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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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to stay in brazil. a lot more coming out about that. we will show you more in a minute, good morning to you, welcome to "12 today" on this thursday morning it is 6:00 and some folks are waking up with rain, jimmy. >> a few showers trying to rain off to the west but they are moving in. you can see a lot of green in the radar across the region, let's get closer to where the valley locations all across central phoenix on and dissipating, it has actually broken up to the south of sun city, sun city west some areas having storms and lightning right now, there is a good chance the storms could move in in an hour or so, in the meantime light showers minus the storms, shower activity around peoria, deer valley and down along the 17th for us. a couple of light showers as well, so, tram the monsoon
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continue with our team coverage of the storm. following breaking news as a half-dozen firefighters have been taken to the hospital. nico santos is live near 32nd street and mcdowell. i know you are about less than one mile away from the scene. when you first got there could you smell the chlorine in the air?>> reporter: by the time i arrived they were able to contain it so there was really no odor. that is exactly why we are this far away because when chlorine is heated up it can be dangerous. that is why we have six firefighters in the hospital this morning. right now everybody breathing a sigh of relief. we are starting to contain the scene behind us a little bit. we will get a little closer in the next half hour, this started at 3:00 this morning when firefighters responded to a fire at a pool supply store
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heavy smoke and flames in the back corner of the building and they said the sprinkler system wasn't doing any good against the flames. that is when they entered some of the gas when the chlorine was released when they opened the doors, we have six firefighters in the hospital. excuse me, five of them with inhalation issues and one with a knee injury. officials are saying the crewmembers that were taken to the hospital said no matter what happened they wanted to stay and help. >> firefighters don't want to leave the scene or go to the hospital. if you see a firefighter being transported, a lot of the time it is probably not of their doing. they have a command officer saying we need to get you to the hospital.>> reporter: you are looking at the moment where medics took the sixth firefighter to the hospital. officials are telling us there is chlorine in the runoff water they used to fight the fire but they are working to keep that
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they are starting to condense the scene now that everything is under control, but mcdowell between 32nd and 36 will be blocked off to traffic. in phoenix, nico santos "12 today". let's go to krystle. >> take thomas van buren or loop 202 while the closure is in place. mcdowell both directions. looking at the fr this looks like no harm, it certainly is showing on the maps it was reinforcing the already slow sluggish commute on the 10 eastbound. the slow down starts at 67th avenue and you see the solid orange line taking you downtown +17 south showing signs of rush hour and hit and miss slowing on the westbound. a half hour drive on the 10
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past the stack but it is still slow, 17 southbound 20 minutes for that drive and on the 60 westbound you're looking good. an active seen as detectives are working a deadly shooting in tempe. this one may involve biker gangs. bryan west is live with another one of our top stories. >> reporter: we just received new information from tempe first i want to show you the scene, very active, we are seeing investigators going around the parking lot and inside the bar. a wide area surrounded by caution tape. tempe police say around 11:00 a fight broke out inside this sports bar and grill, a man was shot inside the bar. he died, the fight spilled into the parking lot, shots are fired and a man is injured and transported to the hospital.
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that is when a witness says the shooter took off. >> i was on my balcony and i saw two gentlemen arguing and he shoots the other guy six times or so and then took off. maybe a biker gang. he had the leather vest on for sure and then he took off. >> reporter: and we have no word on if the man was caught. we have emailed and called tempe pd as for the scene out here over trying to piece together everything that happened. live from tempe, bryan west "12 today". let's take you live to marydale where police are investigating an overnight murder that happened. around 10:00 last night near 53rd avenue and mcdowell. police do not have information on a suspect. the victims identity has not been released, the shooting happened in the same area as several incidents linked to the
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it is too early to tell if the murder is linked to the crime spree. checking some other hot headlines, a story we have been covering for almost a year. lawyers involved in the stephen jones shooting case met to discuss the current status of the case. jones and his lawyers were called in yesterday. the state is working quickly together witness testimonies. stephen jones accused of shooting four fraternity members killing one of them last year. the shooting took place on october 9. stephen jones was released to his parents custody while his trial was waiting to start. southern california, the blue cut fire is raging and inching toward homes. the fire has scorched more than 25,000 acres in two days. just 4% contained more than 80,000 people are evacuated and the flames are threatening
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million toward louisiana flood relief efforts after a severe storm killed 13 people leaving thousands without a home. today the homeland security chief will look at the damage. he will be in baton rouge. it is day 13 in rio. vanessa ruiz took a break from the action on the court and track and found her way to the beach. not for volleyball, to see how the fans relax when not to cheering for their favorite athletes.>> reporter: good morning everybody, here in rio de janeiro we had a very tough assignment, go check out one of its most famous beaches. a gorgeous spot that did not disappoint. one of the most iconic beaches in rio was packed as thousands of locals and tourists enjoyed brazil's version of winter.
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>> one of the hot spots in rio attracting beachgoers for decades. its colorful mix of vendors sunbathers and visitors set to a stunning backdrop with the mountains and oceans makes it hard for others to resist. >> look at this, very beautiful. this is awesome to stay here. >> not bad for a wednesday. experiences so far have been good ones, contrary to what was said leading up to the games. >> all of this stuff for trade in terms of the zika virus in terms of the crime and violence, i haven't seen any of that. >> one of those tough assignments, but you have to be at the beach to feel and understand the special flavor
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standout. all right everybody sending it back to you in our phoenix studios, we will see you right back here tomorrow. have a great day everybody. i am officially booking that trip to rio right now. team usa is on track to get 100 medals before the olympics are over. right now we have 93, 30 are gold. china in second place with 54 metals folloby controversy involving ryan lochte and three of his team mates. questions over what really happened when the athletes claimed to be robbed at gunpoint. >> we have learned american swimmers gunnar bentz and jack conger were removed from their flight to the u. s. by authorities yesterday. they cannot leave the country until they testify about the robbery. jimmy feigen was supposed to be on the flight.
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returning to the olympic village after a night of partying the same morning they reported the robbery. a judge is using this video saying the man appeared to be joking and unshaken physically and psychologically. the judge ordered passports to be seized, ryan lochte has already returned to the u. s. matt lauer spoke to ryan lochte and asked if the story may have been fabricated. take a listen. >> when he talked to billy bush on sunday the guy took the gun put it to his forehead and cocked it. when he talked to me tonight that is when he said the guy pointed the gun in my direction and i said to him, you had said before it was placed on your forehead, he said no, that is not exactly what happened. i think he feels it was more of a traumatic mischaracterization. people listening at home might feel that was embellishment at
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spoke we are told two other swimmers are being treated courteously and authorities indicate they only want to hold them a short time, just long enough to get to the bottom of what happened. much more on that coming up on the today show. still ahead, adel fans wish it was just a rumor. why she pulled the plug on her second show in phoenix. blake shelton wishes he could go somewhere and forget what he posted on his twitter account. why he is being called out for tweets he sent six years ago.
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good thursday morning to you, welcome back to "12
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that has shut down part of mcdowell. and a murder in tempe that could be related to a biker gang. more information coming up in 15 minutes. we are talking celebrities and apologies in your morning juice. a punch to the gut, thousands of adel fans feeling like the sky fell on them after the superstar canceled her concert in phoenix. >> i will reschedule the show, sorry. >> adel made the announcement a few hours before the doors open. she has been fighting a cold and she could not perform. she will reschedule and refund -- refunds are available. >> blake shelton under fire now for tweets that he sent out and some of them are being called offensive.
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the tweets sent as far back as 2010, according to twitter users he cracked jokes about gay people and women. shelton did not deny the tweets and released an apology on his twitter account. it reads in part, can my humor at times be inappropriate or immature? yes. hateful, never. that said, i deeply apologize to anybody who may have been offended. like is currently dating gwen stephani. time for your juicy question of the morning. women tend to have about 10 to 12 of these, men are more likely to have just one or two. oftentimes if a couple is married the wives like to keep theirs away from their husband and the husband likes to keep theirs away from the wife. what are these? >> i'm going with really good
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jan says shoes. >> i don't know why you would keep them away from into the. >> how about hair products? >> jeff says credit cards. >> oh, that is a good one. krystle has 20. let's get you up to speed on the traffic, cars like crazy on the 10 eastbound, let's go mile by mile starting off at the 101 no problem 75th avenue up to 51st 12 minutes. 19 minutes to the stack. a couple more minutes downtown. hit the brakes at 75th avenue but the commotion is before 51st and then it is nonstop slowing downtown averaging out to 31 miles per hour on this pedometer. 23 minutes for the drive so it
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around the 17 downtown also the 10 westbound past the san tan. today is one of the last days we are closing down u. s. 60 in both directions to do blasting. this is in place from 9:00 until 1:00. wrapping up the work by the end of the month and this leads us into our traffic trivia thursday. so, anchor mike is n guess. how many olympic sized swimming pools worth of rock will have been blasted out by the completion of the u. s. 60 project near superior? here is a hint. 88,000 cubic feet. in an olympic sized swimming pool. what is your guess? >> i'm going to say b. 27.
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the answer? >> trick question i will go with z. >> it is an easy meaning my nemo question. but the answer is d. congratulations. 38. well done, well done. here's what we have outside, the clouds have lifted a little bit and the rainfall has dropped but we do have that yellow i have been looking for across the map. across parts of to listen a little bit of yellow coming down on the radar imagery right along the valley, some of the showers a little bit of green across central peoria into glendale. some of the roadways on and off showers haven't been too heavy
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51st avenue down toward the south and north 51st avenue and 67. a little bit of the red there, it is moving at five miles per hour east. if you are in the downtown area along the 17, 10 exchange it could be what. a good little pocket and it could build up, we're going to check that meaning more rainfall and we have more coming in around buckeye toward avondale. shower activity for the past couple of hours, the member 7:00 it could get pretty dicey, 105 for the afternoon which is average for this time of year. we like that, any time these storms kick up they could pick up blowing dust. this morning until 9:00 about a five in the valley dropping down to a two or three this afternoon with the high country rocking, heber gorges conditions be careful of the
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flagstaff at 73. 107 for the lake, parkinson 106. we had a severe thunderstorm warning out around parker yesterday. a few storms around today and again for tomorrow, we're going to dry out, the forecast model changed, a sunny weekend, 103, below average. and then a chance of showers and storms next monday, tuesday and wednesday.>> ae weekend break we are going under the sea in your shot of the morning, proving that creatures in the seas are much more weirder than anything on dryland. and what is the total number of olympic medals jake -- the answer to your question of the day coming up.
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ike we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. good morning to you, welcome back, 6:24 in the
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couple of hours right here on 12 news. >> during the olympic games we have been throwing out trivia question each and every morning. >> here's what we have today, the total number of olympic medals jake to be awarded to athletes topping the podium. the answer is 2488 metals. 812 gold, 812 silver and 864 bronze. a lot of medals. a lot of events down there. your shot of the morning how about purple stubby squid. >> the strangest and cutest thing that you will see all morning. look at what you are doing. while scanning the ocean floor off the coast of california. researchers came across that. it looks like a kid's toy. the stubby squid lives on the seafloor in the northern
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the species spends life on the seafloor eating shrimp and small fish. does it look real to you guys? it looks like it is made out of plastic. that is unreal. >> if anybody has one of those little toys for their dog i have a purple one it looks just like that. it looks like an octopus. i thought that was her toy. head coach out of the hospital and back to practice. so what caused him to seek medical attention in san diego. >> behind us they are decontaminating some of the turnout from the firefighters
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coming your way six firefighters taken to the hospital after fighting the flames of a hazmat fire in phoenix. >> reporter: the investigation continues after a deadly overnight shooting in a tempe bar. the radar lighting up this morning. how will it affect the early
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say cheese, the fastest man on the planet does it again. the picture that has the internet feeling the love. and have you figured it out? women tend to have 10 to 12 of these and men are more likely to have one or two. the answer coming up in our juicy question of the day. any last-minute guesses? >> criminal records. >> my goodness, jimmy. we are not talking personal ones. 6:30, good morning to you. welcome to " sky 12 digit is out flying over the valley. we are seeing some lightning and thunder overnight. some good storms but now we are waiting for them to move in, looking for the deeper colors. the yellows and reds coming in. it looks like a slight chance of some more storm activity throughout today. early morning hours we have 89 degrees with some rain, clouds are building, 98, 105 and a
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the storms, right now a gorgeous way to start the morning. it is not completely bright and blinding out there but these are the storms, nice cells holding trying to move into parts of phoenix, we are seeing deeper colors moving in, some yellows and reds. deeper colors and showers on and off through most of the valley. most of the roadways on the website for this early morning forecast. we will have more on this and rest of the day. still a chance of good storms for the next couple of hours. firefighters sent to the hospital. nico santos working new developments on a hazmat fire near 32nd street and mcdowell. >> within the last half hour officials allowed us to get a little bit closer, a unique view. look behind us, you see some black flatline boxes, this is an area they set up to
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firefighters. this is not your typical fire since chlorine was involved. you're looking at turnout here, this belongs to three of the six firefighters in the hospital. have already been decontaminated. here using soap and water. but they have to decide later on whether or not it has been exposed to too much in -- does chlorine. a fire started inside a pool supply store. the fire was burning brightly and the sprinkler system was not doing very good at putting the flames out. there was so much smoke trapped inside the building when the door was opened it released and it got all over their gear. we have five people in the hospital with inhalation issues, one with a knee injury. we saw the moment they took the sixth firefighter to the
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worst-case scenario, they never want to leave the scene they want to stay here and fight the fight particularly because this was a complex issue, but the air now is clear there is no concern for the public and once again the six fire in the -- fighting in the hospital should be okay. let's check your traffic and how to get around this. off, so take that out of the equation for rush hour between 32nd and 36th street in both directions. instead you can take thomas, van buren or loop 202. we are not just talking slowdowns, you can see we have also got some weather impacting traffic right now, everywhere there is green we have wet
6:34 am
winds reported on the 10 may be some blowing dust around the sun lakes area. keep that in mind. let's break down the travel times, they are getting longer, 35 minutes 10 eastbound between the 303 and downtown between the 101 and the stack. 17 southbound the 303 to the split. are fight turns deadly in tempe and it may have involved a biker gang. latest on one of our other top stories. >> reporter: a very fluid investigation happening out here in tempe. look behind me and you can see about 5 to 10 investigators looking at the walls of the bars and looking at the parking lot. here is what police say happened at 11:00 last night a fight broke out inside the sports bar and grill, a man was shot inside the bar he died and then the fight spilled into the parking lot.
6:35 am
parking lot. no word on the man's condition. police just told me they are talking to everyone involved. they have no reason to believe any shooters are outstanding. bryan west "12 today". >> thank you for the update. this is our first look at a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in flagstaff. the man posed as a cop then allegedly took the 23 from her car to a secluded area where he a phoenix pizza delivery man behind bars after finding child pornography on his computer. detectives had been tracking the man for months now, he was arrested in his home in north phoenix yesterday. chase field one step closer to being sold. the board voting to talk to a buyer offering $60 million for the stadium. the diamondbacks will start conversation with a potential buyer about improvements at the
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to work after spending tuesday night in the hospital. he started complaining of stomach pains before practice on tuesday. it got so bad he had to go to the hospital after some tests doctors found it was nothing serious and he has to make some minor changes to his diet. michael phelps back home in arizona after his last got the olympics. our team caught up with him, he didn't want to talk but after a grueling week and hours on a plane with an infant bo you just want to go home and there is no place like home other than the pool. the greatest olympian ever posted this photo on instagram with the caption there is nothing like being back home. a great way to spend my first day in retirement. there he is with his fiancie and baby boomer. a bummer for local adel fence, the singer had to cancel her concert because she was too sick to perform. adel posted a video apologizing
6:37 am
she will reschedule the concert. fans with ticket vouchers can attend the concert or get a full refund. still ahead, is there a budding romance on the track? usain bolt lights of the internet again with his smile. that is in your morning juice just ahead. first, is ryan lochte facing jail time over his robbery claim in rio? live with the latest changes to the story. back here sky 12gauge -- 12 flying around. the latest for your forecast
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good morning to you, welcome back to "12 today", are taking a look at the olympic cauldron in rio de janeiro. trent -- 12 news is your home for the olympics, we go live to rio. i want to start with the controversy about the u. s. swimmers being allegedly robbed. are the american authorities involved in the situation? have you heard anything about that? >> here's what we know. we know the u. s. consulate and the state department and the u.
6:41 am
giving these guys the support they need and the guidance as well as they are question. yesterday two american swimmers were pulled from their plane. they were pulled from their plane, jack conger and gunnar bentz they were questioned for three hours, passports concert -- confiscated. jimmy feigen was allegedly involved, he says he is responding to authorities telling them everything they want to know. the questioning is expected to group he is already at home, he planned a trip home. what he has said is i talked to the authorities and they seem fine with everything i said. they are standing by the story, a few details have changed. >> we have probably not heard the and of that, we expect a
6:42 am
200 meter. >> reporter: this guy is iconic when it comes to track and field, he is a living legend and he is trained to make history running in his favorite race, the 200 meter. he is looking for a second gold he is going for three in all. he is also saying he may have a world record left in him. tune in to watch that. >> can't wait to see what he passable team on the court. realistically is there any other country that can beat them or even give them a challenge? >> reporter: no, there is not. back to you. no, these women are playing brilliantly, they look fantastic defensively, offensively there is nobody that can match them. japan was thought to have a good defensive team, they played france tonight and it
6:43 am
finals. realistically, i don't think that will happen. as we conclude this report, another item from team usa, they are kind enough to let us show you the hoodie with the flag, usa on the back and it is fun to walk around the games while wearing this year. a lot of people give you the usa chant, we hear a lot of things from american fans team usa doing a great j hope we can focus on the games as we cozumel. >> no doubt about that representing the country well. jay gray we will see you tomorrow morning. here is the morning juice. all right, the most popular athlete remaining is by far usain bolt. the jamaican sprinter he walks onto the track to hear roars
6:44 am
us another jab i love this. the moment when you and your bastille are so far ahead of the pack you just have to have some fun. trading smiles with the canada runner as they crossed the finish line during the 200 semi final last night. the other runners are still pushing their limits chugging away as the two casually crossed the finish line. i love the little point. if you want a good laugh, poke around twitter. one of our favorites right here, when your mom says that you and your best friend can have a sleepover. go check them out, really
6:45 am
was it real or was it a act to sell the paper. in las vegas, conor mcgregor takes on nate diaz in a rematch saturday night. they turned a promotional news conference into chaos filled with expletives, rude hand gestures and water bottles being thrown kind of looks like the morning meeting we witness every day in our ne producer angry. time for your juicy question of the morning. women tend to have 10 to 12 of these, men are more likely to have just one or two. these are something you can have at any age and sometimes you can have these at work. there is your hint. what are these? >> i'm still saying really good
6:46 am
the answer is. may be. good friends. >> oh my gosh, i love that. that is so true, one or two. >> we are solitary creatures. we are not as social as you ladies. >> i want to be in that picture. >> that was an awesome day. >> i was there, obviously cut let's talk about the traffic. we are seeing an uptick in traffic in more than just the usual spots on the 10 and 17. long lines forming on the 101 eastbound packed like sardines. joining the rush hour club here is the 202 red mountain. let's take you on a virtual drive the 101 northbound. it is starting to look like we are hitting the brakes once you
6:47 am
the san tan. about 17 minutes to go to indian school and we are hitting the gas but not picking up much speed, a nice slowing in the 60. just past indian school a little bit of a jam but once you get past one or two miles of slowing you hit the gas pedal again so it averages out to 51 miles per hour in 24 minutes for tan up to shea boulevard. so we are about 15 minutes from the picture on the freeways right now, the lines are little bit longer and the speeds are slower, by 8:00 we have miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic on the 10 eastbound speeds averaging 15 miles per hour. 10 westbound 11 miles per hour and a rate 30 -- 38 miles per
6:48 am
out there, some showers spotty rain all around the valley, on and off. starting with good thunder boomers at 1:00 this morning and then things cleared up a little bit and then more showers rolled in and they have been lingering. look at this, beautiful weather. hopefully this can hold off the sunshine keeping us close to average of 105 which we will definitely take. that is a great pict now. what we can expect on our monsoon meter it is at a five for the valley. seven for northern arizona and the white mountains going up to what areas of heber, northern arizona, sedona also more showers and storms throughout the day. our monsoon meter going down a little bit more throughout the day about a two or three this afternoon in phoenix. the showers are trying to come down across parts of east
6:49 am
been windy with more storms off toward the 10 just toward the west of the valley those storms rolling in breaking up and we hoping they will redevelop. a little bit of lightning coming off the white tanks. if you are in litchfield park nice shower activity, so there is some lift and volatility making its way across the region. also, scattered storms with showers moving across the 51, this will be tatum and shea across the mountain preserve on the other side of the peak more showers and light rainfall mostly cloudy skies across east valley. for today 105 so temperatures are about normal, anytime there is a storm there can always be blowing dust, temperatures in south-central arizona, 104 casagrande. 87 for winslow and flagstaff 73. of course on this thursday, the eve of friday we are thinking
6:50 am
storms, 104 friday and saturday and sunday we clear out with the monsoon firing up monday tuesday and wednesday. let's get one last check on this morning's hot headlines, six firefighters taken to the hospital after a fire at a phoenix pool store. five of the firefighters were dealing with the chlorine smell and the other admitted because of a knee injury. mcdowell is closed because of the . a shooting leaving one man dead and another hurt. it appeared to involve biker gangs. this happened last night, police are not saying much. police are investigating an overnight murder in maryvale. police do not have any information on a suspect and they say it is too early to tell if the murder is linked to the serial shooter case. a man is rushed to the hospital after being stabbed in
6:51 am
hours ago, he is in critical condition. police have not arrested anyone. donald trump has shaken up his campaign staff and his new manager is urging trump to stick to the issues. last night in an interview trump drilled into clinton's policies as u. s. secretary of state. >> president obama and hillary clinton it is absolutely insane, we will talk about it for many years and it led to the while campaigning in cleveland, clinton fired back at trump's criticism. she says there is no way donald trump can change no matter what his campaign does. he can fire or higher who he wants but he is still the same man who insults gold star families. nearly 6000 football helmets are being recalled
6:52 am
of helmets cracking. no injuries have been reported. harry potter fans are getting ready for three more books. jk rowling releasing short stories revealing intricate details about several characters lives. the stories take readers into the dark side of the series, the three books will be sold on the interactive harry potter retail book retailers for three dollars each. disney is creating a live action version of the little mermaid. and the hit show hamilton will be a huge part of it. the movie will have a mix of songs from the 1989 disney animated classic movie as well as some new ones. maranda has always had a soft spot for the little mermaid even naming his son sebastian
6:53 am
catch on channel 12. women's volleyball team usa versus serbia and then women's platform diving. and before you get to 12 news at 4:00 we have synchronized swimming. hopefully we can change all that and take the gold. still ahead, grabbed the tom's wait until you see what they are deep frying at the texas state fair. weather and traffic before you start your thursday next right
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lets you get you up to speed on traffic. about to head out the door, you're in luck. eastbound mc h the westbound lanes are off- limits between the street. you can see the loop 202 or van buren you have to zigzag around the closure. looking at the valley freeways, rush hour is really doing its thing. it is just the usual slow down at least you don't have to contend with crashes on top of that. 10 eastbound drive, 35 minutes averaging speeds in the 30s. on the 17 southbound 39 minutes for the drive, 21 minutes on the westbound.
6:57 am
redeveloping 105 today with a chance of storms tomorrow and we clear out by sunday. the radar is still lit up. we are talking fried, fried and a little bit more fried. okay folks, that is a funny and stuffed with pork, cheese pineapple and bacon. also cookie fries. deep-fried cookies and they have fried jell-o. chicken pot pie pocket bacon burger dog slider on a stick. does that sound yummy for breakfast? the arizona state fair doesn't happen until october but here's hoping that we see some of that right here. bring it into the station. we are trying to hide all of this. the take away from today i love love love the bromance between usain bolt and the canadian runner. how they are just chugging
6:58 am
in their own world. >> ryan lochte, the police in brazil do not believe his story. we will see what happens. what do you guys think? did he make up the story or not? >> if you compile the rock they have been blasting out from the u. s. 60 you could fill 38 olympic sized swimming pools. >> the hardest traffic trivia question yet. my take away is usain bolt going for the 200 meter tonight. he thinks he has another world record in him. he is going to run it somewhere under 20 seconds. we will see if it happens. only one of them will be smiling tonight. don't forget 12 news is always on and our social media apps. >> have a good day everyone, we
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this morning a clean swept of of gold, silver and bronze in the hurdles. plus, rallies in a dramatic fashion in bronze in beach volleyball. and hot water? two of ryan's teammates pulled from a team as they were on there way home from rio. officials now questioning the accounts of four swimmers that say that they were victims of a robbery. does the story hold up.


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