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tv   12 News Noon  NBC  August 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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outlet mall. 12 news at noon is next. . good afternoon to you. and thanks for watching 12 news at noon. >> we begin with breaking news right now of a deadly motorcycle crash that has closed this area near country club and southern in may so. sky 12 is giving us a live look of the scene. it's unclear what lead to this crash but we mow a motorcycle riha at the scene. you can expect traffic restrictions in that area for the early afternoon hours. well the sky's opened up across the valley early this morning. the 12 news tracker started the morning in avondale where rain poured down. lightning could be seen in nearly every direction around phoenix and drivers had to slow down as early as 5:00 a.m.
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3/10ths of an inch. weather also caused a power outage at mcdowell affecting more than 1200 people for a short time this morning. >> jen was out in that rain for a while. jimmy is tracking it on radar. it looks like there aren't any storms left. >> it was pretty quiet. i wanted you to turn back around and towards the north, because the time you turned around, the storms were up at fountain hills. most of that moisture has been doing that all day long. you can see a little bit of activity, some showers up towards the north. a little bit of rainfall, some showers there and along the 17. okay. down towards the south from apache junction across, pretty quiet. but right up around camp creek, you can see along the 17 and the
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push on through. better shot at rain, though, for overguard, snowflake. i can't imagine what it's up there like that. today, sort of a mix of clouds and sunshine. of course there could be a storm mainly to the north, partly cloudy though. still humid. a high of only 99. i love my double digits in august. >> all right. thank you. yeah, we had a blast tracking move out of many i place before i viciously murder my roommates. " and that's exactly what 22-year-old zachary penton told cops he did. penton walked outside his home sunday morn and called 911 on himself saying he had just shot his roommate. now family and friends have left behind red heart balloons, flowers, candles, and pictures of the 41-year-old danny in
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him. >> very big loss. testify stated. -- devastated. he's a great guy. he would give you his last penny. >> he was a great guy. he was a really -- he had a good dad. >> officers found danny dead in the master bedroom with at least one gunshot wound to the head, a single shell casing was found in the master bedroom the handgun was found in the driveway and police say no one else was at home at the time that penton admitted intentionally shooting his roommate. well a man accused of sexually assaulting over a dozen girls will await an arizona supreme court ruling to see if he will be released from jail before his trial. 20-year-old tyler cost was arrested two years ago. most of the girls he accused of sexually assaulting were former high school classmates. meanwhile police are looking for a gunman after aan overnight shooting. a man and woman were walking
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the leg. the shooter took off running away. the guy who was shot in the leg went to the hospital and is expected to be okay. this afternoon, chandler police continue their search for the person who shot and killed an 84-year-old man in an l.a. fitness parking lot last week. the victim was found stabbed multiple times in his car at dobson and warner. police don't know the motive for the murder. september sentencing date has been of supporting islamic state group. abdul kareem was accused of providing the guns. state officials say they have received hundreds of applications for approximately 30 new licenses for medical marijuana dense ryes. arizona already has 100. the health department says nine out of ten of us live within 25
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protesters taking to the streets of downtown phoenix yesterday demanding the sheriff be arrested. it all stems from last week's decision by a judge to ask prosecutors to file criminal contempt charges against him. the judge is also recommending charges against the top deputy, jerry sheridan. new numbers are out this afternoon showing the current voter make-up here in arizona. the secretary of state is revealing there are 3.4 million rental sters voters. of those 1.1 million are republicans. there are slightly million democrats. there are also more than 1.1 million independents. we are eight days away from the august 30th primary election. new at noon, innocent people are now victims of wikileaks. the associated press has learn that had wikileaks is now publicized date of rain rape victims, sick children and mentally ill. they have been on a crew side of
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flood-ra wrathed louisiana today. he's getting a firsthand look of the damage left behind in baton rouge. 30 inches of rain and historic flooding over the course of a week left 13 people dead and the president says the federal government is helping in rebuilding the process there. >> sometimes once the floodwaters pass, people's attention spans pass. this is not a one-off. this is not a photo-open issue. this is how that a month from now, three months from now, six months from now, people still are getting the help that they need. i need all americans to stay focused on this. if you're watching this today, make sure that you find out how you can help, you can go to volumelouisiana goff. we'll tell you how. we'll direct you how you can
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shift on immigration and hillary clinton cannot shake her e-mail controversy. >> it was a day of change and set backs for both campaigns in decision 2016. team 12's edward lawrence is here to break it all down. he's in washington. >> reporter: donald trump looks to rerar his -- revamp his immigration plan. but part of it won't change. >> we're going to build a wall folks. >> reporter: his campaign mar little immigrants in in country already. trump now says he would separate illegally immigrants into go categories, the quote, bad ones who would be deported immediately and everyone else who would go through the process of -- deposit through the process of existing laws. >> hillary clinton's plan amounts to total and absolute total open borders. open borders. >> reporter: meanwhile hillary clinton took time off from
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face time instead of e-mail? >> actually, i think that's really good advice. >> reporter: her campaign is not laughing. another 15,000 clinton e-mails were released by the conservative watchdog judicial watch, e-mails that were delighted from her server but recovered by the fbi. >> some of those were government records, some of them may have been classified. it raises questions as to about why this massive deletion of records took place at all. >> reporter: they big donors to the clinton foundation got access to clinton when she was secretary of state. some of the e-mails show requests were all directed through the deputy chief of staff. not all of the donors got everything they asked for but they had access to hillary clinton. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. >> and once again, some of those e-mails outlined requests that were all directed to hillary clinton's deputy chief of staff. >> the donors did not always get, you know, what they asked for but they did have access.
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see what happens. >> no doubt. still ahead here at 12 news at noon, the doping scandal involving russia is not just affecting olympic athletes from that country. we'll explain. >> and how you could help a valley woman find her stolen
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. south phoenix homeowner desperately trying to find her bird stolen in a robbery. last friday she came home to find her home ransacked. tv gone, beloved bird sunshine was also missing. sunshine is a macaw, an exotic bird some people think can be sold for thousands of dollars in the black market. >> not only was my bird gone,
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there was blood all over the kitchen floor. many caws are known to take off fingers, ears. like rip you to sheds. >> sunshine is not valuable due to age and medical issues. her owner now hoping to find her before the macaw ends up in the black market of trading for exotic birds. now to the story that simply will not go away. ryan lochte has now lost four sponsors, speedo and raffle lauren are along with the mattress and companies are pulling their sponsorships. speedo says it will donate a portion of the fee to save the children charity. this comes after he lied to rio police about being held up at gunpoint. and rash why is banned from the paralympic games as punishment after losing an appeal to the sports highest court. the court of arbitration for sports said it's judges ruled that the international paralympic copy did not violate any procedural rule on banning
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switzerland's federal court is possible though unlikely before the games open inch it's a pretty recent rain this morning. as we look outside right now just a lot of blue sky out there. >> yeah, definitely some clearing. so here is jimmy with a look at the rest of your tuesday and week long forecast. >> we had so much needed rain, we had some yesterday afternoon and then this morning, at least in the past 6, 7, ate hours or so we had 3/10ths of a quarter of an inch. 3/10 at the -- .43. and mesa hat .20. catered clouds. just a great day for today. 90 degrees. yeah, we'll bump up, finish below 100 degrees. 59 is that dew point. wind conditions are on the calm side for this morning. your average temperature, we have 104, record's 114.
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time of year. we expect it to at least be 104. we'll take 99. no one is going to complain about that and still staying down in the 80s for a lot of areas simply because of the cloud cover. the sun is not hitting the ground, able to warm that thing up. we have some showers still around. look at that rotation coming up. a couple of cells coming in from the west toward the east. this pushes right on through. it will continue to make its way creek area. over guard, some storms over there. nice pockets of rain. this area is so thick of forest. i love that stretch of forest. they need the water. down the south, show low we had some storms building to the south. so more active up from the white mountains. 94-99. sort of partial dloudyness --
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for this morning. 70 degrees for pay is a. flagstaff will get to 59 degrees. for the kids they can expect for the next couple of showers, a couple showers possible in the morning. we'll talk more about the seven day forecast out here, too. temperatures will be looking pretty decent here. right now dew points are up into the 50s, about 59 for fountain hills and 24 hour temperature change. we're about, i'll tell you what, three degrees cooler here in we'll stay humid between our dew point between the 60s and in towards the 50s. highs for today, 99 for casa grande. flagstaff 62. we will go to 103 degrees for the lake. slight chance of storm for today. but we'll dry out. wednesday and thursday, and then back up we'll fire up a chance of storms again, friday, saturday and sunday. monsoon goes through the month of september. so here in august, it looks like
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weekend. >> all right. thank you. americans are still hungry for bargains at outlet malls. traffic recorded another monthly rebound in july. despite the challenges of their value to shoppers and brands. according to a monthly survey between cohen and company, 26% of american shoppers visited one discount shopping center in july. that's up four points from march when traffic to outlet malls in the u.s. fell to its lowest point since june of 2015. > news at noon, how chowing down on dollar pancakes could help feed hungry children right here
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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. we're back to remind you if you've been injured in an accident that was not your fault, we have legal professionals with cook law standing by live to answer your questions and let you know how much your case might be worth. i'm here with jimmy cook. who be calling right now in. >> like you said if you've been injured in an accident it was not your fault, i encourage you to call right now. we'll answer any questions you might have and let you know what your case is potentially worth. >> so don't wait. pick up the phone and call now. are you hungry. here's a sweet deal happening until seven tonight enter head to any ihop and order pancakes for lunch, not only will it be a low cost but it will also help
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but go to any ihop order a short stack, the dollar goes to help hungry children. a floating trip for a group of people in michigan turned into a minor international incident. >> the partyiers were doing the port huron float down on the saint clear river on sunday. however, when strong winds came through, some 1500 floaters ended up being washed ashore in canada. police were called in to help to get everyone back into the u.s. safely. quite a scary experience. >> at least they made it back all right. meanwhile a texas teach's new policy has sparked a conversation. the teacher says the only way a student will get homework is if it's work he or she does not finish during the day. the research she reads does not
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students play with family. sometimes when people overdo the sunbathing, they look just fried. well now they can smell fried as well. kfc has launched its latest marketing gimmick, sunscreen that smelled like fried chicken. company only had 3,000 bottles, they ran out in just a few hours. it comes with a warning to not eat the sunscreen because for some people you have to tell them that or else they will. i don't strange to me. smelling like fried chicken and walking down the beach. find out what adele has been up to since she was forced to postpone a concert last week when she was sick.
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. okay. outside right now, cloudy skies. great weather as well. chance of some storms. too. >> yes.
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a secretary. but first she skipped her second concert date bauds she was sick. but apparently adele is feeling better, well enough to perform and kiss dogs on stage. >> take a look. she invited a four-legged impersonator up on stage during one of her shows in los angeles recently. when she asked him if he knew any tricks? guess what he gave her a sick. she kissed him right back. he was wearing an adele t-shirt. >> luckiest dog in the w a lot of people here in phoenix not too happy. she canceled her second show here and then went off to l.a. she will be making up that concert on november 21st. >> i know, but i've -- i was supposed to go to the concert as well. i ended up getting sick that night. so i'm probably one of the only people who -- >> you're vouching for adele. >> secretly kind of -- you know, glad it didn't go on. but we're looking for november 21st date.
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always on. you can join us at
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. hello and welcome to arizona midday everyone. i'm your host. today on the show, win free tickets to the zoo and a d-backs game. fashion tips from football fan gear to stylish tips for moms on the go. plus a new way to all of that and more coming up. but first we are talking fashion when going back to school shopping. you know the kids aren't the only ones who need to look great. moms do too. reweak can a is going to show us some fashionable ideas. >> good to see you. >> i love this idea because i know when you go pick up the kids, especially when i have the day off of work, i have, like, kind of casual gear on. which is fine, but i want to look cute. >> you can still look cute and


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