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tv   12 News Today Sunday  NBC  September 4, 2016 8:30am-9:30am MST

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from a good morning, everyone. welcome to 12 weekend today on this sunday. as i've been complaining all weekend, it feels a little humid. >> i thought it felt perfect. you've got to love these temperatures. this is what we've been waiting for. 70s around the entire valley right now. >> you still have to wake up this early. >> get outside and enjoy this. 78 phoenix, 81 apache junction, 73 degrees in anthem, and look in maricopa.
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valley. right now absolutely nothing happening on satellite radar. that's really how it's going to stay over the next couple days. here's a breakdown of your forecast today. breezy conditions this afternoon. wind gusts 15 to 20 miles per hour in some locations. 102 is the forecast high temperature. that's below the average of 103. that son was set at 6:49. no chance of rain out there whatsoever, but that's a completely dif people along the jersey shore are preparing for post-tropical storm her mean. >> many plan to stick it out as long as they can. folks will kayak up the street if they have to. >> reporter: along the jersey shore, rising waters. now bernadette is bracing for what could be near record flooding around her house on yacht avenue. >> i will stay until the water gets above my ankles, and then
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>> it could see some of the highest water from hermine, especially tomorrow night and monday morning. some plan to stick it out. >> we've been here 15 years. if we have to kayak up this little street, we will. >> maybe it is time to leave, but i am here right now. >> although not mandatory, many beach communities have been encouraging visitors to leave the barrier islands before conditions become treacherous. sand and beaches being eaten away. the angry ocean has already caused this damage to the fourth avenue beach in north wildwood. >> we were here yesterday with our granddaughter. everything was flat and now today there's a couple foot drop already. >> we are here for another week. what are we going to do now for another week? >> foremost, these are
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shallow waters. pretty scary, but good waves. >> and the coast guard rescue more than two dozen people from a stinking fishing boat off the coast of mexico. coast guard officials say they received a report early yesterday morning a fishing boat was taking on water after it struck rocks near the coronado islands. >> i was walking out of the bathroom and that's when the boat went full on collision with the islands. it put everyone in a frenzy. >> and the rescued passengers were taken to san diego for one passenger suffered a back injury but declined medical treatment. it was reported to have broken apart. president obama today told turkeys president that his administration would work with turkey to help ensure that those responsible for an attempt are brought to justice. >> i indicated at the time the unequivocal condemnation of
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personally to president to offer any support that we might be able to provide. >> president obama and other world leaders attended a gal at the g 20 summit in china today taking pictures with the chinese president before posing for group photos. after a welcome , performance produced by a famed chinese director. mother teresa is now officially saint teresa of calcutta. pope francis officially declaring her a saint today. an estimated 120,000 people filled st. peters square dash sorry, we have the wrong video there for you. 100,000 tickets were issued for that mass regarding mother teresa. >> the teachings of mother teresa has helped me a lot.
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love. love for the poor. that helps me a lot in my practice and remembering to seek god in every single human being. >> and mother teresa dedicated her life to helping the poor. she died in 1997. mesa police need your help country club in mesa last night. he took off after getting into an argument with his family. he has asperger's and bipolar. he was wearing a gray tank and red pajama shorts. this morning the family of a man killed while walking home from work is asking for your help to find his killer. kevin or had just overcome stage iv melanoma cancer when he was shot and killed. it's been over two years and his family wants answers. >> i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. it's horrible. >> i don't want some other
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years later and we don't know who or why. >> investigators say on may 7th 2014, 35-year-old michael helped a coworker closed rum runners bar. he began his walk home through a residential neighborhood and was later found shot to death by someone passing by. again, if you have information on this, you are asked to call silent witness. there's a $4500 award being offered in the case. this morning were called out to the odyssey aquarium for a report to the call of smoke. it turns out it was an electrical problem and there's no damage. the new aquarium just opened in scottsdale yesterday near the loop 101. there are more than 50 exhibits with animals from all over the world. phoenix police and fire investigate after a man was found dead inside an apartment on fire. have a near 43rd avenue and thunderbird. firefighters received the first
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is still unclear how the man died. a man shot while leaving from work yesterday in critical condition this morning. police telling us he was shot after being in a fight with two suspects near 35th avenue and southern in phoenix. police are looking for the alleged shooter. jamaica plain made an emergency landing on a dirt road in goodyear yesterday. police and fire crews say the plane had problems with the landing gear and couldn't make it to the airport. no injuries reported. our team is here to help solve your consumer complaints, including issues with medical billing and providers in and out of network. coming up on 12 week and today,
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what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here.
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everyone wants better chicken. it's true! and that's what you get at subway with the new chicken caesar melt. rotisserie-style chicken that's raised without antibiotics. a savory caesar sauce, melted provolone and parmesan cheese. the new chicken caesar melt from subway. welcome back. it's been another successful week for our call 12 for action team. so far we saved arizona consumers more than a million dollars. here's a look at some of what we've solved and how we can possibly help you. >> it's not always easy to know if everyone connected to your treatment is covered by your insurance. scott still woman learned that the hard way during the
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was covered but then she got the bill. she was charged for out-of- network services. >> she did not think to ask the facility or the anesthesiologist. in these cases, you need to ask all people that are going to be involved in your treatment. >> once the facility called dash found out call 12 was involved, they adjusted the bill. $800 saved. another consumer had trouble with her cable service after canceling the free trial and sending back the equipment on time, the company sent her two collections. no one would listen, so she decided $1003 saved. >> we were able to call the company involved with the situation and tell them who we are and that sometimes gets a little bit more attention than a call from the customer. >> that also proved true for a consumer in months park who had a lawnmower with a series of mechanical issues and his warranty had expired. after hearing from our team, the
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$1000 saved. >> check for sure what their warranty covers, and if they don't get it resolved, call 12 for action. we'll get it resolved for them. >> if you have a consumer complaint, our volunteer investigators are here to take your call monday through friday 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 602-260-1212 three day weekends are the perfect excuse to get out and explore arizona. if you love aviation history and antiques, we've got the perfect place for you. you're watching 12 weekend
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welcome back. beautiful pictures from all around arizona. i was talking about how my husband
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there's so much to do. he loves it here now. >> just look at these pictures. we were talking about the superstitions. you can spend a year exploring some of those trails. a lot of people think it's the sun. look at this. >> there so many hidden waterfalls. >> of course, sedona. and we are very dog friendly >> she's going to start crying. if you've ever wonder where planes go when they die, think junkyards. arizona highways television takes a south to a place where you will see hundreds and hundreds of planes from yesteryear and learn about the
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from the tale into the front end, it's an impressive and awesome site, like a stable of steel ponies at the ready. overhead, the old and not so old ones wait to be called on again. in one way or another. >> we have 4200 aircraft here come a variety from the f-16 behind me, the fighter, tanker, air lifters. we have 70 different type of aircraft here. >> the commander says there is a careful process that goes on the minute the aircraft arrives. >> the first thing we do is we flush and drain the fluid. we run a light weight oil
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it a good washing. we then take the aircraft. and then we put this vinyl coating on it. it's black. it is a vinyl. it preserves the aircraft. >> aligned as neatly as the planets, the white plains have been signed, sealed, and not quite delivered. the graves still need to be preserved. >> for arizona. first is the climate. low humidity. that creates a noncorrosive environment. the metal doesn't rust out here like it does in other places. the second reason is the desert soil itself. after about an inch or so below the sand, there is a concrete like service that allow us to
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>> after the strategic arms limitation between u.s. and russia, hundreds of bombers were laid out and chopped into pieces. they were then left out in the open so the russians could use their spy satellite for proof of u.s. compliance with the salt. >> we'll take an f for sitting in the desert maybe 15 years and we'll do the inspections and repairs on it and make it fly so it will become a drone and it's i >> so what do we learn here today? we learned that military planes never die. they just retire. and wait until the country needs them again. >> we've got dedicated professional workers here that take a lot of pride in preserving these aircraft. the bottom line is the people make it happen. they ensure that we get the most military value from these
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>> and for more arizona adventures, check out arizona highways television saturday at 6:30 and sundays at 4:30. and it's almost the perfect time to travel all over arizona. >> no matter where you want to go. especially in the morning, the evening. this is the time to do it. that's why ruben should love it here now. >> he's an outdoors guy. >> look at the current temperatures out there right now. this is a live look over downtown phoenix. there's just a bit of pace out there. air quality still in a good range. check out the temperature. 78 degrees right now the windsor east southeast at about nine miles per hour. up in flagstaff, a little cooler as well. 55 right now. two-point sitting at 36 degrees three wins southwest at about seven miles per hour. around the rest of the state, it's really nice out there. 80 degrees right now. waking up in show low at 71 in winslow and the good news here
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normally 55 or higher. right now sitting at 33 in phoenix, 30 casagrande. that's one of the reasons we were able to cool off so quickly at night. step outside, enjoy these lower humidity levels. things are changing. here's the water vapor. shows you the dry air filtering in toward the state. a bit of a weather disturbance moving through the great basin into the northern portions of arizona and not expecting rain fall out of it whatsoever. look to the south. trng it's not a tropical storm yet but it's starting to develop fairly nicely here it is forecast to move up the coast. that could give us decent rainfall by the time we move into wednesday and thursday. future test shows this very nicely. high-pressure sitting over texas. in a move along the high pressure straight up and anytime we see that, that could mean a big surge of moisture here in arizona. look at this. this is tuesday at about 7:00. starting to see some of that
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for you wednesday forecasting to move further toward the state. by thursday-friday, we could see thunderstorms around the entire region. for today, it's very low out there. a zero here in the valley. for today, get outside. enjoy the below average temperatures. 99 for you in quartzsite, 84 sedona, 70 in flagstaff, 87 winslow, 77 at the grand canyon. here's a look at that 124 today, 100 on your labor day . decent chance of rain wednesday and thursday, but the good news, look at that temperature on thursday. down to 95 degrees and it could even be lower than that. from a college football is officially back. the best of yesterday's games, including a sun devils win. and we look ahead to next week with the cardinals preps for
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i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons, really? i'm still looking for their socks. seriously, you want me to hurry? oh sure, let me just drop everything for your one day sale. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always offered amazing prices on the brands you love, every day.
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and unbelievable first saturday to the college football season. we start out in tempe. they haven't be asu since 1938, but anything can happen. a lot of unknowns. he looked good on the first drive. they marched right down the field. took two minutes off the clock. one drive, one touchdown for manny wilkins. the sun devils go up 7-0. he wasn't perfect. second career path attempt. any you, they hung around out gaining the devils in the first half. this was one of the highlights of the game. hurtling a defender on the long
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after the game, he needs to settle down. the team they finally wake up in the third. so powerful, just give it to him. to your tough run rate here. one of the future rising stars of college football. this kid can flat out bowl. asu goes up 26-6. game over. slow start but stro possessions. 24 fourth-quarter points, and they win. >> we've seen a couple teams lost. we've got to keep it in between ourselves and speak positively. not go at each other like it's your fault, it's your fault. just a positive. there's always going to be another play. if anybody messes up on the
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don't worry about it. we'll correct it. we've got a big game next week coming in with texas. >> very touching moment before the game. arizona honoring zach, who passed away in his sleep days into camp. he went to chandler high school. a new start for the cats, and same results. they turn this into points. that comes arizona. this guy can ball. gets the catch. back in the game in the fourth quarter. 15-10 with nine minutes left. arizona finally takes the first lead of the night. wilson again another rushing touchdown to put the wildcats up one. 126 is a lot of time left. enough time to march all the
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goal range. 33 yards to win the game. byu comes from behind to win. cardinals 53 man roster is set. interesting takeaways from this team. nine defense of an offense of lineman. only two quarterbacks. that means matt barkley, despite his solid performance, all released and so was the veteran defensive tackle. ey those guys back on the practice squad. >> went out looking for anybody else's purse. we like to get our own guys back. some teams are happy to cut guys. get it over with. we've got a very talented group. >> coming up tonight, we will recap the arizona and asu game.
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one week from today, cardinals and patriots right here on sunday night football. see you then. thank you. open to the public later this month, but this morning they are in the 12 news studios looking for actors.
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. good morning, everyone. welcome to 12 weekend today on this sunday. beautiful morning. the sun is coming up now. >> the sun is coming up and that all means warmer temperatures. this morning it was perfect out there. perfect reason to wake up early. temperatures outside right now 78 phoenix, 61 payson, 76 in tucson, 63 in show low. cooler along the colorado river. nothing going on here in the state but changes are coming
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breezy conditions. the average is 103. 1 degree below that with the forecast high of 102 out there. 92 by 9:00. a different story on the east coast. the beach could get major flooding today and tomorrow because of tropical storm her mean. is in keeping people from the beach. >> many plan to ride the storm out. how tourists are making the most of the situation. >> reporter: jackie morrison and her friends didn't expect to spend their labor day beach trip like this. >> we thought we would get some sun, and we got storms. dash it's not stopping them from getting some sand in their stove dash in their toes and seeing what hermine has to offer. most of the afternoon, the
9:02 am
the beach. >> what was it like out there? >> wendy and sand blowing in your eyes. as the beach patrol added extra sand, families stayed on the boardwalk. a pleasant surprise to the businesses which stayed open. >> we thought we might not have even opened this morning but people were knocking time you open. >> how often have you complained about something? bad food at a restaurant, bad service, how about a botched remodeling job? what if we told you that you could be sued based on the online review you write. would you be scared of doing them? bill mcginty has the story you need to see before you complain online. >> reporter: ticked off at custom crafted kitchen and
9:03 am
there was gaps in the woodwork, exposed wire in the wall, and the necessary counter permits were not pulled. now the whole kitchen has to be ripped out and redone. she was so mad she left a negative report on an online review site. >> and so i posted very factually that this project had turned into a nightmare for us. >> she wrote that the company at the time didn't have a general contractors license, which north carolina more than $30,000. she also posted that they didn't pull county permits. again, mandatory when a contractor moves plumbing or electrical. but then something unexpected show up. >> within a couple days i received a very threatening letter from their attorney. >> that letter calling their conduct actionable and unacceptable and it demanded that she cease and desist her
9:04 am
immediately. the letter demanded she signed an agreement saying she wouldn't make any more negative comments about the company in the future and if she didn't comply she'd face defamation and libel claims. the attorney represented them in a settlement to their satisfaction. he says, post away if you're compelled to complain, but dash. >> the most important thing is too keep it to the facts. just the facts. the second most thing you say, make sure it's true and make sure it's accurate. >> truth is always a defense, but make sure you can back it up and definitely stay away from opinion. words have specific meaning under criminal law. as for the validity of those reviews, all i can say is buyer beware. sometimes the author of those reviews are actually the owners of the businesses or somebody that works there but you think
9:05 am
in the case of custom crafted kitchen and baths, we found a review posted online that says the company staff is truly awesome at what they do. the thing is, aaron is the owner of the company. their attorney told me she was just quoting a very satisfied customer, but the review didn't mention that. >> it's unethical, lacks integrity. >> tom bartholomew is president of the better business bureau. >> as long as you disclose that i'm the owner of this company and this is ou has had said about it. but if you are trying to make it look like it come from a customer, we got a problem with that. >> as for the kitchen, she is getting her money back and a different company redoing the remodel. >> and remember whether the reviews are good or bad, you can't read too much into them. sometimes businesses will post anonymous negative comments. the better business bureau says
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site to make sure companies are rating themselves. looking to shop around for a car this labor day weekend, shop around for the financing first. a new report says auto manufacturers are often the best financing source offering rates 51 percent below average. among the manufacturers assess, catalog, ford, honda, nissan, subaru but the lowest financing rates. y can call for a little help. longhorn steakhouse will reopen its grill hotline sunday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. eastern. the phone number is 855-lhs- grill. labor day weekend is the final grilling holiday weekend of the summer. well, we just started september but we are already
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next on 12 weekend today. this week only on 12 news at 10. payment tuesday the dangers it poses. and then tile trouble. one woman's fight to get it right. the nfl season kicks off on thursday. catch the game right here on 12 news for you. beer given up bruce to a program in honor of fallen soldiers. fun fridays. ways to get rid of the odor coming from your front loading washer. that's this week only on 12
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so mike just starting september. t on their minds. joining me is jacob brentwood. you're the general manager of fear farm. tell us what we have here. >> everyone dresses up as a kid. now we are trying to get you to come on out and we'll make you look like this. we'll teach you how to be
9:11 am
we added a new hayride. we are increasing the fear factor. we have about 150, close to 200. >> are these paying jobs? >> they are seasonal but they are paying jobs. >> i was just thinking if you like acting, you might do it for free as a volunteer, but you get paid to do this. >> honestly, so many people love this. you put the costume on and you get that first scare, and it grabs you. >> i was on the set when you first showed up. they walked in and they are just staring at me from across the room. it gave me the heebie-jeebies a little bit. >> this guy has an important job behind the costume. what exactly do you do? >> all the lassos need to come out to the fear farm. once they come, we can find
9:12 am
>> can you be a shy person to do this? >> i have shy people that get into our show and they come out of the box. >> and i have to ask, when you ar the burly people, the ones that look a little scared? >> we definitely want large people. and i want tiny people. everything. anybody interested and wants to have a good time. we get families that come out. they all take different roles in a scene. >> if someone wants to come out, they come out at 7:00. the 13th floor is fully staffed. >> out on the west, we have fear farm.
9:13 am
yelling, growling, and hissing. any other things you might want to practice at home? >> we will do all of that with you. just have a good time and be fun. >> could i addition? >> absolutely. >> come and scare me. >> >> the forecast calls for a storm. >> you cannot only come out and
9:14 am
upstairs today. >> now we are better. >> our season run through the middle of november. >> thanks for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. have some fun and get paid to do this and scare people on halloween. we'll be right back with another look at your forecast
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. >> when you see these pictures, i can't believe that here in arizona and you can get water like that. and, of course, humphries peak. beautiful shot. you can take the best photos. the stars at night. i love it. and we had out to lake pleasant where a lot of people are spending their summer. >> that's the nice part about arizona. finally, signal hill. you don't get to see t just had out. >> you went camping up there a couple months ago. >> i camped one night. >> exhausting. >> it's a bit of a hike but well worth it you see the city, see the lights. >> you can't really see the drop.
9:18 am
temperature start to cool off. look at the current temperature around the valley right now. some of them are missing a bit. at least it's 82 in scottsdale, 81 deer valley, 81 luke air force base. the rest of the valley generally sitting in the 80s right now as well. if you've been waiting for the last day of 100-degree days, on average it's october 3rd. we are now under a month from hitting that mark. last year we actually had 14th. a little past the average. look at 2014 and 2013. this is where we want to be this year. it happened early. we could be talking the end of september or last 100 and 80 date couldn't come soon enough. another thing is the fire season. starting to get out of it now. january 1st through august 28th we have had 661 lightning caused fired here in arizona
9:19 am
we have had 1132 human caused fires in arizona. we want to get that number is lowest possible. certainly, do your part out there. things are very dry in the high country. things are changing. here's a look at satellite and radar. not a whole lot happening here but we do have some weather to talk about especially toward the north. even have some snow coming through idaho, wyoming right now. the other big storm system, tropical storm completely off the coast. almost no rainfall. what will happen is the center of circulation is slowly going to move back toward the coast. even more of the very strong storm surge working its way from new jersey all the way back down toward north carolina. here in the valley, this is what we are tracking. right now we are clear and dry. look to the south with this tropical system slowly making
9:20 am
that's going to send a lot of moisture directly into the state. you can see exactly what's going to happen. tuesday afternoon, we start to see the thunderstorms develop that should push more moisture directly toward the state by wednesday and thursday so looking at a decent chance of thunderstorms out there. for today, almost no chance of storms here in the valley. zero on the monsoon meaner. for today, check out the temperat. payson, 84 in sedona, 80 in prescott, and the next seven days, here it is. dropping it all the way to 95 on your thursday about a 20 to 30 percent chance of rain wednesday through your friday. matching grandparents, bad parents, and some hot teachers. it's all coming up in your morning juice. you're watching 12 weekend
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welcome back. this is about the sweetest story we've seen all week. meet these grandparents. they've been married over 50 years and every day they took time to wear matching outfits anthony put these photos on twitter. he says they started the map out for it trend only a year ago. how could you not instantly love them? >> that's pretty cool. >> i was wondering how when i read this, i hadn't seen the pictures. they are just keeping it simple. not exact prints but the same colors. i don't know if my husband would do this with me. >> i don't know. we can't even get it figured out here.
9:24 am
them. >> i say these are relationship goals right here. married 50 years and love your spouse this much. pretty amazing. plus, they get a picture with each other every single day. well, most parents have been there rushing in the morning trying to get the kids to school on time. >> but there are days when things don't go as planned. that's when it pays to be honest. brutally honest. take a look at the tardy sign making its way around social me reason for being tardy. mom or dad just wrote bad parenting. i mean, it happens. >> it's nice just to be honest. we were late. don't blame the kids like they didn't wake up on time. >> i don't think it's bad parenting. i don't have children, but my best friend has two and i went to her house to visit her. she's running around, grabbing one, saving another one. parents have a tough job. >> everything comes together.
9:25 am
remember when we learned about the heart in school? students in phoenix got some hands-on experience with a heart this week. >> the students put on 3-d glasses and literally interacted with a heart as it popped right out of the screen. the virtual 3-d tour made a stop in phoenix. it gives students the chance to interact with the earth, >> i'm exploring dinosaurs. it's 3-d. you can put the stuff back on. >> instead of looking at a textbook, they are able to play and interact in a way they couldn't do in the classroom. it's like a 3-d movie but with 3-d glasses. >> it's a lot of fun. >> i want to try that out. students got to immerse themselves in astronomy, paleontology, and zoology. all kinds of science.
9:26 am
lightning. that would be cool to have. you literally see it in three dimension. >> think of the way that we learn when we were younger. the internet didn't even exist. kids today i feel like they are so lucky. you see toddlers using ipads and stuff like that. >> my niece is four years old. she knows how to work an iphone . it's incredible. we get excited about a pop-up book when we were little. >> i thought pages were awesome. okay. from powerpoint presentations to educational films, teachers go to great lengths to help students learn. according to experts, what may help the most is if you hire more attractive teachers. >> the university of nevada experiment, 131 students
9:27 am
audio lecture while looking at two different photos. one of a hot teacher and one of a not so hot teacher. then they had to take a test. >> the results were astounding. the student with the attractive teacher scored higher than those with the unattractive teacher. the more attractive teachers scored better on their evaluations. >> were they looking at a picture or did they actually see them? >> so i read more about this during the week. it was like a still picture >> just there for 20 minutes. >> they were given tests. the thing was they state to statistically you pay attention to a more attractive face longer. you listen to a more attractive person longer. they kind of went with that. i guess that would cause you to learn better. >> the other thing is attendance is way better. you don't want to miss out. >> i would say. here's a look at your weather. 100 on your labor day. chance of storms wednesday and thursday. if you have an attractive teacher, good job, and if you don't, still to go to class. >> thanks for joining us.
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