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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm MST

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>> announcer: this broadcast is presented by the authority of the international olympic committee and may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form without the expressed written consent of the international olympic committee. 1:00 am to the second in rio. let's finish up with a look at the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's, supporting athletes on their journeys to olympic gold with three days of competition remaining, the u.s. has reached 100 medals other country has as many as 60. american women particularly have been successful here, winning 60% of the country's gold medals and more than half of the medals overall. update on the ryan lochte story. two swimmers involved in the incident, jack conger and connor bentz are currently on a flight back to the united states. also scott blackman has released a statement saying, and we quote, behavior of these athletes is not acceptable, nor
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team usa or the conduct of the vast majority of its members. we will further review the matter and any potential consequences for the athletes when we return to the united states. on behalf of the united states olympic committee, we apologize to our hosts in rio and the people of brazil for this distracting ordeal of what should rightly be a celebration of excellence. jimmy fiegen has release adrian advised statement of securing his passport to return to the united states. we'll have more on the story in the morning. usain bolt will be running his final race 4 x 100 relay tomorrow night.
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when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you.
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>> 12news at 10:00 with mark, now. >> team 12 tracking the big picture. >> arizona athletes making big news at the olympics. team 12 coveraging all the stories. >> a story in women's wrestling. i spoke to the gold medalist. >> i'm ecstatic. >> i went to her gym and talked to her biggest supporters. >> getting to know an east valley athlete going for gold in the decathlon.
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>> ryan lochte's story about being held up at gunpoint in rio is unraveling. is he now in legal trouble? sheriff joe arpaio testifying and 12news has the video. >> 12news at 10:00 starts right now. >> good evening everybody. we are coming to you from rio de janeiro. a historic day at the olympics. >> the first ever olympic gold medal for a woman's wrestler. >> helen moroulis, the first american woman to win the gold medal in wrestling. it has been a journey of hard work and determination. i got a chance to speak with her about her long road to rio. her olympic dream, now a reality. >> we are so happy. so proud of you. first of all, how are you feeling? you made history today. >> that's insane.
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this. >> reporter: part of your training actually took place in arizona in tempe. talk to me about that experience about training in tempe with them. >> in 2012, i joined with sunkist kids and they have been the most amazing sponsors i could ever ask for. it is not even about sponsorship for them. it is about relational and family. and just, like, loving on these athletes and wrestlers. >> reporter: finally, helen, just for the folks that will place that you called home, anything you would like to say to them? >> hi everyone. i hope it is not burning hot. [ laughter ] >> reporter: is. it is. it is about 1:40. at midnight. >> it is not too bad. >> we have had a couple. thank you for all the support. art and kim, i love you guys.
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tempe. our own trisha hendricks spent time at the club and she spoke to some of the members who have witnessed firsthand what helen can do on the mat. >> reporter: this is a huge win for team usa and for all of those who know her from the sunkist kids wrestling team. a partner of the asu wrestling team. asu wrestlers practicing their moves. on the same matt that helen trained on in tempe. >> it was a i can't imagine how good she felt. >> reporter: maddy is the head of directions for the team. >> i was nervous. once she got it i was really excited for her. >> reporter: asu's assistant wrestling coach says helen has always been one to stand out and always trains hard. one day, her coach took the brunt of it.
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first female wrestler from team usa to win olympic gold. these guys and gals are sending their congrats. >> congratulations from the arizona state team. >> helen, you everyoned everything you have gotten. >> reporter: the founder of sunkist kids wrestling club knows her as a smart hard working athlete and she had to be to beat the three time olympic gold medalist. 13 time world champion today. >> at the right day, at the righh. i hope we help you in some way. she is a wonderful person, i'm so happy for her. >> reporter: now, the founder of the club says he knows helen will go onto be a great ambassador for the sport. trisha hendricks, 12news at 10:00. now we have to talk about the story that has been the
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states. ryan lochte's account of what supposedly happened here early sunday morning. apparently, that story is unraveling. i will be sending it back to you for the very latest on the investigation. >> okay vanessa. instead of being held up at gunpoint, the swimmers were out partying until about 6:00 a.m. took a taxi to a gas station and vandalized the bathroom. and tonight, the ap is rert bentz told police they made up the story to cover their actions. >> we have video showing two other u.s. swimmers involved being allowed to leave brazil. >> we are getting a look at new surveillance video taken all over rio during the night in question.
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bathroom. the swims tried to leave and the station called the police. that is when a man approaches the cab appearing to point a gun at the car nine seconds. three minutes later the swimmers get out. one appears to pull money from his wallet. the swimmers were asked to wait for police to arrive. but they refused to stay and the cameras were rolling when the four men arrived back at the athlete's village. both the videos and report are inconsistent with what lochte told the today show's billy bush sunday. >> we got pulled over in our taxi. the guy pulled out his gun, put it to my forehead. he get down. i put my hands up. >> reporter: when lochte spoke to matt lauer by phone, he changed some of the details admitting he was not pulled over on the street, but was indeed at the gas station at
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>> the behavior of the four is not acceptable say the officials and they will review the matter when the delegation returns home. coming up in a few minutes, i took a trip today to one of the most iconic landmarks here in rio de janeiro. sugarloaf mountain. it is truly a sight to be seen. that is coming up in a few minutes. now, to new developments in an investigation. wendy halloran exposed a police lieutenant hammered behind the wheel. he retired just before he was tired. >> reporter: rick van galdr is suddenly retiring. the department starting the termination process on him
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him for dui. he tried to pull the cop car back in february. talk his way out of a dui telling gilbert officers he would retire the next day if they could cut him a break. he repeatedly berated and belittled the arresting officer. his blood alcohol level almost four times the legal limit. he pleaded guilty to extreme dui. spent three days in jail, 11 on house arrest. now facing termination suddenly retiring. the arizona peace officer standards and training board which certifies peace officers in the state could suspend or revoke his certification. wendy halloran, 12news at 10:00. here are some more hot headlines across arizona. first, a woman is in extremely critical condition after being shot multiple times outside a phoenix apartment complex. the shooter is still on the
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the two may have been involved in a romantic relationship. >> the parking lot of an la fitness near dobson and warner roads, police are checking the surveillance video in the area. six injured firefighters are home tonight after being released from the hospital. they suffered respiratory problems while responding to a fire in a phoenix pool supply store because of the in the air. >> did sheriff joe arpaio tell the truth under oath or does he have a bad memory? >> it was in relation to the green acre dog boarding case. more than 20 dogs died in the heat two years ago. >> arpaio says he didn't know the details but his detective said he knew a lot. william pitts is here with more. >> reporter: arpaio is being
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flake. this deposition was part of the lawsuit trying to find out what arpaio knew about the case. >> the deposition of sheriff joe arpaio. >> reporter: joe arpaio under oath. austin and his wife low began flake were accused of animal cruelty for their part in the death of over 20 dogs in green acre dog boarding in the charges have since been dropped. the lead detective on the case. in his deposition, arpaio hedged his words on how well he knew her. >> did she brief you or your senior staff on a case she is working on? if you remember? >> well, we may have met sometimes at the scene but that was it. >> reporter: that is not what
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multiple times. she was asked if she had briefed him on other cases. she said probably not as many times. attorney scott halberson who is not affiliated with this case says a discrepancy like this could mean ... >> someone is lying or not remembering correctly. >> have you ever worked with her? >> once again ... i'm going to say i don't work with my detectives. i delegate. >> reporter: arpaio claimed that a lot. specifically said how much involvement he had. >> you talk about nuts and bolts of the investigation. >> reporter: arpaio said he couldn't recall a single piece of evidence against the flakes. we reached out to the sheriffs office for comment. they did not respond. william pitts, 12news. >> call 12 for action wants to highlight a program tonight that could have a huge impact on families across our state. we are talking about millions of dollars available right now through save our home arizona.
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save your home. we go back to rio and vanessa takes us to one of the iconic natural beauties of the country. >> can you guess the pop music star who received this strange honor? a statue of her torso. casino arizona and talking stick resort! you could win a new mustang or a share of seventy-two thousand dollars in cash and prizes. jump in and ride on the wild side, july and august
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>> tempe native pao conison came in a respectable 17th place. >> the athletes compete in extremely demanding track and
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pau got his start. >> monique griego speak to the track coach who got him turned onto the sport. >> reporter: he didn't start competing until he started here at mcc. tonight, his former coach tells us why he thought he should take on this demanding event. here on the track at mesa community college is where steven jacobs planted a seed that would grow into an olympic dream. >> i said this is something you might want to think about. >> was talking to pau tonhesen. he went onto attend u of a. he is in rio representing his mom's home country of spain. he felt it was his best chance to make an olympic team. >> i think he made the right decision. he is a big deal over in spain. >> reporter: before attending mcc in 2012, tonhesen was a
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decathlon competition, he was hooked. >> you will have good events, and bad events. >> reporter: he took on day one of the decathlon events. >> i think it is incredible. it is fun to watch someone you know go to the olympics. >> reporter: katherine bryant has done tau since they attended the preparatory academy. >> he seems really focused. and determined. >> reporter: ye culminating on an international stage. it is a sight any coach would be proud of. >> i just like watching him compete. he is always amazing. and, he can do about anything he wants. >> reporter: monique griego, 12news at 10:00. >> during our time here in rio de janeiro, there was one thing on our bucket list we had not done yet. that was go to the top of
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landmarks here in rio de janeiro standing way above the clouds and you certainly feel like you are getting a chance to witness something truly magical happen right before your eyes. high above rio de janeiro rises one of its most spectacular natural landmarks. sugarloaf mountain. to get to the top, you might just need some good friends, the capacity to control any potential fears of heights, and a ticket which you you to the skies. >> all right everybody, so we are inside of the cable car right now. we will show you some spectacular views. this is definitely not for the faint of heart. we are inside of this cable car. i mean, dozens of dozens of people. even some olympic athletes behind me. >> reporter: part of team usa's women's rowing taking in the beautiful mountain scenery today. to reach the summit, passengers take one of two swiss made
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morreoca which is 722 feet high. this is just halfway point. at sugarloaf, it is never too early to go shopping or grab a drink. our trek continues onto the second car giving us 360-degree stunning view of rio. after taking it all in, it really dawns on us. this is truly one of rio's most beautiful locations. >> so we made it we are 1,299 feet up in the air. brazilians named it sugarloaf, because to them, it resembled very closely what a lump of sugar looks like. >> reporter: a sweet morning spent in a very sweet location. the cable car that takes you to the top of sugarloaf mountain opened up in the early 20th century. if you are ever in rio de janeiro, it is one of those spots you cannot miss. guys, for me, so far, probably,
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of this trip so far. >> i bet. amongst many. >> reporter: beautiful. yes, for sure. thanks so much. time now for a look at the olympic medal count. the united states now has 100 medals. 35 gold, 36 silver, and 32 bronze. >> chain is second with 58 medals followed by great britain with 56. >> boy, 100 medals. unbelievable. well, former sun devil sa photo of him in a u-haul truck headed to san diego with his friend. and coop, they are not going to see the cardinals play. >> reporter: no, they are not. jaley is the girlfriend of mike. simone is his best friend and they are on they way to see san diego. cameron cox in san diego has the story. >> reporter: to us, he is just
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charger. i almost said sun devil. did you see that? >> who is berko? >> is that his name? [ laughter ] i knew that. i was just kidding. >> reporter: yeah, tough love in this league. but he is still living his dream. >> i'm extremely blessed. the chargers organization picked me up. i'm still here. it is about surviving every single day. >> reporter: how does an undrafted qb survive at this level? >> can you take what you learn in the classroom, put it on the if you can't, they have another guy up next. i have shown them in between these areas, there is something that is working. the chains are move in there. >> reporter: he is at the bottom of the chargers depth chart. he is just trying to make the roster but he is not your typical backup rookie qb. he trained with drew stanton. >> that was my first steppingstone to the nfl. he said be the best friend to the starting quarterback.
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far. i built a great relationship with phil. >> he is working hard. great transition to the nfl. he made great progress. >> reporter: he might don the charger blue. but he has not forgotten his true color. >> i love you guys. i miss you guys. i wear my asu gear here every day when i can. i love you guys. i will see you soon. >> reporter: you will see him tomorrow night on the field. in san diego, cameron cox, 12 sports. >> thanks a lot cam. and you should see a lot of him late in the cardinals and chargers kick it off at 6:00. >> nice to see him make the team. a late start, but a lot to talk about. >> there is a lot going on in the weather world. blowing dust advisories, flood advisories, storming moving in the western side of the valley. check it out. here it is happening in the southwest corner of the state. there is actually a blowing dust advisory in effect until 1:00 in the morning. this is all in response to very strong thunderstorms that formed right over court side. there's the i-10. and you can see how heavy that
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check out the storms that are actually beginning to develop. just to the west of buckeye. they are slowly making their way up toward the northeast. they could impact the very north western portions of the valley coming in. i want to go with live pictures from the 12news tracker. you can see very, very heavy rain coming downright now. so, if you are planning to travel down the i-10, i would probably wait for at least the next hour. you can already see that water quickly ponding. even a little bit of lightning out there as well. as we head back to we are looking at almost the exact same situation. in fact, the monsoon meter hat a 7 in arizona. a 2 here in the valley. that may go up just a little bit. we are seeing some indications that there could be some strong thunderstorms out there. but as far as the temperatures have been, well, here is where we actually stand. we see 75 days so far this year at 100 degrees or higher. the average is 109. so, we are not over the average yet. we still have a long ways to go. over the next couple of days we
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for the next seven days. they are new to the rio games. but, they are my mvps of the
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>> it's the time of the n see who his 12 sports mvp of the night. i think indiana would approve of your pick tonight. >> you think? >> i do. >> well, i want you to know, there are just three days left in the rio olympics but i'm giving my mvp to a group that debuted in the games today. check it out. oh mercy! that is not good! a snake on the golf course. i don't have to tell you with the ladies playing the course,
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snakes debuted taking care of the matter. they finally got it, bagged it, removed it from the golf course. the snake wranglers in rio, by 12 sports mvp of the night. all right, let's move it on. diamondbacks, playing some baseball this afternoon. against the padres. this evening. did you get that? there it is. 9 backs and padres. the foul ball nails a fan right in the chest. take another look. i like the way he plays it off. real tough guy here. later, another foul ball into the crowd. only this time, this guy isn't so lucky. whacks him upside the head. and oh boy. we have blood. but again, a real tough guy. he would even take a selfie of himself. even later he would have to leave for first aid. a tough guy nonetheless. by the way, diamondbacks lose to the padres 9-8.
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okay coop. thanks. not only did usain bolt win the 200 putting him a race away from sweeping all sprints events, more photos of the athlete are now trending on twit. >> after breaking the internet earlier this week with one of the iconic images from this year's games in rio, photographers captured another awesome image of the jamaican sprinter. >> during the 200 semi, shots were snapped to bolt and canadian runner andre degrasse smiling at as you can see, it didn't take long for the internet to explode with bromance memes. bolt's last rio run for gold is tomorrow. don't go away. our shot of the day after the
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>> the only thing better than rhinanna, the picture of her and her torso statue.


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