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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  August 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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said -- four and sexual conduct with minor, molestation and the greatest all. the victim under 15 years old alleges dr. mendoza kissed her on the mouth and touched her inappropriately including her private parts. the doctor's license suspended by the arizona medical board after mendoza informed the board of his indictment. the doctor practice obstetrics and gynecology. a potent -- a spokesperson 12 news dr. mendoza is no longer employed and declined to give any information. the doctor is due back in court in early september. now to decision 2016. we just learned that donald trump will deliver a major speech on immigration, wednesday afternoon at the downtown hyatt. arizona proving to be a
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with a narrow lead in are traditionally red state. 43% of registered voters support trump compared to hillary clinton's 38%. >> one of donald trump's top supporters, sheriff joe arpaio tried to defend trump expected flop on immigration. >> is brahm reznik reports the sheriff may have gone too far talking about it business deal with undocumented >>reporter: looks like the sheriff has been reading donald trump's book art of the deal. arpaio now seems to think illegal immigration is somehow negotiable. sheriff arpaio interviewed earlier about trump's apparent softening on immigration possibly backing off his plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. arpaio, one of trump's top surrogates did not seem to know what trump is going to do so the sheriff spit bald this idea how about negotiating with
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pass but let's talk to them, negotiate with them and enforce the law it is against the law to be here illegally and enforce the law. >> not clear whom the sheriff should negotiate with. trump expected to explain where he now stands on immigration in the phoenix speech next wednesday. we are keeping an eye on storms north of the valley. a live look from t and 67th avenue in glendale. you can see the rain is coming down pretty hard. let's go straight to doppler. storms basically exploded here in the last half hour or so you can see them over i-17, 101 around peoria stretching north on surprise. heavy rain coming down.
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that's not the only thing happening as the storms are managing to make it off the mountain and produce more storms in the valley. more on your forecast for the rest of the evening and tomorrow coming up in just a bit. a phoenix business goes up in flames in the city's historic roosevelt arts district. the owner says he learned about the fire from a 12 news tweet. is team 12's nico santos reports, the owners trying to figure h >> i am crushed. >>reporter: randy phillips the owner of the small business in phoenix's historic arts district and now trying to figure out how he will recover from a major setback. the fire tore through the attic of think graphic and printing solutions about five a.m. >> phoenix fire department able to douse it pretty quickly but there is major smoke and water damage throughout the structure. >> it didn't know what to do. there is people that were care,
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jobs for customers in the local area. >>reporter: luckily this will completely put them out of business. phillips can still rely on his original print shop in tempe. >> i don't think it will stop us i think more than anything he will push us to get to the next up. >>reporter: a second loss comes out of the same fire. the business was nestled in a historic home in roosevelt row on fifth street. >> the house is built in the 1920s. the place has a lot of history. >>reporter: in the district popular for first friday. philip and his team planning to move into the flowers building yards away but now there is nothing to move. >> we will work it through. we will figured out. >>reporter: while the arts district continues to take steps forward to expand and revitalize, phillips is now two steps behind. >> this sucks right now.
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is looking into an incident at a gilbert clinic in june. >> it reflects ongoing mishaps and confusion veterans are forced to deal with trying to get healthcare. joe dana joins us live with the preview. >>reporter: an exclusive interview we have tonight at 10:00. secretly recorded audio of a visit to a va clinic in june. cancer patient steve cooper recorded the visit with his phone. are you reveals a nurse complaining about says even she is unable to get a person on the phone. the doctor expresses his frustration with the bureaucracy, complains about his caseload and admits that because he is new he is still trying to figure out the new choice referral program. >> two years post the scandal breaking we have clear evidence of insane infrastructure and systems that did not work then and don't work today.
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director says comments in the recording do not reflect the va's values. congressman involvement and audio recordings more at 10:00. you'll find a leak at joe dana reports. a revolutionary medical trial get help thousands of people suffering from heart disease in phoenix. >> jen wahl takes a closer look at this groundbreaking new research. >>reporter: outside the medical center where the first trial patient just had the surgery days ago. she is already up walking around and says she feels great. before monday, barbara could barely do this. because she suffers from aortic stenosis. that means a valve in her heart is not working right so the organ is on overtime pumping blood. >> i want to be able to walk without being short of breath.
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a better life. she is part of a breakthrough trial involving an minimally invasive procedure that replaces the aortic valve. one doctors are performing a people who are too sick for open-heart surgery but not lower risk patients like her. >> is open-heart surgery although has incredible benefits has a lot of recuperation time and is maximally invasive. this new technology will change the paradigm h >>reporter: trouba disciplines placed in the lottery. some have open-heart surgery, the others have a less invasive procedure like barbara. doctors compared the two over the coming years and they are hoping it will help hundreds of thousands nationwide and here at home. >> i have been praising you guys all along. they are terrific doctors. they have done terrific work. >>reporter: banner still looking for trial participants.
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contact the medical center. get well soon barbara. coming up, devastation after a powerful earthquake rocks italy. the latest on the rescue effort. the tremors hitting close to home. a woman whose family lives here in the valley describes the scary moments when the shaking started. >> a new list out in the best and worst states for women's equality. whes the rest of the country. >> counting down the top moments from the real olympics number ten goes to the valley's own alex naddour. he won bronze in the pommel horse the first medal for the men's gymnastics team at the games. tune in for number nine
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. the powerful earthquake that hit italy now being blamed for 150 deaths. the shaking overnight cause buildings in several towns to collapse, trapping people under piles of rubble. rescue crews using bold overs the devastation has also left thousands homeless. the impact of this tragic disaster is being felt in arizona. >> we spoke with a phoenix woman today whose daughter lives in italy. she was able to get a hold of her daughter, erica, through sky. erika lives about 50 miles from where the earthquake hit. she talked about the tense moments when the ground started shaking. >> we are afraid it was really strong what do we do to a it up
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seconds by the time we realized, should we get up and get out it was already over. >> erica says thankfully their home was not damaged by the earthquake or the aftershocks. still ahead, deplorable conditions. how many dogs sheriffs deputies seized from this filthy home in the valley. the answer to today social sound where does arizona rank on the list of 2016's best and worst states for women's equality. up next all fans know about the si jenks what about most superstitious people in the world? pro athletes? we asked the cardinals of the sports illustrated jenks is
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headlines 13 dogs sees from a home. this is body cam video from detectives the found the animals living in terrible conditions. not known if the owner will face charges. scottsdale police asking for help tracking down a woman wanted for theft and credit card fraud. the person the pictures accused of stealing a woman's wallet and using the credit cards to
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call police if you recognize or. an 18 -year-old now in custody on charges of sexual assault, sexual abuse and burglary. dennis moody believed to have assaulted a glendale women two years ago. police made the arrest after finding dna. a lot of people in glendale without water after a van crashed into a water main near 65th avenue and glendale. city workers passing out bottles of water while crews tried to fix the problem. the driver fell asleep at the wheel. time for our social sound off question. there's about closing the gender gap especially in the workplace. >> a new list out of the best and worst states for women's equality. where does arizona rank when it comes to make sure things are fair? according to wallet hub arizona ranks in the middle at 24. researchers looked at three areas workplace environment, education and political empowerment. arizona received a high score in workplace environment but a low score in education.
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political empowerment. hawaii took the top spot with the highest scores in all three areas. a lot of people looking to get healthier and lose weight by tracking progress can be difficult. >> how a device at a local high school helping people achieve their goals. >>reporter: it looks like an egg shaped rocketship it has a serious mission. this high-tech machine will tell you right away have is lean tissue or just fat. >> sitting inside the bod pod for about 2 minutes total. of course by having that accurate information we can track that overtime and show and demonstrate if a diet is successful or if you are -- if your exercise regimen is helping you build muslim out. >> compressed air calculates the density of your body. widely used by athletes and
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>> it is never good if you can't get in the bod pod. >> that is a fact. >> it will start beeping at you. today we thought it would be a quiet day but you know the monsoon has surprises. today we are starting to see moisture moving from the north. look at this video coming out of peoria. you can see the rain coming down pretty heavy. the wind blowing. i had reports on twitter for gusty winds in the anthem area. looks like this starting to slide south. let's go to radar and show you what the storm is doing right now. you can see over the peoria areas of major highways getting hit the 101, i-17, 51 and it starts to move south the three oh three in the far north part of the valley we widen it out you will see that now that this is starting to make its way closer to the central phoenix
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winds really gusting up there something to watch. also heavy rain and lightning picked up. another storm has come together just to the west of lake pleasant. what earlier looked like a fine date turning out to be a pretty active day. deer valley your up to 35 miles an hour gusting at 43 miles an hour in scottsdale and 32 in phoenix. dust certainly not out of the question as fountain hills gusting 24 miles an hour. arty cooley down in some areas to the north with rainfall 88 degrees in deer valley. cave creek 86 and compare that to 100 and some areas that have yet to receive rain. monsoon meter tomorrow shows more storms active in the northern part of the state. as we head into the weekend we will see chances go up friday and saturday.
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>> two days to go until the debut a friday night fever. don't miss the coverage of high school football. be a believer catch the figure. ten days away from asu kicking off their season. cardinals and patriots sunday night football on 12. did you happen to see larry fitzgerald's face on the of si? the writer predicts the cardinals will win a super bowl they only give them five wins last year so carson palmer what do you think? >> flattering but i don't dig anybody thinks much of it around here. we know it is irrelevant. doesn't mean anything. flattering but there is so much
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and we are still here. >> a lot of football left. palmer on the sidelines given the day off. larry fitzgerald also did not practice because of that slight ncl sprained bothering him. he did see if he of his team is teammates. probably safe to say we won't see him anymore the preseason which is fine with him and everyone else in the locker room. >> drudgery. honestly have to go out there and play but it means -- doesn't mean anything in the standings to me. 4-0 in the preseason, doesn't have any bearing but always good you're out there to have success, get you in the right mindset and that can put coach in a much better mood. >> guys, just preseason. all about the total number of reps in camp and in the game and in practice cardinals and texans play sunday. kickoff 1:25. hockey headline in the middle of august? especially when the coyotes make history today the team
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bray asked getting as getting coach believed to be the first woman ever to be hired as a full-time coach in nhl history. finally time for cameron crazies. hungry, hungry hippos. seriously over the game used to play when you were a kid? you probably saw this on the tonight show the american gymnastics team playing a giant game of hungry hungry hippos. what you did not see and only 12 sports has this reaction from aly raisman's parents. who knew they got so excited during this routine during her olympics is that cool? >> they created that giant game. her parents small competition, big competitions. >> by the way your kids would have it i take it away they will put marbles away. >> i hear you. up next find out which olympic athlete is guest starring
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. over ambulances. the right prescription for the valley? >> tonight. >> only on 12 news at 10:00. coming up on america's got talent fresh off the rio games superstar michael phelps will cohost with partner nick cannon to reveal which acts are moving
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results show starting at 9:00 on 12 news. that will be really interesting to watch. we have weather happening in the valley. storms working their way through the valley over the next hour or so. we've seen heavy rain, gusty winds and now we have a blowing dust advisory for northwest pinal county until 7:00. watch for visibility reduced because of dust and visibility reduced because of rain and other areas and parts of the active there. >> monsoon hanging on pretty good. thanks for watching 12 news at 6:00.
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y23eky yvpy why it's suddenly over for jennifer and casper. >> now on "extra.? ? ? ? it's over. breaking new details on j. lo's split from longtime boyfriend beau casper smart. weeks after shooting down pregnancy rumors, what went wrong? were there clues? new video, cher explodes on donald trump comparing him to hitler. >> i just think he's a [ bleep ]. >> you and cher, what is going on? >> will donald fight fire with fire? >> then simon cowell's open invitation for trump and clinton.
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>> we're with the agt judge's sneak peeking tonight's michael phelps' surprise. >> plus heidi klum's x-rated oops with another star. >> i touched things i should not have touched. >> tracking lochte's lies. was he just caught pulling another pinocchio? then perfect ten. jessica alba admitting she cheats on her diet with -- >> nachos. hot links. >> star bikini pics. >> buckle up, britney. it's time for carpool karaoke. ? ? now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. ? hi, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, kate gosselin and her kids on the cover of "people" magazine. the new shocker about one of her sons. also coming up, mario, bachelorette jojo's new man jordan behind the scenes of his


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