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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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19 -year-old wanted in connection with the shooting at an apartment complex near cave creek road in peoria. it was breaking news yesterday at this time. a woman in her 40s was shot in remains extremely critical condition. if you know where he is call phoenix police. new details this afternoon after a phoenix police officer was forced to shoot a man early this morning near 20th street and thomas. investigators say the suspect jumped out of some pushes near a park and attacked the officer, punching him in the face and breaking his nose. the suspect tried to grab the officers gun the officer fired and killed the suspect. the names of the suspect and officer have not been released. phoenix police investigating a serious crash involving an suv that plowed into a cvs drugstore. sky 12 over the scene. you can see the mangled
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the driver the only person suffered life-threatening injuries. it shut down peoria west of 35th avenue for several hours. a prayer vigil planned for tomorrow night in mary view park in maryville to remember the victims of the serial straight shooter. the man in the sketch is believed to be responsible for at least seven murders in maryville to the east part of phoenix this year. if you have information unfortunately no sign her word about the whereabouts of ten -year-old jesse wilson, missing for more than a month after disappearing from his home in buckeye. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. it is that time of year when kids chase after ice cream trucks. they have become part of our heritage but are they safe?
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phoenix involving children in the street trying to get ice cream. team 12's dee dee gatton doing a deep dive on how ice cream trucks are regulated in the valley. >>reporter: rules vary by city but these documents are for ice cream trucks in phoenix. they do have to meet certain safety guidelines. are they enough? if summer has a signature sound ice cream trucks have been a kid magnet for ages. but now also becoming a hot safety issue across the nation. this year alone there have been three cases in phoenix involving children getting hit while getting ice cream. and maricopa county vendors need a permit and street vending license. restrictions on when they can sell, where they can park and a
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other states have taken this a step further. in new jersey ice cream trucks operate like school buses. when the front -- flashing red lights are on and stop signal arm is out drivers must come to a complete stop. there are similar rules in your. parents know kids run off in all directions especially when they hear the ice cream truck. but in light of recent tragedies, some calling for more stringent laws even quieting the bells forever. we contacted the mayors office and city of phoenix to see if more safety guidelines are coming in how drivers -- for a link had to my twitter page. . all new at 5:00 maricopa county health officials confirming 100 cases of people across the valley have been infected with an illness linked to the parasite cryptosporidium. the first case reported two
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could be linked to more than 20 public recreational water facilities across the county. those unnamed places are expected to be decontaminated but if you or your children have had prolonged cases of diarrhea, avoid public swimming pools or splash pads and get them to a doctor. can you believe 2016 summer olympics is almost over? in just a couple days the flame on the olympic cauldron will be extinguished. a star-studded closing ceremony on sunday. speaking of stars the biggest one on the track and one of the biggest of the games is going for his final old medal tonight. >> vanessa ruiz joins us live with a preview remake good evening. again coming to you live from inside the olympic park. it is the last friday of the
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track and field tonight front and center. buckle up because usain bolt is the big star of the night. the track legend set to compete in what probably will be the last race of his olympic career. again saying during the games his time here will probably end his olympic career and that he plans on retiring from competitive track after next years world championship. witness his olympic legend. both gets a call for jamaica in the 4 by 100-meter relay event, the final opportunity to add to his once in a lifetime resume. justin gatlin and canada are the main competition here. if you have been watching bull you have seen and witnessed unparalleled greatness. i am telling you savor this legend. his kind will not come around again anytime soon. you can see all that action
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on 12 news in prime time coverage. we have so much more in about an hour or so i will tell you what michael phelps said back home in arizona about the lochte gate scandal and a tweet michael phelps also put out the summer saying is a little bit of a passive-aggressive shade. what is that all about? vanessa at what is going on? so much activity, describe what is happening on a friday n >> friday, rio de janeiro. put those together and it is a great combination. look behind me the olympic park is packed with people. one of the basketball games just finished. you have a lot of people coming out of the arena behind me. we have been seeing families all kinds of people young, old, couples, friends different nationalities enjoying the last couple days of what the
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felt proud of what brazil has been able to accomplish. hasn't always been perfect? no but they pulled it off and have been a pretty good job. >> they really have. >> i know on the friday before the closing ceremonies you start to get that itch and you get excited because you will be coming home before you know it. >> -i was a little nervous i didn't know exactly what you are going to ask me, and itch about know with you, mark. i never know. >> you know what? i have six pins. >> we want to see them at 10:00. >> i knew you could do it. >> the truth is i don't have my credential near me. they are here and i will show them to you. i don't appreciate that doubt
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>> thanks so much we will see her back at 6:00. we have been telling you about the exotic food you can get in rio what about the food that fuels team usa? >> most athletes say this one type of food is the favorite because it gives them power and tastes great. something you probably own in your fridge. what that is coming up at 6:30. here is tonight social sound off question. which two arizona towns made the list of the top 19 hilarious we have two from our state. tweet us your guess using the hashtag #social sound off. we will reveal the answer at 6:15. we have a consumer alert after another data breach involving a national retailer. what you need to be watching out for. the trump campaign loses its chairman today as the republican presidential candidate heads to flood ravaged louisiana.
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massive wildfire rages on. as we learn how many homes have been destroyed in california. a little rain moved through earlier today, early this morning. the high temperature today 103. the low of 79 degrees. what will the temperatures be
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alert. eddie bauer says the point-of- sale systems at its retail stores were infected with malware earlier this year possibly giving hackers access to customer's name a card information. the company offering a free years worth of customer identity protection for customers who shot between january 2 and july 17. eddie bauer says sales through the on my website were not affected and it has strengthened the security of its point-of-sale systems in north america. today, donald trump was in flood ravaged louisiana. the visit, coming on the same day trump's campaign chairman resigned. >> jennifer johnson has more, plus new developments in the hillary clinton e-mail controversy remake donald trump touring flood ravaged louisiana, showing empathy for homeowners who have lost everything. >> we lost everything we met
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acting trump. >> nobody understands how bad it is. i am just here to help remake after two new hires at the top campaign chair, paul manafort has resigned. he step down after it was reported he did work for a pro- questions political party in the ukraine. >> poll numbers in battleground states are ever widening. you have to reverse that and demonstrate you are trying to reverse part of a the leadership change. >> donald transamerica secure. terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out. trump unveiled a new ad running in battleground states ohio, florida, north carolina and pennsylvania. last night trump apologized for making offensive comments that may have her people. >> believe it or not i regret it remake meanwhile documents released to congress show hillary clinton told the fbi former secretary of state colin powell advised her to use a
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>> hillary clinton has asked for donations for the louisiana flood victims and president obama is planning to survey damage in baton rouge on tuesday. hundreds remain in shelters from flooding that killed at least hurting people. even as most schools will be ready to reopen in the coming days, some in the hardest hit areas will begin classes until after labor day at the earliest. 60% of the school employees have suffered some sort of flood damage to their homes and vehicles. to california where fire crews are beginning to play offense against the blue cut wildfire burning northeast of los angeles. some evacuation orders have been lifted after 80,000 people were forced to leave their homes. while many are waiting to return we are learning at least 100 homes have gone up in flames. the blue cut fire has charred
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el cajon pass. a live look right now looking over the downtown phoenix area. pretty cloudy. here is matt pace with our monsoon 2016 weekend forecast. >> you can see the storms beginning to build to the north. those clouds mainly to the north and east and also toward the south. a very active day around the state especially the northern and southern portion of our state. flagstaff still seeing rain, weakening as it does so. not expecting much in the way of rainfall accumulation. look south, a big storm moving through ajo, slowly moving east about 15 miles per hour. you can start to see clouds starting to work their way to the valley. that is why we are keeping a slight chance of thunderstorms in the forecast throughout the evening hours. we could see gusty outflow winds moving north and those clouds should begin to
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midnight. the main pattern a lot of moisture around the state. once again not the traditional monsoon pattern. we have a little slow moving west to the east, completely opposite of what we normally see during this time. another thing we are tracking is tropical storm kay off the coast of baja. helping the moisture work its way into the state. this storm very week and will quickly moved northeast it won't be any concern as far as weather the next couple days. as far as the monsoon meter seven in northern arizona, seven in the white mountains. the next seven days a slight chance of thunderstorms with temperatures about average. following breaking news coming out of federal court. judge murray snow asking prosecutors to go ahead and file criminal contempt charges against sheriff joe arpaio and chief jerry sheridan. the case goes to the u.s. attorneys office and they will
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the judge's findings that arpaio deliberately denied orders to refuse racial profiling. more details throughout the evening. trial by fire continues for cardinal rookie ben williamson. how will he respond in the preseason game? we will talk about it next in sports. remember 12 news is your
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. arizona cardinals first
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raiders turns into pick on brandon williams. the corner back tested time and time again against two of the best receivers in the game. tonight even though the chargers hold the rest of the threat expect williams to see plenty of passes thrown his way. cameron cox in san diego with more. >> welcome back to qualcomm stadium. cardinals and chargers kickoff at 6:00. as we told you have 4:00 good news. bruce arians feeling better back on the sidelines tonight. starters play a little more than they did in the first preseason game but not much longer. one guy you see out there rookie quarterback brandon williams. they will continue to throw him in the fire. >> because he is a guy we are going to look to lean on we want to see how he is doing. how high he will respond when
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and down welcome to the nfl for brandon williams. gray to practice his first preseason game average at best, that is expected, no need to panic. this week great for the rookie. williams going one-on-one all week with the chargers keegan allen. he reps in his development. he knows he will get picked on in the game tonight so patrick peterson offering this advice. >> definitely prepare all about taking what you learn from the practice field to the game. that's the biggest thing for quarterbacks -- cornerbacks. a great week of practice, do some great things. never translated over to the game so that is the biggest thing teaching them, other guys stay confident and practice the fundamentals remake kickoff 6:00 start is expected to play about 15 plays. after the game up over 2 12
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to be honest chandler jones a great addition. brandon williams if you can hold up opposite patrick peterson cardinals will take the next step defensively. >> some is that rookie learning. >> sure. he is only had one year of experience plane corner at texas a&m. fast learning. tonight give us a behind-the-scenes look at olympic park. find out what athletes, fans and locals are doing is the final weekend gets underway. 12 news is your olympic
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. breaking news coming out asking prosecutors to file criminal contempt charges against sheriff joe arpaio and his chief jerry sheridan. the case goes to the u.s. attorneys office and they will decide whether to pursue charges. the recommendation stems from the judge's findings that arpaio deliberately ignored his orders in racial profiling by mcso deputies. full details on this breaking news coming up at 6:00.
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which two arizona town names on the top 19 list of hilarious town names around the world? tweet your guess using the hashtag #social sound off. we will reveal the answer at 6:15 at 6:00. it is the funniest thing you will see all day. a rooster wearing pants. >> this guys name is charlie and charlie likes to wear his tight pants [ laughter ] they are turquoise. he more on charlie's story and this viral video tonight at 10:00. >> skinny jeans on [ laughter ]. >> you can get the latest news no matter what happens on 12
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developing news tonight. zika strikes miami beach. a new alert from the cdc, devastating news from one of the busiest tourist areas in america. south beach. pregnant women warned to stay away. and lochte says he's sorry for his apart. but is it enough? what his fellow swimmers admit in sworn statements to the police. and paul manafort resigns amid a wave of campaign headaches and questions about ties to russia. tonight the inside story on how it all went down. nothing left, families wiped out by raging fires and floods, as first responders race to save more homes. and olympic glory, the incredible thrill of victory here in


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