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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  August 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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nifty%-42%. she is held similar margin since the end of july for nonwhite voters trump has a steep hill to climb. right now hillary clinton leading with hispanic voters by 51 points, not even close. >> trump is in austin texas after visiting the other major cities over the summer. tonight 12 news le h we have learned his campaign is currently scouting valley sites for a major speech next week on immigration. >> one the presidential nominee has been accused of flip flopping on. brahm reznik joins us live with details on the speech and where he may give it. >>reporter: donald trump supposed to deliver the immigration speech thursday in colorado now pushed back to next week as trump softens his rhetoric. the valley one of the sites
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awkward place for a flip-flop. can donald trump hold on to his base? but still boost his hopes for the white house by flip- flopping on immigration. >> we have to get them out. >>reporter: from day one of his campaign the nominee has declared he will deport all undocumented immigrants. >> we have to keep families together. that hard-line stance he trails hillary clinton in key battleground states. clinton has a shot at turning arizona blue. >> we have seeing the numbers we know arizona is on the precipice of something huge. >> truck me four stops in the valley know 12 news has learned his campaign scouting venues for a major immigration speech next week. >> will that include deportation?
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>> we need a leader who will protect our border and enforce our laws. >> arpaio, a major trump endorser faces possible criminal charges for ignoring the law i have learned the campaign is looking for a smaller venue like a hotel convention center that could fit 500 for the event next week versus a rally style setting with room for thousands. the trump campaign is also looking at other states, nothing definitive just yet. >> when do you think we will know? >> early next week. >> a very, very big speech we have no idea which way it will go despite overhearing the softening of rhetoric. all of this comes as trump demands a special prosecutor investigate hillary clinton and her e-mail. last night clinton appeared on jimmy kimmel and joked about how boring her e-mails are.
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president in california for private fundraisers but publicly attacking trump on twitter. posting why would we give trump's family of 4 million- dollar tax cut when we can use that money to fix 8000 structurally deficient bridges. clinton's running mate, tim kaine, campaigning in colorado promoting a small business plan while taking swipes at trump. the virginia senator debuting a plan to boost small business including simplify tax filing. > hospital after being shocked while working in the air in a bucket truck. sky 12 over the far west valley near 539th avenue and lower buckeye west of tonopah. no word on the employee's condition. new details tonight surrounding the police officer who slammed into a three -year-old girl last week. vanessa's family holding back
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now launching their own investigation into what happened which left the girl in critical condition. they say she is now in a medically induced sleep like state after an 11 hour surgery this weekend. >> sustained brain injury, cranial nerve injuries and extensive damage to her skin and tissue in and around her head. >> phoenix police he conference or any possible pending legal action until the investigation is over. now we are hearing from a man who survived a terrifying counter with a man the phoenix police say is the serial street shooter. the 22 -year-old victim driving home with his four -year-old nephew -- nephew from a nearby laundromat when the gunmen drove past, shooting in the direction. incredibly five shots fired and
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who he is but he says he thinks god he is alive and wants the shooter up the street. >> i can't live in fear about it. i think all the people affected by it. i know it must be pretty tough for them right now. i think if we do all our part i think we can get this guy of the streets. >> a 50,000-dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest nine months since a nasty fire destroyed the iconic buffalo chips saloon. the rebuilding process is well underway and we are getting a behind-the-scenes look at some of the things we will see inside when the new bar opens in a couple months. as william pitts shows us you can restore a piece of arizona history. >>reporter: thanksgiving morning 2015 smoke and flames filled the skies over a cave
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sawdust and linseed oil fill the air. buffalo chips saloon on the rise again. a project the owner says he thought twice about taking on but there was such an outpouring from this community and our customers and the town government. >>reporter: the plea to rebuild came with a special request. >> larry you have to try to build a back like the old buffalo chips. in order that might prove to be as tall as the new ceiling. >> so they started at ground level. >> floor, all hardwood dance floor with 3-inch oak. >>reporter: packers fans have found a home -- have found a home away from home and now they have a new great. >> we found this life-size original. >>reporter: dozens nostalgic for the old saloon built on priceless memories and mementos have come forward wanting to
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for the next two weekends the buffalo chip is accepting relic -- western relics to fill in. if you remember the old chip. >> we will have any problem filling that wall. >> as for the arson investigation larry has been told that deputies have a suspect they are pursuing and they hope to make an arrest by the end of the year. a sinking situation details straight ahead. even though the olympics are over determination we haven't heard. >> tonight's social sound off question the best diner in our state? share your guesses. >> we will take a look at your weather forecast in just a moment it looks like temperatures staying below average. your seven day forecast coming
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. tonight the one thing that may be causing balding and it is something we all have. >> tonight after the premier a better late than never.
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. sentencing for the phoenix man accused of supporting isis in helping a texas terror attack now since. he will earn estates of denver 16. accused of providing guns used in the 2015 shooting at a prophet mohammed cartoon contest in dallas also posting two isis followers at his home.
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knowledge about the impending attack. 59th avenue and school back open after a sinking situation. crews have fix the west phoenix sinkhole after a day of repairs. however you will see lane restrictions. engineer still trying to figure out why the road fell into the hole. a hazmat scare and sky harbor all cleared up. phoenix fire tells 12 news a refueling truck punctured its feeling take while making a turn leading leak. the incident did not affect any flights. turn back the clock tuesday. >> the final reason why sleeping naked can help you turn back the clock, minutes away. >> the golden arches recalling 29 million happy meal toys. what you should know to keep your kids safe. the diner taking top honors in arizona. can you guess which one it is? who is the diamondbacks all
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runs? you want to stick around for
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. a consumer alert you need to know about tonight. dolls recalling an activity tracker your kids may have gotten in a happy meal. >> called the step it. the fast food chain is recalling 29 million of these things. some parents say they are
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listers or burns on their children's wrist. call the number on our screen for more information or go to mcdonald's .com and find details on the 12 website. you have about 45 minutes left to get a short stack at ihop for just a buck. the breakfast chain partnering with no kid hungry, a nationwide campaign to help speed 16 million children suffering from hunger. the overall goal to serve 1 million proceeds going directly to a charity. the deal ends at 7:00. you can make a donation the kid hungry at any ihop for the next month. hungry for a greasy yet delicious burger that comes with the 50s throwback? >> always. >> here's the diner you want to check out. tonight's social sound off. what is the best diner in arizona? it turns out a place called
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screams 50s with a black and why checker floor, read cushioned chairs and all coke advertisements. little anthony has the recession buster lunch including a burger, fries, soda and sunday for $6.99. is on 2 cents also has a core show -- car show choice. spoon u a website aiming to make food make sense. we also have recipes and hacks you may not know about. the real games are that there are so many memories from the games that will last for years to come. >> 12 news taking a look at the top 20 moments that deserve another look. tonight the team usa women's water polo team is winning moments. giving medal a way to their coach moments after winning its second goal -- gold in a row one by one the women put their medals on hit the head coach who had been going through a really hard time.
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for the coach. >> awesome. >> look who is back from rio. vanessa ruiz and photojournalist garrett wish men arriving at sky harbor a few moments ago. and our losses came to great them. can't wait to catch up with her when she comes back to the studio. we hear she will stop by friday. >> hopefully with gifts until. >> she did a great job. >> they sure globe's brady ellison back from the games with the silver and bronze medals. the glendale born archer join us live on 12 news tomorrow. join us for first at 4:00 to hear about his incredible journey. can't wait to hear that. it is turned back tuesday. all afternoon we have been county down the top four ways sleeping naked can help you look younger and more rejuvenated. >> the number one reason natural
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night can disrupt melatonin. not only will going nude help you regulate your body temperature it will also regulate the release of certain hormones you really need. make sure you lock the door so the kids don't -- you don't scar them. >> you can't and do that you have the fire alarm doesn't go off. all great reasons i have to say. >> what was your favorite? >> i don't want to get into that right now but i want to get into the weather let me put my script down to grab the clicker. today happen to be below average. 96 the high we came in 8 degrees below the average this
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70 for the low this morning. we were below normal there. we did get really good rainfall last night. it probably woke a lot of you up all the thunder out there. we picked up beneficial rainfall. a lot of various getting about three tenths maybe a little more. you can see lots of areas. take a look at the satellite and radar there is nothing out rain fall anytime soon. we have maybe a little bit of light sprinkles south of wickenburg. again we will stay pretty quiet the rest of the evening and probably for the rest of tonight. although we have moisture it is way to the north right now. you can see rain that mr. holbrook pushing off to the east. i would say flagstaff heads up you can see storms moving south just to the north of you.
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as we head to the next couple days we will pushing moisture into the mountains and we will see lower deserts begin to dry out. the next couple days probably storm free until friday and saturday we start to bring some of that moisture back in especially in the high terrain. friday 2:00 is the moisture moving up from the south. tomorrow's monsoon meter pretty high numbers up to the north but low numbers 1 for the valley southeastern d we will keep below normal through the weekend. rio slight chance friday and saturday and next week we heat up to 107 by tuesday. . >> three days to go until the 2016 friday night fever debut. don't miss the best coverage of high school football in the state. be a believer catch the fever
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daily and a dollar short. better late than never. call it what you want but it is time to hand out not the usual monday evening but i am blaming the olympics anybody with me on that one? that said i give you coopy's. >> the first is solid good wo goes on teeter totter to how this back. what a play. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> the second category jace peterson check them out. gets turned around and reaches up to make the catch just before crashing face first into the wall. >> pays the price up against the wall. >> what a play. >> he hit hard you could feel it all the way appear.
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beyond the bleachers in left field into the parking lot where the ball smashed the windshield of a car. but not just any car. you guessed it brandon thomas' own car. what are the odds finally a coopy for i told you so goes to our very own photojournalist inspired by usain bolt he under 15 seconds. too many in-house doubters pushed into proving it so he did. 12 seconds and that my friends is worthy of a coopie. a 5:00 we showed you this walkoff homer the fourth of his career we asked the question who is the diamondbacks leader
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here is the answer centerfielder chris young. five times. >> i would've said goldie. >> i want to go back i noticed you are one of those with a stopwatch are you a doubter? >> i never doubted that guy is fast. >> he got it done i have to give him a coopie. >> >> he is upset eric caribe because she had something at shake shack she didn't share. >> all in the belly. >> is about food she doesn't share. sneak peek at nbc's new show, better late than never
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. >> it ready to laugh as henry winkler, william shatner, terry bradshaw and george foreman all spell hilarity. they go on the adventure of their lives tonight at 9:00 after an all-new america's got talent. >> stay up for 12 news at 10:00. one think that may be causing balding and it is something we all have tonight at 10:00. thanks for watching 12 news at 6:00. remember we are always on.
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lyin' ryan. mounting a hollywood career comeback? >> "dancing with the stars.? the bachelor, is lochte lining up a top-secret tv gig? now on "extra.? ? ? ? ryan lochte's next move. prime time tv? his million dollar sponsorship sunk. what he's doing in l.a. >> "dancing with the stars.? you would do it? >> hillary clinton. comedian in chief. clowning around with kimmel reading the most outrageous trumpisms. >> oh, i can't read this. >> oh, is it bad? we didn't make these up. >> secrets inside her hollywood fund-raiser hosted by justin and
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>> new pics, beyonce and jay-z making a rare red carpet appearance for usher and they're getting an eyeful. >> my ass is out. so be careful if you bring your kids. >> plus usher's voice co-star blake shelton on his new music. did it help him get over miranda? >> it's an outlet for me in helping me get through a rough time. >> celebrity wedding disaster. >> the new bride who just revealed her wedding gown caught fire. plus, who is dennis quaid's >> plus, courtney cox's new interview about aging. >> you look at a picture of yourself and you go ooh, god! now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hi, everyone. welcome to "extra.? i'm mario lopez. coming up, amy schumer's explosive new howard stern interview accusing her ex of a


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