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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  September 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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sofrjs what was in that bag and what happened to it? kevin kennedy continues our live team coverage. kev. >> yeah. guys, this police pursuit certainly took a strange turn when the suspect decided to drive down this south phoenix alley chl we now know, though, why he did that. he actually lives in a home in front of this alley with his
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have actually been talking with the sister on the phone or before he started to drive by this home, you actually see him turn down the alley, pass his house, and then back up past it again. that's when you see his sister outside near that back alley. he then passes by that opened gate one more time before backing up again, stopping this time at the gate. you then see him throw a small black bag out the window before taking off. police immediately responded to this house. the suspect's sister was she has been taken to a police station for questioning. we have not been told, though, that she has been arrested. earlier today, we talked with her husband, who was also home when his brother-in-law tossed that bag in their yard. >> i don't know why she was opening the back gate. i just happened to go back there in the spur of the moment. other than that, i mean, there's probably going to be other stipulations, why she opened the
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wife was home whenever he was doing whatever he was doing with whoever. >> police have cleared the scene out here about an hour ago. the suspects's sister taken away, but she was not put in handcuffs. as for that bag, it's still unclear exactly what was in that bag that he tossed out the window. we're live in south phoenix, i'm kevin kennedy, 12 news. >> kevin, thank you. turning now to the weather. the storm system heading our way slammed into mexico t hurricane newton packed 90-mile-per-hour winds and heavy rain causing a lot of problems for some of the resort towns in that area. the storm knocked down trees and power lines, leaving a lot of people without electricity, but now, what's left of hurricane newton could hit arizona tomorrow night. flooding, of course, is a big concern, especially the freeways that we drive every day. hopefully we don't see a repeat of the trouble we saw from a few weeks ago that left a
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team 12's james shows us the latest track of this storm in just a minute. first, team 12's charlie spoke with adot to get answers about what they're doing to keep our roads in the valley from turning into rivers. charly, first off, are the pumps working? >> yes. i was told all 59 pumps are functioning and ready to handle the rain forecasted to roll through the valley. adot says their systems and technicians are prepared for what could be several more inches of p the agency says they have been coordinating with both the department of public safety and the national weather service to monitor the latest weather conditions. now, they stress it's difficult to predict exactly what could happen, but they are encouraging drivers to pay attention to road conditions and slow down when the roads get wet. now, right now, they're also warning drivers in southern arizona between phoenix and tucson about the possibility of dust storms rolling in ahead of the weather. >> you know, the key thing is to know that it's not just a matter of waiting for an event to happen.
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plugged in. they do get even through their cell phones, they can be alerted when there is a problem. >> and to get the latest road condition information, you can head over to two places, az and also our 12 news home page where we will be keeping you up to date on the latest with monsoon 2016. we're live in the live alert center, charly edsitty, 12 news. >> all right. so what is this thing going to do? right now it's still f right? >> it looks like it's going to take more of a turn to the north-northeast chl i don't think we are going to get a direct hit out of this one right now, but there will be scattered showers and storms and the potential for localized flooding. i just don't think we are going to get that massive storm of the century type of hit on this one. 98 degrees. 53 is the dew point. the humidity really started to move up. chances for rain a little bit more earlier on today 50, 60%. now, we are down to about a 40% chance for tonight through
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drops off thursday evening at about a 30% chance. moisture is really going to start to roll up awe cross our area. you can see some cells already starting to pick up. we are not out of the woods yet. tonight we could have blowing dust, pockets of rain, close to casa grande right now with a little bit of rain fall there. most of phoenix relatively quiet, but remember those storms to the south of us could create dust and also some heavy cells. so developing storms around for tonight. more on your forecast and the monsoon meter coming up next. >> : let's go to decision 2016 coverage right now. hilary clinton's lead over donald trump is holding steady, according to the latest nbc news survey monkey poll. in a head-to-head race, clinton received 48% of the support from registered voters, compared to 42% for trump. now that it is the same margin as last week's poll. and meanwhile, ann holden, the wife of democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will visit phoenix tomorrow. she plans on meeting with
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events throughout the day. the last of them is happening again tomorrow afternoon at the headquarters for the democratic national committee. there are now just 62 days until the november election, and we know many of you are still deciding who to vote for. we shared five facts about democratic nominee hilary clinton at 5:00. now, here are the fast five fyi about republican nominee donald trump. he graduated from the university of pennsylvania wharton school of finance in 1968. trump says he's never smoked alcohol, or done drugs. in twefrn -- 2007, he received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. he ranked no. 324 on forbes 2016 list of the world's billionaires with a net worth of 4-and-a-half billion dollars. and donald trump is the only presidential candidate with his own board game titled trump the game. you can head to the 12 news facebook page to see our fast five facts about hilary clinton and then share both lists with your friends. and i hope you'll join us
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you'll see it live right here at 5:00 with both clinton and trump. they'll be on stage but not together. they'll be talking back to back and taking questions on a wide variety of topics. because of that, the afternoon lineup here on 12 will be a little bit different tomorrow. you'll see 12 news fist -- first at 4:00 then nbc nightly news with lester holt and the live commander in chief forum followed by 12 news at 6:00. here is something to be excited about. we are now just five days away from tzo the new england patriots opening the season on sunday night football right here on 12 news. but, bruce cooper is kicking off the season a little bit early. he's out in peoria tonight. hey, coop. >> hey, mark, hey, have a necessary -- vanessa. you're right. we are five days away from the season opener. that's enough to certainly get excited about. but tonight is the cardinals kickoff party. that's right. the cardinals mascot is in. a lot of the fans are starting to make their way in.
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present. it should be a knockout time. we'll send it back to you and have more from the cowboys saloon here in peoria. >> looking forward to that, coop chl thanks so much. coming up on 12 news at 6:00, fighting for sacred land. the national protest spreading here to arizona. plus, classes cancelled. why one of the biggest for-profit colleges is shutting down all of its campuses. and when it comes to healthcare, how does our state stack up against the rest of the country? introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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today in flagstaff, a show of support for native americans in north dakota fights against plans to build a pipeline on what they call sacred land. >> they are also worried about what it will do to the community's water supply, and today, supporters met in flagstaff's heritage square and then marched to city hall. since demonstrations began in north dakota, tribes the country have traveled to the proposed site to take part, and for those who cannot go, they are standing upright here in arizona. >> everybody needs water, and once that pipe busts, you know, down the missouri river, everybody downstream and just everybody in community states, everywhere, are going to be affected. >> the protesters at the dakota access pipeline construction site said they are preparing to stay there all winter.
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still ahead on 12 news at 6:00, thousands of college students with no place to go. why itt tech is closing its doors. plus, today, social soundoff, where does arizona rank on this year's list of states with best and worst health care? the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed...
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burn down his house with three people inside. investigators say 18-year-old luther cruz tried to light a propane tank on fire inside the home. family members were able to stop cruz and then held him until police arrived. itt technical institute is shutting down all of its campuses around the country. the college says it is because of an investigation in sanctions by the u.s. department of education over recruiting and accounting practices. itt has 140 campus locations in 35 states, including four right here in arizona. and carlson has reportedly settled her sexual harassment lawsuit against roger ales for $20 million. carlson awe ledged she was fired from fox news after refusing the network executive's sexual advances. ailes has since resigned. time now for today's social soundoff. many americans now have easy access to healthcare, but the quality can definitely vary, depending on where you live.
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best and worst healthcare? according to, our state comes in at no. 21. experts looked at a number of different factors, like average insurance premiums and most physicians per capita. minnesota ranked no. 1 in healthcare, and alaska came in last. so we're looking outside right now, and it seems like there's something brewing, jimmy. >> yeah. that's our storm to the south, our hurricane still breaking up a lot of moisture. chance of storms. the question is how muc towards our area. >> you were saying you think it's going to veer off, so is there a chance it might come in here? >> no. i think we are going to get a lot of storm activity out of it. i think the bulk is going to make a right-hand turn. you'll see from the future cast as soon as it crosses the border from mexico into arizona, that's going to make a right-hand turn. remember the sharper that turn is, the less rain we are going to see. some of the models still pretty bolish, but we do have a flash flood watch for portions of southeastern arizona from
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rain still could be on the heavy side, especially for tucson area, then for folks up in hebert, overguard, i think you are going to get the direct hit up awe cross the rim country. way off towards the southwest of us right now. going right up towards the north of us then push all that moisture in towards parts of arizona and in towards new mexico. pockets of rain already starting to pick up, but still down towards the south. look at these cells just starting to pick up. remember, the more towards the west they go, the better shot we are going to have of that rain fall making its remember the real heavy stuff going to be around tucson. okay. we have rain already right around the eight. nice little cell here along casa grande. pretty far away. remember, kick up a lot of dust across our area. most of phoenix right now, just the clouds continuing to enhance. for tomorrow, we got a four for the monsoon meter for the valley. look at the white mounds. pretty epic. a nine up there. seven for southeastern arizona. most of that rain, the heaviest stuff will be to the south and east of the valley, but those
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pushing the heaviest rain just to the south and towards the east of our area. as it moves up, it's going to make it right there along the border then turn to the right, and that's where all that moisture is going to spill off in towards the white mountains and in towards the rim country later on tomorrow. a closer look at the future cast, we'll see what we can expect for tonight. this one forecast model, there's mar koe pa county. here's where phoenix is. it's sort of missing us. a lot of this moisture as it pushes off through. there's a chance we may not see a lot of rain out pockets of rain fall. so we have that flash flood watch in effect for tonight. scattered storms tomorrow, thursday, and then thungs really start to drop off on friday, but i'm loving these temperatures. 93 for tomorrow. nice little surprise. you don't get a lot of that this time of year. 12 sports is sponsored by your valley hyundai dealers. >> all right. the cardinals home season opener
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it's party time tonight here in peoria cow bows saloon. a couple former cardinals player with us. cardinals gameday analysts. ron, talk to us about this home opener against the patriots. you know, what do you expect? >> you know, coop, it's going to be a dog fight, i think, on sunday night. look, bill, he used to coach me, 92 and 93, and i can tell you right now, the guy is going to have that team prepared. they are going to be ready to go. just because jimmy is going to be playing instead of tom brady, you don't want to see the cardinals relax at all in the opener. so i think they're in for a dog fight. >> let me ask you this, what do the cardinals have to do to make sure that they come out with their p's and q's right on -- >> i can't -- i can't help it, but i think david johnson is actually going to be the key that unlocks all locks for the arizona cardinals offense in 2016.
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running the football, and as we all know, lining up in the slot, motioning out of the back field, and actually has a receiver. i think they got to get david johnson going in that first game. >> all right. let me turn to michael bankston, former defensive lineman of your arizona cardinals. we heard ron talk a little bit about tom brady not being there, and there's jimmy, the quarterback. as a defensive player when you are going up a guy who is a backup and not an all properformer like a brady, is there a down? >> no. it's the season opener for the cardinals. i don't think it matters who's their quarterback. ofshg, it would be better if tom brady was there. so if they win, can't say anything about the quarterback not being there. but, you know what, those guys going to come be prepared to play. they are going to go out there as a run, a dog fight. like i said, they got to establish themselves, you know. in the preseason, they went 1 and 3. so they need to go out there and show good showing. >> what will be the key for the cardinals? >> well, i think, also, the defense needs to stop the run
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standard, and then i need to get the ball to david johnson, and then, of course, larry fitzyerld going to get his thing going. i think carson palmer need to come out. i mean, been a little lackluster preseason for him so he needs to go out there and establish himself, as well. >> all right. big-time party here in peoria, cowboys saloon. i got a couple former cardinals. hey, more on the present-day cardinals on the way, as well, as well as some celebrities. we'll soend it >> loving that energy. big time big show, coop. always. thank you so much. frms coming up, ice in the desert while we still deal with triple-digit weather, if you can believe that. where some people are already thinking about winter. coming up wednesday on 12 today, get ready for major weather changes. >> the valley is under a flash
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have team coverage of that storm, plus we are live with how the department of transportation is working around the clock to keep high water off the freeways. frms -- plus, are you still undecided? a preview of the first 2016 presidential forum. >> also, the leaked details on what apple could announce during its huge event. frms we found the one app you might need to help your kids learn a second language. it's weight loss wednesday so we have a simple secret to slimming down. >> join us tomorrow morning on
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tonight on 12 news at 10:00, we are learning more about the missing boater at lake pleasant. 24-year-old chan of glendale was with a group of people on a rented boat on sunday when he vanished. find out what his friends are saying about him. that's tonight at 10:00. and finally at 6:00, summer is officially over, and that has coyote fans excited. this morning, the ice was put down and painted. the gila river arena. the hockey team's logo was added later th the coyotes will host their first preseason game coming up at the end of the month, and we say good luck to the yotes. >> beautiful. >> absolutely. >> thanks for watching 12 news
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gretchen carlson's $20 million victory. >> her epic settlement with fox news and why greta van susteren is suddenly out, too. on "extra.? ? ? ? ? chaos at cable's number one news network. breaking new details on gretchen carlson's mega payoff. greta van susteren's surprise exit. is she now planning to sue? and what the turmoil means for o'reilly and kelly. is hidel swift history? breaking reports taylor and tom broke up.
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the boss' hidden demons and bruce springsteen opening up to "vanity fair" about battling depression. beyonce goes blond. inside her 35th birthday bash. joining me today is karrueche tran. >> we have kardashian couples news and bradley cooper's weekend with gaga. >> kevin hart's first interview about his wedding how his mini me stole the show. >> that's my best man and best friend. >> plus mariah dishing secrets t >> does that mean we'll see hood mariah come out? now on "extra.? >> bravo. >> from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hi, everyone. welcome to "extra.? i'm mario lopez. coming up, blake and gwen in matching shirts and how they spent the holiday weekend. >> also coming up, we reveal khloe kardashian's rumored new


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