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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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notice somebody that looked and matched the description of a recent armed robbery suspect. the officer then pulled over to talk to the suspect. the suspect immediately began to be confrontational and refused to show his hands. the officer then went up to the suspect, challenged the suspect. and that's when we're told that the suspect had a knife in his hand, a kitchen knife, about 12 inches. that person then advanced on the officer. and the the suspect has non-life- threatening injuries. the police presence is so big, we have two mobile command units. 30 to 40 detectives and officers. there have to be several investigations that must take place. >> there's going to be a criminal investigation. the officers have to take a
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all angles. >> reporter: one officer did not sustain any injuries. but this road will be closed between 33rd avenue and 35th avenue for most of the morning. live in phoenix, brian west, 12 today. thank you for the update. crystal will talk about that. it's a busy friday. this has been the headliner all morning long. the 202 westbound shut down at 32nd street because of a deadly crash over night. new information on this, the all the way to the mini stack. that's where the 2202 spills on to the 10. and you have the 51 coming into the mix there. right now traffic is coming up on this. and they're getting trapped. everyone is having to exit at 44th street. and look at the jam. it's at a halt basically. no more than 2 miles per hour. might i suggest you did what i did this morning.
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westbound, hop on the 143 southbound. it's just over a mile. and then take the 10 westbound. you can either then go with the 17 at the split or continue on the ten and then take that downtown or further. if you're going to be starting off further out in the east valley, either use the 202 san tan or the 60 to make your way to the 10 and you'll bypass that without issu instead, seek out the 101, union hills or pinnacle peek. both of these closures by the way likely to be in place throughout the morning rush hour. store thank you for the update. it's 6:02. severe weather alert out of florida. live pictures out of downtown tampa where hermine slammed into the sunshine state as a hurricane over night. it has been downgraded to a tropical storm. but forecasters warn this storm is still very dangerous as it
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tampa reports say they got as much as 22 inches of rain. hermine has the potential to unleash deadly flooding and rain as it moves up the carolinas and up the east coast, hermine was the first hurricane to hit florida in more than a decade when it came to shore this morning. team 12 will be keeping you updated on that storm. we decided to have fun with jimmy. he's hanging out in litchfield park >> reporter: i wish you could join us. it's really fun out here. we're going to be cooking in the next segment. we've been hanging at one of their four pools they have here. a lot of specials this weekend. 99-dollar specials. if you go on their website, you can see. the weather will cooperate nicely. not a lot in the way of thunderstorm activity. things will be dry. today, a slight chance of a storm possibly. but over all, looking pretty nice. temperatures will be below
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this. we're all ready knocking into september. end of this month, monsoon is no mas. then we get into october, and we dry out, then it's perfection. then i'm the hero and not the villain for the forecast. we're going to check the seven- day forecast, complete details of your labor day weekend. and maybe i'm going to be doing a little cooking as well. it could be dangerous. we'll talk about that in a bit. jimmy, we'll see you soon, 6:04, hot hypers, a woman from tucson who was born wiou for discrimination. the family of jessica cox sent us this new video over night. she's a certified scuba diver, has a black belt in tai kwuando and is a pilot. but she claims the florida theme park refused to let her on any rides because she doesn't have arms. universal requires guests to be able to grasp with at least one upper extremity to go on the
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to change the policy. they're not trying to get money out of this. in chandler, police are searching for a serial arsonist. about a half dozen fires have been reported in the past month near mcclinton and chandler boulevard. police want the community to be alert and report suspicious cars for people around the neighborhood. starting at 8:00 this morning, hundreds of workers will begin making over the university of phoenix stadium after last night's cardinals victory. the stadium needs to bedy cactus kickoff classic football game. that game is a university of arizona against byu. nothing says fun friday like college football. this weekend, tens of thousands of people will get their first look at the sun devil stadium renovations and that is where we find alum and team 12's jen wall this morning. hey jen. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you.
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construction appreciate night t- shirts on saturday night, give them a high five. there will be about a thousand people. they've been working so hard on this stadium renovation since 2013. and we are getting a firsthand look this morning at the 268 million-dollar project. we're starting off right now here at the west concourse where there are a lot of new seats. there are cup holders. there's more space in between the seats. and then if you look over to the left, i'll have my photographer pan up concourse, there's new concessions and more places for folks to buy food. so the lines are expected to move quicker. plus new bathrooms. and, you know how hot it can get during these afternoon games ? the concourse sealing was raised 20 feet to help increase air flow on those extremely warm game days that we sometimes have here in arizona. now, eventually this concourse will be 360 degrees connected
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see that as well. now, after the last home game of the season this year, the crews will come back and finish construction on phase three. so you see those pillars off in the back at the north end of the stadium, well, that is going to be a gigantic video board. fans very excited about that. and something else that we've been able to witness before, sunrise from inside sun devils stadium. absolutely stunning this morning as take on the nau lumber jacks tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. fans can get here a little earlier than normal. they'll open the gates at 6:00 p.m. plus they want to give fans time to check out the stadium as well and everything that's new here. and guys, we've been saying this all morning, bring your clear bags. they have the nuclear bag policy just like the arizona cardinals. for now, live in tempe, jen wall, 12 today.
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tropical storm hermine thrashing florida and making its way up the coast. where the storm is headed next. plus was anthony weaner all ready headed for the single life, what a new report says was in the works before his latest sexting scandal, that's in your morning juice in two minutes on 12 today. right now we're giving you a live look off the 202 where there's been a deadly major crash there. it's shut down that part of the interstate. crystal henderson will have the latest detours in a couple minutes. you're watching 12 today. from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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that gorgeous sight at sky harbor airport. 6: a lot of people maybe jetting out of town for the labor day weekend. 6:11 now. tram is back with the morning juice and more on anthony weaner. >> but first mel gibson confirmed he's working on a sequel to his 2004 film passion of the christ. mel gibson told evangelist greg lorrie that this won't be called passion 2. instead he's calling it the resurrection. because jesus' resurrection
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considers the passion the biggest movie ever out of hollywood and has been asking gibson and his writing team for a sequel, because they believe it will be bigger than the first film. passion of the christ earned more than $611 million globally. jay taylor, movie guru, thumbs up or down? >> thumbs up, very powerful. i cried when i watched the movie. >> so you're looking forward to the sequel. >> yes. >> sounds good. now the weaner sexting scandal. according to reports, his wife is relieved her marriage to anthony is over. and she had plans to leave him even before the latest round of photos came to light. she was just waiting until after the election. she's hillary clinton east most trusted advisor and been laying low when the pictures came out. as for her soon to be ex- husband, anthony weaner has been offered a job from a porn
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>> it's very simple. do the exact writes of what he writes in that column. and you might have a successful relationship. let's move on to your juicy question of the story. studies show in a group setting 40% of us will lie about this. if we all hung out tonight, two of us would tell a lie. men will lie about this more often than matt and jay? >> it's dating. how many dates you've been on. who you've dated. yeah. >> so you guys are going to lie more. >> trust me guys lie way more. >> guys have a tendency to increase the number. women will decrease it. >> crystal and i kind of thought age. but i think women would lie more about age than men would. >> i would think that.
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any other guesses? >> i don't lie. >> she's so innocent. >> she is. >> tram and i both don't lie. >> we'll have your answers coming up in a half hour, a busy friday morning for traffic though, crystal. it really is. you still want to avoid the 202 westbound to 32nd street at all costs. look at this. it's nothing. it's an empty freeway here. they have it shut down because a very horrible crash over night. it turned deadly. and it looks like this oi place throughout rush hour. right now, as you can see, evidence of this solid red line, all the traffic that's getting jammed upcoming up on this, despite all the overhead signs that says hello, freeway closed up ahead. you don't want to get stuck there. that's going to be a terrible drive. what you're going to do, if you're on the 202 westbound, do i what did today, hop on the 143 southbound, it's just over a mile out of your way.
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westbound. take the 17 at the split. or continue passed the mini stack there to downtown. if you're starting off far enough to the east, you can use the 202 san tan or perhaps the 60 westbound to take you to the 10 westbound. and you'll bypass that mess all together. i want to help you out with your 7:00 drive, still a big deal on the 202. again, take it out of the equation here this morning. we also have rush hour playing a part here to slow down traffic on the 10 eastbound down in 40s for speed readings on the 17 and the 10 westbound. the 10 looking good if you have to use that as an alternate route and you don't usually hop on the freeway, it looks good this morning. i want to now talk about the fact that 1.2 million arizonans will be hitting the road here for the labor day weekend. and by the way, today is one of the peek drive times from 3:00 to 7:00. and then also from 4:00 to 8:00 on monday.
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the biggest traffic volume. and it also gets pretty busy saturday morning and early afternoon. so you may want to consider the 87 through payson. or the 60 and 89 through prescott. but those two are pretty jam packed. back to you matt and tram. 6:16. jimmy q is hanging out at the wigwom right now. >> i know it looks l amazing resort. aside from labor day weekend, do they have the kid's activities all year round. >> you know what, i believe they do. i really do. i'll find that out for you. that's a great question. do they have the kid's activities year round? >> not all year round. >> reporter: they do periodically. that answers your question. that's good to know. they are going to have it for this weekend too. four pools, movies, kids can
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54 holes of golf. and great weather. florida got hit hard with a hurricane last night. now downgraded to a tropical storm. but moving along parts of charleston. they're getting hit hard. a lot of rainfall in that area. it's really going to be a rough go for them. folks up in georgia and the carolinas, they'll really be getting hit hard too. up here at home though, we're okay, flag staff, phoenix, just pretty dry weather. up towards the north. we have a clouds that tried to develop around the valley. but they pretty much dried out too. down to phoenix, just mainly clear skies. and just wonder. weather. this will give you an idea of what you can expect. a 1 here for the valley. is 2 for southeast arizona. and a 6 for the white mountain scattered storms from pine,
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sedona, flag staff, and a 4 seven-day forecast. a slight chance of a shower or storm today. only a 10% chance. most of us will not see rainfall out there. saturday, 103. 99 for sunday. labor day, a big day across the valley and the country, 101 degrees. 99 for tuesday. then wednesday and thursday, we're going to pop right back up with a chance of a few showers and maybe some storms. okay. we're here at the wigwom. we've been here all morning swimming, golf, spa activities but of course you have to talk about the food. chef chris, good morning to you, thanks for waking up with us. you serve the whole thing, the lunch, the dinnerrings all of it. >> yes, we do, of course. at litchfield, the signature restaurant on property, we opened in 2011, named after paul litchfield, cofounder of
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we specialize in local. we have local beef we use a lot. where he try we try to focus on local. all the produce, cheeses and meat again. >> it's a little bit hot to be cooking now. so we think salads in the summer. >> salads cold soups. >> what kind of salad are we going to make today. >> this is the farmer's salad. using local lettuce. some local tomatoes. great in season right now. these are out of abby lee farms. >> we have one minute to do this. you just go ahead and talk. what type of lettuce is this. >> the this is a little gem lettuce. baby romain basically we're cutting it in half. nice presentation. like a wedge salad would normally have. you want to make sure you wash these very well.
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this is bleu cheese. it's aged in gold mine shafts in california. >> i love food with a story like that. >> we have bleu cheese in here. drop that in there. these are great ingredients up here. >> we'll save some of that for later for topping. a little red wine and vinegar. just a splash. to brighten it up. worcestershire sauce to give it depth and a little salt. and i like a lot of fresh parsley. >> we have >> mix it up real good. this is the dressing. it goes right on the plate. a little bit of the dressing down. >> i've seen this before. this is not nice. >> folks, remember, they have specials. 99-dollar specials for this weekend. for the kids, come on out. remember the air conditioning is on them. that's what i love about staying at resorts in the summer. >> this is some bacon and a little bit of some pink pepper corns, salt and pepper, and then some fresh tomatoes to
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fun. >> excellent. chef, thank you so much. always in good taste out here at the wigwom great conditions we'll have more forecasting coming up in a bit. i'm going to eat this salad now. what happens when a news anchor trying to handle an alligator? the freak out moment caught on camera in your shot of the morning. nbc canceled the original star trek series in 1969. how many episodes were there? the answer to your morning trivia is two minutes away right here on 12 score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed...
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the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed... only at casino arizona and talking stick resort! good morning to you. welcome back. team 12 is continuing to cover what is now tropical storm this is a live look at mount pleasant south carolina. it's starting to get some of the feeder bands of this storm. and it's bracing for potential bad flooding. some part of florida have gotten 22 inches. it slammed into the coast as a hurricane this morning. team 12 will keep you updated on this all day long. now for your 12 today trivia. nbc canceled the original star trek series on this day back in 1969. the question to you, how many
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last minute guesses, tram did some math this morning. >> now i think i'm totally off, i was going to say 36. that's way too low. >> 45. >> the answer is 79. they packed television shows back then. not like they do in television seasons today. no kidding. whether you like live music, delicious food and wine, or an evening exploring the dbg, there's plenty to do this weekend. here's this week's things t tonight and tomorrow night kick back at desert ridge marketplace and enjoy listening to live local bands and musicians. the fun starts at 7:00 p.m. every friday and saturday night. foodies can get together and feast for a good cause. the twelfth annual phoenix cooks tomorrow from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in scottsdale. tickets are $85 in advance. $100 at the door.
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banner childrens. enjoy an evening of exploration with flashlight tours at the botanical garden. stroll through the garden's trails to discover different areas. tickets are $22 for adults and $10 for kids if you're not a member. >> that looks like a lot of fun. time for your shot of the morning. proof you should always leave it to the professionals. sports anchor in boston decided to steve is holding a gator when it got spooked by a crocodile and nearly takes a bite out of his arm. he flipped out. the gator's mouth is taped shut though. >> the fact that he held on to the gator, i would have let it drop. >> you have to hold it tighter. >> how about not holding it at all. >> i laugh at his expression.
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squeeze it with your hands. put it up to you. cuddle that thing. >> there's no way i would do that. for all the parents who worry about their child's screen time, worry no more, why using an ipad maybe better than medicine. plus we are live from sun devil field where crews are getting ready for the big game tomorrow night and unveiling the new stadium renovations. we'll have everything coming up
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a major traffic alert on the loop 202. a very busy section is shut down for hours. the area you need to avoid if you plan to get to work on time. labor day maybe washed out for millions as tropical storm hermine barrels up the east coast drenching everything in its path. you heard it. fans like collin kaepernick have it. t when they hear what he has planned now. details in your morning juice. first we begin with our top story this morning. an officer involved shooting on the border in glendale. details are limited. we know a suspect is down near 35th in bear valley. brian is live on the scene. >> reporter: we just got an update from phoenix police moments ago. you can tell deer valley is
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35th avenue. a very active investigation. we have two mobile command units out here and 30 to 40 detectives and officers. phoenix police tell us just before 3:00 a.m. there was an officer who was on patrol in this area who noticed a person believed to have matched the description of a recent armed robbery suspect. the officer pulled over to talk to the suspect. that's when the suspect immediately began to be confrontational and refused to show his hands to the officer. when he did show his hands, the kitchen knife and then became a little bit aggressive with the officer. that's when the officer fired shots at the man. >> you just don't in some of these circumstances. in this case, the suspect produced a weapon in an aggressive manner knowing full well the officer was armed in full uniform out doing their job patrolling the neighborhood. >> reporter: as you can tell, still an active and fluid investigation happening here. deer valley we're told will be
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35th avenue for quite sometime. they're saying through the morning and even through rush hour. if you're traveling along deer valley, you'll want to avoid the area, live in phoenix, brian west, 12 today. thank you for the update here's crystal with a major issue. >> don't get caught in this traffic trap. this almost looks like a still image. if it wasn't for the cars on the east side. this is the 202 westbound shut down at 32nd from a deadly traffic moving no better than 2 miles per hour. what you'll want to do instead, do what i did heading into the 12 news studios this morning, from the 202 westbound, hop on the 143 southbound, it's just two minutes out of your way. then from there, get on to the 10 westbound. take the 17 at the split downtown or continue on the 10. and then from there, you can get off at whatever exit you need to take downtown or take it further. if you're starting out further in the east valley, hop on the
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westbound and jump on the 10 and you'll bypass that headache on the 202. now to the deer valley closure. it's off limits from 32nd to 35th avenue. both directions. either use loop 101, pinnacle peek, or union hills, and that will he you zigzag around that. back to you. 6:33, tropical s carolina. the skies are dark. the rain is starting to fall there. they're bracing for what could be torrential flooding. the storm hit florida's coast as a hurricane over night. it's been downgraded to a tropical storm. forecasters are warning the storm is still dangerous as it heads up the east coast. right now back here in the valley, jimmy is ready for the weekend. >> he's hanging out at the wigwom and having a good time
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buddy. look for our numbers to be at 102 degrees. remember to walk your dog in the morning but not in the afternoon. they can burn their paws just as bad as anybody else. a slight chance of a storm. things will be dry. we'll get into a dry spell for this weekend. which is nice if you don't have any of your festivities interrupted by thunderstorm activity or such, it's going to be good. but there's more rain in the forecast. so we're going to check that in the next seven- f talking more about what's happening at the wigwam this weekend. they have great deals and a lot to do out here. pretty awesome. more on that in a bit. thank you jimmy. it's been several years in the making but this weekend the second phase of renovations to sun devils stadium are finally complete. team 12 is live in tempe this morning with a preview of what fans can expect. jen, you're down on the field now. >> reporter: you got it, good morning to you, matt, pitch forks up down on the field.
6:35 am
action tomorrow night. 6:00 p.m., the gates open. and 8:00 p.m., the game starts. sun devils taking on the nau lumber jacks. and there are a ton of new changes to the stadium. and fans are going to absolutely love it. joining me live this morning is magie. and she's here with asu. she's going to tell us all about this new section over here and all of the renovations that you guys have made. >> we completely reinvented the west concourse, we have chairs with backs and cup holders, more leg room, you the concession stands faster and back in your seat. more restrooms which i know the fans are really excited about. it's going to be a great experience for fans seeing it for the first time. >> when you enter from the west side, it's amazing, there are new stairs, you don't have to do that whole walk up the asphalt this time in this part of the stadium for the games tomorrow. this is phase two of the project. 268million-dollar deal. we also have phase three, and that's this back here behind
6:36 am
>> that is going to set the stage for the final phase of our reinvention. once that video board goes up, i think everyone will see everything come together. it's going to be over 100 feet wide. and it's going to be bigger than arizona's video board for sure. >> and we love to say that. any time we can go up against u of a we'll take it. the video board, they'll start construction of that after the last home game of the season. again, tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m., fans, you can get here early, as early as 6:00 p.m., practice. figure out where you need to enter. because it's different. and bring clear bags. they're implementing the clear bag policy like the arizona cardinals. for now, back to the studio, go devils. live in tempe. >> looks like a lot of fun out there. collin kaepernick stands his ground. tram is back with the morning juice. let's talk about juicy tech news first. facebook messenger is launching a new feature today called
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video screen to see the person they're chatting with or what's around them during an active text chat. audio is disabled when the video launches and can be turned on at any time or left silent. you know, just in case you're in a meet or or you're at work. the person you're chatting with can watch your video stream and also share a live video back. all right, quarterback collin kaepernick met with boos. it's made national headlines. he's been sitting during the national anthem. before last night's preseason game. he feeled during the anthem. kaepernick says he's refusing to stand for the anthem because he won't show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses people of color. he says he's now helping to stop the problem and plans to donate $1 million to organizations that help people
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let us know what you think about that on twitter and facebook. it's now time for your juicy question of the morning. get a load of this. studies show that in a group setting, 40% of us will actually lie about this. and this topic will probably come up a lot this weekend. men lie about this more often than women. what is this? i just thought of the answer. even though i haven't been given the answer. >> what do yo i thought about this weekend. maybe at the pool. i don't know. what do you think? >> yeah, that's a clue that we talk about this weekend. >> favorite sports teams. >> i would call that a band wagoner. >> when in rome, okay, as you know, i'm a bruin on the inside. but i worked in ohio. i worked in columbus.
6:39 am
gainesville. go gators. now i'm at asu, so go sun devils. i've been around. >> i wouldn't call it lying about it. if you like your team, you like your team. i don't think you say you like some other team. you think a lot of guys would lie about that? >> i wouldn't think so either. but apparently the survey says so. >> so maybe it's women. it could be that people think they're sports fans and lying about being sports fans saying they lik >> my husband is from ohio. but he's lived in chicago. so he loves the bears. as a kid, he loved the cowboys. now he loves the cardinals. i mean, you know. >> he doesn't love the browns ? >> he does too, he loves the buckeyes more than the browns. i will tell you that. 6:39, still ahead on 12 today, could ipads be as good for your kids as medication? a new study that could change your opinion about kids and screen time.
6:40 am
become the biggest hypocrite ever. you won't believe what the playboy play mate had to say about porn. mix it up with us in the
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welcome back to 12 today on this friday. sky 12 is up over a deadly crash and massive back up. westbound on the 202. the crash is at 24th street.
6:43 am
this back up is three miles long all the way to the 143. team 12 is on top of this. crystal henderson will tell you how to get around it and when we expect the interstate to open up again. that's coming up in minutes. time for your morning mix. she may have been the most infamous sex tape of all time this morning but she's changing her tune. 15 time playboy cover model pamela anderson urging people to now stay away from perform. in a wall week anderson labeled porn as something for losers. simply put, we must educate ourselves and our children to understand that porn is for losers, a boring, wasteful, and dead end out let for people too lazy to reap the ample rewards of healthy sexuality. okay guys, got to get your opinion on this.
6:44 am
hypocrisy. of all the things that might go away, that will never go away. >> at the same time, just to play devil's advocate with you that someone later in life whether or not has grown up and matured a little bit can look back and reflect on things and maybe have a change of heart or a change of mind. >> i agree that's the case. even when you watch movies, i like to this is something that's been rampant throughout society. a lot of times they say does society mimic hollywood or does hollywood mimic society. we think about when we talk about porn and bringing up prostitution as one of the oldest businesses, quote unquote in the world, it's been around for a long time. i agree, you get older. >> you learn from your lessons, but for her to come out and villainize it like that.
6:45 am
crack babies of porn. [ laughter ] all right then pamela anderson. okay next in your morning mix. we're switching topics here. this might have caught your eye. children may become more relaxed in certain situations when they use technology. researchers found ipads work just as well as medication to calm kids nerves before surgery. half took a sedative. the other half were given an ipad to distract them. thi effects and were easy to give anesthesia too. >> i could totally see this. there's something about the ipad. my twins are only two now. but there's a difference between an ipad and a tv. there's something mesmerizing about it. you're literally just lost in it. if mama wants to cook, i will tell you, here you go, just so i can have that half hour of getting my stuff down.
6:46 am
fears or concerns or what have you, you need it. >> interesting study. good stuff there. crystal is back with your traffic and how to get around that mess on the 202. >> were you about to hop on the 202 westbound? look what you're up against here. bail out of there. don't wait until the last exit like the rest of these cars and drivers that probably did not wake up watching 12 today because they would have had the heads up and they wouldn't be late for work like they are now. getting even longer. so you can do what i did this morning. it only added two minutes to my ride. and that is from the 202 westbound. take that sky harbor exit. go 143 southbound. jump on the 10 westbound. a little modest slowing on the 10 westbound because of rush hour. take the 17 at the split or continue on the 10 and then from there, you can exit and make your way to the office
6:47 am
westbound to the 10. there's a couple hit and miss spots there because of rush hour slowing it down into the 30s. but no big deal compared to the parking lot on the 202 westbound. if you're headed eastbound on the 10, there's a crash just passed dieshard. keep right you'll get around that. then you'll run into a little trouble here. it looks like drivers are hitting the brakes making their way downtown because of good speed readings there in the 20s on the 101 eastbound between the 17 and the 51. taking a look ahead into the south 7:00 hour, we have speeds in the 30s for the 10 and the 17. not moving on the 202 westbound. and we have 20s on the 10 westbound. over to you. thank you crystal. jimmy q is having fun hanging out at the wigwam right now. how's it going?
6:48 am
the really cool food they cooked up for us. just really a beautiful place. 87 years old. that's how old this resort is. it's gorgeous. they remodeled everything. let's talk about one place that's maybe not so gorgeous, we're talking about the southeast hurricane hermine spinning around charleston south carolina. georgia getting hit hard with rain. some parts of tampa, over 15, maybe 20 inches of rain in area. we also have as far as our region, just the opposite. we have a lot to be thankful for. clear skies from flag staff. here from wickenburg down toward casa grand, really not a good shot at rain for the day. northern arizona, a 4, and a 6 for the rim country down to southeast arizona. including tucson and casa grand about a 2. your seven-day forecast, 102 degrees today.
6:49 am
saturday. sunday, 99. and of course labor day, a big weekend. i hope you have a three-day weekend, 101 degrees. 99 for tuesday. and then guess what, it looks like storms are going to fire back up this wednesday and thursday with a chance of more storm activity. jenna from the wag wham, what's going on this weekend that's new that people can partake in and still have a chance to have fun out here. >> we're excited about spending the weekend here with our guests. we have kids activities by pool. we have the spa. this is the only resort in arizona with 54 holes of golf. also an option. live music at our restaurants here on property. >> movies at the pool for the kids. >> yes, every night. and we have great rate this is weekend too, for $99 a night. >> two-night minimum. >> that's it. so book it. we have lots of food here too, chef chris, some of your specialties. i'm sure this is just a taste. you talked about seafood as well. what kind of dishes do we have?
6:50 am
this is the farmers wedge we do. this is local beef. this is a nice filet mignon. we cook this over local pecan wood. right over fire. it gives it a nice charred smoky flavor. a great wine list in litchfield. we're open tuesday through saturday. and appetizers. that looks like zucchini or mushrooms. >> these are from reds. they have a great patio. you can get a great view of the ingredients too. reds is always, they've always got that fresh food. nothing would be complete without a cheeseburger. >> no, no, this is the jesse burger, a specialty over there. after one of the employees who's worked there for a long time. we have great korean wings over here. face and spicy. -- nice and spicy. these are out of wigwam bar.
6:51 am
fish tacos. fun shareable appetizers. bring the family. kids love it. >> you serve this all the time. >> i got my appetite. i'm not eating any more. matt morrow turn med away from food. i'm going to get myself an almond milk and get lean like matt. matt i'm buying a round of almond milks on me. >> such a kind man jimmy q. >> i'll take all the food guys. 6:351 is the time. let's take a look at your hot headlines. phoenix police investigating an officer involved shooting near 35th avenue in deer valley. it happened around 3:00 this morning. we do know a suspect is down. no officers have been hurt. the president of the pack tillman memorial vfw post 40 has been arrested in connection with an embezzlement case. he's accused of taking more than $100,000. hurricane hermine now a tropical storm after making
6:52 am
coast. widespread flooding, tornadoes, high winds, and damage is expected from the sunshine state. all the way up the eastern seaboard. one of the hardest hit areas is the city of cedar key along the gulf of mexico. a nine foot storm surge and heavy rain swamped many roads in the island city. half of the island's population of 700 chose to evacuate. these pictures are from a town of horse shoe beach along the gulf coast. you can see heavy rain and storm surge causing flooding there. you can barely walk in rain and strong winds. typhoon lion rock hit northeast china this week. heavy rainfall resulting in rising water levels in the area, a 60-foot wide island separated by swelling river. leaving 34 aid wokers stranded on a river bank since wednesday. crews used a remote control helicopter and threw a rope to the other side of the river bank to rescue them. a rocket scheduled for
6:53 am
exploded on the launch pad in florida yesterday. the unmanned space x rocket was going through a test when the top of the rocket blew up shaking people and buildings miles away. luckily no one was hurt. the rocket was loaded with a communication satellite aimed at improving internet connections across africa. 6:53 right now. stick around, crystal will have one more check of a bad crash on the 202 when we come back
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back. it's 6:56. sky 12 is over a massive traffic trouble this morning. this on the 202 because of a deadly crash. this back up not moving. it's stretching for more than morning long and has more on that and the rest of your friday drive. >> that parking lot stretches back to the 52nd street and van buron exit. bail out of there before that. get off on the 143. take that southbound. and then you can connect with the 10 westbound. as we take a look at this vantage point, you can still see that yellow tape stretching across the freeway. all westbound lanes and that onramp at 32nd street is closed and the freeway is shut down
6:57 am
trucks right now. it does look like they're in the process of wrapping this scene up. expect that closure in place perhaps for another hour. adot does expect most of your morning rush hour is going to be majorly impacted by this. again, 143 to the 10 will do the trick as well as the 60 or the 202 san tan to the 10 will also help you zigzag around this. we're seeing the after math of a crash blocking on the 10 eastbound at that's been moved to the side. damage done. but it's a 35 minute drive from the 303 to downtown. all right. final take aways now, i believe unless you have a trained professional, you do not handle live alligators on the air, okay. especially as an anchor, no way, no how, huh-uh. >> you just have to hug the thing. he had his mouth taped. >> that thing is so strong. he could break the tape open and eat you. >> he was just wiggling.
6:58 am
crocodile. >> he's lucky he was still being held in someone's hands. that's true. >> my take away is 1.2 million arizonans will hit the road this labor day weekend. peek travel times are this afternoon 3:00 to 7:00 and labor day 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. my take away, the earlier question when people thought exercise was torture, i'm like really? >> the treadmill. >> the treadmill particularly, that's insane to me. >> do you put that up on a incline, that is torture. my take away, it's been 11 years since a hurricane has hit florida. that's my home state. parts of tampa hit with 22 inches of rain. team 12 will have you covered all day long. >> i covered two hurricanes in 98 and 99 when i lived there. >> usually it's more active than it's been. >> 12 news is always on. 12, your favorite
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. hurricane hermine slams into florida overnight bringing pouring rain, driving wind and violent surf. now a tropical storm passing over florida and then heading time for the holiday weekend. we're live inside the storm zone. >> explosion. investigators trying to figure out why that spacex rocket blew up on the launch pad incinerating a $200 million facebook satellite. this morning why the accident isn't just a major setback for facebook but for the future of


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