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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. a man a man accused xarelto. of tweeting about killing his roommate.. and then actually going through with it. we've got the chilling details in your hot headlines... ???jen teases ???jimmy teases an a-s-u professor may have just invented the future of.. condoms.. why he says his design is like a second skin.. sleepover at michael phelps' place! we've got the must-see pictures of his paradise valley mansion..
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???toss weather ???adlib weather weather???adlib weather in monsoon 2016. and once monsoon 2016.left in five weeks just over
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in monsoon 2016. and once again.. parts of the valley were hit by mother nature. nature. meteorologist jen wahl is out in the 12 news
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today.. a san tan valley man accused of sexually assaulting over a dozen girls will await an arizona supreme court ruling to see if he'll be released from jail before his trial. 20-year-old years ago. most of the girls he's accused of sexually assaulting were former classmates from poston butte high school. a 22-year-old has been arrested -- accused of shooting and killing his roommate over the weekend. police say before the murder.. zachary penton allegedly tweeted -- and i quote -- "i need to move out of my place before i viciously murder my roommates." police say that's exactly what he did when his 41-year-old roommate -- who also owns the home -- tried to kick penton out. the two got into a physical fight.. and the suspect told
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life when he allegedly pulled the trigger. phoenix police sharing new information in the hunt for the "serial street shooter." a new report highlights the shooting that took place back in july.. near 30-th street and thomas. a man driving with a child in the car.. says he noticed a dark colored b-m-w pull up next to him at a traffic light. seconds later.. the driver of that b-m-w started shooting.. hitting the victim's car three times. no one was injured.. but police say the serial shooter has killed seven people. there's a $50-thousand reward for info that leads to his arrest. this morning.. police are still looking for the person who shot and killed a man in an l-a fitness parking lot. last week.. the victim was found stabbed multiple times near dobson and warner roads. chandler police say he was a retired engineer and an active member of phoenix's indian community. they still aren't sure of any possible motive. a south phoenix resident is desperately trying to find her exotic bird -- who was stolen in a home robbery.
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returned to find her house ransacked.. and her beloved macaw -- sunshine -- gone. amber says there was blood all over her floors.. and she thinks sunshine may have attacked the intruder. macaws can be worth thousands of dollars on the black market -- but amber says sunshine isn't valuable due to age and medical issues. protesters took to the streets of downtown phoenix yesterday.. demanding sheriff joe arpaio be arrested. it all stems from last week's decision by a judge to ask prosecutors to file criminal contempt charges the judge is also recommending charges against arpaio's top deputy -- jerry sheridan. new numbers out this morning.. show the current voter make-up here in arizona. the secretary of state revealing there are nearly three and a half million registered voters for the upcoming election. of those -- nearly 1-point-2 million are republicans and slightly more than a million are democrats. but get this -democrats. but get this -- there are also more than 1-point-1 million registered independents.
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election. new this morning.. state officials say they have received hundreds of applications for approximately 30 new licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries. arizona already has nearly 100 licensed dispensaries. the health department says nine out of ten of us live within 25 miles of an operating dispensary. have trouble getting to sleep? the five foods you can eat before bed that will help you get a better night's rest. ryan lochte thinking about plan b these days. banned from swimming. that's 7 minutes away in the morning juice. you're watching 12 today.
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today president the flood-damaged areas of louisiana. he'll also meet with local officials to talk about emergency responses and how the federal government can help affected communities begin to re-build. more than 30-inches of rain fell over the course of a week.. killing 13 people and leaving thousands of others without a home. i the children's hospital of philadelphia will hold a news conference today with the first child in the world who received a double-hand transplant. 9-year-old
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today.. doctors are expected to give an update on his amazing progress. last month.. harvey threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a baltimore orioles games. congress is demanding answers about the skyrocketing cost of epipens -- the devices that can prevent potentially deadly.. anaphylactic shock. officials say the cost has gone up over 400-percsi sending letters to mylan -- the maker of epipens.. asking the company to justify the increase. they're concerned parents can't afford the pens for children as they're heading back to school. mylan has declined to comment on the price hike -- instead blaming high- deductible health plans that require consumers to pay more out of pocket for many drugs. in your 12 today health check... an a-s-u professor has created a new type of condom.. that's
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polymer that mimics the human skin.. giving guys a more natural feel. "shen-she chen" invented the condoms at his lab on the a-s-u campus. he recently got the design patented and hopes to get it to a clinical trial soon -- with the dream of one day selling them all over the world. everyone loves a midnight snack -- but is it okay to eat right before bed? the answer is "yes" and doctors say it can even help you sleep better. here are five things doctors recommend sack... number one on the list -- frozen berries. you can even pair it with a little coconut milk. next one -- peanut butter on whole wheat bread.. doctors say this will not only fill you up -- but also relax your muscles.muscles. number three -- greek yogurt with raspberries. then we have two liquid options -- herbal tea and cherry juice. cherries are packed with melatonin -- which is a
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now it's time for your turn-back tuesday tip.. to help you look and feel younger! hit the spice rack for tumeric. it's got anti- aging results. the active ingredient in tumeric -- called curcumin.. reduces inflammation within the body and helps with aches, pains, and arthritis. some studies even show it may slow or reduce alheimer's. go for 2 grams daily. ???toss morning juice it's been a downward spiral for u-s olympic swimmer ryan lochte.. after he lied that he and three other swimmers had been robbed at
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already lost several of his sponsors.. including speedo which has been with him since the beginning. clothing giant "ralph lauren".. skin- care firm "syneron-candela".. and japanese mattress maker "airweave" followed suit and announced they were also dropping lochte. all this comes as lochte is in deep water.. with the u-s olympic committee -- which may decide to ban him from swimming. t-m-z swimming. t-m-z reporters caught up lochte at the airport. he told them he would be heartbroke outcome.. but said ?this? is what he would do instead of
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maybe lochte can take a note out of michael phelps' playbook.. the legendary swimmer.. is high-rolling in paradise valley these days. he's scored a $2-point-5 million dollar mansion.. and you've got to see the pictures... the home is more than 6-thousand square feet and comes complete with a resort-style pool. the property boasts five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms.. along with four an outdoor living area.. and a hot tub. the phelps family also has a beautiful view of camelback mountain from the backyard. now time now time for your juicy question of the morning...the morning... the average american will spend $312 dollar on this each year?
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start giving us your guesses. the answer will be the answer will be 5:30. ?? traffic ??
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are you smarter than a 5-th grader? a new survey finds most parents ar the full story in 20 minutes.. hillary clinton laughs off rumors about her health with jimmy kimmel. we've got that and more decision 20-16 news.. in just three minutes. you're watching 12 you're minutes.three
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three minutes. you're watching 12 today... ###break### ###break###
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###break### there are new questions swirling around donald trump -- and one of his signature issues -- immigration. today some critics are saying trump's campaign is back-tracking ono-
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hillary clinton laughed off any questions about her health on jimmy kimmel live last night. kimmel asked whether there was any truth to the rumors that her health was declining. the democratic presidential nominee poked fun at the rumors.. asking him to take her pulse.. then kimmel dared clinton to open a
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later in the interview, kimmel suggested that clinton maybe consider "facetime" as an alternative to email. a teacher from texas does away with homework.. why she thinks others should follow suit... mixing gymnastics with football -- the oakland raiders tight end who wants to date gold medal gymnast aly raisman.. that just 7
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