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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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the man -- once accused of being the freeway shooter -- now wants his gun back. but will the court give it to him? ???jimmy teases crawly -- and they're good for you...?! team 12's bryan west is at the science center to explain why eating bugs isn't a bad idea. he may have lost his sponsors and possibly a chance at the 20-20 olympics.. but ryan lochte is still a hot commodity.. the reality show that wants him for their
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this morning.. 12 news expects to learn new information on the man once accused of being the once accused of being the freeway shooter. t12 leslie merritt junior wants his gun back.this is the same gun that the arizona public safety says was used in some of shootings last summer. merritt himself will not be in but his lawyers will legal process ?again? to get that nine-handgun back.judge warren already allowed its release in a months ago.but d-p-s that.they blocked its release warrant on the gun -- even detectives have acknowledged ballistic testing on the charges against merritt were dismissed back in april. he was suspicion of being involved of shootings along merritt got his ?car back in nofoa ecofour hot check of your now for a
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now for a check of your hot headlines.. a chandler man has been arrested for running a prostitution operation out of his home. police say robert richardson.. hired a male masseuse to give sensual massages. richardson allegedly modified his bedroom into a massage studio. he would record them on a hidden camera for his own gratification. richardson works as an n-b-c freelance producer. an internet cafe in
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glendale.. has been shut down.. for allegedly operating an illegal gambling ring. investigators say the "mega byte internet cafe" near 59-th and missouri avenues.. paid cash to play casino style games on different computers. a west valley doctor is back in arizona after he attempted to flee the country. dr. rafael mendoza who practiced at adelante healthcare in surprise -- is accused of molesting a child. he was caught trying to board a cruise ship last month in florida. his license has been suspended and a spokesperson told 12 news with adelante. more than a dozen dogs were rescued from a filthy buckeye home yesterday. m-c-s-o says the dogs' owner -- 65-year-old marva sturgeon -- refused to let detectives in until they got a search warrant. that's when they found trash and feces covering the floors.. and dogs -- cowering in corners. in your 12 today health check.. researchers are looking for 40 volunteers who are willing to be infected with the zika virus for
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when mosquitoes aren't biting.. to help speed up the development of zika vaccines. 20 companies across the world are working to develop a vaccine. human testing ?has already begun in the united states.. as kids head back to school.. this video is a great reminder of just how quickly -- and far -- a germy sneeze can travel. scientists at m-i-t say the largest droplets typically settle within three to six feet from the sneezer -- but smaller ones minutes.. and travel up to 26 feet. if your child has the sniffles.. remind them to sneeze into their arm or a tissue.. and to wash their hands frequently. this morning.. this morning.. team's 12 bryan west is out at the arizona science center talking about why you might want to have insects for
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it has come to this.. the hub for washed up stars --
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away -- in the morning juice.
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it's throwback thursday here on 12 today. so we are showing you some of our old pictures from the old pictures from the family album. this one is jen wahl. doesn't she look adorable. all morning we are going to be embarrassing to be
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want to hear from you. this morning send us your throwback thursday pictures. use the hashtag... be on 12. we promise to try to show a few of them throughout the newscast. let's get another check of your hot headlines.. fans of the late singer -- prince -- will soon be able to tour his fam the artist's family says it will offer guided public tours of the complex starting this october. the same company that runs elvis presley's graceland will manage it. tickets for the tours go on sale tomorrow. hope solo has been suspended for six months from the u-s women's soccer team for comments she made following the olympic loss to sweden. the goalkeeper called the swedish women's soccer team "cowards" after the heavily favored u-s team lost to sweden in the olympics. the suspension will begin immediately.. meaning solo will not be able to play until
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ledecky threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the washington nationals game yesterday. the four-time gold medalist.. said she has been practicing -- and it showed.. firing the throw right over home plate. the 19-year-old starts her freshman year at stanford next month. ???toss morning juice the greatest olympian of all time.. michael phelps didn't have to wait too long to see him again on primetime! last night.. phelps co- hosted "america's got talent" right here on n-b-c. and nick cannon put phelps on the spot.. asking him what his key
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rumor has it rumor has it -- ryan lochte will be on this season of dancing with the stars. "e! news" reports that lochte is in talks with t s there hasn't been any official announcement just yet. apparently.. other sources say the producers have also reached out to simone biles. the official list of participants will be announced next week. season 23 of dancing with the stars premiers on september 12-th. now time for your juicy question of the morning... if surveys are correct.. one out of four people will do this just to avoid talking to
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traffic???adlib traffic huge tornadoes were
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at least seven homes were extremely damaged.. but so far no one has been hurt. yesterday.. there were also severe tornadoes in parts of indiana.
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weather go to the hospital? it could be a thing in the future. team 12's caribe devine explains in 20 minutes. arizona could be a battleground state -- come november. we break down the poll numbers that prove voters here are torn. 12 today is back in three minutes. ###break### the clinton foundation -- credited with helping the needy around the world -- is under pressure today to shut down. this after more questionable activity was uncovered.. during clinton's
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team 12's steve team 12's as secretary clinton's time uncovered.. activity was questionable this after down.pressure under the world -- is needy around credited with the clinton
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###break### ###break### the clinton foundation -- credited with helping the credited with foundation --
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the clinton foundation -- credited with helping the needy around the world -- is under pressure today to shut down. this after more questionable activity was uncovered.. during clinton's time as secretary of state.. team 12's steve handelsman has the details.. a few days off from taking a few clinton is hillary
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hillary clinton is taking a few days off from the campaign trail to attend fundraising events in california.. meanwhile -- her husband bill clinton is answering questions about the clinton foundation scandal. he stopped by a local restaurant in atlanta to shake hands with customers. while there.. clinton said he is proud of the work that his foundation has accomplished.. and that the criticisms against his wife are just part of the election season... clinton added that if hillary becomes president.. they will let other partners take over the foundation. he said his top priority is to do it in a way so that no one loses their job. arizona is proving to be a battleground state this presidential election.
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shows trump with a narrow lead in our traditionally red state. 43-percent of registered voters support him -- compared to hillary clinton's 38- percent. and 12 news is learning new details about donald trump's visit to the valley. the republican presidential nominee will deliver a post- primary unity speech this coming wednesday afternoon. that's going on at the hyatt in downtown phoenix. a buckeye teen wears a "black lives matter" t-shirt to sc next is making a lot of people angry.. that's just minutes away in your hot headlines... they were t-l-c's golden family -- until jon and kate's marriage went down the drain. and now you won't believe what the kids are saying about their dad. that's 9 minutes away in the morning juice. more 12 today
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