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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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complete team coverage ahead. many try and fail. one city failed again, again, and again. who has the worst record when it comes to hosting the olympic games? the answer in 15 minutes. does matt matt damons have a new identity? whoa. why the new do has the internet hair tide. >> don't know what he's doing. 6:00, good morning to this friday. a deadly officer-involved shooting, brian west is live near thomas with the latest. >> reporter: matt, we just got an update from phoenix police. at the time officer that was hurt and sent to the hospital earlier today is going to be okay. he's actually out here on scene talking to investigators. if you look to the left side of the screen, you'll see three palm trees that are there. the car in question, there are
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vehicle in a parking lot. an officer ended up showing up on scene, confronts the suspect. the two end up fighting. at some point the officer is able to call on radio for backup. a detective nearby pulls up, shoots the suspect. the suspect runs 50 feet into the street and collapses. we are told by police that the suspect is dead the officer was then transported to the hospital with a broken nose. we're told he's back out here it's still very active. we have 20-30 detectives looking at that suspicious vehicle and also looking over the evidence markers laid down. we are going to continue to update you and bring you the latest coming up at 6:30 this morning. we're live at 20th street, brian west, 12 today. more breaking news as police respond to a possible shooting live near 27th avenue now. >> reporter: within the last
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confirming it was a shooting. 12 news on scene here even before police. there are multiple layers around this apartment complex. a number of officers are on scene investigating. if we could pan to the right, we're on the frontage road next to i-17 south of camel back. even this road is blocked off. not long ago, we saw number of officers pacing slowly using flashlights looking for evidence into what happened. we understand one person is the hospital. looks like according to police, injuries are not life threatening. we were also talking to neighbors here across the street who told us they heard two gunshots. one came outside and saw one person getting taken away on a stretcher to the ambulance and to the hospital. we have a lot of details to confirm. we're speaking with police and will bring them as they're available. >> thank you for the update. the other big story we're following are the monsoon
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a lot of lightning and rain around the area of 339th avenue and the i-10. team 12 on top of this. we begin with jimmy q. any storms still out there? bye bye. they've moved out of the valley leaving us with a phenomenal sunrise for this morning. this is looking over the superstition mountains. sky is on fire now. we're seeing a little off towards the east as it pushes away from our region. the storms pretty dissipated f. you're up in phoenix, there's not a lot to worry about. most the energy taken out of the atmosphere. 83 now. temperatures across the valley 70s and 80s. hasn't cooled us don -- us down that much. it's going to change. this atmosphere is working on it. in the peak of summer hot temperatures. there you go. it's dissipating. how much rain is in the forecast
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coming up. >> thank you jimmy. we have storm chances all weekend long. jen wall continues our monsoon 2016 coverage now live near 202 and greenfield. good morning jen. >> yeah, good morning to you. like jimmy said, saying good-bye to storms for now. they could return throughout the day. we were tracking them west to east this morning, got a few sprinkles on our windshield. that's about it. the strongest storms didhi gilbert between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m., heavy rain falling. here's a look at what is happening outside now. we do have clouds. if you look north o. valley over the mcdowell mountains. clear skies, a beautiful day. storms heading off north and east. if you look over four peaks, you can see verga. drier air will continue to work its way back in. some areas around the valley
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around i-17 and bethany road a quarter of an inch of rain. i believe we have video of rain falling, even a lot of lightning. that could definitely happen later tonight, tomorrow, sunday. then storm chances dry out by early next week. another spot in arizona was 95 early this morning. washes were flowing. a lot of rain it side of town. also some storms near tucson bringing a lot of lightning with those two. th together and make their way to the valley later today. for the most part, the east valley picked up .04 of an inch of rain. saw little water on local roadways but nothing to mess with your morning commute. for now live in mesa, jen wall. >> live to you crystal. >> we'll begin with the traffic headliner all morning. closure of grand in both
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you're far enough out, 101 to 10 eastbound, not a bad idea. you can see delays at glendale. that was one of the options i had for you. camel back is another one. 44th avenue there. you can see delays are compounding as we make our way to rush hour now. there's more cars joining you on the roads. we have modest the downtown free ways 10 and 17. breaking those down for you. 20 minutes drive on the 10 eastbound to 303 downtown. slowest speeds in the 50s. 17 southbound it's pretty slow. modest slowing into the 40s between the stack and split. pilling off top speeds before the stack. matt? >> thank you crystal. 6:06. checking headlines across the state. a woman is in extremely critical condition after being shot several times outside an apartment complex.
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sky 12 flew over the scene in peer ore i -- peoria avenue. the two may have been in a romantic relationship. a man has been identified as 84-year-old costicovi. police are looking for video in that area. police need your robbery suspect. he robbed it yesterday showing a note demanding money. no one saw a weapon, and luckily no one was hurt. . yet another arizona athlete made history in rio. the first american woman to win a gold medal in free style wrestling. we caught up with her as that began to sink in. >> good morning 12 today team.
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46 morales, first to win the gold in wrestling for women. she told us about her olympic dream now a reality. >> i'm ecstatic, so humbled i got to do this. i have to give credit to my coaches, my family, sponsors, everyone that helped me this was not something that just happened today. this has been in the years. it's incredible. >> helen, another one of our arizona athletes making history here at the rio olympics. i'm going to send back to you guys now in our phoenix studios. >> thank you vanessa. congratulations to her. three days left until the closing ceremony in rio. united states is light years ahead than everyone else. 100 medals, 35 gold. china comes in second with 58
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if you miss an event, we've got everything you need to know here on exclusive content a week away. still ahead, carettastic. he grew three full heads of hair. what's up with the man bun and how the internet is reacting. what's up with the donald trump statues popping up all you're watching 12 today. we'll be right back. maybe almond breeze tastes so good because it's the only almondmilk made with california blue diamond almonds. but if you ask our almond growers... there's no maybe about it. almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk.
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. good morning to you. happy friday. welcome back to "12 today." gorgeous sunrise in the valley after the storms overnight. it's 6:12, 84 degrees outside. stick around. 12 news is on top of a deadly shooting overnight.
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meanwhile, in morning juice, tram is here talking about a celebrity kind of naked and the other with a man bun. >> that's a nice toss there. talking about anatomy. >> take a look at this. mysterious naked statues of donald trump popping up all over the country. they're not traditional art pieces. a group called in decline is taking credit for naked trumps. it's play on the emperor has no clothes but the artist used a word other than clothes to highlight a part of trump's anatomy that's apparently missing from the statues. i'll leave that up to your imagination here. here's another one driving the internet wild here. what's up with matt damon's hair. the actor is sporting a man bun. these were taken three weeks
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hollywood insiders believe he's doing reshoots for his upcoming film if great wall which would explain the added hair that hasn't stopped people from having fun on twitter like ellen degeneres. she posted this with the caption. caption -- hey mat day -- matt damon, three out of 10 people will do this today. some people will do this every single day. the reason people do this is because it feels good. it makes them relax, gets you in a good mood. there are science that shows people that do this are happier and healthier. what is this? at first i was thinking drink, right?
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>> maybe a little red wine. >> that is true. that can be good for you in moderation. >> it said the morning though. >> that cancels that out. >> working out, yoga maybe? >> that's more specific. >> that would be good. >> weight lifting or running type of thing. >> coy said brush your teeth. not sure about that. crystal, what do you think? it's got to be working out of some sort. i wi i thought about that until the healthy part got thrown in. >> puts you in a good media tram and i. >> right there with you. >> seven days a week, 365 a year. >> yep. the travel is in both directions between bethany home and maryland. there's options so you don't get stuck and tangled in the mess. loop 101 southbound to 10 eastbound.
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avoid at any cost. see the long lines forming already. we zoom out. only a tad bit of modest slowing on 10 eastbound, 17 around the downtown area as well as the 10 eastbound in the downtown area. big heads up. we've got high impact closures happening this weekend. we've got a closure first of all with the 10 eastbound from stack to mini stack. that begins tonight through tomorrow morning at 9:00. then it's a little bit of a role al that's saturday night to sunday morning. it extends from the split to 7th avenue. the detour for either one of these is going to be 17 through the downtown in either direction. use the exit from the airport. also, all lanes heading northbound on the 101 off limits. whole weekend going to see closures in place.
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seek out hayden, 51 or 17 depending where you need to go jimmy, over to you. >> let's look at the 24 hour temperature change and rainfall. cooler, 5 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. prescott minus 4, flagstaff minus 6. we'll take anything with less heat. great sunrise, new picture every weather segment because of the angle of sun, cud they're moving. 83 degrees, winds out of the west southwest 6 miles per hour. our phoenix climate watch 103 for today. below average. the average is 104 degrees. we're not the only ones dealing with heat here. up in the pacific northwest, they have an excessive heat warning for seattle. could get as high as 92. i'm shaking. wow. okay. granted, they're not use to these temperatures.
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them. what we wouldn't give to have their weather half the summer. 76 for surprise. luke air force base about 75. shower activity, we did have showers, thunderstorms early on this morning. just boom, just dissipating from pacen down towards the south. of course as you move down towards tucson, should be pretty good. no worries at all. later this afternoon, things could fire up, could see a 2 for the monsoon meter in the valley. most of us won't strawberry, flag staff to pacen. big one near 17 and bethany home. just left over clouds and a high temperature today reaching 103 degrees. close to average, little below. i like to say below because below average is good for us here.
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sedona 85. pacen 84, 72 strawberry. 94 kingman. scattered showers possible through the weekend. we dry out tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> jimmie, thank you. this morning our final 12 today olympic trivia question. >> which city has the worst record trying to host the olympics? the answer is detroit. the city is 0 52, 54, 60, 68, 72. it was rejected every single time. no other city is zero for seven. budapest and istanbul have the second results 0 for 5. budapest has an application in for 2024 games.
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>> they d. like when a guy asks a girl out. you can ask again and again but at some point stop it. >> right. looking for something to do this weekend? when to enjoy a concert or learn the science of coffee. in three minutes, your shot of the morning. simone biles becomes a work of art. it's coming back right after
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welcome back to beautiful skies and valley of the sun. 6:23 the time now. as you sip on your cup of joe, ever want to know more about coffee? where it's roasted, where it comes from, different flavors from different regions? you can tonight it's one of the things you can take part of in tonight's things to do. >> want scientific fun for
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for science on a twist. they'll school you on coffee chemistry. get the buzz about hydro nato could have if he. oror get the tours every thursday and saturday from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. tickets are $22 for member. there's a free concert at chandler center for the arts. enjoy blues and jazz. . >> for a complete list of things to do this weekend go to time for your shot of the morning. how about this. america's best gymnast, maybe the best ever in the world is now a work of art. going viral now.
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artists creates flip books. one shows simone biles' floor routine. it's shared on instagram and quite impressive. >> that is so cool. >> it this looks fake. >> it does look fake. >> all the time it would have taken to draw each of those. >> have you ever tried to do those? >> i tried to do them, and i had to keep >> most the figures don't stay the same. they're too different. >> it starts with drawing to begin with. they get bigger. >> still ahead on 12 today, the u.s. swimmers held in brazil are allowed to return home. one had to pay a big fine. that plus what's next for ryan lochte as his tall tale of robbery unravels in rio. breaking news this morning
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bad car crash where a car slams into a cvs. an awful lot of damage there. a live report from team 12 coming up in minutes on 12
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when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. coming your way on "12 today" officer injured and suspect dead after an overnight shooting in phoenix. right now temperatures a little cooler than yesterday. where is the rain we're going to be tracking that for you right now. plus the fastest man on the
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the track. you would not know it based on his reaction. why he was so bummed. that's coming up from rio in 10 minutes. what does it feel like to win gold? the valley's own tells us right here in the studio. >> good morning bethany. good morning to you 6:30 here on "12 today" we want to get to our top story. office per hurt and suspect -- officer hurt and suspe we have the latest on our top story. brian? >> and matt, we received new information from phoenix police. they were telling us the officer sent to the hospital is okay and released. he's back out here on scene talking to investigators. as you can tell, still active out here. investigators are looking around trying to figure out what happened. at 2:00 a.m. this got started. an officer responded to a call
6:30 am
suspicious vehicle still out here on scene. the two ended up fighting the suspect and officer. at some point the officer was able to call on the radio that he needs backup. a detective pulls up, shoots the suspect. the suspect runs 50 feet and collapses. he is dead we are told. the officer was transported to the hospital with a broken knows and since on the force for 19 years. still very active. i want to show you we have an off ramp to the left of the screen and to my right. that's thomas road. it's still closed. a lot of cars are trying to pass on 20th street. you're going to need to find a different route if you have to get to work or go through this neighborhood. brian west, 12 today. >> more breaking news right now. phoenix police are working a shooting scene.
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the latest. >> traffic police confirming this shooting happened about 5:00 this morning. a man shot by someone else driving by in a car. you can see behind us, more police tape than the last time we checked in with you. you can see along the frontage road near i-17 next to camel back. a man was walking alone here. he ran away when he heard gunshots. he got shot once his injuries the don't appear to be life threatening. he ran into this apartment complex next to the scene before someone called 911. a number of officers were pacing with flashlights looking for clues. officers found bullet shell casings along this road neighbors heard at least it would have gunshots. more details to come. >> thank you for the update. it's 6:31 now. sky 12 is out and about on this
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from the storms overnight. jimmy, it's quite comfortable outside. >> see the contours and mountains in the back how clear it is. it's that rain that pushed everything and cleaned everything up. almost like you got a fresh set of contacts or glasses out there love how it cleans the atmosphere. going to be a great day for the day. temperatures cooler with the rainfall. we have minus five degrees cooler than this time yesterday in phoenix, flagstaff still starting off warm. here's what we have now. sun breaking through. clouds pushing off towards the east of us. a temperature of 83 degrees now in the downtown area. not very common for us to see 90s early on this time of year. we're happy we're in the 80s. shower activity pushing off towards the east. really starts to break up. the monsoon meter is quiet. looks like things are quiet out
6:33 am
my forecast. >> it's actually non stop this morning. we're going to continue to bring you coverage of this. want to break down the closure in terms of how it impacts your traffic. that's at peoria, closed in both directions just west of 35th avenue. phoenix police putting this information out. cactus or dunlap will help you dodge delays from glendale, camel back 59th, 43rd will help you zigzag around that one. long lines are forming because of that roadblock in place. now the rush hour doing its things on valley free ways. 51 down to 30s. 30 for speed readings hit and miss on the 10 eastbound now. 15 minute drive 101 to downtown. on the 10 westbound, some spots you'll have to let off 2 -- off
6:34 am
tram? >> crystal, thank you. hot headlines now. six firefighters were injured in yesterday's big fire and are back home. they suffered respiratory problems because of chlorine in the air. we have a sad update to a story we brought you over the weekend. 12 news learned one of the 2-year-old twins found under water in a holt tub sunday has -- hot tub sunday has died. the mother lost track of them for a short time befo sharper was sentenced to 18 years in federal prison yesterday. he pleaded guilty to drugging women then raping them. there were at least 16 victims involved. some of them right here in arizona. 6:34 now. a former asu quarterback currently trying to make the san diego chargers squad is welcoming the cardinals this week for preseason. cameron cox caught up with mike
6:35 am
>> to us, he's just berko. in the nfl -- >> who's berko? is that his name? i knew that. i was kidding. >> tough love in this name. former sun is living his dream. >> to be here, extremely blessed. chargers organization picking me up. it's about surviving every day. >> how does undrafted qb at this level? >> can you learn in the classroom and put it on the field immediately. if you can't, they'll have another guy to replace you on the spot. i'm showing it's working, chains are moving. >> he's at the bottom of the depth chart trying to make the roster. he isn't your typical backup rookie qb. during the summer, he trained with cardinals backup quarterback drew stanton.
6:36 am
back up 101. >> he said be the best friend to starting quarterback. i've been doing that thus far. >> he's working hard for the transition through the nfl. he's made good progress. . >> berko might disown the charger blue, but he hasn't forgot true colors. >> i love you guys, miss you guys. i wear my asu gear everyday when i can. see you soon. >> you'll see him on the field later today. in san diego with the >> hope he makes the team. next week, going to begin money saving monday. >> we want to save a little or lot of money. starting next monday morning, we'll give you tips to start doing immediately to put extra cash in your wallet. >> tips at 4:30. we'll give you a new one each half hour. still ahead on "12 today"
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story. it could cost him big time and the answer to our second juicy question of the morning is coming up in five minutes. get your guesses in and jimmy is tracking the radar for chances of more rain. crystal is checking the roads as
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welcome back to "12 today." it's 6:40 on this friday morning. three days left of summer games. look at the olympic caldron down in rio. as you know, 12 news is your home for the olympics. jay gray is lye in rio right -- is live in rio right now. the world is distracted by one ryan lochte. he created quite the mess down in brazil. jay, you down there. what are people saying about what sounds like a mup >> reporter: matt, it's unfortunate we have that taking away from what's been a tremendous games for these athletes. we learned this morning jimmy feigen has to pay $10,000 donation to a charity here. he'll get the passport back and fly home friday. looks like the entire story was made up. really unfortunate. again, that's just a side note to what's been a great games
6:41 am
u.s. track and field team having one heck of a week starting with the world's best athlete ashton eaton. now won two golds in a row. >> yeah. how crazy is this. 10 disciplines part of the event. he's won this twice in a row, gold medals. he's the greatest athlete in the world. it's hard to argue. he's the cream of the crop here. he was far and away ahead in this event. it was g mohammad takes gold in the 400-meters. no american woman had done that. so that's a first. joe stands next on the podium with the silver. good show for team u.s.a. >> no doubt. we love seeing that. the fastest man on the planet, usain bolt did it again winning the 2000-meter.
6:42 am
happen -- so happy. what happened? >> reporter: this guy is unbelievable. he went in saying i want to win this but set a new world record. didn't happen. we all get one more chance to see him in the 4 by 100 looking for his third gold medal i. may be the last time we see bolt running in the olympics. during these olympics matt and tram, we tried to bring an inside look, show you at athletes, a real taste of rio. i've come to embrace and enjoy the culture of the brazilian people. what better way to honor these people than to try and learn their native language. if you'll indulge me, i'm going to try and say farewell friday
6:43 am
here i go. >> you nailed it. >> it's a little rough. i've been here three weeks. it comes from the heart guys. >> great job by the way jay. craig just called and wants his jacket back. . >> i brought this from home. i brought it from home. i'm sorry. >> you spent money on that? all right. jay, it's been a pleasure. we'll see you again real 6:43. >> seriously matt, i was thinking the same thing. what up with the blazer? right? oh my gosh. >> great team u.s.a. apparel and he dawns the emerald green jacket. >> i thought he borrowed it from jimmy's closet. >> that's another good option. wow. good stuff. love his headpiece. the world is reacting to ryan lochte's story that appears to be made up. people are diving in to share
6:44 am
some reacting with answer. others aring i -- others are cracking jokes. that's one of my favorite parts. it's like the 20 point turn. love that. hey folks, it is friday and august. we have found a perfect way for you to cool down. today is my favorite d slurpie is. your cup must fit in the hole and must be food safe. don't bring your shoes to fill up. seriously, who does that? whatever you bring, make sure it
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this is a big deal that there's a snap chat. love this. i've got to do this. a few of us around the studio have already tried it. are we going to see that? maybe not yet. okay. matt, you and me have to try this during the break. love it. exciting news for little girls. american girl is introducing a new doll. meet melody ellisson. that's a 9-year-old singer from detroit that finds her voice during the civil rights movement in 1960s. melody will make her debut tomorrow at the detroit public library. it will be available nationwide august 25th. that's going to be a collector's item for sure. time once again for that juicy question of the morning. this is your final chance to weigh in here. three out of ten will do this
6:46 am
watching "12 today." this can help clean your body and minds. the answer anyone, jay or matt? >> yoga and also could be detoxing. i'm sticking with yoga. >> working out? >> crystal, last minute guess. >> cleaning out fiber? >> that's a whole different level. >> here's the answer. >> singing >> that is scary. three out of ten people are walking around not showering in the morning >> you know -- >> i'm pretty sure it's singing in the shower. >> oh. >> oh my -- i was getting ready to say, lord, we are in trouble. >> that would be body odor which we're going to talk about the secrets to eliminating body odor
6:47 am
>> oh my gosh. >> our floor director cindy does. i think she's the only one though. >> when you're a bad sincer like myself, no one can hear you. -- singer like myself, no one can hear you. >> i'm still relieved it's singing in the shower not showering alone. jay and i were like what? >> let's check traffic. grand avenue closed both directions. to be more closure, roadblock is at 57 drive. for westbound traffic, it's at bethany home. your go-to is glendale, camel back, 59th, 43rd avenue or starting off far enough in the west valley, might i recommend 101 southbound to 10 eastbound. this is another crash, a serious crash that has a street closed
6:48 am
it's peoria. use cactus or dunlap instead. we have another crash to add to the list. that's another one i didn't know about. another one 101 northbound. there it is right on q. that is at say. we don't have a camera in that area to show you. we're not sure what it's blocking just yet. it's a crash involving a motorcycle. use caution in that area as we gather details for you. i'll check up on this one. in the 10 westbound, 17 here and there. 10 westbound and 101 eastbound hit and miss. all the usual spots starting to light up in yellow and orange. by 8:00 hour, it's the same drill of what you're seeing now only lines getting longer. 10 eastbound closed from stack to mini stack. then the next night, 10 westbound closed from split to seventh avenue.
6:49 am
here. as far as temperatures, going to be cooler, 5 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. we'll take that. we'll take anything that involves less heat in the valley. hazy skies out there. humidity back up. 58 the dew point. 83 degrees, showers to mainly clear conditions. we're not the only ones dealing with heat. going to be the hottest day of the year portland to seattle. seattle getting 92 degrees. having a hard time feeling bad for them. go 82 glendale. 77 for surprise. the rain is pretty much dispersed itself. it's over, moved right across the west valley early on this morning. later on this afternoon. other than that, air quality better for this morning. 7:00 for white mountains all the way from showlo to flagstaff.
6:50 am
mesa .16. glendale 16th street .08 not a lot. a lot of rumbling, thunder, lightning. temperatures across the region for today 103 phoenix, 91 glow. prescott 84. 10 to 20% chance in the valley. tomorrow we bump i temperatures below average. we dry out by next week. that's what i call olympic forecast. >> thank you. coming your way after the "today" show, the individual show jumping event and bmx followed by rhythmic gymnastics. we can not say congratulations enough to bethany sands from the valley. one gold down in rio in the tennis mixed double. she's up early joining us this
6:51 am
thanks for being here. we appreciate it. >> i feel a missed a lot of that traffic coming here early. >> that's nice. >> huge bonus. >> we talked to you two days ago. you said still doesn't feel real. is it settling in a little more now with the beautiful goad -- beautiful gold medal? >> i think so. i had neighborhood kids come and bring me flowers and a sign they wrote. it was cool to once i got to rust. >> you threw out the first pitch at the diamondbacks game. which is harder, puts more pressure on you, playing against venus williams in rio or throwing out the pitch in a baseball game. >> my coach went and bought baseballs and a glove. i was like no way am i going to mess this up. i'm going to get hit to the catcher and get it straight. i feel i did a good job.
6:52 am
way. >> after that huge event where you got the gold, you're still working though, right? you're not taking a break. >> the show moves on. circus keeps going. i'm here for a couple days, then my next big event is u.s. open. i leave for that next week and get ready to go. yeah, a lot of my competitors and friends were competing in an event this week in cincinnati. tennis is non stop. >> i was going to say, how does that compare for you athlete to get a gold medal versus wimbledon and other championships? >> in a way, tennis -- we're lucky we have the big grand slams we can play four times a year and get four chances. that's why i respect a lot of athletes that train four years to get this moment. it's not comparable to any slam titles i have. again, it happens only every four years. it's a pretty exclusive club to
6:53 am
>> no kidding. best in the world. >> yep. >> thank you so much. >> definitely. >> that's fantastic. best of luck at the open. >> thank you. 6:53 now. stick around. a final check of weather and traffic before you start your friday is next here on "12
6:54 am
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6:55. clouds lingering after storms overnight. crystal has a check of traffic first. >> the usual slow down then some. don't forget about the closure of grand avenue in both directions near bethany home and peoria. zooming in to another crash here. it's blocking the exit ramp there. able to sneak by on the shoulder. going up 101 here, report of a crash 101 northbound seeing delays making their way to ventura. breaking down some of these travel times. half hour 10 eastbound to 303 downtown. 34 minutes on the 17 southbound. not too bad with speeds there. 101 eastbound averaging speeds in the 40s. 10 westbound, queen creek to seventh street. >> looks like the morning commute should be fine as far as rainfall.
6:57 am
saturday and sunday. then we start to dry up next week. >> okay. final take aways. the facts this gold medal weighs a ton. seriously. this is so heavy. >> i know. wearing it for a couple days and nights. >> you've got neck lash. >> i've got to get a massage. >> i could do reps off this thing. this was your first olympics. what a way to go out. >> yeah. >> what was your final take away from this wholeie in rio. i think amongst the chaos and all the scrutiny put on everything kind of going wrong in rio, there were so many great stories coming out of it. so many inspirational stories. being a part of team u.s.a., is more than the individual. i don't think anything will top coming home with this gold medal. it's been an amazing moment.
6:58 am
>> opening of ben her. will it live up to original? we'll find out monday. >> never. >> for me, people still sing in the shower. i'm shocked. i didn't know people did that. >> i gave up years ago. >> mine is gray gray can speak mad portuguese. >> it's our last day of 12 today during the olympics. it's been incredible games. those from the valley including bethany that won medals. so many bolt, phelps, such a great thing to see all of this. >> 12 news is always on. check us out on and our social media apps. >> and congratulations again. >> have a great day everyone and a fantastic weekend.
6:59 am
7:00 am
p ?? good morning. 100 and counting. team usa hits a medals milestone. ashton eaton winning gold in the decathlon to retain his title as the world's greatestth jamaica's usain bolt dashing into the record books once again. >> he makes it look easy! >> and vandals, not victims. overnight, two of the u.s. swimmers involved in that gas station incident with ryan lochte leave rio after surveillance video proves they weren't robbed. the third swimmer agreeing to donate nearly $11,000 to get his passport back. and u.s. officials issue an apology for their behavior


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