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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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>> 12news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa, caribe, and coop starts now. >> 12news at 10:00 tracking the big picture tonight. >> team 12 bringing you all the >> i'll talk to the woman who found a five footer in her home. >> senator john mccain is in the battle for reelection. >> sheriff joe arpaio seeks another term. >> his legal troubles front and center. >> trump is coming to phoenix. >> why he may go to mexico first.
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arizona primary are rolling in. >> with the u.s. senate on the republican side, john mccain. easy winner tonight over kelli ward. kelli ward earlier last week said that john mccain was too old to run again. mccain proving tonight that age is just a number. >> mccain will now face democrat ann kirkpatrick in the november election. she is running unopposed. currently the congressional district one and decided to give mccain what he himself has called the toughest reelection fight of his career. >> what about sheriff joe arpaio? legal troubles not affecting him at all. an easy win over dan saban. so he is officially the republican nominee tonight. >> arpaio will face former phoenix police sergeant paul penzone. he won his primary on the democratic side. he ran against arpaio four years ago.
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contested congressional districts. district one, heavily republican. now, paul babeu, the favorite going in leading wendy rogers. but that has not officially been called. he will face off against tom o'halleran in november. >> now, the other congressional race we are watching. district 5, and here are the results on the republican side. christine jones has a very narrow lead over andy biggs. i >> on the democratic side, it has been calmed for talia fuentes. easily. the winner will be trying to grab matt salmon's congressional seat. we have vote totals but only after serious issues with the secretary of state's new website. the one she touted last week. the election site crashed immediately at 8:00 when all those first numbers, that so-
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hour. and has been sputtering ever since. this is just the latest election debacle for the secretary of state michelle reagan and her office. the secretary so far hasn't explained exactly what happened. but rest assured, 12news will go looking for answers starting tomorrow morning. and you can stay with our website,, for updates throughout the night. 12news is your political hot spot and tonight, we have team coverage of the primary >> let's start with our political expert brahm resnik and the race for u.s. senate. brahm, an easy win tonight for senator mccain. >> reporter: that's right mark. now comes round two of what john mccain has called the race of his life as he try to distance himself from donald trump at the top of the ticket. the five-term senator goes onto face ann kirkpatrick in the
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minutes, sounded a bit sick and alluded to trump urging resistance to bad ideas no matter who is in the white house. >> these are some of the biggest though not the only issues in stake at this election. to make real progress in any of them, republicans must be willing to put forward smart common sense effective policies. we must be able to resist from a position of strength ideas coming from the next white house whoever occupies it, that would take the country in the wrong track. >> reporter: northern arizona congresswoman kirkpatrick could be his toughest election opponent in years. she made clear trump will be an issue in their senate race. >> i have to tell you one of the most common things i hear from people is they are so surprised john mccain didn't stand up for himself when donald trump insulted him. they are basically saying to him if john mccain won't stand
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up for us. >> reporter: mccain primary opponent kelli ward issued this statement. the battle is done, but the war for america's soul will continue. and now, let's go to joe dana at republican party headquarters where sheriff joe arpaio spoke tonight. >> reporter: that's right. he was so confident, he was already giving interviews 30 minutes before the first numbers came in. he cruised to victory. but if are any indication, the generals will not be a sure thing. another election, another victory for arizona's most successful politician the last two decades. >> i report to the people. they are my bosses. and, i hope that they just rehired me the first time. >> reporter: six term sheriff joe arpaio winning easily against republican challenger dan saban and two others. arpaio not willing to discuss what is ahead. >> i'm not going to get into
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road. since 2000, arpaio's support has gone down from 66% to 50%. >> his record in office has diminished considerably. it has cost us over $150 million in lawsuits. we have seen civil rights violations. racial profiling. >> reporter: arpaio has been recommended by a general judge for criminal conmp $11 million in campaign cash to convince voters he deserves another term. >> there are a lot of people who give me money and it is not because i'm tall, dark, and handsome. >> reporter: paul penzone posing a challenge tonight to the sheriff. don't go dirty. >> when you are in law enforcement, we are held to a higher standard for good reason. that was a lie.
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about how poorly you have done in office. >> reporter: and arpaio is not answering tonight whether he will debate penzone. the sheriff has not debated anyone in the last four elections. joe dana, 12news. >> thank you very much joe. in the race for the white house, republican presidential nominee donald trump tweeting that he is headed to mexico before coming to phoenix tomorrow. >> mexico's president invited trump and hillary clinton. trump tweeted invitation to trump was accepted. and the media would love to sit in on that meeting. >> trump wants to build a wall along the u.s. mexico border. and says he will make mexico pay for it. the mexican president says trump's rhetoric is like that of hitler. when he makes it to phoenix, he is going to make a major speech on immigration. >> many of his supporters in
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softening his stance. tough stance on immigration. and of course, his original vow to deport more than 11 million people. team 12's kevin kennedy is standing by live at the convention center in downtown phoenix where trump will be speaking tomorrow. >> reporter: yeah guys. as you mentioned, donald trump could be showing up here at the convention center following a visit to mexico. how that will play into his expected speech on immigration is unknown. what we do know is this. rebl will be watching and listening. >> everybody loves me. >> reporter: we know he's coming but what will he say? donald trump tweeting he will make a major speech on illegal immigration. his son will talk today. >> you are confident. >> i feel good. i feel really good. >> reporter: speculation is swirls that trump may soften his stance on illegal immigration. >> mr. trump's message is all about protecting americans.
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brandon mendozo was killed by a wrongway driver who was here illegally. >> i'm doing this because of who i believe will change the problem that killed my son. >> reporter: there are roughly 11 million undocumented immigrant ins the country. deporting all of them would seem impossible. which could be where trump pulls back a bit. >> i think donald trump right now is in panic mode when it comes to latinos. doesn't matter what he says tomorrow. he already lost the latinos vote. >> reporter: hillary clinton is calling for comprehensive reform and a path to citizenship. democrats doubt trump will shift. >> you see the hate he has been spouting the past year, i don't see him changing his policies. >> reporter: one thing we know, trump is speaking in phoenix and illegal immigration is the big topic. and trump is expected to speak around 6:00 tomorrow. we will bring you every word and have reaction from both sides. we are live outside the convention center. i'm kevin kennedy, 12news at 10:00. >> thanks kevin.
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appear to be gaining ground on hillary clinton. in the race for the white house. the latest nbc survey monkey poll shows clinton leads at 48 to 42%. but, that is down about 2% from last week. they are now just 69 days left until the november general election. well, now to some more hot headlines happening across our state tonight. >> a navajo nation officer was killed in a route 64. >> officer frank was on his way when it happened. both cars tried to avoid hitting each other but couldn't. >> the officer died instantly. the passengers in the other car survived. governor doug ducey has ordered all flags to fly half staff tomorrow. the peta jungle held a commemoration for the young
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cream truck. they say that vanessa is still in a medically induced coma. and the pilot of a single engine airplane making a belly landing at deer valley airport. for some reason, the landing gear didn't work so the plane skidded to a stop. there were two emergency vehicles on the tarmac just in case. thankfully nobody was hurt. cardinals coach bruce arians does it. should you try this chamber that claims best rest of your life? a third boa constrictor found in scottsdale. where the snake is coming from. and we are tracking hurricane gaston all the way from space. >> tomorrow on 12news at 10:00. >> he is not a republican, he's not a democrat.
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unseat trump in arizona. >> join us for watchdog
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>> welcome back. now to the top weather stories. hurricane and tropical storm watches have been issued for florida's gulf coast tonight. as tropical depression 9 continues to move closer to the state. the storm is just a couple hundred miles west of and has maximum sustained winds of 35 miles an hour. heavy rains are expected to start tomorrow and last through thursday. the big island of hawaii is under a hurricane watch tonight as hurricane madeline moves closer. according to the central pacific hurricane center, the category 4 storm is expected to pass dangerously close to the island wednesday. this image taken last night shows the well organized storm
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keeping an eye on some of the most menacing storms on earth. this is the view from the international space station of hurricane lester churning in the pacific ocean. it has weakened some but is still considered a major hurricane. and hurricane gaston is growing stronger over the atlantic ocean after weakening some. it is not expected to impact the united states, but could head toward europe. well, the monsoon weather here in the valley, we have a little monsoon action today. it seem to creepy crawlies. >> i would say so. today, a seven-foot boa constrictor was captured in scottsdale. it is one of three very large snakes captured in this area alone. >> monique griego spoke to one woman who got the shock of her life in her basement. monique? >> reporter: the seven foot boa was first spotted near this dumpster. when firefighters arrived, they found it making its way down the road. that is nothing compared to
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inside your own home. an uninvited guest slithering its way through the home. >> we are downstairs and we see something just slither up. it is that moment where you are always in shock. sure enough, we saw it start slithering up the fire escape. i didn't think snakes could climb. >> reporter: scottsdale fire gets a fair amount of snake calls but this month has been unusual. >> it is normal rattlesnake but not a boa. it was pretty docile. we put it in a bag. tied it up. >> reporter: the red tail boa, one of three nonnative snakes captured in the last few weeks. one was albino, nearly ten feet long. the phoenix herpatological
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not dangerous to humans it may go after dogs an cats. she has had a run in with the rogue reptile pets. >> we were driving home and we saw a python that took up both sides of the street. it stopped traffic. you had to call the cops. >> reporter: as for the fakes captured, they will likely be sent to zoos outside of arizona. monique griego, 12news at 10:00. >> lovely. we have scorpions, spiders, tonight. on this turn back to clock tuesday, what if we told you that getting into a box with some lights and special vibrations cannot only get you the best rest of your life, but improve your golf game? >> it is a new therapy called the zone. and bruce arian's wife is behind it.
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life, screens and noises noises bombard us making it hard to destress. step into the zone. a relaxation chamber. >> it is like a stimulation chamber where you are desensitized from the noise and chaos outside. >> reporter: barbara saint john and chris arians are cofounders. >> chris calls soft lights, vibration, and sounds put you in a state of meditation. >> we have scrips for anxiety and stress. we have fear and doubt. >> reporter: or you can choose a sports scrip like golf with some athletes and cardinals coach bruce arians swear by. arians himself convincing
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the golf. he said i got in it last week and went out this weekend and shot lights out. probably the best round i ever had. you have to try it for golf. so i did. >> reporter: a week later, sherry is winning a golf tournament. her skepticism is now gone. >> i think people are a little app rehepsive because it is new. it is kind of woo-woo and out there. but it really isn't at all. it is very, very scientific. getting connected with our brains and our bodies. >> reporter: there is only one chamber like this in the you can go to for details on how you can get inside the zone and since the zone is chris arians's nonprofit, all proceeds go to a local charity supporting kids. nicole niziolek, 12news at 10:00. >> i have to get in that thing coop. need help with the golf. >> i promise you, that thing cannot work with me and my golf. i promise you. i wish it were true, but it
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>> how about cardinals baseball? what he did as a rookie, how can you not be excited about david johnson? >> no question about it. a number of national publications have the cardinals and super bowl 51 and david johnson. the first round pick in just about everybody's fantasy football league. in fact, i had a chance to speak with former nfl great seth joiner and joiner told me johnson is key to the cardinals realizing their super bowl dreams. joiner feels that johnson's ability to run the cardinals lead it. carson palmer come play off time. >> how do we get carson palmer's confidence so high that when he marchs into the playoffs, okay, that he feels that confidence there? because, he had a great year last year. he got to the playoffs, and what happened in carolina began against green bay. if you can fast forward a year
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a guy is rushing 100 yards a game. he can relax and play the game and not feel like he has to be the one to take us to the promised land. >> all right, now, we all had a lot of fun here helping to celebrate mark curtis' birthday. but the cardinals like wise had fun in their locker room with their birthday boy dale buchanan. >> dale 24 years old today. how are you feeling? >> i have really been impressed. the money back. >> the cardinals, they allowed me to be able to come in here. and, play. >> let's take it a couple of weeks back.
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>> it is our style of playing. let's go out to the field. >> this gave me an opportunity to play. so happy birthday. >> i appreciate it. >> they had a lot of fun. >> uh-huh. >> they didn't have nearly as much fun as we did with ma >> not at all. the gifts we gave him today? perfect. >> those are really going to come in handy. >> i had two cans for dinner. i'm feeling good. i'm full and nourished. yeah. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> all right guys. well, we have a little weather going on. not just here locally, but stuff happening nationally. let's go to the radar and show you what is happening nowment
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afternoon. around the apache junction area. north mesa. around gold canyon. dump some measurable rainfall. we had a little dust roll in as well. all of that is gone and you can see the radar is very quiet not just here in the phoenix area, but across the state. a different story though as we zoom over to the opposite side of the nation right now. we have two tropical depressions, one here off of the coast of the southeast. another in the gulf of mexico. and one of them will be as we head through the next couple of days. you can see the two systems there. it is going to loop around and out into the atlantic. we have a lot of rainfall. rainfall that could potentially lead to flooding there. the yellows you see there along northern florida and the coastline in the southeast,
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of rain. enough to cause the major flooding problems. the southern part of the florida peninsula expecting in some areas more than one inch of rain. here in arizona, our moisture chances are going up with our monsoon moisture on the rise tomorrow. and even as we head into thursday, a 6 on the monsoon meter. we are expecting a couple of storms to roll through tomorrow. with more gusty winds. heavy rainfall possible. and, southeast arizona expected to be very active as well. take a look 75 in tucson. 81 in phoenix. 49 this flagstaff. you will be in the mid 70s so a nice day there. but watch out for the thunderstorms rolling in. 84 in mason. 90 in globe. triple digit temperatures from lake havasu all the way down into yuma. we will be pretty warm the next couple of days. 104 tomorrow. 102 thursday. over the weekend, we dry out and temperatures staying about 103 degrees. it's tebow time without the
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>> tomorrow morning on 12 today. >> one simple shopping tip that can save you time. plus, donald trump is returning to the valley to give his big immigration speech. >> the three drinks you need to gulp down to help you lose weight and is it spider ins maybe being alone in the park? what's the one thing half the men in this country are afraid of? >> plus our morning juice will leave you scratching your head.
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>> welcome back everybody. it is that time of the show when we turn to coop to find out who his mvp of the night is. >> why caribe, my mvp is one that we are used to seeing on the football field. yeah. it was a big day for former nfl quarterback and heisman the 29-year-old showcasing his skills on the baseball diamond in front of 28 big league clubs today in los angeles. now, it has been more than 12 years since he last played baseball in high school. but he still looked impressive sending eight balls over the fence. hey, all he needs is one of the teams to like him. i'm rooting for tim tebow. and he is my mvp of the night. mark? >> incredible athlete.
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on so many levels. a good person to boot. all right, well trending tonight, if you don't have time to break in those tennis shoes, for a few hundred dollars, you can buy effortlessly cool shoes. apparently, that's what they are called. and they come complete with duct tape and scuff markets. >> they are being sold for 500 to $600. >> the shoes are made in italy. and the people on social media are saying that poverty appropriation shoes. >> some noted that wearing ... yeah, some noted that wearing the shoes in barneys might make you look like you are more interested in stealing something from the high end luxury store. >> others say the shoes could likely be found much, much, much cheaper in a thrift store. >> can we just say ... >> i have some for sale if you want them. easy to have.
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you do it for 1000 right? >> coming up, mel brooks is joining jimmy on the tonight show right after 12news at 10:00. plus our shot of the day after the break. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed...
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score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed... only at casino arizona and talking stick resort! >> finally tonight, our shot of the day. >> a florida woman was playing games on her phone while she was standing in her garage. perfectly normal. she looked up, saw a bear staring right into her eyes. her son came outside and the bear sauntered off. >> wow. she got lucky. >> she did. >> thanks for watching everybody.
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