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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  September 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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police think the suspect may have been on the phone with friends who could have possibly been watching the chase back at home. this could take a long time to figure out exactly what happened as there are four different police agencies involved as the chase encompassed four different towns as well as the fbi, standard in any case involving a bank robbery. >> scary moments out there. the investigation still unfolding where the whole thing started at eight credit union branch and avondale. >> we want to bring you live pictures from the scene where law enforcement is still gathering evidence and police tape is still love. during the pursuit the charter of the vehicle headed into an alley, tossing out a bag next to a gate where woman was standing and kept on driving.
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home tonight continuing our team coverage. what if you uncovered so far? >>reporter: tense moments this afternoon, this is the alley the guy drove down. according to family members the suspect lives in a home in his neighborhood with his sister. watch what happens when he tries to drive down the alley. he passes an open gate and at this point you can see the sister, five. he then goes past the open gate again for backing up one more time. this time he stops, throws out that small black back from the car and then you see his sister go to shut the gate as he takes off. police were watching this from above. they dispatch a unit to the home . the woman has been questioned. she has been taken to the police station. we have not been told that she is under arrest. her husband spoke with us a
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>> unfortunately her brother made a decision today or he made a mistake and the consequences was losing his life. so, it doesn't have anything to do with us. >>reporter: once again, this is the gate were all of this to lace. the woman right now is being questioned by police. she was told about an hour and a half ago what happened with her brother. we will stay on e night and bring you the latest coming up tonight at 10:00. our other big story tonight, hurricane newton takes aim at mexico and its next stop is the desert southwest. this video capture as newton was hitting the twin resort in san -- cabo san lucas.
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waves along the west coast of mexico. this was the scene earlier today as the storm passed thereby. down in tucson they are planning for a direct hit tomorrow night. folks ready to sandbag areas to make sure possible floodwaters to not ruin homes and property. the storms could bring flooding rains to the valley. we are going to begin with >> this is a big storm. we are starting to see moisture starting to kick up. i am going to show you what is happening here we have cloudy skies across the region and it is continuing to build. we started out dry, humidity at
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we are waiting for these two points to pop up and we do have that around the valley. that moisture is the fuel for the storms. there is newton just lingering. it is overland right now. it will strengthen a little more. all the moisture is moving up and as it makes its way towards the arizona and mexico border it is going to take a sharp turn to the right. the quicker it does the more moisture we will see across our tucson will really start to get hit. you can see the storms to the south of us starting to bubble up. the yellows and the rest indicate bigger storms and more rainfall. as this moves up towards cassock on day will have gusty conditions, wind, and blowing dust. 74 to 79 tonight and also the
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radar when i come back. this is developing right in front of us and this hurricane has been affecting flights to and from mexico. remember, keep in touch with your airline. if you have a flight heading to areas that have already been affected or could be hit, make sure your flight has not been canceled. in mind, this thursday will mark two years since interstate 10 was completely flooded by the storm of the century. the question is, will hurricane new cost similar headaches for valley drivers? charlie have the spots that could be hit the hardest n-word from adot on how they are getting ready. >>reporter: in just a moment of hours our valley freeways may fantasy several inches of rain. adot ensures that they are working to plan and keep our roadways safe.
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a repeat from a few weeks ago? >> ahead of the storm, technicians are preparing for things. >>reporter: joe kellwood -- adot says all 50 pump stations are ready to handle storms from hurricane newton. they caution there is no telling what the weather may have in store. >> we have to expect the worst and hope for better conditions in terms of not having localized rain where you might have to inches of rainfall in less than an hour's time period. >>reporter: that is exactly what they say happened last month when i 17th shut down because floodwaters were too high. other trouble spots include the interstate 17 at greenway at thunder board -- thunderbird.
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assisted it is the intent storms and not the pump systems. >> we stay in touch with the national weather service. >>reporter: a close eye is being of southeastern arizona as this door may bring gusty wind. >> travel between phoenix and tucson on interstate 10 always has the possibility of blowing dust ahead of the storm system. >>reporter: be sure to slow down and keep a good distance between yourself and the car in front of you. you can always check on the current row conditions on our the woman accused of indecent exposure and performing a sexual act on a boy takes the stand in her own defense. the former yoga instructor has pleaded not guilty saying that she was intoxicated and drugged. we are alive right now with today's new details.>>reporter:
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of scottsdale. it has been going on now for more than a month. a judge approved a camera today only for the closing arguments. she is accused of flashing a group of seven boys at a bar mitzvah and performing a sexual acts on one of them. she admits to being junk that night, but says she doesn't remember. she is claiming a specific 18- year-old boy slipped ghp into one of her drinks. she later admitted to kissing bo assaulted her. the prosecution countered with the defense's own experts without no ghb in her system. lawyers have spent more time arguing and bickering and doing any questioning. at one point they argued over who was patterned paper was sitting on the easel. now to decision 2016 as both republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton
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donald trump making a stop in virginia beach where he took part in a special town hall. michael flynn joined him on stage acting as a moderator. the republican nominee says the us needs to work closely with those countries affected by isis. most discussions centered on security issues as he continues to court the veteran vote. meanwhile, hillary clinton she calls dangerous ideas and a lack of knowledge about national security issues. for the second day she mocked donald trump's visit to mexico last week claiming he costs and embarrassing international incident. we know a lot of you are still deciding who to vote for in the november election which is just 62 days away. here is the past five fyi about hillary clinton. first up, she is the first woman in history to earn a major party's nomination for
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be elected to the u.s. senate and the first first lady to have a law degree. she was the first student speaker at her graduation ceremony at wellesley college in massachusetts. and once upon a time she was a republican and actually campaign for barry goldwater back in 1964 before switching parties in 1968. she also won a grammy in 1997 for best spoken word album for the audio version of her book, t we will reveal the past by about donald trump coming up 6:00. >> remember you can go to 12 news facebook page to share that information with your friends. join us tomorrow night for the commander in chief forum. you will see it live the 5:00. both clinton and trump will be on stage back to back taking questions. >> because of that the afternoon lineup will be a little different. you will see 12 news first the
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forum. it will be followed immediately by 12 news is 6:00. on this time that the clock tuesday we have five easy ways to trim that belly fat. and we are celebrating the cardinals season openers. coming up this sunday as the team celebrates out mp or you. tell us what you think the answer is to today's social sound of question on social di year's list of states with the best and worst healthcare? we will reveal the answer is
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good evening, everyone. i am coming to you live from the cowboy saloon, site of the cardinals 2016 kickoff party. attendance both past and present. let's talk more about some cardinals football. they held their first practice today. the game plan was introduced to the players. basically, it will not have to prepare for tom brady. brady is serving a four-game suspensions -- suspension and his role in deflategate. >> you never know what you are
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they are extremely well coach. they are not going to beat themselves, you are going to have to beat them. >> offensively, they are skill players. the running backs, a lot of playmakers, a lot of players that can make big plays and make a lot of them. >> you can watch the cardinals and patriots sunday night right here on nbc. the panthers and the broncos and then immediately following both games join us for 12 news over time. all right, we are back out here live inside the cowboy saloon. coming up i will have more green join me to talk more about tonight's kickoff party. i am going to send it back to you.
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we are watching the skies to see where the remnants of hurricane newton might end up. we dragged jimmy out of bed. he is normally getting into rem sleep. jimmy, thanks for stepping up. >> i have been tracking this thing all week long. one day was a little bit more towards the north northeast. the heaviest rain tonight through thursday with on and off storms. i think the bulk of the rain will be to the south and east of the valley. still for us we are not out of the woods, hazy skies outside right now. as far as rainfall, a about a
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jobs off a little more to a 30% chance. friday looks like it is going to be out of here. that is when it is going to take that turn up towards the north and the east. we don't want the flooding. this is a tremendous amount of rainfall. the pockets down towards the south. as far as the valley, lots of clouds. we could have some blowing dust tomorrow. heads-up, if you are in this district here, we have a flash flood watch meeting conditions could be just right for phoenix and down towards tucson. we are expecting most of the rain to be towards the south and east of the valley. as it moves up it is going to take a hard turn and start to move towards the north and east of mexico.
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tight shot of futurecast. here is maricopa county. for tonight there could be a couple of storms and tomorrow it will push off mainly towards the east. a chance of storms for tonight and for thursday and then think start to try out by -- dry out by saturday and sunday. back here live inside the cowboy saloon, site of as promised, joined by war a green who is hosting tonight's party. >> a couple things are near and dear. first and foremost our cardinals won our fans excited about this upcoming season. we want to make people in our community aware of sleep apnea.
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lives. and a lot of people do not know about it so we want to educate them as much as began and the arizona law enforcement community. >>reporter: let's talk about sunday's game. the season opener at home opener against the new england patriots minus tom brady. what do the cardinals have to be worried up in that situation ? >> you have to understand the patriots are always on the fields and a great football team. when tom brady went out years ago for t-ball games without him. the kid as starting quarterback is very capable and has been there at least three years. great weapons and defense is going to be stout. the cardinals will have to basically have success running the football as they did all preseason. hopefully they will rally those guys up and we can go for some great passes. >> all right, thank you for
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we will send it back to the studio to you guys. >> roy still looks like he can play. definitely ready for some football. we have five ways to trim 5 inches of that belly fat coming up next. >> we will also have our video
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less time that the clock.
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one of the most troublesome areas of the body, the belly. he or five ways to lose 5 inches of belly fat according to eat this and not that. grab some kale. the dinosaur variety is sweeter tasting and can help turn off belly fat genes.>> according to experts sipping white tea can help stimulate the process of breaking down stored fat. also, use cayenne pepper in your dishes, it could calm appetite. >> also, grab a handful of raspberries. they are pack with fiber and have antioxidants. and finally, pressure teeth after a meal. this will keep you from going back into the kitchen. interesting. >> i never thought about that. >> never did i.
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the pressure teeth after you eat is that moment for me. a lot of arizona coyotes fans of the celebrating this one. nick perez, one of our outstanding performers -- photographers capture this time lapse in glendale. the crew was getting ready for the 2016/2017 nhl hockey season. really cool as the locals are painted on the ice. we were all hoping this would be the year to the valley as the coyotes make the playoffs. >> it is that time of the year again. tonight, we are learning more about the missing boater at lake pleasant. a 24-year-old was with a group of people on a rented boat when he vanished. find out what friends are saying about him tonight at
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hillary clinton. ahead of 6:00 it is donald trump's turn about the republican nominee including the one thing no other presidential candidate has done. see us 6:00.
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breaking news tonight, one of america's most infamous cold case misteies solved. a little boy vanished without a trace. a disappearance that gripped the nation. a shocking confession finally answers for getting close, donald trump saying hillary clinton doesn't have a close presidential look. and a sexual harassment case that triggered the downfall of roger ailes. >> parents, listen up, this affects the way millions of kids get vaccinated. national outrage, a treasure that stood for a million years, destroyed in seconds.


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