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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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what kendall jenner is afraid of that will leave you speechless. welcome to 12 today on this wednesday morning. imat world. it's been a pretty busy morning. we have showers and the reader is still going. if you are up in scottsdale, east valley temperatures will be nice. look for this: bright skies and a little bit on the red side temperatures 87 hot, hazy and humid. we have plenty of clouds toward the west and some storm activity. they picked up around 2 am and a little bit of that energy backup. a little bit of rainfall through the 63 at glendale through peoria. there will be a few showers this morning. these guys don't get any better
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80 degrees. slight chance of storms. let's talk traffic. look at the drive on the 10 eastbound. it barely looks like it is moving. a lot of commotion at 75th avenue. packed like sardines. you will see that translate as a solid orange line from the 101 from the 1012 downtown and pretty crowded on the start to the split. pushing about a half-hour from the 3032 downtown on the 10 eastbound. speeds averaging 30 on the 101. 17 minutes for that drive. 17 southbound right now we are in the red from stack to split. 20 minutes to get around the curve and 32 minutes from the 303, to the curve.
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critical condition after she was hit by phoenix police car. john wall is live at phoenix children's hospital with our top story. this is so awful. >> reporter: extremely sad story this morning. that girl was in surgery last night and we were told she was breathing when she was taken here to phoenix children's hospital. we're still working on getting an update to her condition this morning. lasthe critical condition. hoping for better news today. here is what happened last night. the accident near 72nd avenue and camelback road around 7 pm. officer spending hours reconstructing the scene. phoenix police say the three- year-old ran across the street to get ice cream and ran in front of the ice cream truck which is when the officer drove up to pass the truck and hit the little girl. police say the officer stopped immediately and not before
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she also tried to help the child. no one is sure who was with the three-year-old but they say her mom was in the area. the officer is an eight-year veteran and is extremely devastated by this. the vehicular crimes unit was investigating. standard protocol. the officer was at the maryvale precinct being questioned. as soon as we get an update, we will bring that straight to you. it is now 6:03. the future chase field could be decided today. maricopa officials meet today to talk about selling. brian west has details live out of chase field. >> reporter: matt, that meeting is expected to start at matt, that meeting is expected to start at 1:30 pm this
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intent with a third-party, a new potential buyer of chase field. maricopa county board of directors will be holding a special meeting. it looks like integral group llc is the interest of purchaser. the price will be $60 million and current agreement would be keeping the diamondbacks here to the current contracts. the letter of it -- intent would allow the r this after there has been a lot of back-and-forth poll between the county and diamondbacks. since the diamondbacks are the facility manager, the team would have to a great on any stadium sale. this meeting is expected to happen at 1:30 pm this afternoon. phoenix police want people to stay alert as the serial street shooter is still out there. police how this committee meeting where some 50 people showed up to learn more about the investigation and the man
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seven people. there is a $50,000 award. a suspect is dead after being shot by a sheriff swat team. deputies were serving a high risk search warrant at a home near idaho and superstition. that suspect is identified as larry currently. stomach contents he took its toll for one firefighter who had been rushed to the sp one person inside the home was hurt during the fire. the firefighter is in stable condition. arizona at the games brought to you by valley on day dealers. track and field starts. kevin allen keeping his head high. the oregon duck and former student didn't medal in the men's 110 m hurdle. we caught up with him after the
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his mark year in rio. this time it would be dozenallen -- devonallen. it was not meant to be but we did get a chance to catch up with him expect obviously as a competitor, i wanted to win but fifth-place. there were some great athletes. not bad at all. head back to ne ready for the football season. i will enjoyed my time here. >> reporter: his family telling us they are still proud of him no matter what. and getting to the fact that he is already thinking about tokyo 2020. we will join you back here tomorrow morning for more coverage of the rio olympics. the united states continues to dominate in the
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this morning we had 84 medals, 28 are gold. china second place with 51. great britain, 50. here are your big events. this morning women's golf back in the olympics for the first time in more than 100 years. at 4 pm, track and field. this is for the men's 200 m semi finals. at 6 o'clock, volleyball. this after the shocking loss to brazil yesterday. tonight they take on brazil's other team and that is for a chance at bronze. if you do miss an event, we have everything you need to know on 12 exclusive rio content is only a click away. still ahead on 12 today, with his public image taking a huge hit, johnny depp settles his divorce.
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plus, if you love pancakes, you can forget ever eating breakfast with kendall jenner. what the model says she has a
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welcome back to . take a quick look at your screen as we see a rainbow here in downtown phoenix. we had showers overnight and some lightning. you get to see the end of it just gone past the hyatt downtown. stick around. we will have jay gray live this morning. justin bieber quick instagram? chase field could be for sale and how you can still see adele in concert in the valley tonight. there is a lot of great things to come right here on 12 today.
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olympic flag represent africa, asia, australia, europe and the americas. they are linked together in the friendship. june of the special significance of the colors? every national flag has at least one of the rings colors. >> how uniting. let's check the morning juice with emma. we are starting off with something that was scalding hot. johnny depp, officially divorced. they reached a divorce settlement yesterday ending their 15 month marriage. she received $7 million and sell that money -- settlement money. this comes days after a video leak showing what appeared to be an angry johnny depp yelling at her in their home while slamming cabinets. as part of the settlement, amber heard has dismissed her
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whenever about money. she said in a joint statement that she will donate a portion of the settlement to charity. snakes, bugs. there are many things that we can be afraid of. we bring this up because of kendall jenner. the model and member of the kardashian clan has admitted to being deathly afraid of tiny holes. she told fans on her blog that she has it is a fear of tiny little holes that are in weird patterns. i didn't know what this was then i googled it. she says things that could set her off our pancakes, honeycombs or lotus heads. what bothers her most is the unknown saying, i can't even look at the little holes. it gives me the worst anxiety.
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and it really is quite creepy. >> because apparently wesly has the same fear. wait until you see what we have in the morning juice at 630 . one out of four people do this. that number may be even bigger this evening. of people in the valley are planning to do this tonight. what is it? >> sing in the car. >> tonight? >> sing in the car. >> i think it is dance or singing along. i guess you are leading to the adele concert. >> what do you think? sing in the car or singing in
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let's talk traffic. look at the flood of traffic pushing towards work downtown. this is at the stack at the 10 and 17. it is just packed like sardines on the 10 eastbound. you are starting at the 101, five minutes to 75th. 11 2/51 and 20 2/51 and 22 get to the stack. once you hit 83rd, it is nonstop sluggish commute all the way down. did you see any breaks in that slow down? i did not. 23 minutes probably creeping up on 25 minutes for that drive from the 101 downtown. we have stopped" -- stop and go traffic.
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from the 202 around the broadway curve. we had a viewer call in wanting to know more about this project on hunt highway causing major delays. you might want to seek out alternate routes into early next year. cancel, ironwood, a much better drive between hunt highway between gary and bella vista. they are trying to widen the they are doing all sorts of work. soon they will be doing paving later on this year. keep those in mind as alternates in the meantime. for the kids in school, there could be a slight chance of a sprinkle with dark clouds over the valley. here is the bust up weather forecast. temperatures 80-90 degrees
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an umbrella. better shot of rain coming in the next couple of days. we can get rocked with a 20% chance of rain. we do have hazy skies and beautiful conditions. 80 degrees. 65 dew point. 104 is the average forecast. 114 satellite radar showers up toward the north. most of the activity is in the valley. we had storms early on this morning then they we developed again in glendale. rainfall coming down. may be under 1/10 of an inch. we're not looking at any localized flooding. roadways can be slippery up along the 17. the patterns have moved and
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mountain. in the foothills and down toward the south a few showers. scott still has some rainfall out of paradise valley. we have a 1 for the valley. northern arizona, 3. southeast arizona, 1. today 104-109 and an ozone pollution advisory we have hazy skies. " he forecast, high pollution continuing for the rest of today. 110 phoenix. 94, globe. better shot of rain thursday, friday and saturday. we have breaking news overnight a manner shot and killed.
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>> reporter: as soon as we arrived we were talking to one of the neighbors off-camera. he said he heard gunshots from inside his home. when he came outside he found the person lying on the floor in front of us. we are near southern and 51st. police found that man in his late 20s with at least one gunshot injury. it was a serious injury. he was taken to the a hospital but later pronounced dead as a result of officers learned there was an argument between two groups of people about an hour and a half before the shooting also in the area of south 51st avenue and southern avenue. they are trying to figure out if these situations are related. the man found out here was shot in an apparent drive-by shooting. still ahead on 12 today, is what you are eating causing
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the new study that may have you rethinking your breakfast. plus, the moment when you find out what the olympics is really about. your shot of the morning coming
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welcome back to 12 today. 80 degrees right now. it is such a beautiful morning. topping your 12 today health check, parents, stroller and infant car seat carriers are typically safe that children are injured while using them. there were more than 350,000 kids treated for stroller related injuries between 1990 and 2010. while most escaped with bumps and bruises as many as one third suffered a concussion after hitting their heads apparently. experts say it is important to buckle the child into the stroller at all times. stomach new research suggests how long a woman is overweight could determine her risk of developing certain cancers. a 12 year study shows each additional decade of excess weight is linked to a 7% increase in the overall risk of
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obesity duration had the most significant impact on breast and endometrial cancer. a new guideline is ever dermatologist. high glycemic foods can cause more acne including all sugary foods including white breads and donuts. >> the sugar in the blood goes up quickly. that triggers a cascade of events that increases hormones and see them -- sebum flare up. >> skim milk has a higher association of acme over whole milk. doctors eight willie foods do not mean oily skin. time for your shot of the morning. if this does not some up -- sum up what the olympics is about, nothing will. team usa distance runner
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nikki hamlyn. they were able to get up and they hugged before finishing the race to a warm ovation. by finishing the race, they were allowed to protest the results. the protests were successful and they advanced to the final this friday. it is unclear if her injury to her knee will allow her to compete. she was taken off the track in a wheelchair and had an mri later. >> we talked so much about bullying and the wing -- booing. something great like this makes it great. >> we need more of that. still ahead on 12 today. arizona cardinals head coach taken to the hospital in san diego.
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tell us why he had to be admitted. the first step for selling
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a three euro girl fighting to survive after hit by phoenix police car while trying to get some ice cream. chase field for sale. what would happen if the stadium is bought by a third party? cardinals head coach bruce aarons is waking up in the hospital. why he needed to be seen by doctors in san diego. justin bieber delete his account on instagram. >> how long will that really last? >> till tomorrow. welcome to 12 today. we went from a couple of days of rain to a full week of rain. >> it be a 20% chance starting tomorrow. today still a few showers out there. >> he is back again. look at the pigeon.
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even he watches us. he is loving this show. maybe a couple of rain drops for him. he is in a safe spot. outside cloudy skies, he's -- haze. winds out of the east northeast at 6 miles per hour. we have a few sho still activity around glendale. showers will continue. nothing to have a but toward the east, showers. we're slowing things down in regular rush-hour fashion on the 17 southbound about 15 minutes from this point. now "60 minutes" from northern to durango street.
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way toward downtown. you will see that slow down with the long lines on the 10 eastbound. stop and go on the 17 at durango. modest increase at the 10 westbound and 101 westbound. between the 101 and the stack coming up empty in crashes. 101 eastbound dropping speeds into the 4 tram? a 30 girl in critical condition this morning after being hit by a police car. it is a top story we have been following. john wall -- jen wall joins us. >> reporter: that 30 girl was
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critical condition. in surgery late last night. she was breathing on her way to the hospital. we are hoping for better news this morning. the accident happening near 72nd avenue at camelback road around 7 pm tuesday. offices spending time reconstructing the scene. police say she ran across the street to get ice cream and ran in front of the truck and tried to get back across and the officer drove up and hit the girl. the police officer stopped immediately but not before hitting her and running her over. the officer tried to help her as well. police say her mom was in the area. phoenix fire is joining emergency responders praying for her recovery. >> it is tragic all the way
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family, officer and everybody involved. >> reporter: authorities say the officer is an eight year veteran and completely devastated by this. last night she was at the maryvale precinct being questioned. as soon as we get more information, we will bring you updates. jen wahl, 12 today. did you hear about this? a meeting set to be ld to decide whether to sell chase field. this after months of back and forth between the arizona diamondbacks and the state regarding renovations. bryan west has the details. >> reporter: it is scheduled to get started around 1:30 pm. it will discuss on whether or not to vote to sign a letter of intent to give a third-party to
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maricopa county stadium board of do director -- of director will hold a meeting. it looks like an integral group llc will be the prospective buyer. the price is $60 million. they will intent to keep the team here through the end of the contract. the potential buyer will come visit and inspect the property. this after months of back and fort and the stadium. the team would have to agree to any stadium sale. this is expected to happened around 1:30 pm. the heating is open to the public. live downtown phoenix, bryan west. the search continues for 10-year-old jesse wilson. it has been a month since the buckeye boy has disappeared. investigators continue to
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one man is on the run after a standoff. john bowman threatened his girlfriend with a gun. he was last seen driving away in a stolen silver pickup truck. the man credited with the foundation for the walter cronkite foundation has died. joe milner died at his home. he tore transform the department of pasco medication into a nationally accredited program. arizona cardinals we go practice with the charges was supposed to be the highlight of training camp but took a scary term last night. head coach this practice because he was taken to a hospital complaining of stomach pains. cameron cox has the latest from san diego.
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excitement yesterday for these two teams to practice together. it quickly turned into a serious situation. bruce arians stayed overnight in a local hospital. according to the team he did start to feel stomach pain and alerted medical personnel. they rush into a nearby hospital. he did undergo tests get the feeling amongst the players is a positive one. >> we wish him a nice speedy recovery. [ applause ]. stops but practices in the same without bruce arians. >> i was listening for him to cusses out when someone messed up. >> it shocking when he is not here. >> reporter: most players found out right before practice. >> anytime anybody has a health issue, you always think the worst. >> reporter: thankfully players received good news.
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we said a prayer and hope he gets back. >> we heard he is doing better. we are concerned. he is our leader and the heartbeat of our team. >> reporter: to honor their missing leader, the cardinals did the only thing he would want them to do. >> we got some good work done today, coach. >> keep your head up. we're praying for you. we love you. >> we've got the toughest coach in the business. >> reporter: our thoughts and prayers are with be a -- b.a. it was mentioned that it could be an infection. we will find out later on this morning what is going on as we get an update.
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is it too late now to say sorry? justin bieber isn't waiting for fans to apologize to him and his friend. why he dropped nearly 70,000 followers on instagram. spoke -- i am the dancing clown. now we know each other. >> penny wise is back ready to haunt yo the new photo just release by warner bros.
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welcome back to 12 today . janeiro. team 12 jay gray joins us live. let's talk about simone biles who has cemented herself as probably the best gymnast, ever. >> reporter: i think you are right and most think that, as well. it is unbelievable what she has done owning the gymnastics in
6:42 am
teammate aly raisman with the silver. perfect way to end a record- setting run for usa gymnastics. a big surprise for a lot of folks. the americans got spiked on the beach volleyball court. that comes as a shock. they were playing the home team . >> reporter: i think that had a little bit to do with it. it is the home sand copacabana beach. when their team plays it is even more rowdy. you've got the greatest volleyball player of all time kerri walsh. she never lost a match. they lose 0-2 to the brazilians. let's talk about men's
6:43 am
the last team they lost two in the olympics was in 2004, argentina. guess who they are playing today? >> reporter: this team has not looked in sync the whole time. a lot of it has to do with defense and hustle according to the coach. they are now in the quarterfinals which is the elimination round. argentina is always a tough opponent. they usually see them in the semifinals. if they lose shocker of all time. speaking of shock, today boxing and wrestling for the women begin. we were trying to show you some of the year -- gear. tram, i know i told you -- you told me not to bring this up in public. they are telling me that you
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little worn out. i will ship the red to you. you will be able to where this in the newsroom. >> you are such a kind man. >> i am so tired of that other suit. >> reporter: i am a giver. >> it reminds me of my senior year in high school. >> in the day. >> i think i needed the xx or small. >> reporter: i was going to keep this singlet but truth is i would need a doublet.
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one of the most terrifying clouds in hollywood history has a new look and will make a terrific her return -- return. if you have a fear of clowns, turn away. we are talking about the clown penny wise in stephen king's novel"it". it gave many people a fear of clowns. bills cause guard is playing penny wise. it is clear they are taking a 1986. they are moving away from the modern biggie -- baggy clown uniform. i think the original might be creepier. justin bieber stays true to his award and delete his instagram account. >> [ applause ] >> the popstar threatened to shut it down after online
6:46 am
his rumored girlfriend sophia ritchie. the initial post was met with a response by selena gomez who told him, if you don't like the comments, don't post pics of your girlfriend, lol. now fans won't see any of those pictures. he has waived goodbye to his followers. he is still on twitter and facebook. matt, you can still follow him there. >> thank goodness. one at a four do this. both men and women do this. we might even do it. you can do it in front of people or behind people. final hand -- hint. our general managers and news
6:47 am
yelling at the tv. hopefully some shows more than others. quick check of traffic. >> it is a really rough ride. there isn't any crashes to tell you about. look at the gym -- jam. not moving much downtown. wait until you see the map. stop and go from the 17th. rush hour is doing its thing all over. 60 long lines stretching back to say play. 10 westbound is touch and go on the 101 eastbound. usually when you see it jammed
6:48 am
before that on the 303 and the 101. on the 101, you hit the brakes. eight minutes to 75th avenue. 20 minutes from the 11 from the 112 51st to the stack about another half-hour. stop and go all the way to, 51st. solid orange line downtown. averaging 22 miles per hour. on the 17, a go from the 101 to the split . on the monsoon meter, it will be a 10% chance of rain. later on today we will dry out. tomorrow looks better. affair is that haze and a mix of
6:49 am
of clouds. dew points, 65 feeling muggy. some of the rain for total .16 out of litchfield park. glen dale, .12. south phoenix, .08. blue byrd park, .04. near sky harbor, .04. most of the rainfall is very light. we had a couple of yellows and reds. 17 extending into the 51. still showers along the 60. no lightning strikes. a lot of this has spilled out into the east valley and chandler, 101. chandler could see a few showers in that region.
6:50 am
to 109 degrees with a high pollution advisory in effect for today. temperatures will go down tomorrow. the humidity will come up. one is a 10 today. 90, sedona. 7 day forecast, hazy hot and humid. look at these temperatures dropping back down to average or below average by the weekend. >>thank you, a three-year-old little girl is in critical condition in the hospital after she was hit by a police car. that child reportedly ran in front of the lease cruiser at 67th avenue. >> reporter: maricopa county officials speak with officials today about the sale of chase feels. they have gone toe to toe for recent months about the condition of the stadium.
6:51 am
bethany sands will throughout the first pitch. police in rio de janeiro issued an arrest warrant for an international olympic committee executive accused of scalping tickets. police say patrick hickey is accused of plotting with at least six others to illegally sell tickets. he has been part of the executive board since 2012. southern california, you are looking the blue cut fire. it has burned about 18,000 acres burning north of san bernardino. more than 82,000 people have been evacuated. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency in san bernardino county. two firefighters have been treated for smoke inhalation. today trump will receive his first classified
6:52 am
by the office of the director of national intelligence.'s -- intelligence. it has been customary to receive these kinds of briefings. if you are online, chances are you are being watched. a study found 70% -- 75% of the world's most popular websites have web trackers. google is in the video calling game. google duo android and ios. it is a lot like those other chatting services except that it gives the recipient of the call a look at who is making that call helping them to decide if they want to answer. three olympic gratis will cover this week's sports illustrated. the cover line reads, the
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american summer. >> ? ? it was a massive sing- along as adele played in phoenix. she is playing again downtown. it is safe to say she is a pretty big deal. >> you will have a blast. i am so ex we've got a check of your final whether an traffic -- weather and traffic. first here is a look at what is coming up on "the today
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welcome back to 12 the rain and lightning is all gone and it is a gorgeous start to the day. howard the freeways looking? we have a crash blocking the right center lane 10 eastbound near richfield. expect to run up on delays. another crash off right causing slowing on 101 eastbound at 67th avenue which reinforces
6:57 am
the worst drive is 10 eastbound with speeds are averaging in the teens between the 101 and the stack. 31 minutes for that drive and about 50 down to the 21. about 109 today. 105 four thursday. 20% chance of rain. around the valley especially tomorrow. a few showers this morning. i have to say i like will clay after being able to interview him. we wish him all the best. congratulations on his silver medal and on his engagement. >> florida gators. we know how to raise them right. football, basketball and track stars. justin bieber deletes his
6:58 am
i was bummed out. the first thing my husband taught me in portuguese. minus the shop of the morning. remember the two women helping each other up? it was really great. plays argentina. they had some very close calls against france, australia and spain. i hope they can get their defense together today. don't forget 12 news is always on and our social media apps . zac efron is on "the today
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good morning. stunning loss. >> agatha puts it away! >> kerri walsh jennings and april ross defeated in beach volleyball semifinals, the first defeat of walsh jennings' career, as gymnastics wraps up with a bang for team usa. >> oh, my! >> two silver medals for danell leyva, a record-setting fourth gold for simone biles, this time in the floor exercise. and aly raisman takes silver, but that was just one memorable moment for the final five.


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