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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  August 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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contempt charges against sheriff joe arpaio and his chief, jerry sheridan. >> the best live coverage tonight with our investigator, joe dana, and brahm reznik. let's start with brahm reznik. details on what is in the order? remake the news is an earthquake. after 24 controversial years in office, sheriff joe arpaio might be held personally accountable for wrongdoing. a live look right fr team 12 there we will bring you any news we get at any time. federal judge murray snow telegraphed he would ask a federal prosecutor to charge arpaio for intentionally ignoring judges orders to stop racially profiling latino drivers. snow follow through left open -- left open the possibility for perjury charges.
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another commander and former attorney. the questions will the sheriff have to resign? the answer is no. with the sheriff go to jail? the answer is we are a long way from that. the judges like the police investigating what could be a crime a recommending charges to prosecutors. what happens next is u.s. attorney, john leonardo working with the department of justice in washington has to decide whether to go ahead and charge the sheriff with criminal co what happens next could take months to play out. a criminal contempt charges a misdemeanor, perjury a more serious felony. arpaio would personally have to pay the cost of a criminal defense. all this coming 11 days before the republican primary for sheriff. the 84 -year-old seeking a seventh term in office. i should say there are national political implications. sheriff arpaio is a high- profile endorser of republican
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trump. team 12 investigator joe dana has been following this story for years as well. >> he joins us from the life alert center with perspective. guys what is clear from the judge's ruling, important to point out this is no longer about racial profiling. those allegations by the plaintiffs, group of citizens and immigrants brought the case against the sheriff so long ago those allegations cracked open the door. the trial the door began to open wider and when judge snow describes discovering a litany of problems exposed within the sheriffs office. unconstitutional police practices, lack of accountability and traffic stops based on the color of people skin. as the judge describes a stubborn refusal by the sheriffs office to obey court orders. sheriff arpaio and chief deputy jerry sheridan have a history
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case and did not stop after they themselves became the subject of civil contempt. they destroyed documents, e-mails related directly to the case. the attempted to hide 50 hard drives directly related to a rogue, secret investigation during trial. the attempted to hide mounds of video evidence of truck -- traffic stops and id cards belonging to the plaintiff class not discovered until a deep -- key deputy committed suicide. manipulate -- intentionally manipulated evidence in order to engineer, predetermined results. in other words and they were order to investigate they were looking for their own conclusion. sheridan question about many issues judge snow said he and arpaio intentionally made a number of false statements under oath. like all this began with allegations of unconstitutional
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trial, this has spiraled into a seven-year odyssey of a trial and content hearings. these wild elevations and lack of checks and balances and costs of litigation and recommendation of criminal contempt. i have sent an e-mail and phone call to the sheriffs office, so far we have not heard back from sheriff arpaio. joe dana join us. is go to daniel ortega a latino rights can you hear us? >> i can hear you remake this is the going on for years. i think it was inevitable based on the evidence we heard that the judge would ask for criminal contempt charges. how far will this actually go and what you think the u.s. attorney will do? >> first of all it has been a
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involved in a pattern of misconduct. nobody has been able to, before the judge to get over nobody was able to impress upon the community the his rule of law was exactly the opposite and he was a violator of the law as the enforcer of the low. this is clear confirmation, verification. to answer your line and now sits in the hands of the u.s. attorney. what we do next. if you read the order the federal prosecutor decides he doesn't want want to go forward
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determined there to be justice in this case. clearly the sheriff and his employees as well as the attorneys have violated, intentionally violated the orders in light everett. >> mr. ortega, at the end of the day what -- you are an attorney, what do you think will happen. >> it is hard to predict what is going to happen but he is on the record from the beginning of the case to the order of the court testimony on implications of what was done it wasn't a i difficult for prosecutor not to hold them in criminal contempt and potentially criminal prosecution. i cannot predict with any certainty or guarantee that he will be found guilty at the end of the day part of the price he has to pay at minimum has to defend himself on a personal basis. >> danny ortega, latino rights
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>> let's go to sheriff joe arpaio's attorney on the phone with us. mr. mcdonald did you hear what danny ortega had to say. >> i heard a couple of the, that wasn't on the phone for all of the comments. >> what you think will happen ultimately and were you surprised that the judge went ahead and asked for contempt charges, criminal contempt charges tofi sheriff? >> more disappointed than surprised, especially given the record we have given to the judge. our staff did meet with the u.s. attorney to convince them not to bring a criminal charge. we don't think there is any basis for it. we are confident if anything was ever filed that we will take this to trial. we will ask for a jury. i am convinced the sheriff will be acquitted of these charges.
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perjury for the contempt? remake . >> quite honestly neither i think he would be vindicated on any charges i am not concerned about either one. >> you are prepared to go to trial if the u.s. attorney says we are going to trial in this would be on the sheriff's dime, correct? >> absolutely. we are prepared we will talk to the u.s. attorney to try to convince them why they should not bring the criminal fe think we can show them. if it goes to a trial, if he makes that decision we have considerable evidence we have we would show that there was not a willful contempt. >> last question. if there was a plea deal in place and you did go to trial in it look like things were not going your way would you take a plea deal whereby the sheriff would step down in exchange for charges being dropped or
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we will never accept a plea bargain of any kind and his resignation is out of the question. he will be vindicated and we will fight this all the way through if we have to. >> mel mcdonald the attorney for sheriff joe arpaio thank you for joining us. appreciate your time. >> to recap of federal judges asking prosecutors to file criminal cont against sheriff joe arpaio and chief, jerry sheridan. the case goes to the u.s. attorneys office which will decide whether to pursue charges. all of this stems from the judge's findings that arpaio deliberately ignored orders to have mcso deputies stop racially profiling latinos. 12 news has several teams working the story, the latest as we get it on 12 and tonight on 12 news at 10:00. more breaking news.
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a judge tossing the legal challenges to the freeway project that will connect the i- 10 from chandler to sell phoenix. the judge ruling adot and the federal highway administration have done all the required steps to move forward. construction slated to start after three decades of fighting because of it. news coming out of the rio games day 14 of competition well underway. tonight the main event, usain bolt runs his final race of his we will also see the team usa women try to get gold in the 4 by 100 read a -- relay after the unprecedented qualifying race redo. and the first repeat winner and the 10-meter platform dive since greg the. the latest on the line block -- the ryan lochte saga the past few days lucky saying sorry via social media tweeting he should have been more
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describes the events of illinois. he accepts responsibility and has learned some valuable lessons. is to make and friend michael phelps sharing his thoughts on the controversy. vanessa ruiz joins us with what he is saying tonight weak good evening. something interesting is people in brazil are commenting they feel that lochte did not apologize for the of course that was for lying about the entire ordeal. as you mentioned michael phelps finally speaking out about his teammate, ryan lochte and the alleged robbery scandal. reporters caught up with the super swimmer out of a scottsdale starbucks. we have pictures to show you. it shows the moment he was walking out, a couple drinks in hand. reporters asked him about the situation and michael said, i
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hopefully. >> during that copy ran 31 -year-old phelps seems relaxed and went up to fans to congratulate him on the performance of the summer games in is it. he arrived wednesday morning days after lucky and other teammates became the focus of an alleged robbery gone wrong. of course days later we know the truth of what really happened and something interesting i want to show you a tweet that michael phelps put hours ago and it says as nice as it is to be home i already miss the beauty of rio and the friendliness of its people. thank you for hosting the olympics again michael phelps putting that out a few hours ago via twitter. some say interesting timing some saying they don't want to look too much into it but again folks saying thank you to rio and its people for a really good olympics as far as michael
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>> never hurts to make nice with the home country. more coverage minutes away coming up athletes and concussions the warning signs and the long-term effects if you don't seek treatment. what you can do to save your home and make your payment much more affordable. social sound off question which two arizona town names on the top 19 list of hilarious facebook and twitter. the answer coming up in eight
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. time for a check of tonight souther high having. >> and investigation underway
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sky 12 catching the aftermath near 35th avenue and peoria. the mangled trailblazer hit the store in two different places. the driver, the only person in the suv has life-threatening injuries. speed appears to be a factor. a huge response in our call 12 for action office to a program we featured last night. >> called save our home arizona. not just for families in foreclosure. the program has different components geared toward achieving affordability so you can qualify for up to $100,000 to help save your home. totally free all it takes is a little paperwork. call 12 for action wants to help you make that happen and get everything in order. right now go to call 12.12 or 12 and search save our home. more information about how to apply and save your home.
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tams -- towns among the most hilariously named towns in the world? a couple of them. the answer coming up. high-impact sports, signs you may have a concussion. we upped the ante at culver's to create the new crispy southwest chicken sandwich. all-natural, whole white meat chicken breast. topped with spicy pepper jack cheese and jalape?o ranch. on a lightly buttered, toasted ciabatta roll. is going to be creamy and mild, and it's really going to tone down the spiciness of the peppers. you're going to taste the cheese first, and then you're going to get just a little bit of warmth from the peppers. it's really good. a bold new flavor and only here for a limited time. mmmhmm.
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. in tonight's medicine of the games, warning signs of concussion. it doesn't take an nfl tackle to leave you with an injury that could impact the from i. jen wahl shows us what to watch for. mac hard hitting head injuries are a hot topic in sports. >> if you see stars or black out for a second or five seconds and you come back that is a concussion remake sounds is enough to there is more to it. >> there is not a diagnostic test this is definitively 100% this is a concussion remake often times people shake off a hard-hit or don't tell anyone what they have experienced. >> not recognizing a concussion can have significant long-term consequences remake dizziness, confusion, sometimes nausea, signs you need to have checked out. remember, concussion symptoms
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immediately. >> what the athlete might look like ten seconds after the injury might not be with a look like 10 minutes, ten hours or even the next day. they can worsen over time remake your brain becomes more vulnerable to another injury in the days following. and some cases damage can be long-lasting. >> i have seeing some who have experienced concussion of age of 12 and at the age of 20 still having headaches every single day. with sensitivity to light, noise, sound. function remake hard for athletes to admit they are hurting for fear of being pulled from the game or losing a spot on the team. but head injuries are nothing the mess with. >> people treat knee injuries and muscle injuries as serious injuries. this is your brain and you only get one of it. to arizona towns making news around the world.
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which two arizona towns on the top 19 list of hilarious town names around the world? up first, nothing, arizona. and uninhabited goes down a mohave county along the road to vegas. the town sign reads founded in 1977. they claim a bunch of drunks named at the height the population was a whopping four people. now to why an unincorporated area in pima county. the name comes from way back -- 88 and 86 came together to form why. state law said city names had to be at least three letters so there you go. why. adot has since rebuilt the highways for safety reasons. i saw some high numbers on the monsoon meter and now some of us could be looking at dust. >> we actually have a blowing dust advisory in effect until
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we are actually starting to see thunderstorm activity beginning to form to the northeast of the valley. one moving over 87 and more starting to form near like and -- black any city, dropping southeast of cave creek and anthem you could see thunderstorm activity in the next 30 minutes or so. further west to the southwest buckeye, more storm starting to form, moving to the east. right now looks like the valley will remain dry but we could see a slight chance of rain te in the high country, storms beginning to wind down. tomorrow, much of the same monsoon meter at a 7 in northern arizona, 7 in the white mountains and the next seven days a slight chance of rain. temperature sitting right around 103. most american athletes in rio say this one type of food as their favorite because it fuels their body and taste great. something you probably have in your own refrigerator.
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at 6:30.
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. tonight at 10:00 the funniest thing you will see all day. a rooster wearing a pair of blue pants. he lives in prescott. more of charlie's antics in this viral video tonight at 10:00. thanks for watching 12 news at 6:00. >> 12 news was on. check out 12 as well as our facebook page. >> don't change the channel the olympic zo than 3 minutes. see you there. when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know."
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your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. ?
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and a screen you can touch. and even write on. when you see a computer that can do all that, it might just make you wonder... hey, what else can it do?
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tonight on the olympic zone, with more than 550 team usa athletes in rio, feeding them all is no small task. >> i'm a big eater. i love food. >> and i need to eat at least 4 to 5 times a day. >> and it's up to this woman to make sure they fuel to go after gold. plus, two brazilians, few -- to brazilians, few things are important. with the global dominance, the focus is on the future stars is stronger than ever. >> and rio's natural beauty is not just the feast for the eyes, it's also a playground for adventurers. go for an event fun in the sun.
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. >> welcome to the olympic zone. we're warming up. now, the action in team sports is just going up. >> team usa going for gold or trying to get a gold medal in seevents. -- in several events. team usa basketball is in the third straight olympic gold medal game after a six-point


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