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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a 3-year-old running to an ice cream truck -- gets hit by a police car. we have the latest developments in this tragic accident. ???bryan teases ???jimmy teases track and field star devon allen fails to make his mark.. but it's not over for team u-s-a.. we've got today's must-see events and more chances for gold. when's the wedding? simone biles and zac efron finally met and we couldn't be happier. that's coming
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now for a check of today's hot headlines... a man is on the run this morning.. after a stand-off in the florence area. pinal county sheriff's deputies say john bowman is a registered sex offender.. wanted for violating several laws. yesterday.. deputies swarmed bowman's home.. after his girlfriend reported he had threatened her with a gun.
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he was last seen driving away in a stolen.. silver pick-up truck with the license plate 3- 7-0-z-z-y. a suspect is dead after being shot by a sheriff's swat team in apache junction. officials say deputies were serving a high risk search warrant at a home near idaho and superstition. deputies say the suspect -- now identified as larry kurtley junior -- showed a weapon and was shot by a deputy. he later died at the hospital. today.. an 11-year-old from mississippi is being questioned after he killed his younger brother. officials say the boys were home alone.. when the 11-year- old shot his 9-year-old brother twice in their backyard. the boys' mother was allegedly at work at the time.. and their father lives out of town. the 11-year- old has not been charged. phoenix police held a meeting last night.. to keep the community up-to-date on the serial shooter case. about 50 people showed up.. hoping to learn more about the investigation. authorities say everyone needs to remain vigilant and call police if
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has killed seven people this year. there's a $50- thousand dollar reward for his arrest. a three year old girl in critical condition this morning after being hit by a police car. it's a top story we've been following for hours. team 12's jen wahl is live outside of phoenix
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the arizona cardinals week of practice with the san diego chargers was supposed to be the highlight of training camp.. but it took a scary
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coach bruce arians missed practice because he was taken to a hospital.. complaining of stomach pain. team 12's cameron cox has the latest
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the cardinals are scheduled to practice again in san diego today -- then an off day thursday before their preseason game on friday against the chargers. did you hear about this? a meeting will be held today to decide whether to sell chase field.. between the arizona diamondbacks and the state.. regarding renovations. team 12's bryan west has the
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now to rio.. where the united states continues to united states where the united states continues to dominate the medal count. this morning.. we have 84 medals -- 28 of which are gold. china comes in second place with 51 medals.. and great britain takes a close third with 50-medals. track and field star -- devon allen -- keeping his head high after a rough night.. the oregon duck.. and former brophy student.. did not medal in the men's 110
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allen.. right after the
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today's must-see events.. this morning.. women's golf is back in the olympics.. for the first time in more than 100-years. then at 4 o'clock.. usain bolt takes over the track field once again.. for the men's 200 meter semi-finals.200 meter semi-finals. and at 6 o'clock.. it's all or nothing for the dynamic duo of karri walsh jennings and april ross. this after their shocking loss to brazil yesterday. tonight.. karri walsh jennings and april ross will take on brazil's other team for a chance at bronze. is your partner making it hard to get a good night's rest? still ahead on 12 today.. we've got three ways you can sleep better.. together. do you hear that? -- the wedding bells. simone biles finally met her biggest crush.. and we've got a sneak peek in your morning juice.
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###break### time now for your 12 today health check... are you an annoying sleeper.. or worse -- is sleeper.. or worse -- is sleeper.. or worse -- is your partner? this morning.. we have three ways to sleep better.. together... first for the snorers.. earplugs are a must -- if you haven't tried already. or you can get a little more that can fit a tennis ball.. onto the back of your partner's pajamas. this will make it so your partner can't lay comfortably on their back -- which tends to be the best snoring position. this next one's for the flailer -- you know.. the sleeper who can't lay still. you'll want to encourage your partner to avoid alcohol hours before bed.. or intense
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sleep. the last one's especially important during our summer months.. it's for the human furnance. if your partner is unbearably hot at night.. try using two separate blankets. that will help you regulate your own temperature. being sick is being sick is you have to pick your poison -- cough syrup or a horse pill? well now.. there's a new option on the market when it comes to cold and flu meds. c-v-s is selling k-cups that are packed with everything you want out of cold and flu medicine. the best part -- they taste like tea. there are two versions -- one for daytime and one for nighttime. they come in flavors like berry.. lemon and honey. a package of eight will cost you about $10-bucks.
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ellen ellen degeneres ellen degeneres getting a lot of heat online after she posted a meme the other day that involves usain bolt.. take a look... the meme is clearly photoshopped. it shows ellen piggy-backing on usain bolt. the caption reads "this is how i'm running errands from now on." a lot of people found this racist because it portrays a white woman despite thie criticism.. ellen has not taken down the photo.. instead she posted this response.. she writes "i am highly aware of the racism that exists in our country. it is the furthest thing from who i am." can simone biles and zac efron just get married already?! the two finally met yesterday... if you if you haven't heard.. simone has a huge crush on
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home. after at home. after finding this out.. the two started talking on twitter.. zac sending her messages of support. and the today show.. decided to make simone's dream come true.. by having him on. you can watch the big surprise.. at 7 o'clock on the today show. now time for your juicy question of the morning... and this one is all about the guys. each year men spend over $100 million on this. and that this. and that amount of money is only expected to grow over the next decade.grow over the expected
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expected to grow over the what is this? ?? traffic ??
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johnny depp and amber heard have officially called it quits. and you won't believe how much was t critics say he shouldn't have the nuclear codes.. but what about other classified information? donald trump getting his first intel briefing today.. the details in just three minutes.
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today.. donald trump will receive his first classified intelligence briefing. the republican presidential nominee will be in new york for the meeting. it has been customary since the 19- 50s for the two major party candidates for president to receive the classified intelligence briefings. officials say these briefings are "fairly general" in their scope. no word on when hillary clinton might receive hers. a new presidential poll reveals that donald trump has a double digit lead over households.military households. according to the latest n-b-c news / survey monkey poll.. trump is enjoying a 10- point lead over clinton in households of service-members and their families. typically republicans do well among military households.. but there has been speculation in recent weeks about just how much support trump is getting from veterans and other military personnel. in 20-12, g-o-p candidate mitt romney won the vets vote by 20
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points. the home of the diamondbacks -- up for sale? the big decision on chase field.. that's coming down today. if you've ever peed in the pool.. this will make you feel better... why the greatest olympian of all time says it's fine -- in fact.. he's done it too! that's
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phoenix police - desperate to catch the serial shooter.the latest in the case this morning... the diamondbacks want improvements to chase field... maricopa county?they're thinking of putting the building up for sale!the latest in a live report... michael phelps does it...and he says..everyone else does to. what is it?you'll find out in the morning juice....


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