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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 31, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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immigration a hot topic today.. as donald trump pays mexico's president a visit -- before his rally in the valley. team 12's nico santos has what you need to know. it's weight-loss wednesday.. and we've got a smoothie secret that ll down. more legal trouble for chris brown.. we've got the juicy details on what led up to the incident at his l-a mansion.. that's in the morning juice at 4:40.. ???adlib welcome welcome ???toss weather ???adlib weather???toss welcome???adlib welcome
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doug ducey has ordered all flags to fly at half staff today in honor of a navajo nation officer who was killed in a crash yesterday. according to d-p-s.. officer leander frank was on his way to a call when he was involved in a head-on crash. officials say both cars tried to avoid each other -- but couldn't. the officer died instantly.. but the passengers in the other car.. survived. a pilot of a single-engine airplane -- making an emergency landing at deer valley airport. for some reason.. officials say the landing gear didn't work.. so the planid there were two emergency vehicles on the tarmac just in case. thankfully.. no one was hurt. around a dozen people are without a home today.. after a fire spread near 7-th street and indian school. officials say the fire started in an abandoned home and then spread to a duplex. still no word yet on what sparked the flames. the results of yesterdays primary are in.. and you'll be seeing a lot of familiar names on the ballot this november.. senator john mccain won his re- election bid over former
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he moves on to face democrat ann kirkpatrick -- who ran unopposed in her primary. and sheriff joe arpaio also won the primary race.. beating out three republican rivals. he now moves on to what could be his toughest general election yet. arpaio will face democrat and former phoenix police sergeant paul penzone in november. also.. pinal county sheriff paul babeu won the primary for the state's 1st district.. and county recorder helen purcell's race is still too close to call. for full election coverage.. and a list of the results -- just head to 12- news-dot-com. huge decision 20-16 news... as today donald trump will make a major speech on immigration right here in phoenix -- but not before a trip to mexico.. team 12's nico santos has what you need
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donald trump's 5th stop in the announcing he was running for president.he'll be here at the convention center once again and all eyes with hopes he'll outline a immigration plan if he's elected president.trump has made illegal immigration the focus of his campaign.that includes his plans to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico borderand to make mexico pay for it.?but -- the republican presidential nominee has suggested lately that he could back off slightly.that would be a major change to his positions he outlined during the republican na convention.but before he even gets to arizonatrump will be in mexico city trump will be in mexico city with mexican president enrique peqa nieto. trump has been under fire by many including the mexican governmentabout the estimated 11-about the estimated 11-million immigrations who are in the u-s without proper documentation.the doors at the convention center open at 3 p-m.trump is expected to take the stage at phoenixnico
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is selena gomez calling it quits? why the pop singer says she's taking a break.. plus.. ryan lochte lands an endorsement deal with a product that promises to get you out of a bad situation.. your morning juice is just five minutes away. ###break### ###break### minutes just five morning juice your situation..a bad get you out
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lochte lands plus.. ryan break.. she's taking a singer says she's taking a break.. plus.. ryan an endorsement deal with a product that get you out of a bad situation.. your morning juice minutes away. ###break### minutes away.morning juice situation..get you out of product that endorsement lochte lands an endorsement deal with a product that promises to get you out of a bad situation.. your morning juice is just five minutes away. ###break###
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now for another weight-loss wednesday tip... a lot of us drink smoothies for one reason or another.. and it turns out.. the thicker that shake.. the thinner you are. according to the american journal of clinical nutrition.. people in a study said they were fuller after drinking a thick shake with just 100 calories.. compared to those drinking a thin shake with 500 calories. so thicken that shake up with fiber.. like bananas and avocados.. plus greek yogurt and peanut or almond butter. we're talking about the rapid spread of the zika virus in your 12 today health check... starting this weekend.. theme parks around florida will begin offering free mosquito repellent. walt disney world already has plans to provide free pump bottles and towelettes.. and hotel rooms will have aerosol bug spray. universal studios.. sea world.. busch gardens and adventure island
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so far.. more than 40 people have been infected with the zika virus in florida alone. former disney star selena gomez is taking some time off to focus on her health. the pop singer revealed last year that she suffers from lupus.. and it gives her terrible side effects such as anxiety.. depression and panic attacks. this isn't the first time the 23-year-old has taken a break from has taken a break from performing. she shyed away from the limelight last year while undergoing chronic disease in which a person's body is attacked by their immune system. ???toss ???toss morning juice this morning.. r&b singer chris brown is out on bail after he allegedly pulled a gun on a woman.. and now we're learning new information
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we know.. the 27-year-old was taken into custody yesterday after a nearly 14-hour standoff with police at his mansion in l-a. a woman named baylee curran was with brown at the time.. the two the time.. the two were allegedly fighting over jewelry when brown pulled out the gun. now.. there are some mixed messages when it comes to the argument. the los angeles times ?another? man's diamond necklace.. but baylee told "extra" that she was actually admiring brown's jewelry when he shouted at her to get away from them. then the gun came out.. and baylee called the cops. neither brown nor baylee come off innocent in the situation.. baylee has been in legal trouble in the past for stealing another woman's louis vutton purse.. and we all know the incident in 2009.. when brown was arrested for assaulting his
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good news for ryan lochte.. he's landed an endorsement deal with a product that can get you out of a bad situation. the olympic swimmer has teamed up with robocopp.. it's a company that makes personal security devices. take a look... n-b-c reached out the people behind robocopp. they declined to comment when asked if the partnership was a result of the alleged incident that took place at a rio gas station.
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for your juicy question of the morning... surveys show that half of all men in this country are afraid of this. which means by the law of average.. either jimmy or matt is afraid of this? what is this? use the hash tag.. be on 12.. and give us your answers ???adlib ?? traffic ??
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on hawaii's big island are preparing for not one -- but two hurricanes.two hurricanes. the national weather service says hurricane madeline is expected to hit within the next few days. and right now.. the international space station is monitoring that hurricane as well as hurricane lester.. which could affect the hawaiian islands over the weekend. hurricane lester has weakened a bit.. but it's still considered very dangerous. meanwhile.. a third hurricane -- hurricane gaston -- is churning in the atlantic ocean and could
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weather???adlib weather on the fence.. when it comes to buying a home? why it might not be a bad idea -- at least here in phoenix. that's 30 minutes away. a notorious case back in the national eye.. why the man convicted of the crime -- may ?not? be the culprit.. 12 today is back in three
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this week.. the today show is recapping some true crime stories that caught national attention.. and still leave us with the chills. the first in the series showcases retired police sergeant drew peterson. he was convicted for killing his fourth wife -- but her body has never been found. team
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both of peterson's convictions are under appeal and his defense attorney remians confident that they
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wraps up at 7.. you can watch the today show's latest in the series.. on robert chambers who was convictd for killing an 18-year-old girl in central park back in 19-86. let's get another check of your hot headlines.. f-b-i director james comey says he takes any potential election tampering very seriously. this comes after russian hackers allegedly targeted state election systems. he also stressed that widespread encryption is making it more difficult for officials to investe today.. president obama will stop in lake tahoe, nevada to participate in an environmental summit. the president is expected to stress his commitment to protect lake tahoe's environment -- which has been threatened by declining water quality.. drought and erosion. following the event.. the president will travel to hawaii to discuss conservation solutions with leaders from the pacific island. jetblue is headed to cuba. the airline begins flights to cuba today.. making it the first american airline with regularly scheduled flights to cuba. jetblue
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approved by the department of transportation for roundtrip flights to cuba. u-s law still prohibits tourist travel to cuba.. but there are now a dozen categories of authorized travel -- including family visits.. journalist visits and educational activities. all eyes on donald trump this morning.. as he makes his way to mexico.. and then pheonix for a big speech on immigration. team 12's nico santos has what you need to know.. that's just minutes away. tom brady gets a new doo... and not everyone is loving it -- internet.. the internet is loving it. your morning juice returns at 5:05.
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jimmy ???adlib weather illegal immigration is one of the hot button topics of decision 2016... and today donald trump is making big headlines. he's off to mexico and then phoenix.... team 12's nico santos is live with the latest...with the latest...


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