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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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cynthia went to visit her, january 21 at banner desert medical center. >> i went to see her, they contacted me remake she discovered her daughter locked in what is known as oppose the bed with a sealed canopy. not a red flag in itself but. >> she smelled like urine there was no staff with her and cleaned her and dressed her before she was asked to leave by hospital staff. she filed complaints with dcs the agency that had custody of her at the time remake if i locked her in her room naked no access to food or water, we would not be having this interview here you would be having it with me at the madison street jail. how are the hospital in the
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produce records for that one day? that cynthia visited unannounced? more on the missing records and the response from the hospital and dcs in a few minutes. a three -year-old girl fighting for her life after being hit by a phoenix police cruiser last night. it happened while the girl was near an ice cream truck that pulled into the neighborhood near 72nd avenue and camelback. dee dee gatton is live with what we are learning today from neighbors remake a heartbreaking story. a woman that lives in this neighborhood had just stepped outside when she saw a little girl in the middle of the room. >> i thought the girl was dead, no movement. overnight the sleepy phoenix neighborhood transformed into a crime scene. at the center a three -year-old
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the street to get ice cream when an officer tried to pass the ice cream truck hitting the girl. >> the officer was there she was still in the street trying to revive the girl. >> her mom was in the area. the officer was on the street responding to an animal disturbance call. >> people abandoned the animal so she was there on a mercy call remake a daily to the humane society out of the home. authorities say the officer, and eight year veteran is absolutely devastated, as our neighbors. the three -year-old girl was alive, the beautiful child we saw every time we came by remake neighbors praying for her recovery, still in shock over what happened. >> all i know is that everybody on this side and that side saw it including the children and it was an appalling situation for them reign phoenix police tell me there are currently no traffic laws regarding ice cream trucks like for school buses.
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-year-old girl she was transported to the hospital in critical condition last night. we have no updates. but i can tell you lots of people, especially in this neighborhood, are praying hard for her speedy recovery. cardinals head coach bruce arians gave us quite a scare last night. he was taken by ambulance to a hospital after he started complaining of stomach pains. the good news is he is doing that is correct. he underwent testing and was held overnight but released this morning. in fact he is back with the team and met with the media at his regularly appointed time. cameron cox in san diego brings us the very latest. remake good afternoon, everyone welcome back to san diego. larry fitzgerald said it best. we have the strongest coast in -- strongest coach in nfl. bruce arians back to work after spending overnight in the hospital with diverticulitis.
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afternoon after missing yesterday's practice. he says he is feeling better, has to make minor changes to his diet. nothing serious. it is odd the situation popped up here. the players knew he would not be down for the count long. >> having to strap them down to the table and pull an iv out, and oxygen out of his nose i know it was hard for him but great to hear that he is back and he is doing well. >> they to strap him down and give him knockout medicine. i know he wanted to come down to the hotel is nice. i am too old to see doctors anymore i tend to push it. is nothing serious remake good to see coach arians back on the practice field. coming up at 6:00, talk about practice. power the cardinals looking against the chargers. plus you will hear from players
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. he's a tough guy. a developing story right now. adel has canceled her concert tonight at talking stick arena in downtown phoenix. singer posted this message on twitter a few minutes ago explaining. >> hello, everyone, specifically everyone in phoenix, arizona. i can't do my show tonight, my second show here, i am really, really sorry. i have had a cold i've been pushing through and i did my show last night and i loved it but i pushed too hard of my cold has gotten the better of me. as you can hear even if i did the show it wouldn't be very good. i'm really, really sorry to let anyone down. i will reschedule the show, i promise you and i will come back. >> live nation tells us hold onto your ticket until they figure out when adel came
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if you aren't willing to wait you can get a refund at the place where you bought your ticket. after a truly historic olympics the most decorated olympian of all time is back home in the valley. michael phelps, his the on nicole and baby boomer back home. they arrived at sky harbor this morning. phelps says he plans to spend the next couple years as an assistant coach with the asu swim program. tonight it is all about the worlds fastest man. 20 of track and field competition happening in prime time. vaness r preview live from rio. good evening mark and stacia, caribe. it's hard to same but the olympics appeared to be disappearing before our eyes. day 12 out of 16. tons of sports, 20 across the board today as games get closer and closer to coming to an end. as you mentioned what is definitely not coming to an end is our prime time coverage. track and field, diving and
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nbc's primetime coverage. tonight we will also feature the finals in the women's 100- meter hurdles, 200-meter sprint and also the long jump. usain bolt will run in a semi final and the men's 200-meter sprint as he looks to sweep the 100-meter and 200 meters and yet another olympics. indeed the fastest man on earth. kerry washington april ross going for the crushing defeat yesterday against brazil. i have to tell you the men's team's basketball going head-to- head with its rival, argentina. a game not to be missed. all happening right here only on 12 news in prime time. . >> the thing we are talking about here, i know you saw the
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wrap behind the toilet, what the heck is going on back there? >> i can't even begin to tell you i wished i was in the studio with you to talk about that rodent. i know how much that must have freaked you out like it freaked me out. can you imagine going to the bathroom in finding that creature hanging out by the toilet. >> we named do you have a better name than trek? >> i don't know if it is a capybara, rats, brazilian raccoon. i don't know it is a pottybara. >> we named a new species of rats. you give it a quarter and it gives you toilet paper, specially trained. >> no! >> thanks.
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olympic coverage? what could be better after that? >> not much. taking one look at the sport makes me feel like i pulled something. all the rage in rio and there is a push to make it an olympic sport next time. the story coming up at 6:30. a big story coverage from the top of the newscast continues and 2 minutes. a mesa mom once accused of neglecting her daughter speaking out trying to hold the state and hospital accountable on their part. a story you will only see on 12. the inferno that has left 80,000 people on edge near la and more than 30,000 acres of -- up and plane. rain earlier this morning, shifted toward the north. will we have more storms later tonight? at a cool down the forecast. coming up. today's social sound off question. something may irritate you on
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make your smile brighter. what is it? we reveal the answer at 6:15. tell us what your guess is right now on social media using the hashtag #social sound off. >> you're watching 12 news at 5:00. 12 news is your olympic
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. >> go back to our big story we told you about at the top of the broadcast, a story you will
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a mothers fight to find out why her special needs hearing impaired daughter was allegedly left naked and locked in a hospital bed while in the care of the state. joe dana back with more. >> this mesa mother has her daughter, z back in custody. the state's case against the mom, alleging neglect, is dismissed but now she's trying to hold the state and hospital accountable for what she says was neglect on their part. employee observation records pertaining to 16 -year-old z's 45 day hospital stay should left naked and neglected. >> when i pulled the curtain aside she was in the posey bed, nude. she smelled like urine, no staff with her. >> the records banner desert provided includes employee observation forms for 44 days of the 45 days she was a
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>> the day i walked in and found her like a described as the day that is missing. having experienced working in the hospital many years ago, that is a pretty big deal to have medical records missing. the hospital declined to discuss the missing records to what happened that day and its policy for deaf patients. despite the fact that the inner husband sign this form waving privacy rights of hospital administrators could answer questions freely. instead a spokesperson for banner gave us the statement. it reads, the concerns families experience in regard to complex health -- complex health needs are understandable. out of a desire to be sensitive we can only state that we strive to provide appropriate care to each and every banner health patient. sent he is considering a lawsuit against the hospital and the state. her experience reflects a bigger problem. >> we have a long way to go as a community, as the state of arizona, of how we treat
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this should never have happened. >> is the legal guardian at the time dcs is responsible for her well-being. they tell us on january 21 they were in communication with the hospital social worker who was supposed to be watching her. dcs said they responded to the complaint she made the day saying quote the dcs specialist called banner desert at 832 p.m. to inquire about the status and care she was receiving. it is importan medical facilities to there would be no investigation of the hospital in question. dcs staff was in communication with the hospital regarding to the child's knee. dcs pointing to the hospital, the hospital is in talking and no one is acknowledging fault here. cynthia is next step may be a lawsuit. >> if those allegations are true it is outrageous. hot headlines developing a 5:00. >> the first involves one of the most iconic landmarks in
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earlier, the maricopa county stadium board of directors voted 5-0 to move ahead with talks on selling chase field for $60 million. will they keep the arizona diamondbacks in the facility in the future? exploring the answer ahead on 12 news at 6:00. 38 -year-old john bronfman arrested, accused of having pornographic photos and videos of children on his computer. maricopa county sheriffs detectives spent the arrest yesterday at his home in north-central phoenix. phoenix police continue to check hundreds of leads in their search for the serial street shooter. the man in this sketch tied to numerous shootings that have led to seven deaths. if you have any information call silent witness at 480- witness. amazing video. the blue cut wildfire north of los angeles has led to the
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a man and woman drove through the heart of the fire and shot this video is flames raged on both sides of the freeway. the fire continues to burn and has charred more than 30,000 acres. the scary part, our still fierce and no containment at this time. widespread flooding remains a serious problem in louisiana were 6000 people are living in shelters. more than 40,000 homes damaged across the state. se door to door and check submerged vehicles. thousands have sign up for federal emergency assistance because of the tremendous damage. here in the valley the monsoon far from over. we have a chance for storms this evening. >> here is matt pace with our full forecast. >> we are looking at activity north here in the valley we are dry right now but strong thunderstorms and very heavy
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advisory in effect until 6:00 and more rain moving up from the southwest. in the valley i mentioned it is drive but we are trying to track isolated storms to our south, keeping a slight chance of thunderstorms in the forecast overnight. 106 tomorrow, a slight chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. the main threat in the white mountain with the monsoon meter sitting at a 7. looks like the slignc news temperatures down to 103 by the weekend. >> there has not been a lot to cheer about. for diamondbacks fans this year. last night may have been a glimpse. we will explain coming up. remember 12 news is your
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. >> diamondbacks made swanson the top overall pick in the
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then they traded him to the braves as part of the shelby miller deal. swanson making his big debut tonight in atlanta. lines out to center in his first at-bat. a lot of attention centered on him. shelby now the diamondbacks minor-league system aaa reno. it has been bolt -- both special heartwarming to see the parents of olympians get happy and emotional during their sons and daughters performances. stage with baseball parents. last night a chase field diamondbacks outfielder making his major league debut and his first at-bat. he will strike out and his mom says done it in his second at bat he grounds at the 2nd and now 0 for 2 mom turns to husband, what is wrong? he is better than that. in his third at bat he delivers a two run triple his first big-
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boy! later an rbi double, great night. even better night for mom and dad. i have to tell you that is what it is all about. >> that is cool. >> and hopefully he is the guy the diamondbacks can count on in the future. makes us feel good about that trade. just >> thanks, coop. tonight on 12 news at 10:00 you have seeing the viral pick of simone biles giving her celeb crush zach efrain a peck on the cheek. a new video him surprising her and the team. you will see it at 10:00. the worlds fastest man hits the track in prime time coverage later tonight. 12 news is your olympic station.
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real milk vs. almond milk ingredient spelling bee lecithin lecithin. l-e-s (buzzer sound) your word is milk. m-i-l-k milk wins. ingredients you can spell. . adel canceled her concert in phoenix. >> a message for her fans. >> hello everyone specifically everyone in phoenix, arizona. i can't do my show tonight. >> we will catch up with disappointed fans expecting to see her tonight. >> remember to guess the answer to today social sound off question on social media using
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it something that may irritate you on social media but could help make you smile brighter. we will reveal the answer on 12 news at 6:00. tonight at 10:00 more arizona athletes going for gold in rio. >> tonight we are catching up with bernard vanessa talked to him about his incredible journey that is not over yet. thanks, everybody. 12 news always on. >> at the latest news as it happens no matter where you are. 12, 12 news app and your favorite social media channels. see you back here in a half hour.
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breaking news tonight. olympic bombshell, questions swirling around ryan lochte and the 19 u.s. swimmers who say they were robbed at gunpoint in rio. a judge orders two of their passports seized as a court says that gave contradictory accounts to police. what really happened? explodes, incredible devastation, homes and a historic landmark destroyeby one of the most powerful fires in recent memories. campaign shake-up, trailing in the polls, donald trump makes a dramatic move hiring the head of a conservative website known for inflammatory headlines and conspiracy theorys to lead the charge. overdiagnosing cancer, an alarming new report about the fastest growing cancer


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