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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  August 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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we will just do what we can to make sure we have leadership that's there for the long term. >> he echoed many have said. while improvements have been made which is mired in scandal, there still reports of lagging way times and glitches with a new choice program. some of those highlighted by 12 news report wednesday night featuring a cancer patients secretio it's a nightmare. >> their 500 patients on the wait list. it's impossible. >> reporter: the director said it appeared the manner the employees interact with the patient was not in keeping with the values. she added the va was addressing the allegations. was she finishes for review before her departure next wednesday, is unclear.
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six months. for now, and in turn director in the system has been employed to take over next week. >> the timing of her departure is interesting because it coincides with the same week you heard the story about these secret recordings. are they related? >> as far as any reason to belith have a reason for that. there's a lot of passionate discussion online among people within and outside the va but what those recordings show, summit defended the doctors, others angry with the agency but they been dealing with these difficult dilemmas for two years. >> the senator we spoke with says he has no reason to believe this was about anything other than a personal health decision by the director. now this process to find someone else begins. >> back to square one. a special honor tomorrow for american humanitarian aid worker.
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brisket for the grand opening of taylor's hands playground. >> today we spoke with her father who talked about the significance behind what the memorial stands for. it represents our daughter. it's what she would love to see these kids here. playing and having fun. the laughs and giggles, it represents what her life is all about. >> will have more of our exclusive interview with his father coming up tonight. a confidant of the family is sharing his reaction to the newly released video. our political insider is here with that part of the story. arizona secretary of state ken bennett is well known around his hometown but it's in part why karl mueller reached out to him and they are still in touch today.
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conditions in isis captivity. >> within days of her capture by isis three years ago, her father tracked down ken bennett and brisket. >> iheart broke in the first few minutes he told me the story. >> reporter: oppressive native, bennett stated touch throughout taylor's 18 month captivity. >> issues a strong young woman. >> isis video showing her. >> i've been here too long and i've been very sick, it's terrifying. >> reporter: this disturbing 10 second video was given to kill us parents three weeks after her capture as proof she was alive. a captain who was freed said how caleb stood up to isis guards were taunting prisoners.>> this is caleb and she's been held by herself and
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guys and she's much smarter. she converted to islam. then she said no, i didn't. >> reporter: bennett said kayla knew the risks. >> with those risks will realize in the worst way possible, i don't she back down at all from them. >> the source of that strength bennett said was her family and press kits. >> it's confirmed when you see the goodness of karl and marcia, that came through in le president obama never followed through on a promise donation to the foundation set up in their donors -- daughters honor. white house said it anticipated the president would support that foundation. months in 2016 is officially over in about a month but the end of the season to be just as active as the weather pattern begins to change.
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out there today. >> how has this been so far and what can we expect over the next month as things wind down? are meteorologist takes a look. in some places it's been extremely wet and in some places very dry. >> as the weather pattern shifts, the classic storm change as well. >> you get more influence of the fall weather patterns for the >> these can interact with monsoon moisture creating the recipe or rapid storm development. even the chance of unusually severe conditions. >> these potentially severe situations lasting into october. >> several years ago, with record three 3 inch diameter hail in the area. >> while many may think the monsoon is winding down, remember, >> the first half of september can be every bit as wet as august. >> reporter: a reminder of this was a september 8>> the first half of september can be every bit as wet as august. >> reporter: a reminder of this was a september 8, 2014. >> we had record flooding in
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storms. >> reporter: rainfall during the monsoon oftentimes doesn't help the ongoing drought. >> it's not doing a lot for vegetation because we needed that to happen earlier in the summer in late spring when we started to have potential green up. with more storm still a possibility, what can we expect this weekend? >> it looks like it will be bad, especially if you live in th you have to look at the storms as we look at heavy rain moving into queen creek area. blowing dust as well. will show you exactly where these storms are. you can see them moving into the southeast portion, you probably all going to see a lot of dust and you can see the storm sitting in the general vicinity but it slowly making its way to the north and the notice a little bit of a line started to move up toward the
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at the leading edge of dust moving across the valley visibility has been reported down to half mile near phoenix mesa gateway airport. with very strong winds and a little weather towards the east , another strong thunderstorm pushed another outflow towards the valley. i would not be surprised if we see more thunderstorms develop within the next 30 minutes or so. tracking another thunderstorm to the south of buckeye. it's slowly making its way toward the northeast. we are tracking a lot look at the full forecast and how long these storms chances will remain. the sights and sounds of a friday night around the valley. high school football is in full swing and nobody covers a
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talent and spirits. the gilbert tigers already arrived on the field right now. crowds making its way in. jason will start the band up now. we'll see we have at mesquite high school. he's the drum major. >> was a typical day like on gameday for the wildcats and? >> we start by 30 a.m. by 30 a.m. we get out here and rehearse until school starts at 730. we go through a normal school day and then we get prepared for game day. we do for caught back your warming up making sure we get all the things ready.
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we get ready for the show with a great show at halftime. >> what can you tell about the mesquite program band? >> we're back to back division three state champions. we been to 18 competitions and swept all 18. we first place and all the two captures which a yeast -- each category stuff like that. >> this is the mesquite wildcats highly acclaimed band. that's it for now, we're back in just a little send it back in studio to you. she's having a flashback. she stood leader band. >> i used to be the drum major. coming up, is donald trump canceling it plan rally here in
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leads latest presidential polls? >> housing prices on the rise across the country. how much money does the first person in phoenix need to make a year in order to afford a median priced home? >> we're counting down top moments from the rio games, number three is team usa's women's dominating the olympics . there are a lot of favorite moments to choose from from the final five dominance in gymnastics to kate led iraqi. what brought home 61 team we have number four -- number two coming up in just a bit. and therefore is that living in pain with a suicide disease. >> that's tonight.
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there's been confusion today about donald trump's campaign plans for next week. yet an event planned for next week in phoenix earlier today, a campaign spokesman called us and told us the rally had been called off. the trump himself tweeted out about an hour ago saying larger one because of demand. trouble spots to deliver a speech on unity next wednesday at the downtown hyatt. stay with us the latest updates including the new location. there's two months to go until the november election. hillary clinton leads donald trump in the latest survey of voters. >> national poll clinton tops trump 51 to 41%. researchers also found 60% of
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his tax returns. stay with us for complete election coverage. we're gearing up for next week's arizona primary. will have at minutes results in the moments the polls close until the last race is called. >> he's called the golden eyed bandit. the criminal the fbi is now trying to track down here in the valley and why he earned such an unusual name. >> home. how much experts say you have to make a year to live in the phoenix area. we will have the answer in our
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let's take a look at hot headlines. fbi agents are searching for the golden eye that is. the suspect is accused of robbing two banks in phoenix. the most recent happened yesterday at the chase bank essential as form. his ringgold and eyeglasses during both robberies. >> the search continues for the serial street shooter. hispanic leaders held an event morning people in the committee about the man accused of killing seven people across the valley. authorities are offering a $75,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest. time for social sound of. the housing market in phoenix is just about as hot as the weather. we want to know with the housing prices on the rise, how much does the average person
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priced home here. >> according to a website you need an annual salary of nearly $35,000. phoenix actually is one of the lowest cities when it comes to how much you need to afford a home. san francisco tops the list. you need to make almost 100. san francisco tops the list. you need to make almost 160. san francisco tops the list. you need to make almost $162,000 a year to be able to buy a home there. time to look at another one of our top moments from you.>> the same bolt strikes again. jamaica's golden boy has been nominal. picked up another three gold medals proving he's not only the fastest man in the world, but also history. >> you may have seen this picture when it looked like he was smiling during the men's 100 m semifinal. a shot quickly became an internet sensation. tune in tonight for our top moments from rio. what was your top moments? >> it was oksana again.
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age is only a number. >> don't let that stop you. >> the storms not stopping.>> with a big thunderstorm moving to the south these part of the valley. here's a live look from our roof cam in downtown phoenix you can see the rain come down also a little bit of dust kicks up. we had reports in queen creek the visibility there half mile due to this test. strong storm there. we're starting to see is probably going to see activity because it slowly makes its way towards the north and its building on that strong wind. east valley, there could easily be storms later this afternoon. other places toward superior he see those build up towards roosevelt lake and not storm near back i was trying to weaken a little bit. the rest of the state acting as
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you can see another thunderstorm moving up toward the northeast, flagstaff saw hail earlier today. most of that activity has pushed off at the grand canyon starting to see quite a bit of activity as well. overnight tonight we could see more thunderstorms develop because we have a pattern of helping that we normally see in spring. look at this drop. that drops towards arizona and keeping rain chance in our forecast overnight tonight. munsey meters seven and white balance. a two right here in the valley. in the next seven days to see a slight chance of thunderstorms this weekend and we drive things out by the middle portion of the week. thank you. live in mesquite high school in gilbert, a game of the week has the tigers taking on the
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high school football in arizona has become extremely take over the past 10 to 15 years. espn has rolled production trucks in the town. they will broadcast nationally. tonight at 8 o'clock. on the sidelines at pinnacle is a special father player relationship. >> head coach two sons one senior and one freshman will both be playing pinnacle diner football this season. he doesn't want to see mike savoring me. >> it's always felt all first, there's no special treatment. >> when he's a freshman i've threatened staff i fire them if you got special treatment or got on the field other than earning it. >> just because he is coach
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also. especially when your son makes you proud to be one. >> kicked ribault and i ran one. as i came up this feels he gave me a beehive five. this bridging the gap between football coach and dad. the most part, i want to be a tonight at 1130 we're joined in studio tonight at 1135. the
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>> we have the fever, thanks. why pet owners in the valley and across the country are celebrating their four- legged friends.
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tonight at 10, in response to ryan lochte's apparent lie he was held up at gunpoint, jimmy fallon has started a trending #called my downline. we'll share some of the best ones with you. >> my dumb lie. >>
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you sent in. thanks so much for sending them in. you can see a cute picture, he's adorable. national dog day is a chance to have a really happy safe life. >> you have to help them along on the hike. >> no one was looking at the jog -- the dog.>> once you see it, you can't un-see it. >> that will do for us, thanks for watching. >> we will see you back your tonight at 10 o'clock.
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new video, larry king's wife hammered with questions about her rumor add fair. >> the couples say in their first interview about the cheating scandal now on "extra" ? >> sean king under siege. >> how are you do being the rumors about the fair. >> rumors are what they are. >> what they don't say and why the troubled couple is cuddling in bed. >> brittany spears sparing off
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her all new confessions about dating marriage and wanting more babies. and what's her sexy surprise at this weekend's vmas. >> striesand ripping trump. running opening up about donald. >> what would be the first comment or question you would ask >> kylie jecnner, then and now, did she get a boost. >> plus an extra sneak peak at this weekend's rob lowe roast. >> i'm rob lowe. >> and i'm david spade. >> and your both about to get -- >> now on extra ent from the entertainment capitol of l.a.


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