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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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can't make this stuff up??? ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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two people are displaced after a house fire in mesa.the fire started around nine last night near recker and mcdowell.the home suffered a lot of damage. investigators will be working today to figure out the cause. two former tucson reporters have pleaded guilty after their baby was found with traces of cocaine in her system. the couple is facing up to two years in prison. officials say they took their 4-month-old daughter to the hospital back in may.. when she wouldn't
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mother later admitted that she breast-fed the child 12 hours after snorting cocaine at a party. a two year old boy is in the hospital this morning after accidentally shooting himself in the leg.the child shot himself at a home last night near 40th avenue and peoria. police say the two-year-old boy was playing with his father's handgun when it went off. he was taken to phoenix children's hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. there are still over 80- thousand ballots to be counted from tuesday's election.that's the word coming from maricopa several results are still up in the air.stay with 12 news dot com for your election updates. a voter initiative legalizing recreational marijuana will be on the november ballot.the arizona supreme court has rejected a final legal challenge to the measure. a lower court judge had thrown out the challenge, saying the group called arizonans for responsible drug policy didn't have a right to sue. we are learning this morning that five dolphins have
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facility has been the site of several protests.the phoenix business journal reports the dolphins arrived from california.a "swim-with- the-dolphins" exhibit is set to open either this month or next. the nfl is back in the valley as the cardinals play their final preseason 12's
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glendalelive in glendale big game against the denver broncos and because of the game's start time - you are going to want to should you be heading out. kick off is scheduled for 6:30 but due to high traffic delays with the rush hour the lots will be open at 2:30. the gates to the stadium will open at 5. heavy traffic is expected on the freeways and surface streets in the west valley. season ticket members and single-game ticket holders should plan their route to university of phoenix stadium before game day.the arizona cardinals say with another sell out game fans are advised to reach university of phoenix stadium early. law enforcement is going to help assist with traffic and parking. make sure to check the color on your pass to know where you're parking ahead of time. if you don't have advanced parking, there are eight lots in the west gate shopping center and near the tanger outlets. busy day for football fans but al s the game but driving west on i-10 near the 101 or north or south on the 101 near maryland avenue - expect congestion! live in congestion!live in glendale bw 12 today. ???adlib traffic
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this morning this morning donald trump is off to ohio for a campaign event.meantime... he's not softening his stance on illegal immigration.he delivered a much anticipated speech in downtown phoenix... talking tough as 12's jen wahl is outside the convention center where the republican presidential
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more politics this morning on the today show.senator tim kaine will be interviewed live to give his rebuttal to donald trump's immigration plan. m-m-a like fighting taken to a whole new level.emma is back with the morning juice tyga - just can't catch a - just can't catch a break. imagine the embarrasment of having your leased ferrari reposessed...while you're looking for new cars at a bentley dealership!i mean... come on!t-m-z is reporting that tyga missed several payments... and as a result... poof... the ferarri was gone. ferarri was poof... the as a result... poof... the ferarri was gone.not the first time this has happened to him.he's had a lamborghini... and a
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a six figure bill from one of his property owners...he apparently left behind ?hazardous left behind ?hazardous environmental waste. not a good week for tyga. part m-m-a.... part medival movie.100 percent real.this... is knight fighting... and it's put on by a mixed martial arts organization from russia.thse battles... are as real as and full suits of armor.and yes... its violent.very - very violent.question - matt... you're pretty athletic...would
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now time for your juicy question of the morning... apparently 80 percent of wives give this to their husband every morning. they do it before their significant other leaves the house to start his day.
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let's get to that second juicy question of the out of out of five women say this will happen to them at least once... each and every once... each and every week at work. what is happening to so many of us? it's throwback thursday here
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you some of our old pictures from the family album.this one is of our very own..... ???all morning we are going to be embarrassing to be we are going all morning we are going to be embarrassing our staff and we want to hear from you.this morning send us your throwback thursday pictures.use the hashtag... be on 12.we promise to try to show a few of them throughout the newscast.
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bring about this could storm. this could bring about severe destruction.jimmy's monitoring the situation from the 12 news weather center. sometimes...there are stories that just tug at your heart... we've got one this morning... in your shot of the day.... ####break####
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####break#### ####break#### in the morning in the morning mix this morning... two heavy topics.morning... two mix this morning... two heavy topics.tomorrow... is the controversial release of brock turner.he is the stanford swimmer who was convicted assaulting an unconscious woman.he is getting out after only three months in jail. don't you think this is a bit ridiculousthink this is a don't you think this is a bit
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all this week on the today show.... they have been doing true crime stories and where are they now.we saw the natalee holloway and drew peterson stories.this morning.... andre yates.15 years ago she drowned her 5 children in the bathtub of the family's houston area home. she's now in a mental let's not talke about the crime... but rather, why are we so rather, why are we so captivated by horrendous acts. that's the whole reason we have shows like dateline... 20/20... or law and order? 20/20... or law and order?
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weather???adlib ???adlib weather weather???adlib ???adlib
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natalie portman...won't let her kid see her star wars moves...its not that they were bad ... well maybe just a little but she's got a different reason.and we're sharing that with you at 6-12. and this is how you know fall is back.or... about to what's new on the menu...minutes. ####break#### now on to question. as telling you.. the cardinals play their the cardinals
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your 12 today now on to
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now on to your 12 today trivia question. as we've been telling you.. the cardinals play their final preseason game tonight glendale the university of pheonix stadium. we're wondering.. how many women's restrooms do they have there? think about it and take a guess. we'll have take a guess. we'll have your answer coming up in about a half hour. donald trump - rallying his base...and apparently - has a very different story about what happened in mexico yesterday.those details in our top story this morning at six...
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weekend...but tonight... one last dress rehearseal...what you need to know if you're going...
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and mexico will pay for the wall. >> donald trump tells a crowd how he plans to stop illegal immigration. stare down in san francisco.: and it -- kaepernick vows to sit during the anthem. what 2 of brothers did that had fans swooning. >> welcome. so happy you are waking up with us. let's check our forecast. we are rain free. a little activity on the way but most of this is low clouds. you could get a raindrop or 2 but nothing substantial. we have a couple of sprinkles mainly to the south.
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look at the reds and yellows. it's going to be a good day. we're chipping away every day towards the end of monsoon. the end of the summer nonsense. will move into unbelievable weather that starts around mid- to late october. 2 for the valley. 3 for southeast arizona. pretty much red skies and a a slight chance of storms for today. >> that is a stunning sunrise. it's a nice view here if you get stuck in a jam. slow down on the 10 westbound. another crash up ahead around the broadway curve and now a secondary crash off to the side. a wall of traffic coming at you. speeds dropping into the 20s


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