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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10:00. >> you tonight. >> secret recordings at the veterans hospital. what doctors and nurses reveal without knowing they were taped. >> some say it's a double standard. >> i have seen confederate flags. i've actually even seen a white power shirt once. >> ubers instead of ambulances to transport patients to the hospital. some cities considering this plan.
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to phoenix. a cancer patient secretly records his visit to a vad. >> and that doctor is shockingly blunt about not being a fan of the va. he also tells the patient, he thinks his job is impossible. >> retired sergeant first class, steve cooper served in the army for 18 years. he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. since then, he has filed a treat his cancer. he has also become an advocate for patients. in june, recording his doctor's visit. >> 500 patients. 500, so it's impossible. >> it's valuable to hear from the employees themselves that the system doesn't work in terms of infrastructure. >> reporter: using a recorder on his cell phone, steve cooper
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an appointment, which he said was impossible by phone. the nurse who meets with cooper seems to agree. >> it is a nightmare. >> it just irritates the living hell out of me. >> i think we're entitled when we call the va, that someone answer the phone. >> cooper then meets with a doctor. >> that i needed for follow up care. >> reporter: the doctor expresses his desire to help steve. >> what i will do, is i'll come in early one day. >> reporter: he says the paperwork will be you tough to complete, because of his packed schedule. >> is the va the best system in the world? no. i can only do what i can do. i have 500 patients.
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appreciate my perspective. i'm battling prostate cancer. that's part of the va's problem. there's something wrong. >> there's a lot wrong. i'm not a big fan of the va. i try to do a good job. >> reporter: the doctor wants to test steve's heart. he can't find his stethoscope but seems to make conclusions anyway. >> i ci with it, because earlier the nurse had said that my blood pressure was high. the excuse that i can't find my stethoscope just doesn't work when you're a doctor making six figures at the va. >> reporter: debra told 12 news, employees are expected to uphold the agency's core values and states, if appears the manner in which our provider staff communicated with this patient on this day is not in keeping with our values.
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allegations, and if wrongdoing is substantiated, take appropriate actions with the providers involved. >> i think the doctor, frankly was not doing the job the way he needs to. >> reporter: salmon says he believes the audio reflects the need. >> i've heard from way too many veterans that lead me to believe it's more of a problem. >> reporter: we have more from congressman salmon about the state of the va and more on these recordings at, or my twitter handle, joe dana reports. we're following some breaking news right now. a driver hit a man, a woman, and a 5-year-old child who were in a crosswalk, and then took off. sky 12 flew over the scene near 35th avenue and greenway.
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to survive. the adults, both in their 50s, are also in serious condition. police say a person claiming to be the driver did turn himself in about three miles away from the crash site. another person who was in the car has still not been found. the monsoon struck tonight, sending a strong thunderstorm sweeping through the valley. sky 12 capturing the dark clouds descending, as a blowing dust advisory was issued for parts of maricopa and pinal counties. some rain gauges showed more than .3 of an inch of rain that fell in less than an near 19th avenue and indian school. it rained off and on for about an hour there, leaving the areas pretty slick for drivers. many of them having to put on those brakes. in our video from our adot camera showed several areas of loop 101 getting pounded by rain. let's take a live look out there tonight. this is our camera here in the downtown phoenix area. no lightning, and the clouds have pretty much cleared out.
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beneficial rainfall that we needed. we only got .04 at phoenix sky harbor. by check out those totals. i-17 and cactus, nearly .4 there. greenway and 67th avenue, .2 of an inch of rain. in tempe, a little bit there. but .04 for most spots. everything has quieted down. we're just left th there. maybe a couple of sprinkles over tempe. it has cooled us down. temperatures up in the 70s in fountain hills. 84 in tempe. tomorrow, it looks like we're going to see another day similar to today, where we see the sunshine during the afternoon. we'll be watching for those storms, but we're not expecting much. 97 to 102. we're going to keep those high temperatures below average. your complete seven-day forecast is coming up. a student at buckeye high
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calling it disruptive. the shirt had three words on it, black lives matter. team 12's monique griego has more on why she says she was unjustly. >> reporter: when maria haggard a black lives matter shirt, the 10th grader says she was pulled into the school office, where she was told. >> that i wasn't able to wear the shirt anymore, because somebody made a complaint. >> reporter: the assistant principal cited the dress policy. habbert immediately called her mother. >> it means something to her.
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take it off, and she didn't know why. >> reporter: they say the school has a history of allowing students to wear shirts had a support a cause. >> i've seen gay pride shirts. i've seen confederate flags. i've actually even seen a white power shirt once. >> reporter: she wore a black lives shirt in support of haggard, and said told to change. we did reach out to buckeye school district leaders for a comment. we're told they were aware of the situation, but have yet to have a response. they hope all students can move forward from this. reporting from buckeye, 12 news at 10:00. thanks monique. tomorrow marks two years since an arizona shooting range instructor was killed by a 9- year-old girl accidentally
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we all remember this chilling video, showing those horrific moments play out. now charles baca's family is filing a wrongful death lawsuit. hear also launching an initial -- they're all launching a initiative called we have a voice, allowing federal legislators know kids and automatic weapons just don't mix. >> this isn't about the amendment. this is simply about not putting machine guns into the hands of children. >> the owners and operators of the last stop shooting range were negligent and the uzi was not a safe, or appropriate weapon to entrust to a young girl. here's a look at some more of the hot headlines. an undercover operation by chandler police led to the arrest of this man for running a prostitution house out of his home.
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freelance producer. according to court paperwork, robert richardson hired a male masseuse to give sensual massages so he could record them on hidden camera for his own satisfaction. police say he modified his bedroom, and turned it into a massage studio, where those erotic massages would take place. authorities in florida extradited a west valley doctor, after he planned to flee the country. he is accused of molesting a d. cruise ship last month. his license had has been suspended, and a spokesperson told 12 news, mendoza is no longer employeed with adalante. new video tonight shows more than a dozen dogs being rescued from a filthy home in buckeye. the dog's owner refused to let detectives in until they got a search warrant.
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and feces covering the floor and the walls, and the dogs cowering in corners. megabyte internet cafe in glendale is closed down for allegedly operating an illegal gambling ring. customers paid cash to play casino style games on different computer terminals. american soccer star, hope solo is paying the price tonight for comments in the heat of the moment. >> the u.s. soccer program has suspended solo. >> cam what do you think? was it the right move? >> this was definitely the right move. it shows they're trying to grow the game of soccer by doing this. hope solo is suspended tonight for 6 games. hope solo called the swedish team cowards after they beat
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the olympics. she says her past factored into the 6th month suspension. she was accused of domestic violence and was arrested for dui in the past 6 months. how much more hope solo can you stomach? if you're me, you're done. you remember how the olympics gave us such stories of simone biles. hope solo represents the other side of sports and had to move on. truthfully, i believe it's something that had to happen. >> you wonder now if u.s.a. swimming will look at this, and decide they have to make a move on ryan lochte. >> these athletes are representing our country, and represent a whole lot more. they need to act. >> they're held to a different standard. it goes along with that title of being the best. you call 911, but instead of an ambulance shows up, an
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hospital. is phoenix considering this service? >> trump in the valley. we will reveal the details. >> he should be in elementary school, but this boy genius is making college kids look bad in class. football returns to -- thursday night football returns to 12 news. from after -- >> after the game, are you getting what you pay for when it comes to chips and products
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he's just in his car, like if you were going to leave, or like something happened. he's not responding to anything. >> that's the 911 call that
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an 84-year-old man was found stabbed to death inside his car in an l.a. fitness parking lot. police aren't sure why he was killed. they'll be in the gym parking lot tomorrow morning from 8:00 to 10:00 to answer any questions from the public. we all know how expensive ambulances can be. thousands of dollars for just a short 15 minute ride. >> what if we told you that you could soon be seeing an uber show up at your take you to the er? >> that's right, uber ambulances are in the works. the details you will only see on one station tonight. >> do you know if he's still conscious right now? >> reporter: always active. always ready. fire dispatchers are the lifeline in an emergency. >> very busy. it's constantly moving in this place. >> reporter: the phoenix fire dispatch center handles more
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more than 500,000 emergency crews sent out. but not everyone is an emergency. >> people that call 911 all the time, we track those calls. >> reporter: some serious. some not at all. >> the people that utilize 911. >> reporter: what they discovered is many emergency calls are not really emergencies. which is why some cities are turning to guys like lauren wellman. wellman is an the idea is to transport noncritical patients by uber, or taxi, and free up the real emergencies for paramedics. >> is there a suite number? >> reporter: uber fast drivers often arrive within three minutes. while phoenix has no current plans, some cities are testing it, and it's working. >> it's tremendously satisfying to know that the folks are able to depend on uber.
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you're in, and why you call, you might just get an uber instead of an ambulance. kevin kennedy, 12 news at 10:00. now to decision 2016. 12 news learning tonight that republican presidential nominee donald trump will be delivering a post-primary unity speech, they're calling it, wednesday afternoon at the downtown hyatt in phoenix. arizona is proving to be a battleground state during presidential election cycle. the latest cnn orc shows trump with a narrow lead in our normally red state. 43% of voters support donald trump, compared to hillary clinton's 38%. all right, just one more day of practice in glendale before the arizona cardinals break from camp. cam joins me again, as things are winding down from the university of phoenix stadium. >> it's hard to believe.
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the regular season game is right here, september 11 on 12 news against the patriots. tyrone matthew with the pick 6. that's his second in two practices. the 1st round pick, and frostee rucker both on the field. so is cornerback justin bethel. he's been recovering from off- season foot surgery. the pain is still there, but his starting the saying goes no pain, no gain. but for justin bethel, dealing with the pain is the only way he'll play. >> it's up there, but i can finish. >> reporter: finishing practice is easy. >> but definitely still a little rusty. i dropped it. >> at the end of the day, you've got to make that play, and i'm sure he'll make it next
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>> reporter: no excuses, when you lose your job to a rookie. >> we're going to be one of the best groups in the league. >> reporter: what will it take for bethel to win back his job? >> get to where the coaches feel comfortable, and i can play at a high level, without any kind of injury, or you know, being able to play at full speed. right now, my focus is just getting better. >> reporter: bethel no doubt has the talent. in fact, he's pr talented player on the roster. he can play the drums. he can sing. ? darling darling stand by me ?? >> and when a kobe bryant look alike contest. >> my older brother gets it more than me, but i've heard it a couple of times. >> did you hear him drop a coop's i tell you what? the experience, starting five games for the cardinals last
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games. now it's about getting those practice reps under his belt. ba also said new vet mike jenkins is in the mix to start. >> thanks cam. now to your health on this weight loss wednesday. >> and this is a sure sign of the apocalypse. although none of the -- >> he can't even get the word kardashian out of his mouth. >> none of the kardashian women are certified weight loss pe before our eyes after pregnancies and before they hit the red carpet, and they often post their special tips on social media. >> cosmopolitan had a weight loss specialist check out one of kourtne y's tips. >> she eats the same breakfast
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the year. >> the repetitive meal is called stimulus narrowing. it helps you he'll fewer calories, which can then result in weight loss. >> here's the good news, you want to hear it? the good news is i can have two pop tarts every morning for 6 months, and then lose weight. >> if that was all you ate. >> not all day, just for breakfast. all the nutrients? >> who knows what she was eating. could have been pop tarts. it is one of the main food groups. >> all right, we will talk about weather now. we had some surprise storms making their way into the valley earlier today. dropped some beneficial rainfall. let's go now to the graphics and show you what's happening out there tonight. 84 degrees. it feels pretty good out there i would say.
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10miles per hour there on the winds. our dew points still in the 50s. it does feel pretty muggy out there. let's talk about what's happening on the radar. it is fairly quiet. you can see we don't have any storms out there tonight. for the rest of us, i think it's going to be a quiet night. we'll widen out the shot, and you can see that anything we had brewing in the high country is also starting to wind down. future cast telling us that tomorrow, we have another shot at those mountain storms developing. potentially making it down to the valley. although we' saturday, more moisture is expected to move up from the south. so that will give us even a better chance there as we head toward the weekend. tonight, mainly nice out there. 73 to 79. tomorrow, lots of sunshine during the day 97 to 102. light winds for tomorrow from the southwest. up in the high country, we'll still see a few isolated storms. white mountains, up in northern arizona. we're going to be watching for gusty winds. heavy rain, with any of the storms that develop, and also a little bit of lightning.
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nice for most of us. 60degrees tonight, in prescott. 47 at the grand canyon. tomorrow, 79 for the high in flagstaff. prescott, you're at 81. 105 for lake havasu city. tucson at 97. down in nogales, high temperatures topping out at 88. there's your seven-day forecast. it shows our temperatures below normal all the way through the weekend. there's that increased chance there for friday and saturday. next week, unfortunately, we're going to start to warm up. we get up to 107 by tuesday hard to believe it, but your arizona coyotes have made history. an nhl first, next. >> guys coming up tomorrow on 12 today, call it a healthy breakfast. >> we have three reasons why eating insects are good for you. >> plus the one item you have that could whiten your teeth. >> and what is the one thing so many of us think about the
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z23eiz zvpz y23eiy yvpy we upped the ante at culver's to create the new crispy southwest chicken sandwich. all-natural, whole white meat chicken breast. topped with spicy pepper jack cheese and jalape?o ranch.
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is going to be creamy and mild, and it's really going to tone down the spiciness of the peppers. you're going to taste the cheese first, and then you're going to get just a little bit of warmth from the peppers. it's really good. a bold new flavor and only here for a limited time. mmmhmm. welcome to delicious. major props for the arizona cardinals for hiring their new skating coach, believed to be the first full time female
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zach hemlin. texas had their players and coaches signing these to the wildcats. football is always family guys. they will always take care of one another. >> classy move. the most decorated olympian of all-time, michael phelps returned to the valley last week. >> but we didn't have to wait long to see him hit the prime time again. >> welcome, the incredible michael phelps! >> so tonight, i don't kw you saw it, but michael cohosted america's got talent right here on nbc. >> the show tweeted out this clip of him with the caption, a smile worth a 24th gold medal. >> and it just so happens that tonight's 9th top real moment goes to the phelps face. >> i can't believe you missed it. it's become known as the angry michael phelps face.
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semifinal. do you remember this? some pointed out, it looked like phelps glared at his rival. >> it made for some real good tv. don't go away. aaron paul joins jimmy on the tonight show. plus, our shot of the day after
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finally tonight, check out this whiz kid. our shot of the day. >> daniel lou is actually in his second year of high school. he's taking classes at the university of toledo. college classmate in his organic chemistry class tweeted this photo, writing, he said if we have any questions, just email him. >> the tweet is really adorable. it went viral, and has been retweeted more than 10,000 times and liked more than 200,000 times.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- aaron paul,


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