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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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a major making landfall with winds up to 80 miles per hour. it's going to be a long day for so many in the sunshine state. getting out of town for the holiday weekend?there is no pain at the pump.we're driving like it's 2004. the cardinals win and got to go home.but right now workers are preparing for a major makeover of the stadium. and marijuana at the city could soon allow people at bars and restaurants... to order a side of pot. ???adlib welcome we start with breaking news in 12's bryan west is on the scene of an officer
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if you're if you're driving out of town this weekend... here's some good news.gas prices are at their lowest level for labor day... since 2004.the national average in 2-22 a gallon.arizona's average is 2-10 a gallon.and according to triple 'a'... it's only 2-05 in phoenix. the top story nationwide is tropical storm tropical storm hermine.the storm has made landfall as a category one hurricane... flooding has begun and thousands are begun and thousands are without hours it was donwgraded to a tropical storm.the storm hitting florida - with sustained winds of 80- miles-an-hour.. gusts even miles-an-hour.. gusts even stronger..hermine has landed at the big bend region of florida's gulf coast... the first hurricane to hit the state in more than a decade.. this morning, flooding is already an issue .. and there growing concern about the potential for tornadoes. hermine is expected to continue it's expected to hermine is expected to
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destruction up the eastern seaboard.. through the holiday weekend.the reports we are getting right now... that at least 100-thousand people are without power.storm surges may reach as high as 9 feet, while the region will be blanketed with 5 to 10 inches of rain, with maximum amounts of as much as 15 inches falling in isolated areas.the national weather service says there is a solid possibility we could see tornadoes as the storm moves through georgia.still with 12 news and 12 news d we track this storm. our weather is much better for the holiday weekend. therefore... jimmy is hanging out at the historic wigwam in litchfield park
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hot headlines right now... a woman from tucson, who was born without arms, is suing universal orlando for discrimination.the family of jessica cox sent us this new video overnight.she is a certified scuba diver, has a black belt in taekwondo, and is also a pilot.but, she claims, the florida theme park refused to let her on any rides, because she doesn't have arms. universal
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extremity".her husband says this legal action is an administrative action to change that policy, and they are not seeking financial gain. patrick cox says they visited disney theme parks... as seen in this video... and didn't have any problems. in chandler... police are searching for a serial arsonist.about a half dozen fires have been reported in the past month near mclintock and chandler boulevard.police want the community to be alert and report any suspicious cars or people around the the president of the pat tillman memorial v-f-w post 40 has been arrested in connection with an embezzlement case.avondale police have arrested kirk davis he is accused of taking more than a hundred thousand dollars. this weekend there will be several d-u-i there will be several d-u-i checkpoints.12 news has learned that the chandler police department's traffic unit will conduct a d-u-i task force over the labor day weekend with officers from gilbert, mesa, tempe, and scottsdale. the task force will be operational
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transition the university of phoenix stadium.starting at eight this morning... hundreds of workers will begin making over the stadium after last night's cardinals victory.the stadium needs to be ready to go for tomorrow's first ever cactus kickoff classic football game.the game is the university of arizona... against b-y-u. meantime tomorrow.... tens of thousands of people will get their first look at the sun devil stadium renovations.and that's where we find team 12's
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tram is taking a break this half hour from the morning
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first up in your morning juice... it's a little past 5 a-m... and we're already heading to the bar.talking beer and marijuana.let's start with the pot.denver is going to vote on pot in bars. the city has announced.... a measure to allow some marijuana use in bars and restaurants... has qualified for the november ballot. november ballot. the proposal bans smoking pot indoors, but patrons could use edible or vaporized marijuana mixing alcohol and marijuana during happy hour... not sure... if that's the best idea. do you love beer? do you love beer? do you love doughnuts? well, how about some doughnut beer? a brewery in michigan is combining the two. the beer is sweetened with glazed doughnuts and was unveiled this week.the reaction thus far... has been mixed. and this has been out for a couple days... but we haven't touched on it.can you believe
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the t-v painting personality decided to go with a perm... to save money on haircuts. he passed away 21 years ago... but his shows are still watched every single day on places like you-tube.his business partner... claims ross hated his perm, but it became his signature look... so he couldn't ever change it back to his straight hair. now time for your juicy question of the morning... this was originally used as a form of punishment. it was ns the cruelest things you could do to a person. today... many of us choose today... many person. today... many of us choose
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up next... let's get things cooking.if you're busting out the grill this holiday weekend -- and need a few pointers --why you might want to get them from jimmy q. is he backing off... is he flip flopping... is confusing world of donald
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####break#### as the college football season kicks off... controversy erupts. morning all over twitter as penn state announces it will honor controversial former head coach joe paterno on september 17th.our jay taylor is here... who played football and calls college games.this is really touchy subject for so many people...
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many people...subject for so
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many people... many people... it's labor day weekend... which means many of you will be grilling out.there's a hotline if you need help. reopen its "grill us hotline" on sunday from eleven a-m to five p-m eastern.or you could prbably just call our jimmy q. jimmy is out at the wigwam
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following his immigration following following following his immigration speech, key hispanic trump backers are now self-deporting from the republican nominee's campaign. does donald trump need to make change on the campaign trail. you decision 2016 report is two minutes away. plus grand theft auto drives forward and runs over lindsay lohan.that story ahead in your
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in politics today: both hillary clinton and donald trump are off the trail today. and donald trump is allegedly backing off one key part of that tough one key part backing off trump is and donald today. are off the donald trump hillary today: both in politics
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in politics ####break#### in politics today: both hillary clinton and donald trump are off the campaign trail today. and donald trump is allegedly backing off one
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in 12's tracie potts is in washington this
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starting monday clinton will travel on her press plane. she's been criticized for she's been criticized for shunning the media. she hasn't held one news conference all year. here are your 12 today health check headlines...some younger adults may suffer from sexual difficulties after a heart find that some people who have a heart attack before the age of 55... cannot resume sexual activity within a year. i-pads can work just as well as medications ... to calm children's nerves before surgery.researchers suggest giving a kid an -pad to distract them before a procedure... can keep their procedure... can keep their anxiety levels low. a paleo diet includes only foods presumed to be eaten by early humans -- and avoids processed foods and breads. but it appears people in the
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least 400 years earlier than anyone thought.british scientists found bits of processed grain and starches from peas or beans on the teeth of seven skeletons dating as far back as 66- hundred b-c. a new report shows much of america remains battling the obesity epidemic.this report is from the trust for america's healtha new report finds at least 1 in 5 adults in every single state is obese, arizona's obesity rate is 28 percent... which is 34th highest in the country.the worst states are louisiana, alabama and mississippi. it is a state of emergency right now in parts of florida. tropical storm hermine is barreling through.the very latest details are coming your way. colin kaepernick again didn't stand during the national anthem... and he wasn't alone this time.are we going to see more when the regular begins.
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?? americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. right now.... weakened into a tropical moving its way through florida. millions of through moving its way a tropical weakened into right now.... right now.... hermine has weakened into a tropical storm and is moving its way through florida. millions of people are in the storm's path. are we a swing state?could we turn blue?right now hillary
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colin kapernick takes a stand by kneeling.and he's now putting his money where is his mouth has been, is it fiction and satire... or a violation of privacy?lindsey lohan goes to court and loses. ???adlib welcome we start with breaking news in glendale. team 12's bryan west is on the scene of an officer involved shooting. ???adlib


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