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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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colin kapernick takes a stand by kneeling.and he's now putting his money where is his mouth has been, is it fiction and satire... or a violation of privacy?lindsey lohan goes to court and loses. ???adlib welcome we start with breaking news in glendale. team 12's bryan west is on the scene of an officer involved shooting. ???adlib
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???adlib traffic the top story across the country this morning.... hurricane hermine slammed into florida a few hours has now been downgraded to a tropical tallahassee alone... more than 70-thousand people are without power.this storm has the potential to drop a foot of rain in
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flooding.the governor of florida the governor flooding. the governor of florida says hermine is quote: "life threatening".in a few hours the storm will be moving through southeastern georgia. and to make matters even worse... the storm may leave behind large areas of standing water, which could increase fears over the zika virus. with 12 news and 12 news dot com over the next few days as we track this storm. our weather looks great this weekend.and this morning... jimmy is hanging out at the historic wigwam in litchfield
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weather hot headlines right now... and hillary clinton is focused on arizona. is paying six figures to get her message onto your t-v. clinton and the democrats are attempting to tap into our growing latino population after donald trump's explosive immigration speech on wednesday.arizona did go for bill clinton in 1996. phoenix police-- telling 12 news ....they've picked up 2000 tips so far in the serial street shooter case.400 of those-- since the reward jumped to 75 thousand dollars.
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tomorrow... a massive aquarium opens in the is the grand opening of the ody-sea aquarium this is largest aquarium in the southwest.the state of the art facility even has windows in the restroom so you can watch the shark exhibit. we are we are learning that... world of beer.... is going to close all of its locations in of beer is currently in tempe, gilbert and of beer has 75 locations around the country. but tomorrow will be flowing at sun devil football is back... and team 12's jen wahl is checking out the stadium
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let's start with lindsay lohan. her movie career has not been going so well in recent years. and now she's taken another hit.lohan lost a lawsuit versus the "grand theft auto" appeals court has dismissed the lawsuit by the actress that says the producers of "grand theft auto" used a likeness of her in one of their video games. makers didn't use her actual "name, portrait or picture"... and therefore didn't violate her right to privacy... and the company has first amendment protection. former nbc nightly anchor brian williams continues his comeback.he's now getting his own nightly show on m-s-n-b-c. he'll anchor "the 11th hour," which will focus on campaign news. the show debuts next tuesday. williams lost his seat at the anchor desk of
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you can now zoom in on an instagram you can facebook and twitter. up until now, the only way to get a closer look at a photo was to take a a photo was to take a screen shot and look at it in your camera roll. the feature will be available on android devices in the coming weeks. and as soon as matt shows tram how to use instagram... she is going to love this feature. now time for your juicy question of the morning... this product was originally invented... as a form of punishment. when this was first introduced it was considered cruel and unusual. today, many people choose to
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???adlib time for your second juicy question of studies show that in a group setting... 40 percent of us will lie about will lie about this more often than women.what is this? up next on 12 today... colin kaepernick is gaining support
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stop him? plus... he gave us the i-phone. and now you can use the product... to purchase the vintage wardrobe of steve jobs. and krysdtle will have the very latest on a major traffic alert on the loop're watching 12 today .
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???adlib traffic
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new this morning. the n-f-l player whose taken heat for sitting during the national anthem -- says he's taking his efforts one step further. before last night's final preseason game -- san fransisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick dropped to one knee during the anthem. he says he's refusing to stand for the anthem until people of color are no longer oppressed in america. after the game -- kaepernick announced that he's
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jjjj kaepernick says he took a knee instead of sitting -- to continue his protest -- but not disrespect our veterans. one of his teammates seattle seahawks player refused to stand for the anthem. it's believed more players could sit out the anthem come next week.jay taylor is here. guys like michael jordan and tiger woods were criticized for years for not talking about social injustices... do you see more players going to
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route??to kaepernick players
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on a lighter note... jimmy is out at the wigwam right now... what are you up to this half hour...
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ahead on 12 ahead on 12 today... he's ready for a mel gibson plans to resurrect his career in hollywood. and it's scary enough when and it's scary enough when news anchors have to stand up and not sit behind a desk.things
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them hold a frisky alligator. ####break####
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now for your 12 today trivia.. nbc canceled the original star trek series on this day back in 1969. it had been on the air for three seasons.. and our question to you.. how many episodes were there? think about it and guess. we'll have your answer in about a half hour. president obama has arrived to the tiny island.. of midway atoll.the island is named after that fact that it is roughly "midway" between california and east asia.the president made his visit to the tiny island on his way to the g-20 summit in china this weekend. protests are planned in california today when former stanford swimmer brock turner will be released from jail.his case drew national outrage... as he spent just 90 days in prison for three felony sexual assault convictions.california made changes to the law since his case... closing the loophole that allowed for such a short sentence. we should learn more today about what caused a space-x rocket to explode on the launch pad yesterday.the rocket was unmanned and was
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the top of the rocket blew up - shaking people and buildings - miles away. no one at cape canaveral was hurt.the rocket was loaded with a communication s satellite for facebook. and this weekend... beyonce will celebrate her 35th birthday.she is reportedly going to be throwing a soul- train themed soul- train themed birthday party.the party will be in new york city... with everyone dressed in funky can bet any pictures snapped will show up in monday's which begs the question... tram when you turn 35... what kind of themed birthday will you have? the stadium is ready for tens of thousands of screaming a-s- u fans.up next... we are the only station this morning inside sun devil stadium.
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bryan west is live with the
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where millions are in for a labor day soaking. it earned $700 million fans believe a sequel could be bigger. so mel gibson says get ready for the resurrection. details on the passion of the christ sequel in the morning juice. we begin wp happening in phoenix where a suspect has been shot. >> we're live with the latest. >> reporter: we just got an update from phoenix police on this officer involved shooting. they tell us this happened just before 3:00 a.m. now right now it will effect any commuters or drivers as you can see behind me the investigation continuing. shut down between 33rd and 35th avenue. just before 3:00 a.m., an officer was on patrol in this
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notice somebody that looked and matched the description of a recent armed robbery suspect. the officer then pulled over to talk to the suspect. the suspect immediately began to be confrontational and refused to show his hands. the officer then went up to the suspect, challenged the suspect. and that's when we're told that the suspect had a knife in his hand, a kitchen knife, about 12 inches. that person then advanced on the officer. and the the suspect has non-life- threatening injuries. the police presence is so big, we have two mobile command units. 30 to 40 detectives and officers. there have to be several investigations that must take place. >> there's going to be a criminal investigation. the officers have to take a


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