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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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>> 12news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa, caribe and coop starts now. >> 12news at 10:00 tracking the big picture tonight. >> another change at the top of the investigation uncovers embarrassing recordings. >> and this army soldier is battling the va. fighting for treatment of the so-called suicide disease. >> the father of kayla mueller who was killed by isis terrorists spoke to 12news tonight. >> when she saw suffering she couldn't turn back. >> confusion surrounding donald trump's visit to phoenix. >> and meeting the rapping teacher going viral tonight. >> we have to keep it positive.
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at 10:00. >> our big story tonight at 10:00, the reward in the serial street shooter case up to $75,000 and tips continue to come in. >> but there is concern tonight that a huge portion of the valley is still completely unaware that there is a killer on the loose. >> william pitts is live at phoenix police headquarters with why. >> reporter: the key to this is to get absolutely everybody looking and some hispanic leaders say that is just silent witness. they have a way to keep anyone from knowing you tip them off. first it's a code name. >> it is not that cool. a combination of numbers and letters. >> reporter: that is how they know you. no numbers, no names. if you give cops info leading
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>> they are told a location to go. they walk into a bank. they provide their number. they are not asked to show any id. they are handed the cash and they walk out. >> reporter: but silent witness has to get the tips first. some in the hispanic community say that is the problem. >> families don't know about the shooter. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the answer at this event at a megachurch in the that is bad for police. neighborhoods the serial shooter has targeted are primarily black or hispanic. >> i'm a member of the minority community so i feel like a target. we are concerned, worried. we are going door to door: every person when i ask them what are you interested in, the killer. >> reporter: as of yesterday, silent witness says it has gotten about 1500 legitimate
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my name is kayla mueller. i need your help. i have been here too long. i've been very sick. it's terrifying here. >> this is chilling video of kayla mueller, the prescott native captured and killed by isis. it was posted by abc news and described as a proof of life video sent to her parents. >> the obama administration defending itself after kayla's family criticized the president for never following through a promise to make a donation to a foundation set up in their daughter's name. >> kayla's parents accuse the administration of threatening to prosecute them if they attempted to pay the $6.2 million ransom for her release. all of this comes on the eve of a playground being dedicated in her honor up in prescott. >> team 12's trisha hendricks' spoke to kayla's father tonight. >> reporter: it is wonderful for us to have this. it is an honor. >> reporter: during a one on
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mueller's father karl, he choked up a few times talking about the meaning of the swing, slide, zip line, and climbing equipment. >> well ... it represents our daughter. it is what she would love to see these kids here playing. and having fun. i mean, the giggles. >> reporter: it hurts knowing his daughter won't be able to see this new playground in person, but kayla's father can still feel her presence. >> she's here. ep of the playground is the culmination of a lot of hard work and support. kayla's hands playground was chosen from something she wrote to her parents. >> she was in syria. she said, i have known for some time what my life's work is. using my hands to relieve suffering. >> reporter: it represents everything she did to help people starting at a very young age. >> when she saw suffering she couldn't turn back. she just had to go and help. >> reporter: strong, fearless,
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syria and she saw the tremendous suffering of those people, she just had to stay and do what she could do. >> reporter: when people come to this playground, he hopes they learn about kayla and pass on human kindness. >> what better way to raise awareness to the things that kayla really had a heart for. glad that we are finally going to have a grand opening and everybody can play on kayla's playground. >> reporter: a beautiful place trisha hendricks, 12news. >> they will host the grand opening of kayla's hands playground tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. and 12news will be there. now to some more hot headlines across the state. a carefree fire station evacuates tonight. after someone turns in blasting caps and dynamite. mcso bomb techs and explosive ordinance disposal team were
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explosives. no one was hurt. the u.s. dusty department will handling the investigation and possible prosecution of sheriff joe arpaio after federal prosecutors asked to be removed from the case. it has been sent to the criminal division. no reason was stated why. state prosecutors asked to be taken off the case. the fbi needs your help finding this guy dubbed the golden eyed bandit because he wears gold rimmed eyeglasses. he is believed to be responsible for two bank robberies a week apart. no weapon was seen in either case and no one was hurt. >> and some confusion tonight about donald trump's campaign event planned in phoenix next week. a spokesman told 12news the rally was off. but trump later tweeted that they are just changing the venue to a large one because of high demand. trump was supposed to deliver a speech on unity. stay with 12news for the latest
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another shakeup at the phoenix va. the director of the healthcare system announced that she is retiring after just nine months on the job. >> the sudden announcement is a surprise to many and it comes on the heels of an exclusive story we brought you wednesday night here on 12news at 10:00. >> team 12's joe dana broke the story and he is here with the latest on the director's sudden departure. >> reporter: it was just wednesday an arizona congressman was praising the leader of the phoenix da. >> think she is a breath of tried to make some monumental changes. >> reporter: this afternoon, another lawmaker senator jeff flake called the revolving door of directors frustrating. >> we have gone through a lot here at the phoenix va. we will do what we can to make sure that we have lip that is there for the long term. >> reporter: flake echoed what
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patients service at the va mired in scandal two years ago l are still reports of lagging wait times and glitches with the new choice program. meant to give veterans more options for care. some of those problems highlighted by a 12news report wednesday night featuring a cancer patient's secret audio recording of his visit to a clinic in june. >> it is a nightmare >> impossible. >> reporter: in response to the audio, it appeared the manner of the employees interacting with the patient was not in keeping with va values. she added the va was addressing the allegations. whether she finishes her review of the allegations before her departure next wednesday is unclear. >> you may remember the last director search took last months. for now, an interim director will take over. that director has already been eyepointed to take over next
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what is known as the suicide disease finds relief outside the va since she couldn't get support within. it is a story you will only see on 12news at 10:00. our monsoon continues. we will see storms on and off again around the valley as we head into the weekend. prescott getting rain earlier today. there is a look. while things are clear out there tonight on our web cam, strong winds lightning could be back. so let's take a quick look at the forecast. tomorrow morning we will have a slight chance of rain. temperatures starting in the mid 80s . then we will be in the 90s by noon bringing a chance of thunderstorms. primarily 3:00. as we head into the evening but the good thing is highs will be in the 90s all weekend long. coming up, i'll have your forecast for the high country and the seven day forecast in a
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an army soldier battling the va after being diagnosed with the suicide disease. a teacher making a difference with a rap now seen by millions. >> so we got to keep it positive. that's the key. have respect for each other and don't forget me. >> and do you feel it? it is friday night fever. we will check in on all of the games. >> hey guys, we are playing a new game ll jeff foxworthy. do not change the channel. sunday, on 12news at 10:00, a captain leading a double life fighting crime and coaching the kids on the football field. why his career and coaching go hand in hand. that is sunday.
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>> tonight on 12news, a retired air force sergeant injured in kuwait more than ten years ago is still suffering. >> the pain so bad, she thought about suicide. and when she found something that helped she said the va refused to pay for the treatment. >> kevin kennedy joins us now with our story. >> reporter: sergeant mallory served overseas. her injury ended her military career and started what has become a pretty len with the air force and the va. life ... is crowded with decisions. 13 years ago, mallory dinkle made one of the biggest in her 30 years. >> i decided to join the military. >> reporter: 17 and just out of high school, she enlisted in the united states air force. >> i guess as a mother i was
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was going overseas. >> reporter: mom was right. three months after basic training, mallory was sent to kuwait. >> and our job literally was to set out in the middle of the desert for 12 hours in sand storms. >> reporter: then on june 16 of 2004 ... >> i was driving and i saw a semitruck. >> reporter: on a dusty road near the iraq border. >> he swerved in front of me. >> reporter: the humvee three times. mallory's leg was crushed. the pain got worse. >> my circulation in the leg feel like it is being cut off. i said. >> reporter: ten years and three deployments later, there was a labral tear. finally, air force doctors would operate. >> i never recovered from the surgery. >> reporter: mallory would be
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>> they just threw me away like i was garbage. >> reporter: the decision she made as a 17-year-old was now over except for one thing. the pain in her leg wouldn't stop. >> sometimes, i would wish that i would get hit by a car. >> reporter: doctors prescribed pain pills. mallory turned to alcohol. >> i didn't have a future. >> i was really worried. you see your own spinning down the drain. >> reporter: august of last year, a neurologist at the va diagnosed her with complex regional pain syndrome. >> the nerves are sending pain signals. >> reporter: often called the suicide disease, there is no cure. >> doctors told me the outlook is grim. it is only going to get worse. >> reporter: which left mallory with another decision. this time, her life was on the
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mom saying we can help her. i know we can. >> reporter: ken nicholson is ceo of the ketamine center. it reprograms how you react to it. >> 70% of the patients respond well enough to function again. >> reporter: for mallory, the infusions are nothing short of amazing. >> i feel like i have back. this used to be so easy. it comes down underneath. >> reporter: not back yet in the saddle but back with her horses. the smile has also returned. >> it has been amazing. >> reporter: days are now spent in the stable instead of the bedroom. >> come on. >> reporter: hope of a future is now a real possibility. >> i feel like i'm healthier.
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better. i can talk myself out of negative thoughts. >> reporter: life is indeed full of decisions and for this veteran, the most pressing one now is simply which horse to trot first. kevin kennedy, 12news at 10:00. >> the va does not cover the ketamine treatments. mallory expects to spend about $5,000 this year alone in treatments. she says it is the only thing we reached out to the va and why they don't help her. they declined our interview request, but they issued a statement. it is on our website, on kevin kennedy, 12news at 10:00. >> all right, thanks kevin. we are still counting down our best olympics moments. number two goes to bolt strikes again. he picked up another gold medals in rio proving his third
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but in history. one of his more memorable moments was in the semifinal when bolt who is used to be first to the finish line looked over and he saw he had some company from canada's andre degrasse. he still won gold in the final. he has nine olympic golds. your number one olympic moment from rio revealed in just a few minutes. all quite like a great game night to get the 12 sports team all fired up. and football was on every tv in the news room. >> reporter: mark, it was. and i tell you what, it was a ball. check that all out. from arena to college to high school level, it was all about the pig skin on this game night. we start at the arena bowl in glendale. dallas six in the fourth. rick fumbles. a huge turnover there.
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touchdown, the philadelphia spinning turned into a touchdown the other way. philadelphia your 2016 arena bowl champions with the 56-42 win over our arizona rattlers. >> reporter: turn the ball over five times. >> can't win ball games when you turn the ball over. we had a very successful year. i'm happy for the guys. we will just start rebuilding for next kicked off its season. cal and hawaii playing in australia. cal's cathani muhammad, 34 yards for the first touchdown of the college football season. cal had 34-14 at the half. right now, in the fourth quarter, they lead it 41-24. now, to high school football where devash and pinnacle were playing. ryan kelly, showing off the wheels here. he is noted more for the strong
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84 yards to the house. how about that? and tied at 21-21. we will have all the scores and highlights coming your way on friday night fever. here is a sneak peek. >> thanks! i'm out at the high school, the wildcats taking on the gilbert tigers for the game of the week. so far, it has been all wildcats. will mesquite continue to roll? find ou let's check in with cameron cox. >> reporter: they are rudy here at mountain view high school. this field i'm standing on here will now be known as jesse parker field. of course named after the legendary coach who coached at mountain view from 76 to 94. he won four state titles and was a three time state runner up. you will hear from coach and see the play of the year. >> reporter: out here at
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have you heard of jati jenkins? he is a huge recruit in the class of the 2018 putting on a show. he will be in studio toe night. all the highlights of this game. over to you. >> reporter: friday night fever, westwood high school taking on the copper canyon aztecs. we will learn all about the cats tonight later. we will send it >> thanks a lot! i look forward to it. >> mesa, mountain view, much more. the vipers join us in studio. check us out right after jimmy fallon at 11:35. >> looks like fun. >> still looks good. he is battling cancer. but i'm so happy for him.
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>> you have to give him our best. >> i certainly would. >> can't wait coop. >> it looks like the weather worked out for all the games tonight. >> yeah. >> it did. >> so we will get you straight over to the radar. show you what is happening. not much here in the valley. but, if you look over to the western part of our state, we have some thunderstorms lining up moving into the lake havasu area and parker. that activity is pushing to the east. we can expect to see heavy rainfall from al up to the north, flagstaff. we have showers that are moving into your area. pockets of heavy rain. down to the south along i-17. just north of sedona. all of that is pushing to the east. a lot of green. a lot of clutter on the radar. the one thing to watch is this storm cell. so again, showing things are still unstable. there's still moisture. during the overnight hours, it
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last night with storms rolling through the valley. if you are led to the high country, it is probably a good idea. take a look here. as we head into the weekend, we are talking 70s for many areas. if not that, the 80s in flagstaff. 71 tomorrow with a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast. 75 on friday. sunday rather. in payson, we are looking at 81 saturday. 85 there for sunday. show low, a nice spot there. we can expect thunderstorms there but temperatures in the mid to upper 70s . bumping up to 94 in camp verde sunday. in phoenix, 99 tomorrow with a 20% chance on thunderstorms. sunday, a 10% chance. temperatures come up just a little bit. next week, looks a little drier and also a little hotter. 105 wednesday. hi there, i'm matt morrow. coming up on 12 today, the app
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money. five secret shopping tips to cia you time and what the cardinals need to fix before the regular season. plus, we have your morning mix, your morning juice. tips to lose weight and the next big thing when it comes to anti-aging. join us all next week starting
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jimmy fallon read some of his favorite tweets using the hash tag my dumb lie. >> he started the trending hash tag in response to olympic swimmer ryan lochte's apparent lie about being held up in gunpoint in rio. >> she says sometimes when i order chinese, i'll muffle the phone and say one second. what do you want? and then order myself a second entree and crab rangoon. >> fallon's fans continue to confess thei twitter. here's three that make us laugh. i told my doctor i hurt my back at yoga. i really hurt it reaching for toilet paper. >> i wrote my mom a note telling her i couldn't get back in house buzz the door was lock and left the note on the disable. >> i asked a guy how to spell his name. his name is ben. i think i have done that. >> we all have.
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lochte to the greatest olympian of all time. michael phelps. our number one moment from rio. >> there had been so many memorable phelps moments. >> he won a total of 28 medals, 23 gold. in rio alone, he added five more golds and a silver to his already impressive collection. if he really is through, boy, what a way to go out. >> i agree. well, don't a teacher's welcome back to school video goes viral. it's our shot of the day again
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>> ? can't wait until you. going to have a good time. >> oh, that is so sweet. this viral video is our shot of the day. >> boy, and hats off to this teacher. he is is a fourth grade teacher in chicago. he made the video welcoming his students. >> mr. dewayne reed's videos outline the curriculum. he wants kids to remember material. >> he raps and sings about
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respecting him as a teacher. and, the school staff. by the way, he is a first year teacher. >> right. >> so here is a guy just coming out of school. he wants to really connect with his students and he figures what better way to connect with fourth graders than to do something like this. it is genius. it says so much about him. >> he is already the most favorite teacher right now i think in school. >> absol engaged. >> it is just a sweet rap. it is pleasant to watch. >> it is catchy. >> it is. >> you guys ever have a cool teacher? >> i had a couple of cool teachers. not any that rapped. did you? >> no. i'm going to be nice. >> coop, your teachers are probably still watching you. [ laughter ] >> we all had great teachers in their own way. thanks everybody for watching.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --


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