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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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't know that i did the right thing. i mean, it feels weird convincing a teenager to not follow their dream. - maybe think of it as convincing a teen mom not to drop out of school. especially for something impossible. - i mean, i do wish impossible things could happen sometimes, but this is the real world. [lights clunking off] - what is going on? [scorpions' "rock you like a hurricane" plays] - i think this might be the closing ceremony. ? ? - only in america. but also only in anywhere else in the world, really. ? ?
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- ? here i am ? ? rock you like a hurricane ? [dina laughing] - whoo! helicopter! - ? here i am ? ? rock you like a hurricane ? - hey, glenn! in your face! [laughs] - what? - suck it, glenn!
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>> 12news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa, caribe and coop starts now. >> 12news tracking the big picture. >> it starts with a judge recommending criminal charges against sheriff joe arpaio. >> a valley man shed 300 pounds. >> how he did it by taking trips to wal-mart.
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the track in rio. one of them barely edging out the other one in their quest for the gold. brazilians love their soccer. now some are bringing brazilian style soccer to some of the players back home in the valley. >> what is with this rooster wearing pants? >> 12news at 10:00 starts now. >> our big story at 10:00, a federal judge asking prosecutors to contempt charges against joe arpaio. >> this is a devastating blow to arpaio's aura of invincible and his career as sheriff. >> brahm resnik joins us with what this could mean if he ends up in jail. >> that is a question a lot of people are asking tonight. arpaio was disappointed when he got word of the judge's order but he is still not quitting. all of this coming just 11 days before the republican primary
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office. federal judge murray snow's ruling friday came as no surprise. in a court hearing in july, snow said sheriff joe arpaio had lied to his face. now, america's toughest sheriff faces charges of criminal contempt. for intentionally ignoring the judge's orders to stop racially profiling latino drivers. >> he wouldn't do it. he would like to see the case go away. >> reporter: arpaio's fate is now in the hands of the u.s. attorney's office in phoenix d they will have to decide whether to go ahead and charge the sheriff with criminal contempt. >> he is not going to resign. he is not going to step down. he is going to go forward with his election plans. >> reporter: whatever happens in this case could take months to play out. the likelihood of the 84-year- old sheriff seeing the inside of a jail cell is slim. but the order by judge snow, an appointee by george w. bush
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held personally accountable for his actions. it sends a message to all the sheriffs deputies. >> that they need to get their act together and start complying with court orders asap. >> reporter: a nine-year-old lawsuit against joe arpaio has cost maricopa county taxpayers $60 million in counts but he will have to pay his own bills in this criminal case. that could get and hispanic leaders, brahm, were quick to react. they have been finding him for years in and out of court and they called what happened today redemption. >> we never have seen somebody abuse his power to the extent that he thought he was so above the law that he could take on the federal judiciary. lord have mercy. could you imagine what he thought he could do to an undocumented mother walking her
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immigration sweeps? >> when someone violates a court order, there will be consequences and arpaio is going to face these consequences. >> it's a moment of redemption for all of those people who were dragged out in the middle of the night. mothers who were forced to give birth shackled in one of arpaio's jails. it's a moment of redemption for all of them. >> our team ra online. stay with for any updates as soon as we get them into the news room. new tonight, the man you are looking at on your screen used to be called fat pat. now he is known as possible pat. this is why. he dropped 300 pounds. that is over 50% of his body weight by making one major change. it wasn't a magic pill and he didn't get gastric bypass surgery. he told himself if he felt
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for his food. team 12's kevin kennedy spoke to him about his journey and the steps he plans to take next. >> reporter: to see the transformation is absolutely amazing. when you see the before and after picture, you don't think it is the same person. he said he found inspiration within. and from there, there was no turning back. in some ways, pasquel doesn't believe who obese, weighing a whopping 605 pounds. his doctor gave him an ultimatum. >> it is rough being told you are 28, you might die. >> reporter: something had to change. so, he cleaned out his fridge. everything thrown out. >> if i had absolutely nothing to eat that at least it would make me walk. >> reporter: every day, he
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store and one mile back. three times a day. >> for months, my feet were swollen, my knees would hurt. i was tired. my back would hurt. >> reporter: but it was working. he changed his diet. >> i have my sweet potatoes. >> reporter: lost 100 pounds in three months and he didn't stop there. >> i just knew giving up would never help me. it would never save my life. >> reporter: while saving his life, he was changing others. he started sharing his journey on facebook and instagram. inspiring others to start r me they didn't commit suicide because they had seen that it is possible. >> reporter: turning the impossible into the possible. taking this man and turning him into this one. while showing everyone that anything is possible. and the only limitation is inside your mind. he says he is down to 275 pounds and get this. he plans to enter his first body building competition early next year.
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>> that is one incredible story. turning to an arizona wrestler who made history in rio. swimmer ryan lochte overshadowed her gold medal win. helen maruis is the first woman to bring home olympic gold in wrestling. she was asked about ryan lochte's lie. all the attention that is getting, she had this to say. i didn't come here to win a attention. it was about stepping on the mat and just wrestling to the best of my ability and really taking joy in what i do. they covered him over my match? that is a poor decision on their part, but i'm not running the show. 12news is your official olympic station and the only place where you can watch the games. our very own vanessa ruiz has had a front row seat to the
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two more of arizona's athletes who competed today. >> reporter: good evening everybody from rio. as the olympics now officially winding down, nevertheless, there's great competitions and events happening throughout the weekend. most arizona athletes though are done as far as their participation is concerned. today, tucson's corbin sharra was eliminated in the bmx final finishing fifth. he barss the finals finishing just behind fellow american nick long. and long actually has arizona ties as well. his grandparents live in mesa. and 12news was there as they watched him earn a spot in the finals for a few hours later, he barely missed medaling, finishing fourth. >> i mean, he has really been preparing. and the last time it was just the thrill for him to be there. >> reporter: well, i don't have to tell you soccer here in
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it really, truly is a way of life. tomorrow, the brazilian men's team plays germany for the gold. the anticipation here is building. brazilians want to win in every sport, but if there is a sport the brazilians feel they have to win gold, that is definitely soccer. so, the eyes of the nation will be on that match tomorrow. well, soccer really is a way of life here in brazil. now, some coaches back home in the valley are trying to teach that unique brazilian way of again back home in phoenix. our very own team 12's william pitts spent the day with them. this is what he found out. >> reporter: yeah, it is a little different. they play like really there is no pressure at all and it seems to be working. what if professional soccer was as fun as it was when you were a kid?
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>> the fun of just playing with your friends, taking that into a more competitive environment. >> reporter: brazilian soccer is its own style. it doesn't involve strict positions or orders to never do anything fancy. there are rules, sure. but, they are meant to be bent. these kids are getting the full brazilian soccer education from the phoenix soccer club. >> we understand we have serious. but not every single time. you have to be fun. creativity is a big part of it. >> reporter: that means fakes, juggling. things other countries wouldn't want to try. it is like the cardinals playing football the way you play the turkey bowl on thanksgiving. to the brazilians, soccer is supposed to be fun. >> we don't want to just form professional players but good citizens for the community as well. >> brazil takes on germany
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game in rio. it is a rematch of the world cup semifinal game which brazil lost. william pitts, 12news. all right will, thank you. before we go to a break, we wanted to say happy 66th anniversary to ted and betty vail. >> their granddaughter christine sent us this photo. she says they usually watch the 10:00 news and she wanted us to tell them how amazing they are. of course. and what an inspiration they have been to so many. >> and, we hear they went and celebrated their dinner at the black angus steak house tonight. happy anniversary. >> congratulations. it is the epicenter of all the olympic competition. and the place to be in rio. we take you inside the olympic park next. >> she locked herself in a cage with a dog. what she said needed to happen before she walked out. >> he is definitely the most
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newscast. >> the olympics may be ending. >> but you don't want to miss these stories. >> then on tuesday, the one thing that maybe be causing balding. >> on wednesday, uber ambulances. are they the right prescription for the valley? thursday night football returns to 12news. >> after the game, are you getting what you pay for when it comes to chips and products we use every day? >> on fy, living in pain with a "suicide disease." >> that's all next week.
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>> well, it is friday night here at the olympic park.
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through of the venue and show you guys back home what it feels like to be in the middle of all the olympic action. along the way, we ran into some characters as well. the last friday night of the rio games and the olympic park buzzed with excitement. thousands of fans from every corner of the together. to celebrate the best in sports. >> come on in! come on in! >> we absolutely love it. we are here to make ireland proud as we always do. you know what i mean? >> reporter: from venue to venue. the night brought out the young, the old, the families. couples and friends. like this group of long time brazilian pals coming together
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nation plays on. >> i come to a different place. i see a few people all over the world. i had a great time. >> reporter: it has been a night to create lasting memories of the olympic games that are almost over. >> it has been great. really fantastic. i felt really safe. people have been really friendly and the venues have been awesome. >> reporter: snapping pictures. making mental scrapbooks. those lucky enough to brazilian augusto shows the brazilian love. >> i love basketball. i came here to support my favorite player. >> reporter: and that truly sums up the best the olympics have to offer. the love of the sport, the love for an athlete no matter where you come from. it has been truly special to watch the fans come together in
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unitedly by their love of sports and to see the best athletes in the world. all right team, i'm sending it back to you in our studios in phoenix. we will be continuing to cover the very best of the rio olympics throughout the weekend. so, stay tuned for that. see you guys soon. >> all right, thank you vanessa. >> so much fun to see everyone united like that. that is so special. now, it is time for the medal count. take a look. >> here is the update. the united states now has 105 medals. 38 bronze. china is second with 65 medals followed by great britain with 60. in gold or silver or bronze for the cardinals tonight. only preseason football. it was great. here's the good part. seeing bruce arians back on the field. coop, i know the preseason scores don't mean anything as lopping as you stay healthy, but, this is the second straight game where the cardinals have really not looked very good.
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good at all, but i tell you what, it is too early to raise an eyebrow or two. but i tell you this. bruce couldn't have liked from he saw from his office. carson palmer with this pick six. let's check in with cameron cox at the sidelines of the game. >> reporter: coop, at least they didn't get shut out right? thank goodness preseason. the cardinals looked sloppy from start to finish. especially on offense. especially the first team offense. and all three quarterbacks. get this, coop. last year, they had 20 total turnovers. so far, in two preseason games, they have five. bruce arians not happy after this one. >> very disappointing performance. especially offensively. after practice, as a team all week. we should play much better.
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to par. >> when you give them opportunities, you want to be perfect. it is hard to be perfect. >> chandler came back and made a field goal after he missed one which is the same thing. >> i know it is not good. my standard is 90% kicker. >> we have to get it together. this is two games where we have not played very well. we dropped a bunch of balls wide open. when we did hit the right we dropped. me? i'm fine. just [bleep] >> reporter: at least he is feeling better right? the best part of the game that nobody got hurt in the game. but there are some injuries to report. larry fitzgerald did not play with an mcl sprain. good news, it is not serious. alex okofor has a strained
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i don't even remember the cardinals preseason record last year, moving forward, this team will have to be better if they want to live up to those expectations. cameron cox, 12 sports. >> i will say this. it is usually the third preseason game in which you want to put your best foot forward but you want some type of chemistry. the cardinals offense is really stutter stepping. they play the texans next sunday. >> that is brock osweiler. former sun devil. >> dress rehearsal. they will play about three quarters. >> just get some points on the board. offensively right? >> stutter stepping right now. >> all right coop. thanks. >> thanks coop. we had some storms down to the south a little earlier, but meteorologist matt pace joins us now with some storms in the
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valley. look where it is coming down. this looks more exciting than it actually has been. this is cloud cover. you notice the darker greens is a thunderstorm that has formed in the past 30 minutes or so. slowly dropping down to the south. the big thunderstorms are from gila bend to the east of yuma. right along the i-8. we have flood warnings until 11:45 in this region. nay have received a lot of rainfall over a very short allot. we see a little rain moving through the high country that is slowly dropping down to the south. we will continue that slight chance of rain throughout the entire valley during the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. then the monsoon meter really goes up in the high country tomorrow. 57 in northern arizona. 5 in the white mountains. three here in the valley. but how are we doing as far as this monsoon is concerned? here are rainfall totals for you. 6.84 inches in flagstaff.
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for them. look down in payson. 7.43 inches of rain. the average 4.45. they are doing really well as far as the monsoon is concern. the southern part of the state doing well as the same. tucson, 5.78 inches so far this season. they have seen a lot of flooding in that region as well. even the western side of the state not doing too bad. we have generally average conditions for lake havasu and yuma. here in the valley, here is what our seven day forecast is it will be below average. a slight chance of thunderstorms as we head into the weekend. it is friday night and high school football is back under the lights!
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>> welcome back everyone. normally, this is the time of the show we look to coop for the mvp of the night. but you are excited about something else. >> i am! guess what? the 2016 high school football season is in full swing! friday night fever. but, because of the olympics, we kick off the fever next friday night. in the meantime, let's whet your appetite with this. a game play tonight in ahwatukee. mountain point, sandra day o'connor. chris aguilar. he is gone. 50 yards to the house just like that. the eagles have a 6-0 lead. hey, let's move to the second
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lead. jayden brooks back on the punt return. he will get to the sideline right here. and jayden brooks will take it to the house. 55 yards. just like that. the pride. we are in business. they cruise in the opener. and you guys know how we do it around here. be a believer and catch the fever. [ laughter ] >> there it is. >> glad it's back coop. nothing like friday night fe volunteers at the arizona animal welfare league locked herself in a kennel with a dog until it was adopted. >> you have to love whitney steel. she stayed in the cage with lana for 25 hours. the bull half stiff had been at the shelter four monthst and she was on a mission to find this dog a new home. >> so she started a social media campaign using the hash tag free lana and the shelter posted a live link on their
10:30 pm
it was viewed 9,000 times and shared over 100 times. >> look at this. lana, rescued, going to a forever home. >> it has been an emotional roller coaster this past day. so, it is amazing. it is a feeling i can't really describe to know she found her forever home. because, not even because of me, but because people were sharing her story. >> that is once she saw the commitment and dedication, she knew she needed to step up and do her part and now this pup has a home. >> good job whitney. don't go away. our shot of the day after the
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's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you.
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>> finally tonight, our shot of the day. i never get tired of seeing this. a rooster wearing pants. his name is charlie. and he live ins prescott, arizona. >> i said, i said boy! >> that's pretty good. >> my name is charlie, boy, that ain't no chicken. that's a rooster!
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times. if i wear these blue pants i will stay out of the tyson chicken plant. so he is walking around in blue tight pants. and he is a little bit cocky about how he is with the ladies. >> his owner commented on the post saying she has raised charlie since he was just a day old and he loves to be the center of attention. >> yes i do. [ laughter ] >> i think you really captured the essence of >> you do a pretty good job. >> i said thank you coop. >> you can tell we are all giddy after three weeks of olympics. well, thank you for watching. 12news is always on. you can get the latest news as it happens no matter where you are on 12news app and your favorite social media channels. >> have a great night everybody.
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