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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 30, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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new this new this morning... police are able to catch a driver of a hit and run... all because a tow truck driver chased the man down. team 12's bryan west is live in the newsroom with why p-d is calling the driver a hero. bryan... this started as a rear end car crash on i-17 near bethany home. the driver that crashed reportedly going 100 miles per hour. as soon as the vehicles came
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scene and ran into a neighborhood.a tow truck driver, who saw the accident and the driver run called 9-1-1.he was giving live updates to police. witnesses and the phoenix police firebird located the driver under some bushes in a nearby alley.a k9 team was used. the driver about 500 yards from the accident. police then use pepper spray and - when the driver was not compliant - they had to drag him out of the bushes. the tow truck driver - who did not want his face did not want his face shown - tells 12 news he tackled the guy. the driver refused treatment from phoenix fire and was taken into custody to be interviewed by dps. the driver of the car that impacted had
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live in the newsroom bw, 12 today. let's get a check of your hot headlines.. the pinal county sheriff's office has named a person of interest in the gruesome septic tank murders. investigators say fausto negrete-olivas is the prime suspect in the murders of two mexican drug gang members. the murders happened back in 2008. both victims were dismembered -- and one was found in a septic tank. olivas' brother -- dionicio -- is interest. a bullhead city man is behind bars.. accused of abusing his 2-week-old abusing his 2-week-old daughter. police say jeremy cowan threw the little girl head-first onto the floor because she was crying. the parents waited a week before seeking medical help. the baby has a fractured skull. and the valley is preparing for another visit from donald trumptrump-- will be having a rally at the phoenix convention center on wednesday. that's happening at 6pm.doors
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make a key speech on immigration.trump's arizona campaign manager tells us that v-p candidate, mike pence, will join trump here as well. the polls open this morning in less than a half hour... for arizona's primary election. team 12's nico santos is live
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snakes, dogs and a juicy answer.emma has another edition of your morning juice. apparently this morning.... if you live in scottsdale... beware of giant snakes.beware of giant can't make this stuff up.late last night the scottsdale fire department tweeted out this picture.a woman taking out her trash near 75th street and osborn...
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it is a red-tailed boa constrictor... native to south america.south america.and that's not all.the fire department tweeted out that this is the third snake call in the area in the past month. the other two... were both burmese pythons... which can grow up to 20 feet long. exciting news for dog lovers--- your dogs really may understand you when you're talking to them. here's how it workks: people understand language in two main ways - words and intonation. researchers in hungary found dogs ?also comprehend words and tone, using brain regions similar to ones humans use. they made the discovery by using an m-r-
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what does it all mean? well, your dog understands to a point.. what you say... ?and what you mean. now time for your juicy question of the morning... when it comes to this... there have been several studies that found women are much better than men. nearly everryone tries this on
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what is this? and why are women so much better? ???adlib now time for your 2nd juicy question of the morning... surveys show that 10 to 15 percent of people consider this to be their biggest regret. what
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city mayoral new york city mayoral candidate, and serial sexter.the latest anthony weiner scandal.we're talking about it in the morning mix... hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.... asu, making it easier to keep cool at football games this fall.
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5:42 am this football cool at easier to keep asu, making it hydrate....hydrate, hydrate, morning mix...about it in the we're talking talking morning mix...
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####break#### you would think... that after the first... or even the second time he got caught sexting... former new york
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"maybe that's not a smart thing to do".but weiner... was caught a third time.this time the picture is getting him in trouble... because his four year old son was in the background.the new york post reports he's been sexting another woman...the tabloid also shared screenshots of his exchanges with the woman.he got caught for the same thing back in 2011.?? ad lib ?? ?? ad lib ?? 2011.thing back in for the same he got caught woman.he got caught thing back in 2011.?? ad lib ?? ?? ad lib ?? 2011.thing back in 2011.
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now that kids are back in school... this week.... we look at 5 shopping secret tips that can save you time!instead of hitting the stores first, don't buy anything for your kids until they try on their clothes from last year and see what fits and needs to be replaced. also, check your drawers- look around for leftover school supplies you may have stashed and forgotten. we've all been there -- opening that bag of chips and finding ?mostly why are you paying for all that empty space? olympics.but now - simone biles will be looking for a new coach.the reason why - at 6:15.
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now for your 12 today trivia question.. we're dreaming of a vacation.. because on this day back in 1850, this day back in 1850, honolulu officially became a city. and if you live in honolulu you can get fined if you don't own one of these... what is it? guess and what is it? guess and we'll have your answer in a half hour. how often how often how often
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the chips this bag is filled with air?!bag is filled with air?!team 12's bill mcginnity thought the same thing so he followed his curiosity counting, weighing and measuring to see if you're really getting what you paid
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primary day here in arizona... and for a couple of long time fixtures...john mccain and sheriff joe arpaio...they're in and - remembering the life of gene the next hour - we'll look back on the late actor's greatest achievements...
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>> a tow truck driver is being held a hero after chasing down a hit and run driver. it is going to get hot at the poll, the hour by hour voting forecast is 11:00s away.
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honolulu hawaii became a city, and if you live in hawaii you have to own one of these doryx you know what it is the answer to your morning trivia question is just 20 minas way. >> spent the day in court taking selfies. she reported to morning duty coming up in morning juice. >> it has caused quite a scene there today. it is 6:00 on the this primary day. hope you are off to a great start. >> in the foreca >> it is a slight chance. it is really atmosphere getting its act together. today we will mostly see storms out in distance in the mountains erupting later on in the example hours: right now as we scan the skies outside the 12 news studio, it is wall to wall clear skies out there. as that sun is going to be popping over the horizon. officially in just 15 seconds. that's right. at 6:01 you can see maybe a


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