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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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our roof cam over the downtown phoenix area, a short time ago it was pretty dark out there, wind gusting the right now you can see patches of blue sky. let's get straight to the radar and show you what is happening out there. it looks like for the most part a lot of rain has fizzled out to make it did push into the east valley earlier as you sign up video but we still have blowing dust advisories for pinal county as well as pima county. some scheduled to 6:00. we will see with the latest update there is on that. some winds still gusting tempe, 25 miles per hour. we can expect as some of these storms begin to dissipate or continue to dissipate. we have had measurable rainfall we will take a closer look at that coming up in a little bit. aside from weather the other big story at 6:00,
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voters hitting the polls. some big races on the line. live team coverage. we begin with brahm reznik live outside a polling station in phoenix. >>reporter: senator john mccain call this campaign the toughest race of his life, facing three candidates. kendall -- kelly ward and two candidates are on the ballot yet. kelly ward cast her ballot in the biggest ce job, week and gotten old. >>reporter: the physician and former legislator claiming 80 -year-old senator john mccain has 1 foot in the grave. >> we've been inspired by so many young interns. >>reporter: polls show mccain with a solid lead heading into the republican senate primary the mccain also has to deal with politicians who aren't on the ballot. >> the fact is washington changes people. >>reporter: democratic congresswoman and kirk patrick
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>> frankly i will not talk about it anymore. >>reporter: donald trump has put john mccain in a bind as he dodges questions about his party's on polarizing presidential nominee. a senator mccain wins tonight the first question he is likely to get willoughby about donald trump's speech tomorrow in phoenix. no secret we have had problems at the polls in the past how do has as we go through this dress rehearsal for november? >>reporter: generally very quiet across the board. this polling place downtown packed during the presidential primary back in march 2 incidents, a big issue this morning at the polling place in glendale high school, voters showed up to cast ballots but poll workers weren't there. the county recorder had to send staff. they got up and running within half an hour.
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never showed up. that does happen. no word on what went wrong and in south phoenix police lockdown tg bar elementary school to search for domestic violence suspect. the search over the polling station back open again. remember places close at 7 p.m. tonight. in the race for maricopa county sheriffs democrat paul penzone running unopposed that four caes joe dana continues team coverage live from republican headquarters. >>reporter: the incumbent six turn sheriff joe arpaio expected to make an appearance republican party headquarters sometime after 7:00. arpaio's most prominent challenger, long time law man and former police chief dan saban. two goals joe arpaio with a comfortable lead over saban and two other challengers.
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attempt to unseat our power. he's come as close as any other challenger, way back in 2004 when he garnered more than 40% of the vote. but arpaio appears to be benefiting from a renewed frustration among republican voters over illegal immigration. fighting illegal immigration is arpaio's brand. despite a federal court ruling two years ago he doesn't have the authority to do so and despite a finding his office racially profiled latino citizens and immigrants and despite a series of lawsuits he has been on the losing end of regarding the mishandled if arpaio wins tonight, he will have more than $11 million in his campaign war chest heading into the general election. first things first, with tonight primary, we expect to hear from joe arpaio a little later. we will see you live later on tonight at 10:00. the bottom line when it comes to today's primary. the two big races to keep your eyes on incumbent senator john
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november. polls close at 7:00 you have about an hour left. be sure to stay with 12 news once the polls close later tonight. we will bring you the latest results right here and on 12 the race are present, the valley preparing for president, the valley preparing for another visit from republican nominee donald trump. holding a rally at the phoenix convention center tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. trump posted on twitter he will be making a major speech on il governor doug ducey is set to speak. trump appears to be gaining ground on hillary clinton in the race for president. the latest nbc survey monkey poll shows clinton leading 40% to 42% but down 2% from just last week. there are now 69 days to go until november's presidential election. a close call this afternoon at the deer valley airport in
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gear would not apply. we are told no one was hurt. a scary thought, imagine taking out the trash in the dark and coming face-to-face with a 7-foot boa constrictor. that is exactly what happened to a woman in scottsdale last night. this is actually the third exotic snake captured in the same area over the last month. one expert believes they probably are someone's pets. >> my best guess somebody's doing a poor job securing their be in such a tight location i would surmise it is the same owner and they have very poor caging, not making sure they are secure. >> scottsdale fires is rescuing a snake like this is pretty rare the last time it happened, 17 years ago. from snakes in scottsdale to bears in tucson dangerous animals crating public safety concerns across the state. >> the furry intruder got too close for comfort and had to be
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home in the high country. >>reporter: arizona a mecca for bears welcoming a new addition. this is lemon. a black bear they had been a nuisance on mount lemmon in tucson. officials decided she needed to be captured. luckily she was on board. >> the funny up thing about her situation walked into the tank, turned around the door is shut it on herself. she is ready to come appear. >>reporter: after the capture home in williams there for the sake of knowing that lemmon is a healthy bear, before we put her here with our bears, future friends we want to make sure she is not going to pass on anything strange. >>reporter: for arizona game and fish this was an unusual scenario. >> a case when dealing with one single animal, usually not our management practice. we look at whole populations to make sure we have a healthy population. >>reporter: according to game
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because it had an opening it was lemmon's lucky day. she will be with bears around her own age. >> with younger bears we can start building relationships with humans in a positive way and with animals. >>reporter: for places having bears like lemon allows them to educate others. we are able to educate. it is fun, easy everybody loves animals they are rewarding coming up how people here in the valley are reaching out to help victims of the horrible earthquake in italy as the country continues to mourn. an olympic medalist from the valley back home making a special stop today. where does arizona rank on this year's list of states with best and worst community college systems? $12.99.
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. another somber day in italy as people gathered for a funeral for the victims of last week's earthquake. nearly 300 killed in the disastert today also a national day of . >> and italian restaurant in scottsdale set a special dish named after one of the villages devastated by the disaster. owners pledging $3 to the italian red cross for every dish they sell. >> very terrible because the
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towns. >> and the lives of people. >> the owners plan to cut collect donations throughout the month of september. still ahead, doctors revealing another possible side effect of the zika virus as fears of the disease remain high in the u.s. today's social sound off. arizona community colleges compare with the rest of the nation. straight ahead a message for all you sports to jump on the cardinals band wagon. >> green bay packers, i smell the smell of cheese i think that
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. time to take a look at our hot headlines. arizona one of the top states in the country for taking in syrian refugees. new numbers from the state department shows 760s -- 766 refugees call arizona home. arizona ranks third behind michigan and california. about it dozen people out of their homes because of a fire. it broke out in a vacant home
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condo building. everyone got out safely. the cause still under investigation. new evidence the zika virus may cause hearing problems in babies. the cdc tested a small group of infants and found that more than 5% experienced hearing loss. experts recommend screening for all children born to mothers infected with zika. tonight's social sound off. high school seniors just starting to get back into the rhythm of school but not too early to start thinking about college. >> taking classes at your local community collon before going to a university. where does arizona rank on this year's list of states that the best and worst community college systems? according to while at hub .com arizona comes in number 16 nationally. researchers looked at a number of factors including tuition, student to faculty ratio and which states have the highest graduation rates. south dakota had the best community college system in the country, pennsylvania came in
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nothing. >> nothing ever a surprise. >> i wish we had more rain and last -- less dust. we manage to get some rain managed to get some rainfall. let's look at some of those totals over the past three hours. gold canyon saw the heaviest of the storms, over half an inch. north mesa about .24 inches, anthem about a tenth of an inch as well. usery mountains, apache junction four 107-inch. might be about it. here's a look at satellite and radar. you can see the storms coming off the mountains moving through the east valley and fizzling out even in the downtown area. it got dark, gusty. right now not seeing a whole lot lot. just a couple sprinkles. out towards avondale north of i- 10. the blowing dust advisory, south
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service lifting those because everything dying down. really that is about it happening out there. a lot of that in connection to the heat out there. we got up to 107. speaking nationally keeping an eye on the two tropical depressions out there, one in the atlantic, the other in the gulf of mexico. that when expected to head to the florida peninsula as we head to the next couple days. could tr flooding rain with several areas expected especially northern florida. here in arizona, numbers going up on the monsoon meter is more moisture moves in for tomorrow and thursday is all. do not be surprised over the next couple days if you see an isolated storm or two roll into your area. we prepared for heavy downpours, gusty winds and always the possibility of more dust. 103 the high in casa grande a tomorrow, 106 gila bend, high
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temperatures, some 70s. in phoenix we will see temperatures come down a little bit. we will fluctuate a degree or two for the next couple days but looks like the weekend is drive. >> we need to have a talk. like many of you i am a card-carrying member of the bird getting. football season is about to kick off, meaning that all across the valley fans are displaying the colors of their favorite team. unfortunately, too many of you are displaying the wrong colors. green bay packers colors. i smell the smell of cheese. i see that stupid patriots head thing whatever that is. chicago bears logo.
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now is the perfect time to embrace the cardinals inside the stadium. there is a tough, exciting football team led by a genius in a silly have. this is an opportunity to shed the baggage of your past. there is a reason why you left the room -- gloom, drizzle and hipsters of seattle. a reason why you left everything about the state of florida. you have until september 11 to get on board. after but a bandwagon jumper. i am glad we had this talk. >> i am glad you were able to get that off your chest. and set football fans straight. cardinal secondary reeling right now. the season ending knee injury is pressing just enough to speed up his come back after missing most of the off-season and camp with a foot injury.
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rely heavily on brookie brandon williams. despite all this the cardinals will do just find -- just fine. >> you build your roster certainly adept is important to you know there will be attrition you just hope you have enough depth to handle it. we have seen young guys who need to step up. brandon williams playing well, we have high expectations. i think we will be fine. we at 12 news have been celebrating our very own mark sharing the day with cardinals linebacker day on buchanan. 24 years old today how do you feel? feeling old? >> just chilling with my teammates. good practice playing football. just trying to get better every day.
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time. >> thank you, coop. >> they share the same birthday and the same age. >> i noticed that. >> i look a lot better. >> i found out earlier that mark is legal to go to bars now. >> >> it is on this weekend. a local olympian returning to the valley today making a special stop to meet some of his youngest fans coming up next. . tomorrow morning. >> one simple shopping tip that can save you time. donald trump returning to the valley to give his big immigration speech. three drinks you need to goal down to help you lose weight and is it sliders? alone in the dark? one thing half the men in this country are afraid of? morning juice will leave
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. we told you that getting into the box, he has lights and vibrations. not only would you get your best night's sleep but also it improves your golf game. sign me up. a new therapy called the zone. it seems to work. bruce arians wife is the genius behind it. full details only on 12 news at 10:00. >> something to help my golf
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box. finally, valley olympian sam dorman home from rio after winning silver in synchronized diving. the tempe native visited st. joe's neo- native intensive care -- intensive care unit today to thank everyone who supported him along the way. to say some of the nurses excited to meet him is an understatement. >> i don't know that i should divulge her name but yes or thermi sammy claim they will be his future wife. >> i did have a proposal and i said yes. >> nice. >> what a charming guy. sam will be in the valley a few more days before heading back to miami where he will start training for tokyo. >> big thumbs up to the nicu nurses.
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ryan lochte's new interview and he's playing the blame game. >> it's been dragged out way too long. >> who he's calling out now on "extra.? ? ? ? ? is "dancing with the stars" olympian ryan lochte's last-ditch effort to save his image and his career? >> i did lie about that one part. >> we are behind the scenes of his big-apple confessional. the incredible shrinking oprah. >> you need to stop, by the way. >> no, no. i'm not going to stop. >> how much weight winfrey's lost and the sexy scene that's giving her ideas in the bedroom for stedman.
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>> the first pics of sex-crazed anthony weiner since his front-page scandal blew up. >> did he know his marriage was already over? >> new details on gene wilder's final hours. his wife holding his hand, his favorite song playing and why he kept his alzheimer's a secret. >> two superstar couples, two wild late-night date nights. rihanna and drake trying to fake out the photogs. kim k., white hot with kanye. cuoco. >> i'm doing an interview right now, and i'm going to need quiet. >> now on "extra.? >> i'm totally kidding. >> from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hi, everyone. welcome to "extra.? i'm mario lopez. coming up, we're with the new mrs. jeter and leo's leading lady nina agdal in new york. her first words since the car crash. >> also coming up, mario, in


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