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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  August 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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for gold. coming up. >> a lot of disappointed people tonight. adel was supposed to perform her second concert in phoenix that she had to cancel siding illness. >> we don't know what -- what kind of illness but people can get refunds. kevin kennedy at talking stick resort arena where he met disappointed fans. >> >>reporter: talk about it ticket in town ever since tickets went on cell. unfortunately tonight adel won't be singing in the next. the music super star counseling tonight show because of a persistent and stubborn cold. adel did perform last night but says she was not up to it tonight, the announcement came late for some ends catching many off guard. effect it wasn't until 3:45
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cancel. the news especially hard on some fans who drove in from out of town. we met people who came from michigan, georgia, texas even brazil. and you can imagine some are pretty angry. adel apologizing on twitter. first you will hear from her than fans. >> i canceled my show tonight and my second show here and really, really sorry i've had a cold for a couple of days and i have been pushing through it and i did my show last night and i loved it an hard at my cold has gotten the better of me. >> my understanding she will reschedule. >> that works for some. we talk to people from michigan, we are from vegas everybody is out. between the hotel, car, travel, tickets it was $1100 to come to phoenix. >> my daughter had tickets because her husband was
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canceled so she drove to see adel that is how much of a fan she is up adel thank you as you can hear the concert cancel. no make up date has been announced other you can get a refund if that is what you would like to do, if you are from out of town looking for something to do tonight, the d- backs are playing at home still available. live in downtown phoenix, kevin kennedy. >> such a bummer. a lot of disappointed fans. >> she sounds awful. >> and she sounds sincere in that apology. the fight going on for what seems like a year. d-backs versus the maricopa county board of supervisors on who will own chase field. the board voted to move ahead
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$50 million to a private buyer. >> the deal lies in the hands of the d-backs you have to agree to the sale. the buyer would agree to keep the d-backs there for the rest of their contract which expires in 2028. taxpayers have a lot of questions as you can imagine. brahm reznik rakes down whether buyers are getting a screaming deal. maricopa county might be getting out of the baseball business. >> on are the taxpayers are going to fund stadiums. those would end with the potential cell of chase field to private investors for $60 million. you get county taxpayers off the hook for $100 million irmo and fixes. >> this will be one-of-a-kind it has not been done before. >> a 60 million-dollar price tag on a stadium bill worth $250 million in taxpayer dollars?
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40000000-$50 million. things get interesting a market value of the land under chase field on its own is $40 million according to the county assessor, the value of the land and stadium is $351 million almost six times the potential sell price. one more appraisal will be done and that there is the tax bill. the county owned chase field a privately owned chase field would pay $11 million a year in county property taxes according to the assessors office. will the county back a tax break for the buyer. >> i don't want to say no never ever go there remake a lawyer for the d-backs will begin conversations with the potential buyer. live in downtown phoenix. brahm reznik. new details in the search for jesse wilson the eight -year-old buckeye boy missing
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police reports and body cam footage from previous encounters with his mom. >> the police report suggest that jesse wilson is kind of an escape artist. his mother says he is a have fell, changing the locks, and his kept it secret. buckeye cops found jesse wilson in the garage this past april, 4:30 a.m.. body cameras rolling, the department blaring you don't know where you live? what is your name? >>reporter: the neighbor who found him. >> i found him in the bush right there i just woke up and my really seen this. >>reporter: buckeye police contacted her before. she told police the school put him on the bus. that is how police found his house. >> officer fletcher, buckeye police.
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>> yes i do. >> he is out right here. i saw through the window. he told police he was an ongoing problem. when he lived in avondale he was called to check on the kids. they found all three in a type of harness to keep them from wandering out of their rooms. >> did you climb out your window? >>reporter: jesse did not speak much just told police he was scared. >> he was dressed for school. >> oh my goodness. >> this is ridiculous. >> buckeye police took him home. >> first of all you know better. >> child reunited with his mother. >> he has now been missing for more than a month. police say they do not believe jesse is alive and the search has turned to recovery. the greatest olympian of all time back home in the valley. we were there as michael phelps
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he did not want to do interviews, understandable. but not long after getting home he got in the pool and posted a picture to instagram, saying right way to spend my first day in retirement. >> looks like fun. the phoenix mercury diana taurisi and brittany griner took on japan today. more on what is ahead for them. remake that evening, everybody. arizona athletes shining once again a rio de janeiro during the summer olympics. that includes are very important griner and diana taurisi and the rest of team usa women's basketball. let me segue here a little bit. the men came close in several games, to close for comfort. however when it comes to the women, literally, a totally different ballgame. they have been dominating throughout the olympics.
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we saw people who did see them in action yesterday against japan. the deciding win, 110-64. in the quarterfinals yesterday. the american women extending their winning streak to 47 games. they've outscored opponents in every single quarter this year and won by an average margin of 41 points. since 1986 they have played only one game, decided by single digits. truly amazing. you might call them the katie lede brittany griner and diana taurisi know it is time to give it their all and go for the gold. >> like you said loser go home. i'm not ready to go home. >> with this team we have so many weapons. so many people contribute and play at a high level. >>reporter: these absolutely excellent ladies along with the rest of the team playing against france tomorrow in the semi finals.
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day. we will be there of course. for now, sending it back to you in our phoenix studios. folks don't forget to give us your best guess on today's social sound off question. the question, it is something that may irritate you on social media, but could help make your smile brighter. what is it?
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. >>
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today's top headlines. an update on the story we've been covering for almost a year. today lawyers involved in the steven jones nau shooting case met to discuss the current status of the case. jones and his lawyers called in a low cushion in phoenix. the state working quickly together witness testimony. steven jones accused of shooting four nau frat members, killing one of them. the shooting took place on october 9. steven jones released to his custody in april while he awaits trial. today's meeting set the next meeting which is coming up october 25, when expert reports and other reports will be released and finalized. this man, john reynolds, pleaded not guilty to criminal speeding. accused of following a dps trooper at 90 miles an hour on u.s. 60 earlier this month. reynolds claims the trooper was driving recklessly so he followed him while recording the chase. he will be back in court next
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olympics may have your kids wanting to get into the games but how far is too far for your young athletes? the signs to look for coming up. bruce arians returns to the sidelines as cardinals resume practices with the chargers. the latest from san diego after
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. the questions doping scandal during the olympics. performance-enhancing drugs are problem and almost every major sport, it has even made its way to high school applets. tonight's medicine of the games, what parents need to watch for. >> to get big and win. >> the promise of performance enhancing drugs unfortunately are becoming a bigger part of sports remake doctors are seeing more and more steroid usage in younger athletes, trying to find an edge.
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the athletes are out there competing against people, trying to be the best cyclist, best football player, thus whatever. a lot of external pressure, family members, themselves, they want to win. performance-enhancing drugs are nothing new. from high school to the highest level, big names have become a sensation. >> without being naive. >>reporter: bob costas has wa >> we know american athletes in baseball and other sports, lance armstrong, tim montgomery, justin gatlin, just off suspension, they know american athletes are not 100% clean remake in a few cases there is public shame but young athletes rarely see the dangerous side effects that come from steroid use far away from the spotlight. >> strokes, heart attacks,
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you look out for? >> if you see your child get a lot larger, that is a big sign. acne, the back, the body, mood swings, you've heard of roy to rage, depression, all over the place. >> changes in your children physical or mental can be a warning sign they have crossed the line to get the competitive edge. question of the day something may irritate you on social media but could help make your smile brighter. the question is, what is it? >>reporter: turns out a new study taking a video selfie brushing your teeth help improve oral health it can help you in asking feedback from your dentist on proper hygiene. and increase of accuracy of brushstrokes overall a% improvement in toothbrushing
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making you change your bad brushing habits. >> i guess i haven't seen a lot of this on facebook. >> >> posting a selfie brushing their teeth maybe we should now. >> it will get nicer outside. check out what is going on now. look at this we had a 10th of an inch overnight 2.02 engines, as far as monsoon concerns and this is above average by 0.38 inches. some locations doing well.
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here in the valley things are going to likely remain quiet over the next several hours but we are tracking strong thunderstorms to the southwest of prescott, moving into your area probably in the next 45 minutes. certainly look down towards the south and you will see those storms move in. tomorrow monsoon meter, 7 white mounds, and seven in the northern arizona as well. the threat will continue the next seven days in fact the temperatures drop down a little bit 103 by the >> 12 sports sponsored by your valley hyundai dealers. cardinals head coach bruce arians gave us all a scare last night after being hospitalized in san diego overnight with stomach pains but he was released this morning and back to practice today. welcome back to san diego, chargers wrapping up their final
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the left midway have through to rest a coach your team put in plenty of good work. linebacker and guard did not practice today overall lots of good rest plenty of team 11 on 11. >> a lot of players do was working everything i had seen what works and what doesn't work. >> it's kind of hard it is just the mentality. i am trying to hit him, trying to knock him out. great work out here and we praise it is much as we could remake check out who it is former cardinals head coach can
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media after practice. you will hear from him coming up tonight also cardinals got better the keyword how much better that answer tonight at 10:00. cameron cox 12 sports. >> thanks we here at 12 news offer are condolences to the bidwell family. michael bidwell and his -- and lost his mother nancy after a long battle with cancer she was 84 years old. >> it is volleyball but just as possible on the beaches of rio and it may be an olympic event next time around we will put our best foot forward introduce you
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. tonight at catches up with an arizona avenue late going for the golden the 5000 meters. i hope you will join us tonight after olympic prime time signs off. that will do it for 12 news at 6:00. >> we will be back here at what time? >> 11:00. >> 11:00 -ish.
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jump in and ride on the wild side, july and august at casino arizona and talking stick resort! . she's the biggest thing to hit woman's golf in years, a teenage property jewish writers that shot to the top in her rankings. >> you so he thinks you're seeing somebody >> rio offers lydia co a set of new challenges and experiences. plus, take a step back in time to a magical police where presidents, poets, and even the queen of england have dined. brazilians love soccer and they love volleyball so of
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invent foot volley. next on the olympic zone. good evening, i'm joe dana,


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