have something to do, get out there early, sunny skies 93 by 9:00 a.m. noon at 100 and topping out at 108. bring the slight chance of isolated storm into the valley. take a look at futurecast, it does show the best chance is going to be up in the high country. on thursday looks like more of that moisture will possibly make it down to the central and lower desert.
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like it's going to be our best shot at seeing some rain. otherwise the dry out of the weekend, temperatures back to normal and next week we pick up the storm chances once again. well, adele is trending in phoenix tonight. the grammy award winner performing at the talking stick resort in downtown phoenix. many of you taking to social media tonight to post your photos and videos of the show. in case you missed it, she'll be back on stage to some tickets left. michael phelps reacting to be on the cover of sports illustrated along with katie ledecky and simone biles. >> the conclusion to a famous run on the vegas trip. and perhaps the most inspiring moment of the rio games, and it has mvp written
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