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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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honolulu hawaii became a city, and if you live in hawaii you have to own one of these doryx you know what it is the answer to your morning trivia question is just 20 minas way. >> spent the day in court taking selfies. she reported to morning duty coming up in morning juice. >> it has caused quite a scene there today. it is 6:00 on the this primary day. hope you are off to a great start. >> in the foreca >> it is a slight chance. it is really atmosphere getting its act together. today we will mostly see storms out in distance in the mountains erupting later on in the example hours: right now as we scan the skies outside the 12 news studio, it is wall to wall clear skies out there. as that sun is going to be popping over the horizon. officially in just 15 seconds. that's right. at 6:01 you can see maybe a
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>> so, what that mean, full sun sign at the surface. oh boy, it will heat up so efficiently. so get out to the polls, sooner than later. yeah, we are talking about 90s already by the 9:00 hour, triple digits by the noon hour, and up, up up all the way through the afternoon. we have this hour by hour forecast showing you a temperature of 106. but we are going for a high of 107. yeah. >> your morning drive here, temperatures betweenw to 90. mostly clear skies as you saw with the live shot a very light breeze and on the ride home, 107. down to 100 by the time rush hour is all said and done, a slight chance for storms there, and that sun set, just before 7:00. on the monsoon meter today, just a whim by one in valley. if that's a let down for you, you want the storm, just wait in days ahead, we will cover that coming up. thank you. 6:01 this morning, voters here
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a preview what you need to know. >> reporter: today, particularly, in arizona's primary election, there are two race that is will be narrowed down, two notable races. the signs are up you can vote here, the doors open just about a minute ago. we see already a number of voters who have come through, and coming out, pretty quickly with the i voted stickers. this is one of in polling place places. in fact will more than morning, and they will keep this in mind you have to go to your assigned polling place and that depends on your registered address. head to 12 news for where you need to vote. voters will narrow down the options for republican u.s. senator, the incumbent, john mccain has been in office since 1987 and his most aggressive opponent, kelly ward who also happens to be a physician, was recently quoted saying that mccain, who turned 80
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election because he may die during his time in office. excuse me. that's according to ward. and america's toughest sheriff is looking to get re-elect as well. he has fierce competition today however it is largely a face off between he and former buckeye police chief dan. it will be interesting to see how the legal troubles come in to play if it will factor in the polls today a. side from choosing the next president there's a lot at stake here. and after quite an election cycle she said she's ready to >> we are always anxious to get an election behind us, but we have got to get it going first: we have been working on the primary and the general for some time, and we have learned a lot of lessons. so i think that we are looking forward to the general election. >> and we're looking forward to it being over. okay the polls again, closing to night at 7:00, for all you need to know including
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today vote base on your address, head to 12 thank you, nikko. team 12 begins at 7:00. that's on 12 with up to the minute vote totals and then join us again on 12 news at 10:00 for the results and all of the races. tomorrow, presidential politic also come to the valley. donald trump and his running mate mike pence will speak at the convention center. the republican team will make a major speak on immigration. also, this morning, we are learning that donald trump has met with chairman roger the two were working together to prepare for the upcoming presidential debate. others who attended it practice session include rudy giuliani and chris christy. 6:04 is your time and a high speed chase turns into a -- crash turns into a foot chase. we have more details on a wild overnight scene. we will go live to the live alert center with more. this is a crazy one. >> it is crazy, right, emma. a tow truck driver is being called a hero of chasing down
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accident. this happening overnight on the i-17 near bethny. as soon as they came to rest, the driver fled the scene and ran into a nearby neighborhood. a tow truck driver who saw the accident and the driver run called 9-1-1s and giving live updates to police. witnesses and the phoenix police locateed it driver under some bushes in the nearby alley, a k-9 team was used the driver about 500 yards from the accident, police then used pepper spray and when the driver is not compliant. they had to drag him out of bushes. he talk today tow truck driver who didn't want his face seen on camera. he said he almost tackled the guy. >> i was about to do that at a point and he start today run so i started to drive behind him, and i try today keep up with him because if i would have jumped out when i told him to get on the ground, he would have took off and been out of view then. so i just followed him. >> now, the driver refused treatment from phoenix fire department, he was taken into custody, we're told that woman
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transport today hospital. we are live in the news room. brian west. >> let's check your roads. >> an intersection still closed at this hour is going be 32ened street and bell. they're investigating a very serious crash here, and an alternate route is the 51 or cave creek or greenway, and union hills, now if also, just try to void the area at all costs because there's a slight back up there. out to i-10 we're nice and clear on the east and westbound lanes so far. besides that intersection closure the value slow looking good so far for traffic. during a curve down to about 24 miles per hour, same story for i-10 around 35th avenue, 43rd avenue. we usually see that this time of the morning, from the 303 to the split only taking about 30 minutes averaging 55 miles per hour, starting to see a few drops and speeds in the i-10 eastbound from the 303 to 7th street down to 40 miles per
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there. jen, thank you, hot head lines, and phoenix police are investigating a triple stabbing between family members. it happened last night after 11:00, near 19th avenue and glenn dale, police say the three men all stabbed each other. the injuries are not life threatening. students at buck write union high school walked out of class on monday protesting aftera sophomore was sent home last week for wearing a black lives matter, the-shirt the school says the shirt violates which bans clothing and accessories that can quote disrupt the education process. dozens of activists are expect today deliver petitions today from more than 600,000 outraged consumers, other the epi pen price hike. >> it will be delivered to high listen head quarts in pennsylvania. since 2008, they have increased the price of epi pens more than 400%. the petitioning groups they want laws in place to stop the pharmaceutical industry from further price gouging. asu fan can say saver some
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renovated sun devil stadium because for the first time, they will allow fans to bring in sealed water to the stadium. asu athletics knead announcement yesterday. they recognize how hot it gets during the games and fans need to stay hydrated the sun devil season opener against nau is this saturday at 7:45. crystal. on this turn back the clock tuesday, there are so in antiaging products out there to choose from. how do you pick? e should look for and it just so happens that a serum developed right here if glenn dale and just releaseed it month, has all of them, in just one bottle. check it out. >> the wrinkle in your antiaging routine might be that you are missing one of these key ingredient. >> collagen, that's what makes skin firm and it bounces back when you stretch your skin. >> the acid is really going to be great for stimulating collagen production and
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slop away those dead skin cells that are what cause breakouts. >> and potency just as important. >> most of your skin care products are going to contain a less potent form of vitamin c. the thing about that is once you start mixing vitamin c with water, it starts to lose its potency as an antiaging agent. so ours is in a really nice potent form. >> she's talking about our skin cares which is different in in way. >> in women with red follow or let nodes. it can be very harsh on skin and that's when you start to see redness and peeling. >> our product contain a retinal replacement. it will mimic the same effects, but without the harsh side effect. >> the b word. >> we have all heard of botox. >> no need for needles. >> we use acetyl hex peptide,
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but it is like a topical botox, without having the injection into the skin. >> the benefits go beyond beauty. >> for every month you nourish your skin you will also be nourishing two children through food for the poor. >> it is a partnership that will keep on giving bottle after bottle and make you even more beautiful inside and out. . >> this antiaging serum called our skin care costs $99 normally but for our 12 today viewers we have a special offer on this turn back and enter the code nbc 12 to get 20% off plus free shipping. i put link and the code on my social pages on twitter and on facebook, and i know it is kind of sounds like i am saying skin care but it is the name of the product is our skin cares and it lives up to its name. they care about the children that are hungry. that's why they're donating money with every purchase to help feed the children.
6:11 am >> and again, the link is on facebook and twitter. just find me on there. >> i tried a little during the break. it smells amazing; right. >> my neck looks younger already. >> it does. i have to say it does smell really nice. >> it smells. >> that was a pleasant surprise. >> it smells great. i have been using it for a week. it even kind of helps with acne. i saw that first hand and it seems like the people who have tried it see that as well and it really helps too. the make up stays in place and replaces all sorts thing, mississippi which you arizer and everything in one bottle. >> now hiring after three world titles and four olympic medal, simone biles and her long-time coach parting ways. >> find out why. >> but first let me take a selfie. . >> reporting for duty, taylor
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selfies with her fellow jury pool. your morning juice, it is in a
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good morning to you. gorgeous sun rise this morning with the plane taking off from phoenix sky harbor airport, 6:15 on this tuesday morning. in your morning juice, we have taylor swift simone biles and a juicy question. >> taylor swift no show at the because kim and kanye and he tour minutes to say whatever he wanted or be because she had jury duty. she was scheduled for jury duty, everyone. here is the proof. is that cutest picture or what? she reported but was not chosen as a juror. still wondering why. photos on twitter show swift with other potential jurors. they even took time for a few selfies. >> isn't that nice.
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song writer. stars, they're just like us. >> everything is bigger in texas like news from world of gymnastics. four-time gold medal gym mist, simone biles she and amy have parted ways. they have worked together since simone was eight years old. she went to three, and her major success in rio where she took home the four gold nd she's moving to florida where her husband was offered a new job. so, since simone is not living in mr., it make things a little more difficult. >> a little surprising though. >> you think she might hop on a plane and move. >> right. >> they had a ton of success together. >> since eight years old, so 11 years told together a ton of success. >> maybe she juans to stay in texas i guess. >> yeah. let's get to second juicy question of the morning.
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of people consider this to be their biggest regret. >> oh, we have a hint. >> those who do say they think about this nearly every single day. >> wow. >> the question is what is it. >> u.c.l.a. >> maybe it is something, when you eat something bad. i regret that a lot. >> that's your biggest regret? >> well, five oreos that i ate yesterday. >> that's yo doubt. >> people say divorce is number one. >> i can see that. >> cliff says drinking. another cindy says career choice. >> i don't know either. jen. >> not working out? >> oh i have that daily. >> i mean, daily. >> i am sorry so say. >> i am starting to not feel bad about it, embracing it. >> you are looking fabulous. >> none of you need worry about that. as far as traffic goes this
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morning, this one knock on wood so far, pretty clear as far as the valley roadways. we have your typical slowdowns, i-10 eastbound, also, grand avnue heading out to west starting to get into the yellow zone, heading west through chandler, minor slowing there too. here a look at i-17 north and southbound, still wide open here, vehicles having no trouble, getting out the door this morning, and your live drive on the i-10 avenue. it will take you four minutes to 51st avenue. it starts to get a little more backed up as we see some red here but all in all this commute is in the yellow zone so moderate slowing here from the 101 to 7th street. a 21 minute commute on i-10 eastbound. and your exclusive traffic future cast, as we fast forward to this 7:00 hour, i-17 southbound gets down to around 20 miles per hour, i-10 eastbound at 26 miles per hour,
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gets in red. matt. 6:18. take a look at this, a severe weather alert out of minnesota, where high winds, torrential rain, some of the worst was in small town of gary where roofs were torn off of homes. other areas got as much as five minute inches of rain. there's severe weather there and in the valley. >> yes, a complete opposite, we're talking about temperatures here. it is going to be hot today. no, we are shooting for 107 or 104 is average. what if i told you august as a whole actually winds up being cooler than average. more days were either at or below average this month than they were above. and when you average it all all, we're two degrees below normal to date for this time of the month. and speaking of the calendar and counting down the days we only have 31 days left of monsoon 2016 it officially
6:20 am
speaking of monsoon 2016, it turns out that quite a hand full of high country neighborhoods are rounding out the top ten rainiest monsoons on record for rag staff, number eight for presscott. look at that a foot of rain, that's incredible. for payson, ranking at no. 6. these are the normals and certainly shooting and overachieving in terms of the rain fall counts. okay. let's take you toward in time here, we tracking the chance it is going to come midweek to late this week. high pressure, taking the lead today. it is ruling the roost. it shifts and gets in on the this though. look at the moisture, all the green dotting the state there. that mean the chance for scattered storms statewide, the main threats with this someone going be the potential for flash flooding, of course, frequent lightning is an expectation and strong gusty winds. so, how does that translate on the monsoon meter for the valley? a 2 for tomorrow.
6:21 am
you are, a 2 for friday, and then by the weekend it looks like the dry air takes over. in high country today, a pair of 7s for the high. keep your eyes to sky. there's a chance for a storm here and there, by wednesday we pump bump it up to a 30% chance and thursday we're all in action. a high of 75 on that day. >> as we are taking a look at the 7-day forecast. 107 today as promised it will be a hot one, we will start to see those temperatures back down, the humidity will be on the increase, that is when we will see the and storms. matt. >> >> looking good, thank you, crystal. 6:21. still ahead, forgive me for doing this, a b c, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3, her rendition is much better than mine. it is also your shot of the morning in just three minute. >> >> honolulu became a city on this day in 1850. if you live in honolulu, you get fined if you don't own one of these. do you know what it is?
6:22 am
minutes. you are watching 12 today.
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>> >> oh man, you and the cute jokes. >> if you only heard, 6:24. join us on facebook live between commercials. now for your 12 today trivia question. we're all dreaming of an island vacation because hyundai back in 1850, honolulu became a city. if you live there or anywhere
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>> i texted my good friend, michael who has liveed in hawaii, he says rubber slippers or sandal. >> i said -- >> you are all wrong. >> what? >> it is. >> a boat. >> it is one of those obscure, outdated law, kind of funny, nobody really follows but it make us dream of the. >> how mump would you get fine. you are not going to get fined. >> it is one of those, the one of those. >> you will love this. time for a shot of the morning a pint sized cue tee down south making ways for how he sings her abcs listen to this. >> a b, w x y z. why i heard y
6:26 am
that's two-year-old violet from louisiana singing quite the dramatic version of the a b c's. ? next time won't you sing with me. >> her mom posted it video last thursday. i hate talking over it. >> it has nearly 4 million views. broadway, you had better watch outment because home girl has got it. >> bring it home. >> w x, y and z. >> has she christina ago are. >> she's so into it. >> i want to show my twins that. their reaction to that. so adorable. >> still ahead s there a snake invasion here in the valley. >> for the third time in month, scottsdale fire fighters answer the call about a massive snake out on an evening stroll.
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>> on tuesday a live report in just minutes.
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of people consider this to be the biggest regret. if you know what it is the answer just minas way in your morning juice. take your lawsuit and shove it. >> why star bucks is pouring a big iced cup of victory this morning. >> oh yeah. >> we will talk about that in just a couple of minutes. welcome everyone to 12 today. how is the forecast looking today. >> man it is looking great. you are not going have to worry about any storms or anything like that, it is bright, sunshine, and of course, there's a catch there. that means it will warm now, get your vote in. do your run, walk the dog, get the kids off to school here, it is really a beautiful start. look at all of those press teen conditions out there, the clear skies, and of course, that sunshine means it will be able to do its thing, all day without anything stopping it. heating tup ground, quickly warming interview the 90s by the 9:00 hour, triple digits by noon and maximumming out around 107 later on today.
6:31 am
neighborhoods varying from around 7to 84 degrees. more sunshine than anything else a very light breeze and of course it is getting brighter and brighter as sun pops up over the horizon. >> we're not worrying too much about storms, a stray storm may be possible which is why we have a one here, but all the action is exclusive to mountain areas where we have a five for the white mountains a 2 for northern arizona and a 3 for seisors as, we boost the number, we will talk about coming up. all right. 6:31. new this morning a tow truck driver being called a highway hero after chasing down the driver of a hit and run. brian west is live at the 12 news live alert center. brian, crazy story here. >> definitely a wild one. this all started as a rear end car crash near bethny. the driver of the car reportedly going 100 miles per hour. as soon as the vehicles came to rest, the driver flee it is scene and runs into a nearby
6:32 am
driver run called 9-1-1. he was giving live updates to police. now, witnesses and the phoenix police fire locateed it driver under some bushes in a nearby alley, a k-9 team was used. the driver about 500 yards from accident. police then used pepper spray and when the driver was not come compliant. heather to drag him out of the bushes, witness reports including the tow truck driver helped to catch the man. >> initial report was that he fled unfooted running and then there were a couple of report i would imagine he, you know due to the collision impact he was all righting and maybe suffered some injuries from that. >> the driver refused treatment from phoenix fire and was taken into custody to be interviewed by dps. the woman driving did not have any injurys and you have not transport today hospital. we are live in hospital. bryan west. >> it is 6:31. let's check your tuesday drive
6:33 am
>> sounds good. good morning to you. this area abhas been closed for last few hours and is expect today be closed for the next hour or so. 32nd street for a crash investigate. you can use greenway or union hills. also 51 to make it around that one, just try to avoid the area at all costs. >> a wider look at the valley now, we still continue have any major crashes on your interstates or highways to report to you yet. it has been a pretty good morning so far, so hopefully, we don't jinx speeds a little slower around northern grand avnue heading west to 25 miles per hour. through lynndale, and the 60 westbound once you get to mesa driver and arizona avenue. also starting to see stop and go just like this. i-10 eastbound lanes at 51st avenue, a down to about 30 miles per hour. so drive times for you, loop 202, right on the 101 northbound, is still nice and clear but we knows guys in the next hour that will jam up and
6:34 am
your exclusive future cast. thank you. now let's check your hot head line, the sheriff's office has named a person of interest in the gruesome septic tank murders. he's the prime suspect in the murder of two mexican drug gang members. they happened back in 2008. both victims were dismembered and one was found in a septic tank. his brother is also being sought as a person of interest. >> a bull he c behind bars accuse of abusing his two week old daughter. jeremy cowan threw her on to ground head first because she was crying. he told police she fell tough coach and then said he triped and dropped her on the head. the parents waited a week before seek medical help. >> it has been more than a month and sill no sign of little jesse wilson.
6:35 am
clues. please call police if you see him. you can also call silent witness. >> recreational marijuana sparrers suing arizona secretary of state, michelle reagan. they claim the description leaves out port information such as that a new 15% marijuana tax would mainly go to schools, they also allege the description wrongly says marijuana will be legal for people over 21 when it should say 21 and older. it must be finalized by tomorrow. the another visit from donald trump. he will be having a rally at the phoenix convention center on wednesday. that's happening at 6:00 p.m. doors open at 3:00. he's expect today make a key speech on immigration, trump's arizona campaign manager tells us that mike pence will join trump here as well. meanwhile in decision 2016, the polls are now open for arizona's primary election. team 12 is life with what you need to know. good morning.
6:36 am
open for half an hour now so every once in a while we will see people coming out with i voted stickers. not so much of a turn out which is to be expected but you should know there are more than 600 locations for polling locations and all of them will be open today starting at 6:00. so about half an hour ago, already open in they election. you do have to go to your assigned polling place. that depends on your registered address, so we have a link to help you find your location on the web site according to the arizona secretary of state web site, vote at the assigned location for your new address and independents can vote but make sure everybody who comes in today does not forget to bring your id that shows a picture and your address, you can drop it off. all the votes count. only 20% of registered voteless cast a ballot today. really, incompetent plead
6:37 am
expecting it to be a simple process. poll also close at 7:00 tonight. for all you need to know including a primary election guideline and where to vote,. >> 12 news today. >> thank you for the update. >> don't forget team 12 coverage begins tonight with up to minute vote totals and join us again on 12 news at 10:00 for the results in all the race. >> >> here is emma with the morning juice. yeah, as they say, third ti top hillary clinton aid abdean is separate prosecuting her husband, former new york congressman, anthony after he allegedly sends yet another inappropriate picture of himself to a woman, while his young son was in bed with him. i mean this is crazy. >> this is the third time the former congressman has been caught sexing with other women.
6:38 am
lynn on the considered her a daughter, always her side and yes she's finally leaving him. it is not on our network, we know. but, sure to appear a few times in morning juice, the new season of dance being the stars has been announced. so the cast includes already row hernandez. >> isn't that great from the final five. >> vanilla ice. >> she's so cute. >> vanilla ice, baby face, amber rose, far no ryan lochte. >> sometimes they bring in surprise guests later on, stuff like that. who knows, but right now, no lochte. i am bucked about that. surveys show that 10 to 15% of people consider this their biggest regret. that means one or two people
6:39 am
this. >> that's always my favorite. >> what is this final guesses everyone. >> something you think about almost everyday. >> you think about it almost everyday. >> if this is one of your biggest regrets you think about it everyday. >> that was another hint. >> not traveling enough. >> career choice. >> someone said that. >> cindy said career choice. >> who is going toughie's up in this room? anyone? >> no. >> i am living the dream. [ laughter ] >> whatever. >> still head on 12 today, come imagination, as we remember the life of the one and only gene wilder. more on his passing in your morning mix. >> and are you smarter than a fifth grader? an upset judge lets one man have it about his iced coffee lawsuit against starbucks that and more when 12 news comes right back. >> 12 news is proud partner
6:40 am
join us sunday action october
6:42 am
>> sad morning. people all around the world are mourning the loss of movie star, comedian gene wilder. he passed away monday from complications of al i'mers. he was 83. he was beloved and known for playing a wide cast of characters and comedy classics such as young franken stein and the produces but perhaps he was best known as the candy maker.
6:43 am
the box office when it came out, it is now considered a classic. >> isn't that wild? how hard to believe it was a -- it is one of the most beloved movies we all. i remember walking around in gardens and. it is blue. >> where he walks with the cane. he all the sudden walks just fine, and with the character. >>
6:44 am
he executed it like nobody else. >> it is authentic. >> he will be missed. >> a judge, this is getting news all across the country. he throws out the starbucks iced drink lawsuit, and the kids know. they can increase the amount of the beverage they receive by ordering it without ice in and that whole idea not working for the lawsuit. >> the judge reason he can sue starbucks, that iced tea,. >> come on, you -- from the beginning with this whole thing you can folded, you were like seriously someone is going to slap a lawsuit on that. >> but it all all goes back to hot coffee mcdonald's lawsuit.
6:45 am
>> it'd can. >> i mean really, to have a judge even have to throw it out at that part, i mean of the process, it went pretty far. >> waste taxpayer time and money. >> over ice. >> i love how one critic put it. if you are going spend $5 on a drink, make it yourself. >> if you are going to have a problem with it, do it yourself. >> 6:45. let's get a quick check of your traffic. >> that's what we call # first >> seriously. >> we have so blessed here. 6:45. so here a look at the big picture traffic, once we get you out a little bit past 67th avenue so maybe around 83rd, that's where you see the back up on i-10 eastbound for your typical morning curve. the curve also slowing some, how about the 101 northbound once you are in chandler, we are seeing some drop to 35 miles per hour, then the 101 as we send you to the northwest, around 75th also to about 23
6:46 am
the 202 around 40th street, it is still wide open but these westbound lanes starting to pick up a little bit here on this tuesday morning. drive times for the 101 eastbound from 75th avenue to scottsdale in yellow, it is going run you about 30 minutes if that's your morning drive. get you on a live drive here, i- 10 eastbound, to 51st avenue, running about 20 minutes we see some areas a little clearer than others but otherwise we're s the 6:45: understandable. 101 to 7th taking 33 minutes ton i-10 eastbound and finally, your 12 today exclusive traffic future cast for 8:00 a.m., we are looking at slow downs on i- 10 eastbound, to 15 miles per hour. >> thank you. severe thunder storms dumped heavy rain and hail across colorado, take a look at this video here. there was so much hail, it took
6:47 am
streets that were flooded living drivers stranded. the national weather service issued warnings for colorado springs. , it is not over with summer yet and it is snow up there. >> thunderstorms, and hail. >> it is very, very strong. >> but certainly happened. put look at the tropics. we have two hurricanes making a w-line, tons of areas to watch. through hurricane and more places to keep an eye on here. the next big thing for us, it is a return of the monsoon pattern in just that perfect alignment to drop on moisture to deliver bigger chances for storms each day.
6:48 am
have the expectations that storms won't be erupting in the mountains but also here in the valley the main threat, the potential for thrash flooding, of course along with that, the lightning, the gusty winds, you have to watch out for that as well. and it is already been a monsoon for the record books for in, in locations. >> that. it is just about 11 inches of rain, and it is the eighth wettest and the sixth wettest for payson. today it is dry as a bone and we are expecting in, in storms to develop today. we still have to work some humidity into our atmosphere some in terms of the factor
6:49 am
at face value, you can, whatever it says that's what it will feel like, humidity usually makes it feel worse and we have to add to it. but today you don't. in day 50s head, you definitely will. >> but we don't need to feel any worse than 107. let me tell you. it is a hot one today, above average, and more than anything a stray storm, at least that slight chance for it today but really the days to keep your eye to sky is tomorrow and beyond for the rest of here. temperatures down a little bit but the trade off is the humidity. >> thank you, crystal. it is 6:49. let's check your hot head lines and we will stay with weather a tropical depression spinning in atlantic ocean is expect today be upgrade today a tropical storm today. a warning has been issued for north carolina's outer banks. at this point, there are no plans to evacuate but state officials are monitoring the stormment a second depression in the gulf of mexico could
6:50 am
gone after colorado spring was inundated with hail. and rain flooded some streetsment we heard reports that a plow got stuck during the clean up. >> possible tornado, high winds and torrential rain caused heavy large in northwest minnesota a roof was ripped off of one home, several trees toppled. the national weather service is checking out the damage to see if a tornado did in ct now to 2016. primary challenges to two of the longest serving republicans are draw ago tension as voters head to polls today. senator john mccain is facing a tough battle with kelly ward and sheriff joe is up against ann saban. polls are open until 7:00 tonight. >> backers of a voter initialive are suing arizona secretary of state, michelle reagan about the ballot description voters will see in november. they claim it leaves out important information such as a
6:51 am
would mainly go to schools. they also allege the description wrongly says marijuana will be legal for over 21 when it should be 21 and older. >> it is tebow time today. >> nfl quarter back. he will be holding a one minute show case happening in southern california and scouts from at least 13 team also catch fly ball, throw to bases and have two rounds of live batting practice. i can't imagine how nervous he is. >> he's a pro. he knows what he's doing. >> we are just a few das way from the 2016 par olympic game, they're ready despite concerns about low ticket sales. radio joe considered a difficult place for people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility because of few ramp, poorly equipmented public
6:52 am
maintained roads. the games start september 11. >> just in time for football season, pizza hut turning a pizza box into a game board. they will serve the medium pizzas in a flick football field, that has detachable goal post, trihang example a score card. you can also videos of the football skills to win free pizza from the $35 flavor member ewe. >> so much fun. >> seriously. wednesday, they're expected to unvail the iphone 7. >> most reports suggest this going to be a pretty small update as apple might hold off any game changing feature for iphone 10th anniversary. that's happening next year. the iphone 7 is expect today be more water resistant, not sure if that means it is or not. but thanks to removal of the head phone jack which has i lot
6:53 am
a new -- this phone is more water resistant but not water resistance. massive snakes in scottsdale. >> weather and traffic is next
6:54 am
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6:56 am
welcome to 12 today. on this tuesday morning. why there some debris, and very slowly around this one, it is not mess up any of their tires. that will not be fun. get a flat tire on the way to work, avoid this area. you can take the 143 or the 202. hopefully it is cleaned up soon, also, 3 thend street closed right now, because of crash investigation. crystal. we're on pace to hit 107 this afternoon, we are on storm watch for the rest of this week. anybody else got the weekend on the brain? maybe you are going to be rooting on the devils backing down the forecast on saturday, during the game, mostly clear skies, with temperatures in the 90s, and it looks like we will be drying out by the weekend. >> finally, you may want to keep your dogs extra close when you walk in scottscall because
6:57 am
the sidewalk. a woman taking out her trash near 75th street, take notes came across a 7-foot boa. this is a red tailed bow what constrictor. now, here is the most concerning part though. it is third snake call in this area in the past month. the other two were both pythons which can grow up to a mere 20 feet >> yeah. >> you can get fined for not having a boat. >> allegedly in hawaii we are talking about. >> so they say. >> one of those obscure law, fine me all you want to do. >> let's do an investigative report on this. >> on this day there was a f-1 tornado that hit, theempe and did some damage, heavy rain
6:58 am
>> in, theempe. >> i am saying so surprising. >> she wised and you is leaving anthony which do did it really take this long. >> it did i guess. >> she vie tryed and try. all right. crystal, join me on this one, sun devil football. >> oh, saturday. >> go devils,. >> yes. >> on that note i have to go with the former florida gator, tim tebow trying out for the mlb today. >> what's his move when he make a home run. >> probably the same one, throw 13 teams are suppose today be there for his personal try out. if not he has a pretty good fall back at espn. >> thank you so much for watching everyone. >> don't forget 12 news is always on. 12 and our favorite social media apps. >> that and more coming up we will -- we will see you in half
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. weiner's woes. anthony weiner dumped from two jobs on the same day his wife announces she's leaving him over his third sexting scandal. the question now could this lead to a new investigation. double whammy. atlantic, both expected to intensify today. one headed for the gulf coast. the other for north carolina. bringing heavy rain and tornadoes. survivor speaks. the young woman at the center of the st. paul prep school rape case comes forward revealing her identity for the first time in an exclusive interview. why she's opening up now, what she thinks about owen labrie's sentence and the campaign she hopes will bring good from her painful journey.


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