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tv   12 News Today Saturday  NBC  August 27, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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good morning. welcome to 12 news weekend today on this saturday. here's a live look over phoenix. clouds to the lightning strikes across parts of arizona. we'll have matt pace talking about that in just a few minutes. 59th avenue and thomas is the location of an officer involved shooting. one suspect is down and no officers are injured. there are no outstanding suspects. we don't know what led to the shooting or how many suspects or officers were involved.
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details as we get them. in honor of an american humanitarian, family, friends, and community will gather at pioneer park in prescott. all of this after a new video of kayla in captivity is released. meant to show her parents proof of life. her parents criticized the presidr through on a promise to make a donation to a foundation set up in their daughter's name. the administration is is defending itself. it's wonderful for us to have this to honor kayla. >> during a one-on-one interview with kayla mueller's
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meaning behind the swings, zip line equipment. and climbing. >> it represents our daughter. she would love to see these kids here and playing and having fun. >> reporter: it hurricanes knowing his daughter won't be able to see this in person but he can feel her presence. >> she's here. >> reporter: the grand opening is the culmination of a lot of hard work and su the name kayla's hands program was chosen from something she wrote to her parents. >> i've known for some time what my life's work is, using my hands to relieve suffering. when she saw suffering, she couldn't turn back. she had to go and help. >> strong, fearless, and always wanting to make a difference. >> when she got involved with
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suffering of those people, she just had to stay and do what she could do. >> reporter: when people come to the play ground, he hopes that they learn about kayla and pass on human kindness. >> what better way to raise awareness to the things that kayla had a heart for. >> reporter: a beautiful place for her legacy to tricia hendrix, 12 news. the copy way nasa -- kiwanask club is hosting the opening. crews were able to put out an early morning house fire. phoenix fire sent us this video of the aftermath. when crews got there, they saw a lot of heavy smoke and fire making its way through the
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could get it under control. everyone made it out okay. taking a look at the hot headlines. a carefree fire station was evacuated last night at someone turned in blasting caps and dynamite. bomb techs and an explosive ordinance disposal team were called to the scene to remove the explosives and no one was hurt. the u.s. justice and possible investigation of sheriff joe arpaio after federal prosecutors asked to be removed from the state. it's been assigned to the criminal division. no reason was stated for why the state prosecutors were asked to be replaced. this guy wears gold rimmed
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no weapon was seen and no one was hurt. it's time for a check of the weather with matt pace. i saw lightning to the north of phoenix. what's happening out there. >> there's quite a bit of weather in the northern part of the state. we have a flash flood watch in effect for the northern part of the state. check out the scene. we have a lot of red and yellows on the radar from flagstaff all the way to the northern portion you may have seen lightning and thunder. that storm system is moving up to the northeast. and now we're starting to see isolated activity forming in the far east of the valley. even the eastern side of mesa. you might see a little bit of activity over the next hour or so. you can see strong thunderstorms moving in towards winslow and also towards payson and prescott you saw quite a
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way. and this system is just beginning to impact arizona. even lake havasu, just the thunderstorms to the south of you. we'll keep the chance of thunderstorms in the forecast. and the high temperatures later on this afternoon, 99 here in phoenix. and there is that slight chance of rain and dust moving in this afternoon. so it's going to be a very active day and we'll keep you updated right here on 12 news. we'll take every drop we taking a live look at the roads this saturday morning, a few vehicles out there. and hopefully, folks not going to work, and maybe enjoying the fresh air. there are some weekend traffic closures to note. and krystle henderson has you covered helping your navigate all of it. >> reporter: roadwork is happening all over the valley map. here's the 101 northbound.
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and also at indian school and chaparral. that's from friday night to monday morning. in the meantime. check out 87 or hayden and scottsdale. in phoenix, take the 17 out of the equation in both directions. that's between saturday night and sunday morning. the i-10 ramp will also be closed. the 51 will be a driver friendly. try that. between die start and eliminatefield, from sunday in the evening to monday morning. zooming out. we have a couple more things to talk about. ten westbound is first up. that ramp will be closed to the 303 northbound. that's saturday morning. then it's going to be a little bit of a tight squeeze on the 10 westbound to the 303 from
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commute to 5:00 in the evening. 202 eastbound between gilbert and power you'll be down to two lanes plus all of the ramps will be closed. if you get caught up in a jammed commute you can use mcdowell or start out on the 60 and take that for your route instead. >> thank you, crystal. buying a home but don't think you and your realtor are clicking? we'll tell you how to make the breakup easier. coming up monday, the app you need to download if you want to save money. and five secret shopping tips to save you time. and what the cardinals need to fix before the regular season. we have tips to lose weight
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joining next week starting at 4:30 in the morning. d all . all right. get another. back to school or back for more? staples has the lowest prices... period.
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welcome back. time now for the morning health check on this saturday and another good reason to keep researchers say stress may increase the risk of a heart attack in young women with heart disease. stressed out women under 50 were more likely to have reduced blood flow in their hearts than older men or women with similar stress levels and that can lead to a heart attack. doctors should ask young female patients about their stress and recommend ways for them to
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reminder of how quickly and how far a sneeze can travel. this is disgusting. scientists at m.i.t. say the largest droplets settle within 3 to 6 feet from the sneezer. and smaller ones maylinger in the air for several minutes and travel up to 26 feet. if your child has the sniffles, remind them to sneeze into their arm or a tissue and wash their possible. and maybe we should walk around with masks. if you're not getting what you're looking for from your realtor, it may be time to cut the cord. >> reporter: good morning. breaking up any kind of relationship is a tricky thing, the same is true if you're looking for a realtor and planning on buying a home. how to do that the right way or
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>> if you're selling the home, looking at the realtor ahead of time is one of the keys. >> not only do you want to get someone you match with but someone who understands the neighborhoods in which you're wanting to look for a home and they can give you good advice about where you're looking to buy. so do your homework. >> some realtors may have you sign a buying contract. >> some of them will ask you to the realtor is looking to give their time and effort to the process and also their expertise. and realtors are one of the few position that is you do a lot of work for not getting paid. some realtors ask for that contract because they don't want to give their time and expertise to someone who is not series. what matters, are they
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realtor. and again, some don't. what you want to pay attention to is that you're basically agreeing to work with that realtor. and if you buy something within a certain period of time pay them a commission. and if you end up leaving that and going and working with another realtor, you may still need to pay them that commission. >> that fine print is very, very important. and ask questions if you have a nc what you sign. a lot of the paperwork that realtors ask buyers and sellers to sign is standard language, but you should have the opportunity to lock at it. and make sure you're comfortable with it. >> let's say you're not happy with it, how do you break the agreement? >> start with communication and give them your expectations and follow up in writing and let them know. i feel like this is not working
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conversation, follow up in writing so everything is clear. if things are not working on and you need to move on. if it's not working for you, it's probably not working for the realtor either. and you can mutually end the contract. if you're not able to come to a mutual agreement. the next step would be to go to the owner of their firm realtors. but i would say start with talking with them. and get it in writing if you do break that relationship with them. and if you're working with somebody who is their own broker, go to the arizona department of realize or the arizona association of realtors. >> good to see you. >> good to see you too.
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starting out on a little bit of a cloudy saturday. these are wonderful pictures our viewers have been sending us. >> this is really the way to wake up. that's the great way. look out the window and yo see
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feels cooler. i love the saguaros in the storms. >> people across the country share these photos, they are that good. >> you don't have the pine trees in the way. look at that view. keep sending those in. and use the hash tag be on 12. and we'll share a couple more. we have a lot of weather to talk about. it's been active up there. check out the radar. look at all the activity the way up to flagstaff is what we're looking at. and this is one of the systems that we've been talking about. and we're seeing the thunderstorms out there. and look at all that lightning. in the past 30 minutes, 900 lightning strikes in arizona. those are all the yellow flashes you see on radar. and we do have a flash flood warning in effect for black canyon city including the i-17. there's no rain right now.
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the area. and the washes are more than likely running. just use a lot of caution if you're planning to travel in that region. winslow is seeing quite a bit of activity and that stretches all the way to payson. and all of this is lifting to the northeast as we move loud the -- throughout the morning hours. and this is a flash flood watch in effect until 7 p.m. we could see very active weather as this begins to move out. and even in the look at lake havasu. you're under a flood advisory. and jut to the south of kingman, a flash flood warning in effect until 10:00 in the morning. and the thunderstorms are producing very heavy rainfall out there. and you can see it's just a small disturbance moving through. again, stretching from phoenix all the way up to page and we're expecting more thunderstorm development behind the system. here's future cast. there's a lot of activity in the northern portions of the
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afternoon. and with all the clear skies, we could see the development once again. and that's why the monsoon meter is high. look at the temperatures. 49 in flagstaff right now. fairly cool for them. and 47 in greer. and keep in mind this is august. 82 here in phoenix. and it has been a little warmer. 83 over in yuma. but here's a look at the monsoon meter and how things stack out. as the low pressure moves out. we'll see clearing skies for tomorrow and high pressure builds bac we move into monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and these numbers are the highest they'll be over the next several days. a seven in northern arizona and a four in southeastern arizona and a three in the valley. and the main threat will be the gusty winds producing the blowing dust. and the next seven days, things will clear out. you can see the temperatures at 104 to 105 degrees. and by tuesday and wednesday, and yes, we are bringing back the thunderstorm chances by
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take a break and be back by next weekend. >> if we could freeze time and keep the 90s. i'm definitely okay with that. the most preseason game for your arizona cardinals is tomorrow. the bird gang heading to houston to take on the texans. the game is on fox and started around 1:00. we'll have all of the details straight from there. olympic gymnast -- is back in t v before heading off on tour. we catch up with him on his bronze medal win and some new
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we caught up with him. >> he's the first american male gymnast to win a medal on the pomel horse. congratulations. >> good to be back. >> it's been a couple of weeks since you won the bronze medal. has it sunk in? >> it has a little bit more. i don't think fully but definitely a little more. when you were around the olympics so much you didn't feel it. and now that i'm home i woke up in my bed and saw my daughter. and all that training is done and it worked. >> i remember the day. it was a sunday afternoon and i was watching you on tv. and i felt anxiety and pressure for the you.
7:26 am
through your mind. >> you train for it and visualize you whole life. and i grabbed the pommels and thought of my daughter and my wife. and it was the one time in my career -- it felt like it was going to happen. no matter what it was going to happen. i was going 15-7. the score came up 15.7. and there's no way. and there's five guys you still have to wait for the lest of the guys to see where you finish? >> it's not fun. you want to have a later draw. you can feel it out a little more and know what you have to do. that early up, third guy, i'm just going to do the best i can. and then you have to wait. and i knew the guys that were
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difficulty. and i didn't know what they were going to do. please, come on. i did it. just let it happen. >> after london you're an alternate and you have a tattoo. that's going to force you to train harder. and now you have one started on the other arm. >> yeah, yeah. a.j. from blackjack's tattoo shop here in the valley. he's cardinals. jason da roux low. didn't think i'd get a message back. absolutely, i'll fit you in. it's healing right now. but it's olympic flag on my arm. and of course, the olympic rings i've always wanted to have and now i got to have. i've competed. >> you're 25.
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is there a chance we could see you? >> it's called a quad every four years. there's new rules. some skills go up in value. and some go down. i'll keep going one more year. if i make that team i'll continue on. i think i'll keep going for 2020. >> we'd love to see you. congratulations and welcome home. we're so proud of you. >> thank you. >> that's part of the kelloggs gymnastics tour. check them out in the valley. the show comes to glendale september 22nd. and get tickets on ticket they've increased the reward and authorities say the key is not everyone is looking for the serial street shooter. we spoke to silent witness about how you can remain
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here's a live look over phoenix. a cloudy start but a one. welcome back. i'm jen wahl . >> we have rain falling across the state. >> this is the best way in my opinion to wake up with a little bit of rain. some clouds, look at the satellite radar. and we have storms that try to develop in the eastern side of the valley. apache junction you may have seen some sprinkles. that's turning into a thunderstorm. look at all of the activity around the state.
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holbrook. payson you're going to see a strong thunderstorm right about now over the next 15 minutes. and same thing in prescott. another thunderstorm moving through there. and look at the activity from holbrook back to winslow. this is moving up to the northeast. and we can't leave out the western part of the state. lake havasu has seen quite a bit of rainfall. you are under a flood advisory. so certainly active weather. valley. 85degrees by the 9:00 hour. this afternoon, 99 and we are going to put that slight chance of storms back in the forecast. but the main threat is going to be the blowing dust. we've seen it over the past couple of days. it could happen again today. >> and it will have health officials watching out for valley fever. the reward has been bumped up to $75,000 for anyone who can find the serial street
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authorities. so many people are completely unaware that police are looking for the serial killer. william pitts find out what the community is doing and how you can be sure you tip the really anonymous. >> reporter: first you get a code name like a spy, kind of. >> it's a combination of letters and numbers, something that wouldn't go above radar. >> and that's how they know you. you phone numbers or names. >> we walk steps on how to hide it well. >> and you never meet with a cop. >> they are told a location to go. they walk into a bank and provide the number and they are not asked to show any i.d. >> silent witness has to get the tips first. >> we've discovered in holding our bilingual spanish events
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>> the answer at this event in the west valley, not many. and that's bad for police. neighborhoods the serial shooter has targeted are black or hispanic. >> i'm a member of the minority community and i felt -- >> we're worried. we've been walking door to door. and every person when i ask what you're interested in, well, the >> silent witness at about 1500 legitimate tips at last count. workers are scouring the town of amatrice after the earthquake struck. firemen are using high-tech equipment to search for survivors. preparations were underway for a state funeral for some of the victims. the number of people killed in wednesday's quake has risen to 290.
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state funeral. more than 1000 aftershocks have hit the area since then bringing fresh damage to structures still standing. and days after an exclusive story we brought to you on wednesday night at 12 news at 10, the medical director is is retiring. it's a surprise to many. and joe dana has the sudden departure. >> reporter: it was just wednesday that an arizona congressman was praising the leader. >> she's come in and tried to make some pretty monumental changes. >> and now she announces her retirement from a department that's seen four directors in the last two years. senator jeff blake called it frustrating. >> we've been going through a lot at the phoenix v.a.
7:36 am
to make sure that we have leadership that is there for the long-term. >> reporter: and he echoed what many have said. improvements have been made to patient service at the v.a. but there are still reports of lagging wait times and glitches with the options for care. a 12 news report featured a ca p recording. >> it's a nightmare. >> 500 patients. it's impossible. >> reporter: the director said it appeared the manner the employees interacted was not in keeping with v.a. values. the v.a. was addressing the allegations. whether she finishes the review of the allegations before her departure is unclear.
7:37 am
long six months and for now, an interim director has been appointed to take over. if you're looking to get away one more time before the summer ends, now is a great time to book. experts say there are plenty of travel bargains centered around the labor day weekend. airlines and hotels are offering deals and gas prices are not bad at all. if you're flying, don't expect to use the frequent flyer miles. and you can expect to see more people than usual hitting the roads but it could be a dangerous thing. >> good morning. just in the first six months of this year, more than 19,000 people were killed in car crashes. that is a 9% increase compared to last year. and it's why the national safety council is concerned as we head into labor day weekend. the ceo tells nbc news she
7:38 am
the deadliest on the road since 2009. one reason, lower gas prices. that means more people on the roads. and more teen drivers using cell phones while driving. more than a thousand teenage drivers were surveyed and 35% admit to using social media. and 31% using video chat while driving. the important thing is to be safe. e stop. and when every second counts, you want to count on your brakes.
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all right. welcome back. the time is 7:41 on this saturday. clouds around the state. watch for storms throughout the day. matt pace will have much more on that. and now we're going to talk break. we get a lot of reports on how dangerous the roads can be and brakes is save you in time of trouble. we're talking about the safety tips that you have here. >> absolutely. during the summertime, there's a lot of heat in arizona obviously.
7:42 am
they use heat energy in order to stop your car. if you squeeze that, you can see how brakes apply. and when it does that there's a lot of heat that is generated. and brake pads are designed to wear out. and a new pad will be nice and thick like that. and as they start to wear, you can use a tool, oh, look, we still have some meat left on that. they wear in pairs and they the other side is almost all the way worn out. >> okay. getting a look at that. >> when you do a brake inspection you have to take it all the way apart and look at both sides of the equation. some of the time when you're braking you'll feel a little bit of a pickuppization.
7:43 am
that's another indication you -- >> is that something you can feel when you're driving around? >> absolutely. sometimes you will feel it in the steering wheel. sometimes the whole car. >> when that happens do you need to get to a place issue you should get it addressed as soon as possible. >> in the valley. we have a lot of commuters driving 45 minutes an hour, an hour and a half to get to work. what are things that drivers can do to keep the brakes lasting longer? >> the jack rabbit starts and stops. you don't have to be
7:44 am
get off the gas and apply the brakes lightly. >> we're talking brakes. and coming up after the break. we'll meet the pet of the week. this sweet little guy needs a
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welcome back. the time is 7:46 on this saturday morning. and we are starting you off here on 12 news weekend today with beautiful weather shots. >> that's the grand canyon. and you look behind the picture and you see the colors and that's showing you the hot
7:47 am
storm activity. just another way to show you what's going on around the state from weather just on social media. >> and we have some of the most beautiful views in the world right here in arizona. here's another one. you can see a lot of clouds outside. those are expected to continue throughout the day. >> they probably will. expect that nice sunrise. we could see a great sunset. and we have a lot of weather to talk about. 'r warning, flash flood watches around the state. this is monsoon. we never know what's going to happen. >> sure. >> but we give it our best shot. we can say that much. a flash flood warning in effect for areas in and around black canyon city and that goes until 8:15 this morning. and same for lake havasu city, you're under a flash flood warning. and just to the south of king man. and a flash flood watch is in
7:48 am
some of these locations could see 1 to 2 inches of rainfall. look for a little bit of flooding. and remember, never cross flooded roadways no matter what. and you can see all the activity beginning to form from payson to holbrook. and throughout the morning we've noticed it moving to the northeast. it does look like the phoenix valley is going to stay dry. but look at the radar estimated rainfall totals. anywhere where you see the blue colored shading is a tenth of and around black canyon city, look at the rainfall totals. 2.81inches and that's where the flash flood warning is in effect. and it does include i-17. use a lot of caution. the rain has stopped but that doesn't mean the flooding has stopped. it's the rotation that you see in the atmosphere. it's a broad rotation moving up to the northeast. and that's the low pressure
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almost clear. you wake up and it combines with the monsoon moisture. in phoenix, look at the clouds. it's a nice start to the morning. and the temperatures are nice as well. it's 82 degrees right now at phoenix sky harbor. and winds at 12 miles per hour. and the dew point is elevated. it's sitting at 59 degrees. and that's why we're keeping a chance for thunderstorms in the forecast. unfortunately, we are under an on i wouldn't be surprised if they extend this to tomorrow. it's very unhealthy for the sensitive groups because ozone is on the high side. a seven in the white mountains and a three in the valley. and a four for southeastern arizona. and our big monsoon high is sitting over the eastern side of the country. and the low pressure centers are able to drop in creating the thunderstorms. and by next week we have another area of high pressure
7:50 am
drying trend and the moisture will push in towards new mexico and a warming trend moving into the forecast. and you can see that on the 7- day forecast. nine anyone for today. and 1051 on sunday. and-- 105 by wednesday and the monsoon thunderstorm chances return by friday. and this weekend, great time to walk a dog, including misty right here. >> she's so cute. joining us now is melissa with animal care and control. just the sweetest dog. she's been wagging her tail the entire time. >> she loves everyone. she came to the shelter a couple of weeks ago. she had puncture wounds and a bad infection. she's spent the last couple of months in a foster home. and her foster family began to get a little bit more information about her personality. we know she's good with other
7:51 am
when it rains, she loves to play in the rain. she's a great girl. she's learned sit. she's staring at herself. [barking] [ laughter ] she might not be the smartest dog in the world but she's super cute. >> i don't like how i look in the mirror either. >> she's available today care center. and just $20. we're doing a special through september. $20 any dog any age. and she needs a home so badly. and she's just a love bug. i met her 30 seconds ago. and she was snuggling up next to me. >> there were little boys in the green room and she went up to them. and she loves everyone one.
7:52 am
like herself. not too sure about herself. >> get rid of all the mirrors in the house and you're good. >> she's available at 11:00. if you have a dog at home and you're interested in adopting, bring your dog to the shelter. and we can do an introduction and ensure that everyone gets along. >> i'm sure this little lady will find a home in no time. that's it for us here. and we'll be right back after the break.
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time now for a health check. new research shows your dna could determine how much coffee you drink. scientists have identified a gene that affects how the body tolerates caffeine. they found people with a variation of this gene drank fewer cups of coffee.
7:55 am
the same caffeine high than those without the gene variation. and you and i both don't drink coffee. >> but i love the smell of coffee. >> do you use any caffeine? >> i used to and now i drink a little bit of tea. i used to be addicted to diet coke. >> you can do water with lemon. >> i just so many people drink coffee and put milk and creamer in it. that's a dna problem. here's a story that will warm your heart this morning. william everett saved his allowance for seven months, planning to buy a power wheels police cruiser, instead of a
7:56 am
he decided to show his appreciation for his local police force. he created a kindness day and brought food to the station and got to meet his heroes. >> i am so proud of him. i think all of us as a family are proud of him. and he's just inspiring. >> the officer gave him his own badge, police stickers, and let him ride home with sirens. and he's planning to save money for a less fortunate family with daycare costs. >> and i'm sure being able to ride in a police car was better than a power wheels car. there's still the flash flood watch in effect and that goes until 7:00. but look at this. the rain stretching from holbrook all the way back to lake havasu city.
7:57 am
northeast. and a lot of lightning with this. some locations north of black canyon city have seen 2 to 3 inches of rainfall. in the valley, we'll stay dry. and the forecast has a slight chance and the high is 99 degrees. we're going to dry things out. 104 by tuesday and 105 by wednesday. and of course, monsoon is always a fun time of year. especially this later time when we have the with the monsoon moisture. you never know what's going to happen. being weather people you wake up and you never know. thanks for joining us. 12news is always on. and we'll see you again at 6:00 and 10:00 tonight. for now, here is a look at some super awesome weather pictures from this morning.
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thanks for watching 12 news. for the latest news, weather, or whatever you need, we're
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