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tv   Arizona Nightly News  KPNX  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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favorite principal. hundreds of williamsfield principal tried to convince them not to let the principal quit. >> we want our principal back. she makes the school what it is. >> my favorite principal has the choifs being fired or resigning. >> reporter: but no one seems to know what is happening. dr. teri watawa is set to resign -- my favorite principal is being fired or resigning. >> reporter: but no one seems to know what is happening. hundreds signed an online petition demanding that watawa say stay on the job. >> we love and adore her. >> reporter: the students went back to class without punishment and on their own. >> we'll let you in. nobody is in trouble. >> it's really getting our voice out there. we enjoy making sure everybody
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about. >> reporter: the school district would not address any specific on why dr. watawa was resigning, only issuing a statement saying several students gathered to hold a peaceful demonstration. students respectfully returned to their classrooms. it appears they are aware the board will be taking action on the principal's letter of resignation. >> reporter: no one has given us any any reasons watawa was resigning. parents and students hope the board changes its mine. william pitts, 12 news. all lanes on i-17 northbound are back open. if you're trying to get out of town, you may want to wait a bit. adot saying there's an 18 mile
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caught fire, causing all ground lanes to be closed. adot sayings it will take a while for the backup to clear. dolphins are one of the last animals you would think of then when you think of the desert. but one new wildlife habitat wants to change your mind and silence the critics. >> ryan -- bryan the environment. display are curious, they're learning new habitat. they're learning some of the new trainers. we're excited and so are the animal toughs. >> reporter: but not everybody feels the same way. tom krepech is one of hundreds actively protesting the dolphins' arrival in the desert. soon, people will be able to swim with them.
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that really equates to something like 1 10,000th of 1% of their natural habit, we don't think that's appropriate. >> reporter: stafford and his team don't necessarily disagree, the difference is that these dolphins never lived in the open ocean. >> reporter: all of the animals were born in human care, meaning they've only known the care of their trainers their whole lives. part of the responsibility we have is to make sure their have envien habit in the winter and cooling it in the summer. still, the debate continues. >> being in arizona, this is a desert. there's no native follow dolphins here, obviously. >> reporter: people are sharing with me how excited they are to see the dolphins. there's no exact date for the
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ryan o cody, 10 news. the found over the group latinos for trump is coming under fire for an interview he made. take a listen to what marco gutierrez had to say. >> my culture is a very dominant culture. it's imposing and causes problems. if you don't do something about it, you will see taco truck on every corner. >> social media. this is what the arizona democratic party posted on its side. there comes at takeoff time for trump's campaign. thousand of his advisors resigned this week. hillary clinton is making a surprising push for voters in arizona. >> and is john mccain betting
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brahm resnik has more. >> reporter: hillary clinton is spending a lot of money to win in arizona. >> reporter: just days after donald trump's hard line speech on illegal immigration. >> i want extreme. it will be so tough. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign has booked a big tv ad buyout. the ad sees trump through the eye of children. >> you've got to see i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> reporter: fresh off his primary victory, senator john mccain looks like he's betting on trump losing. >> if hillary clinton is elected president, arizona will need a senator who will act as a check, not a rubber stamp. >> reporter: mccain's video message to arizona voters never mentioned the nominee he's grudgingly endorsed. >> one of the things i've heard for people is they're so surprise surprised john mccain
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himself. >> reporter: on this weekend's sunday square-off, debate on 2 hot topic. how donald trump and hick stack up on immigration, and should arizona voters raise the minimum wage for workers? sunday square-off airs at 8 a.m. on sunday. >> brahm, thanks. every spring web remind ourselves about keeping kids safe around pools. some of us brush up techniques and other life- saving techniques. but what if some type of emergency were to occur? >> team of trauma specialists from maricop ark medical center were out in mesa explaning the stop the bleed campaign and showing them how to use items like gauze and tourniquets that can mean the difference between life and death.
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makes the difference between if they get to a hospital in -- whereas if they get to a hospital in shock, they have a much higher chance of dieing. if they're not in severe shock, they have a much better chance of surviving. >> the team hopes to take the training to more school. remember, when were you in high school and heard about the heart, all you had was probably a textbook. what did you have? >> a chisel and a ta boring. >> it was. then books came along and it was a game-changer. students at brett tarver elementary got some hands-on experience with a heart. they put on 3d glasses and literally interacted with a heart as it popped out of the screen. the z space buzz virtual 3d tour making a stop in phoenix. it gives students a chance to
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butterflies, and other types of science. >> i'm experiencing dinosaurs. >> instead of just looking at a textbook, they're able to play and interact in a way they couldn't do in the classroom before. >> it's like 35d movie but -- like a 3d movie but with the 3d glasses. >> a lot better than thedays of a tablet and -- tn of a tablet and hammer. all sorts of science. can you see it makes a big impression on those kids. >> i people like i want to play -- i feel like i want to play on that. coming up, another health insurance company dropping out of obamacare. what it means for coverage in the valley. >> and why an arizona woman is suing a popular amusement park. >> and which arizona city ranks highest on this year's list of
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>> today is the start of your holiday weekend. 102 in phoenix. -- 102 in phoenix how long will these temperatures last, and what are the rain chances? ville the latest coming -- i'll
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let's get a look at your hot headlines. another obamacare insurer is leaving maricopa county. >> phoenix health plans is the latest insurer to drop out of the federal health insurance marketplace. what it means is si -- is cygna health care will be the only
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to choose from when enrollment begins. 2 suspects are on the run after a deadly shooting at a hookah lounge. phoenix police say the suspects reportedly stole guns and drugs before leaving. hurricane hermine is causing problems on the east coast. it hit florida's gulf coast. heavy rains and high winds left behind a trail of damage. one person was killed by a falling . issued throughout the holiday weekend. an arizona woman born with no arms, but she has never let that stop her in the past. why she's now suing an amusement park. >> and the way one arizona community is making sure the money you give to panhandlers is helping them buy the thing they need to get by. >> reporter: i'm bruce cooper.
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the sag arks rorks high school marching band -- the saguaro marching band. i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. a limited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited.
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it's time for our social sound off. if you're looking to live in a relaxed place, the valley might be the place to live. ranked the top 150 cities in america when it
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the most-stressed city in arizona was tucson. phoenix came in at number 71. the higher the number, the less stressed you are. the most stressed city was detroit. the least was beaumont, california. a tucson womenwoman is suing a theme park for discrimination after they refused let her on a ride because he she doesn't have kwon do, is a pilot, and a sue scuba diver. but workers at universal studios wouldn't let her on rides. >> i was kept off the ride because of blanket restriction that said i needed to have at least one hand on seat in front of me. >> jessica called on the company, saying their
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fitted to certain disability. we also tried contacting the company but have not yet heard back. up in flagstaff, they came up with a way to make sure the money you give to a panhandler goes to things they really need. the police department and shadows foundation come up with something call the better buck. the vowpers can be used at local markets, or irans. it's designed to keep them away from unhealthy and illegal substances. >> it's something we can give to our community. >> reporter: it also includes one all-day bus pass to help them get from one place to the next. it's a big week, the
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folks, probably wondering if some dust will roll in this weekend. >> hopefully no dust. fingers crossed. this is first friday, happening just north of our station here at 200 east van buren. it's a nice day to get outside. there are no storms moving in and no dust storms either. in the high country, check out the 74 degrees on your sunday. the rest of the high country, very nice as well. look at flagstaff, coming in at 73 degrees on your sunday. it will be gorgeous no matter where you go. here in the valley, it will be a little warm, but just about average. as far as our thunderstorm activity, not a lot going on. here in the valley, nothing to talk about. if you remember yesterday, we
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then that storm quickly formed. check this out eric watson sent thus foe nope look at this storm. you can see the dust storm there. there's the leading edge. you had wind coming in from the south. the storm formed so quickly because you had wind that hit that outflow and it sent the air straight up. that storm produce halved an inch of rain in a short time and then quickly fizzled out, but none of that today because we have all of is sitting just to the south of arizona. very low for tomorrow. a 2 in northern arizona. speaking of friday, let's go to
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fever. we're live at scottsdale sguaro high school. -- sagua rorks high school. industry -- saguaro high school. how good is this band? >> we lost a lot of numbers this year, but they say the best things come in the smallest packages. >> reporter: there you have it. we'll talk to the band we talk -- we'll listen to the band as i tell you about our next feature. i will tell you, when you step on the football field at saguaro, you become a family member for life. tesa tudr krirks h has more.
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tud -- tesss tudr krirks h has more. >> reporter: family. it's what the saguaro family is about. >> a couple of teams have won 2 or 3 in a row, but nobody has won 4. >> that's the ultimate goal. that's what we're shooting for. >> reporter: long after the high school, the saying goes once a saber cat, always a saber cat. >> you always have a life here at saguaro. >> reporter: all right. we have a lot of games coming your way tonight on friday night fever at 11:35 following the tonight show.
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that. we can't wait for it. we're back out here live at saguaro high school. you're watching the marching band do their thing as we are getting excited for another exciting night of friday night football fever. how about that band? >> the band always brings the energy. they bring that energy of football. >> i like it, coop. thanks. all the best highlights tonight later on. grilling the holiday week, bring a cell phone with you.
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coming up tonight at 10, did you know if you have a medical marijuana card, the 9th u.s. circuit court of apoles say you -- of appeals says you can't buy a gun? let us know what you think on
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labor day means one last summer cookout. for those looking for some grilling tips, help is a call away. longhorn steakhouse is offering its grill us hot line. it's like the bullerball hot line on thank -- hot -- the butterball hotline on thanksgiving. it's just >> and you actually like them burnt. >> people always look at you so weird. >> i like some wing on there, baked potato on the grill. >> good weather this weekend? >> it will be perfect for grilling. >> thank you for watching 12 news at 6. >> 12 news is always on.
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amy schumer's new caught on camera showdown with a heckler. >> [ bleep ]. >> now on "extra." ? ? new video. amy schumer targeted by a sexist loud mouth. >> show us your [ bleep ]. >> how she ripped him to shreds and took revenge. a new twist in chris brown's gun scandal. did he snap after getting bad news from 50 cent? dancing with ryan lochte. his new interview with partner cheryl burke. what's their racy ballroom bombshell. >> shh, you can't tell. >> i know. breaking couples news.
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six years after she quit hollywood, renee zellweger is back and caught in a love triangle. >> two men fighting for your affection. >> a normal day at work. >> "extra" is in london with the cast of "bridget jones' baby" uncovering the big secret they kept from patrick dempsey. >> we never knew. mario versus usher head-to-head in the ring and sugar ray leonard, the ref. >> and the winner is -- >>s meet ellen's new magic michelle co-starring oprah? now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, my new interview with barbra streisand and how the music legend feels about lady gaga taking on her iconic role in "a star is born".


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