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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 29, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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anchts a chaotic scene president obama calls trump a psychopath. new details surrounding the murders of dwayne wade's cousin in chicago. plus flash floods swamped the cincinnati area. beyonce brings down the house at the mtv video music awards.
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good morning everyone. i'm dara brown. another airport erupted at n panic. passengers were scene running onto tarmacs and into safe places. our own anchor arrived shortly before the panic. sheer his account. >> people began flooding out, passengers, security people. rd shooter, run. people didn't know what to do. people claimed they heard pops or shots. other people like us heard nothing but run but saw the crowds and reacted. >> police respond today multiple 911 calls. after 45 minutes of investigating the lapd said the
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loud noises. >> i heard shots. i left my bag and i ran. >> you were here? >> i was over here checking inment i saw people run and i heard shots and i started running and i brought my bag. >> you hear anything? >> we didn't hear anything. we saw people start to run. we started to run also. a pair suspected of being under the influence before piloting a flight from scotland to new jersey. it was while a replacement crew was found. even with the obvious frustrations it seems like the safeguards worked. >> relief for the 101 passengers on saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. the pilots were in the cockpit when police came on board and arrested them in the cockpit. now, there are two pilots two in
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they are accused of carrying out activity while under the influence of other alcohol. it does say that the pilots have been removed from service pending an investigation. plainly these pilots face serious accusations legally and in terms of the airline that is their employer. >> thanks so much. two brothers have been charged in the murder of a shooting death. they say darren and darwhen were it highlights a scene in chicago
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>> when she registered her dhield at school on friday afternoon she wasn't aware she would be the subject of national headlines hours later. she wasn't aware that her short life would stand as an example of what is a clear failure of the justice system here in chicago. >> yesterday mourners gathered to remember the mother of four who is one of dwayne wade tweetd we need more help and more hand on deck not for my family but for the world. #enoughisenough. two killed in their durant, mississippi home.
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nuns previously held bible stud dichlt they committed their lives to helping the poor. >> they were the most beautiful women who have ever drawn a breath into their bodies. >> a man has been charged two counts of national medical record. sanders confessed to the killings but provided no now to the race for the white house. donald trump issues a direct challenge vowing to release more of his medical records if she does. it follows scrutiny. clinton aids have no intentions of relesion anymore information.
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spent the weekend ton ropes after he responded to a chicago shooting death with this tweet. dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking in chicago, just what i was saying. african americans will vote trump. trump later tweeted his condolences on wade's him but listen to this between chris wallace and trump campaign manager. >> trump has been running for president since june of 2015. how many times has he gone into an american inner city and held an event for a largely black audience? i don't know the answer --
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answer is none, never? >> no. i would not be surprised. >> it was before he that had this to say about trump. >> basically a psychopath running for president. >> wait a minute. do you really think diagnosing people on air -- and i assume you don't have a degree in psychology, is that fair? we are jumping to conclusions here. it geter this campaign. >> the notion of self-worth. i think he does. i don't have a degree in psychology. >> all of that as trump surrogates each of them saying it is just trump being trump. we are joined now by tracie potts. we are haerg about an immigration speech planned for
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it has been a hot bed of discussion for years and it's happening on wednesday. trump tweeted about it overnight saying this immigration speech is going to draw a large crowd. they are already looking for a larger venue. is trump going to be able to explain conflicts? initially he said people who were in this country would have to go. he wanted to deport an e 11 million of them then he said he might be able to work with them then he said they would have to leave the country and come back. a lot of people on his side are looking for him to clarify on wednesday. >> an interesting week ahead. thanks so much. just ahead, four years later sandy hook elementary ushers in a new school. southest under a tropical storm watch and bill is
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>> two system wills impact the u.s. both look to be on the minor side. this is headed for the tropical banks. it should be no more than a brush ton coastal areas. what is more of a concern is what will happen in the gulf. they do have it hitting into northern portions of florida thursday, thursday night and becoming a strong tropical storm. that's a much bigger story. i ahead. well, temperatures are northern rockies will be very warm. look how hot it still it in washington state. not quite as bad today in sacramento or fresno. pretty warm on the west there. it is back under a team of six
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no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. new york is your 2016 little league world it the first in more than 50 years. the team from the up state beat south korea in front of 22,000 screaming fans. it is also the first winner from the u.s. in 2011. congrats to them. a bus crash leading the news out of louisiana. it leave as fire chief dead and 40 others wounded.
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previous accident and a bus core reened into the fire truck. it sent them about 30 feet into the water below. an undocumented immigrant was driving construction workers to baton rouge. a man save add man from a speeding train. the man resists efforts to save he manages to pull him away at just the last second. it has been just over six hours since the cease fire has come into effect ending a 52 yearlong war. it comes after four years of peace talks in cuba. the countries biggest national rebel movement. both agreed they would permanently add hostilities today. the final agreement will be signed next month.
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tweeting today is a new story for columbia. we silenced the guns. new sandy hook elementary oeps today after a mass shooting that killed 20 teachers and six students. ark tektds say the new building was designed to feel welcoming and joyful. the u.s. will fulfill the goal of accepting refugees today. today is the first day of the tennis championship in queens, new york. a reenforced crash, some 7,000 -- rather 700 spectators are expected to the event. you're watching "early today." we made it to the ottoman.
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the stock market is kicking off on a strong note. cnbc is here with details on stocks and the new rules for commercial drones. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. they hinted on friday the central bank may be ready to start hiking rates.
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next move may depend on the strength of the economy. we'll get the latest on the health of the job market. operators of drone wills have to take a test but won't need a pilots license. they can't fly higher than 400 feet and remain in the sight of the operator. and trip adviser is out with the annual destinations. it is at the observatory and since opening last year they say bookings have more than doubled. running out the top three chicago's magnificent mile. back over to you! thanks so much.
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don't breathe was first. suicide squad fell to number two. it bring it is total to $636 million. and kubo and the two >> usually it is like 100 or 80 or 90. people are back in slow. >> we'll have to wait until christmas for the next ones. making headlines but mama b there. she took the stage for an epic 16 minute performance of her
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>> she is on top. and rihanna performed before drake presented her with an award. >> she is someone i have been in love with since i was 22 years old. she is a living, breathing legend in our industry, the recipient. >> that was great. attendance or was it ryan lochte. people were quick to notice michael phelps reaction. >> who had the best video of the year? i can't tell you that. they are all so great and so talented i couldn't choose. i couldn't tell you even if there was a gun to my head,
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>> even the crowd was kind of
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an attempted kidnapping.. ends with the suspects crashing into a bakery.. we've got the details in your hot headlines.. ???bryan teases ???krystle teases outlook -- not so good for the arizona cardinals.. so should the birdgang be worried? team 12's jay taylor is in with his take.. the final five without their fifth member. why gabby member. why gabby douglas had to miss the v-m- a's.. we've got the answer in your morning juice.


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