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tv   12 News Noon  NBC  August 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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another could be on the way -- meter to see if another could be on the way today. >> kecking arizona, this is 12 news. >> -- connecting arizona, this is 12 news. >> thanks for watching i am matt mauro. >> i am jen wahl. a family of a man killed outside a l.a. fitness gym in chandler making a plea to help find the killer. >> a family friend speaking on behalf of the family has a news conference went on went on a hour >> ineffective last ---- i could talk to him as a equal that's how he was with me and my wife especially. i know we can never get him back. >> if you have information about this please call chandler police or silent witness. >> a large sink hole has
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intersection of 59 and interan school wide open. it is uncleared what caused the collapse but it will be closed for a while and we will let you know when it reopens. took looking at headlines a security guard shoots and kills a man during an apparent armed robbery. >> it happened overnight at a motel 6 near 52nd treat. -- street in mcdonnel. >> reporter: police what very busy night investigating an at turned deadly near 52nd and van buren it got started around 10:30. last night police say two men went into the motel 6 front office armed and a security guard in the back room sees two men and goes into the front office where one of the men jumps over the counter and points his gun at the security guard. phoenix police say the security guard shoots him multiple times the other robbers fleas and the
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trance for theed to the hospital and later died. officers are going over security footage and investigating the scene and say if anyone has information on the robber who did flee the scene they areurged to call them or silent witness. >> thank you for the update. there was a overnight murder at the knights inn police say a fight broke out between two men and one pulled out a gun a woman is held as a witness. the shooter is in self-defense is not being ruled out. right now phoenix police are investigating a double stabbing at a bus stop near the airport. it happened overnight near 44th street and washington both victims were hospitalized and unknown -- in unknown condition. police have a possible suspect in custody and are not seeking anyone else in the case. phoenix police also investigating after a local robber was shot and killed on his birthday. local rapper rather.
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mcdonald who goes by dmac deluxex was celebrating with friends when he went outside for an unknown reason and that's when witnesses heard shots fired from the parking lot. victim's body was found not far from the nightclub hidden in bushes. at the knight's inn motel. the hunt continues for the serial shooter. look at your screen. the man in the sketches is believed to be responsible for at least 7 murders from maryville to east year. if you have information that could help detectives call silent witness at 480-witness. the diamondbacks about to clean house? acoreing to bob nightengale the ownership is considering that move. tony la russa and the assistant gm would be out after two years on the job. report sites a high ranking
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expires after this sea -- la russa expires after this season. here's a telling statistics. if the diemond backs make a change, the d backs will be changing gms for the 7th time in 11 years. they are on pace to lose 90 plus games for the 4th time since 2009. monsoon 2016. check this out. another massive dust storm creeping its way into the valley yesterday. the masswa phoenix area causing problems for a lot of drivers and bikers who were caught out in the middle of that in the road. >> it looks like a big rainstorm at first. and we saw that was just a-- rather than the storm the rain was brown and i said that's dust that's dust let's get off. >> i thought i would be able to
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safe especially when i couldn't see more than 10 yards in front of me. >> visibility was so low at some points headlights was all you could seech the cars coming towards you. jimmy i saw that as it was coming at us from the south and right now we are taking a live look outside quite a different picture from the skies yesterday afternoon so what can we expect now with the monsoon meeter. >> looking towards the south monsoon meters is bumped up to a 3 or 4 across the storms are popping and we have activity right now just to the south of maricopa and more clouds. you can see it bubble the atmosphere and we could definitely see a chance of showers and some storms. the dew points are right 58 degrees and we have humidity and 93%. and so the storm activity just starting to bubble across to the north but guess what to the south we still have more activity. this is when we will be watching. there's maricopa and big storms out of the valley but they are
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they could run into outflow boundaries from storms coming in from the north moving to the south and yarnell area a lot of lightning and yellows and redsindicating heavy rain and lightning and thunder up there. also for the mountains, up along the beeline highway to the south of payson across the area on the 87 more lightning and storm activity and remember, these outflow boundaries is when the air comes in and they meet and if the two can meet storms could create volumetivity. there's going to be a good shot of rainfall in the forecast here. monsoon meter is going to be bumped up. for today 94 to 99. isolate stod scattered tomorrows especially to the north and east of the valley and muggy and warm and remember we can have blowing dust and another potential for blowing sand. >> thanks for the heads up jimmy. well what do monsoon storms and the srp safety test lab have in common? electricity firing off and it's
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krystle henderson has a look at what happens inside the lab. >> it doesn't give you a good show we can always move you closer. >> reporter: you are not about to see a fireworks show and this is not video of the latest monsoon storm. >> that's 40,000 volts of electricity right there. >> reporter: although you could call the little lightning bolts. >> if we figure out how to make it rain. >> reporter: what this is a life saving test. >> we have the lives of around 2200 employee in our hands. >> reporter: literally. those gloves he is the crews when the life is on the land. >> he was work and something happened and there was an explosion inside. it allowed him to walk away. >> reporter: and downed power lines and outages this gear is getting more wear and tear. >> we are checking for all kinds of damage to the gloves. this one has a hole in it right
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man or a woman their life we are looking for this one shows it the best, we are looking for ozone damage to this glove. and this is caused by the heat and the ozone. >> reporter: but even if it were to pass the test there's one more thing to try to be absolutely sure. >> these gloves are actually filling with water. the water gets in to every nook and cranny of that glove. so the entire glove will be >> reporter: now you have to add amps and turn out the lights. for effect. >> we test them for three minutes and any time during that three minutes they can fail. >> reporter: the rubber blanket get the same treatment. >> if it finds a weak spot it is going to burn a hole in the blanket and shut the machine down. >> reporter: and get this, we just turned the machine off second ago and i could pull it out. it's cool to the touch. hundreds of gloves and blankets must undergo the test in the lab every month.
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>> reporter: each -- make a mistake. >> reporter: each one trapped. >> we put transponders in the gloves. >> reporter: from the day they come in to the day they are tossed out. >> and think of the jobs there are and electrical work is one of the top 10 more hazardous and that's according to srp. happening today, a hearing to address a lawsuit regarding hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server during her tenure as secretary of state. a federal judge order friday requiring clinton to answer questions about her e- mails. the order is part of a law long running public records lawsuit filed by judicial watch seeking all of clinton's. mails between 2009 and -- e- mails between 2009 and 2013. on the republican side donald trump is continuing his campaign in the toned down fashion he started last week. made a surprise visit to flood raff aiming baton rouge and
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vadged baton -- ravageed baton rouge and personally dedough note -- donated "terms. -- items. fell epps' face was one -- fell epps' face was one -- fell ep -- fell epps' -- phelps' face was one of the main ones
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welcome back. people in southern california are finally able to return to their neighborhoods five days after the start of a destructive wild fire. more than 100 homes and 200 other buildings burn as the blue cut fire exploded in san bernardino county.
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as more than 1,000 firefighters continue to work to get it under control. this noon the fire is about 85% contained. rain had fans and athletes covering up for the closing ceremony last night in rio and it put out the famous flame ahead of the passing of the flag. simone biles carried the u.s. flag and it was bigger than she was and she is 4 feet 9 and the flag but she carried it well. and here's final medal -- here's a final medal count. u.s. has 121 medals 46 of which are gold. china is second place with 70 medals followed by great britain with 67. and, of course, some of the medals not listed there the ones for the best internet mems the gold is for -- mems the
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goes for phelps>> the lochtegate compares him to pinocchio. and the talk about menstruation to her happiness this tweet declares we all have the one friend when taking photos. >> and runner mill are's dib for the gold in the 400 meter gets a mention this says greatest gold medal divers in olympics history first is greg hugh >> we will be talking about that dive for the gold for a long time to come. >> entertaining. >> no doubt it was. people are talking about the dust storm from last night jimmy. and the question is as we we look outside -- as we look outside and the climate is another one on the way. >> there's the potential. storms from the south and you start out with a one and it starts to get bumped up to 3 today. 99 degrees the forecast highch
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113 setback in 2011. so outside you can see atmosphere just continuing to bubble right now. and that's pretty much what we are pretty quiet conditions but it will start to bubble up and we will see more storms continuing to build here in the next hour or so. 93 winds out of the west northwest at 5 miles an hour. okay, storms really we expected this to the north. but a 6 and 7 for the monsoon meter up to the high country and what hns builds up and it is shift to the south and that's what's going on right now. we have more energy coming from casa grande. just north around prescott and bradshaw mountains and more storms around show low and globe. so back here across the valley nice cell over coming south of maricopa it's pushing on up around the area. they blow up and expand and drop air and can develop more
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big sell up here. u -- cell up here. a lot of lightning in that direction and the storms are moving towards the south of us and they are starting to gather. so, there's a good chance late iron today we could see some -- later on today we could see storm activity. if the energy from the storms converge towards the middle that is what we will dealing w scattered storms today-- dealing with. scattered storms today. 10% chance for tomorrow but we could have more dust i will tell you forecast you definitely run up a hunger especially around noontime. i will tell you if you like hamburgers al rocker teamed up with the today show to fight hunger and no better way than creating the perfect hamburger to help the cause. >> there is a creative process to creating a great burger and that's trial and error. you go through a lot of impose
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a great burger. >> not one but two slices of american cheese pickles dil pickles -- dill pickle and topped with pulled pork and great barbeque sauce. >> reporter: my idea of a great burger my ferkt burger you got green chili from hatch on there and a -- perfect burger you got green chili from hatch on this and cheese -- complete please with -- complete with fries. perfection. and one in five kids go to bed hungry in the country and if you want to help out, just eat a hamburger. shake shack locations here in phoenix will donate 1 dollar tore every roker burger sold today through friday proceeds will go to the no kid hungry organization to fight childhood hunger and what a great way to
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but i didn't have any. >> we have new mexico green chili season and we have been eating them at my house. >> the best. >> yes. we will send you to break and
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paying 2.66 at the pump. it's all -- >> it's all relative. >> i was in nevada before this and it was more expensive so i will take the prices any day. >> no doubt. stick around one final check of the forecast with jimmy q is
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all right latest look at the weather and we have storms all around the valley right now. monsoon meter up to a 3 here in the valley. storms will fire up and could be blowing dust and more rain developing around th chance of rain for this afternoon. tuesday still a slight chance of showers and temperatures staying below average probably the next 7 days and we like that. >> trading the rain for the heat right. >> big time. >> keep it with 12 news all day for the latest on the forecast. and 12 news is always on 12 -- 12 and your favorite social media app. see you later at 4 and all three of us tomorrow morning
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hello, and welcome to arizona midday. i am your host destry jetton. today on the show free movie tickets and gift cards. a look at a sedona resort that's the perfect get away and how to make a school lunch fast. plus, we have been under construction during the olympics and now we have had a brand new set we will show you exactly how they did it. they have been working hard coming up in just a bit. and jan you are also here in thenew set what are you working on. >> i am so excited. in the years we have been doing crafts this could be the greatest we will make a teddy bear out of a towel isn't


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