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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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bank robbery suspect...we're getting new information on that story... it's not the storm of the century.... yet....we're tracking the progress of tropical storm newton as it heads toward arizona. there are wedding photos...and then there is the and then there is the one that is trending's a thing of beauty...
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???adlib & toss
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right now... some parts of the valley could experience remnants of tropical storm newtwon. nico santos continues our team coverage
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just in case the storms gets bad -- there are several places you can pick up sand. this is live oicture from fire station 182 out in goodyear. folks on the west side can
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dog park,you do need to bring your own shovel. phoenix police phoenix police - shoot and kill a man overnight.this happening near 36th street and 12's bryan west is live right now with the details of how this happened. still an active investigation 6 hours after the shooting. we have two mobile command units out here. 37th phoenix police tell us around 4 in the afternoon yesterday officers came to an apartment complex here - one woman says her son was acting strangely. described him as psychotic and threatening people with a large sword. the man left. officers noticed he had an outstanding arrest warrant and they searched the area for an hour. then at ten last night the mom called back and said her son was back at the complex in a different apartment. she claimed he assaulted a man. officers came and set up a perimeter. for an
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with the large sword tied to his hand and came after officers. phoenix police say they tried to subdue him with tasers and stun bag rounds. when that failed they shot him. a witness standing next to the mom describes watching the shooting. the man died here on the scene. the five officers involved now being interviewed by detectives. live near 36th street and thomas bw 12 today. taking a look at hot headlines across the valley this morning - phoenix morning - phoenix police have identified the man shot and killed by officers after
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police chase. police say 31 year old stephen del rio and two other men robbed an avondale bank before fleeing in a black s-u-v. the suspects apparently shooting at officers in pursuit. two of the suspects bailed from the vehicle, but del rio kept driving... eventually winding up being shot by police after they tried to stop him. maricopa county sheriff's office search and rescue crews will begin day 4 of a search to find a missing boater at lake pleasant. 24 year old sunday while out boating and swimming with friends near fireman's cove. family members told 12 news shah, who is a medical student at midwestern university in glendale, was very athletic, a good swimmer and ran marathons. a san tan valley man is facing attempted murder charges -- accused of trying to burn down his house with three people inside. investigators say 18-year-old luther cruz tried to light a propane tank on fire inside the home. family members stopped cruz and held him
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students at i-t-t tech here in arizona... are going to have to find a different place to go to school. that's because i-t-t is closing all of its campuses across the country. the college says it's because of an investigation and sanctions by the u-s department of education over recruiting and accounting practices. ?? toss emma with morning juice ?? every day-- it seems like we hear about some new study-- saying social media is bad for your menta stresses you out-- or can make you depressed. but researchers at carnegie mellon university now say-- interactions on facebook can make you just as happy as ?getting married or having a baby! sounds strange-- but here's how they got to that conclusion.. scientists got into 2-thousand facebook accounts-- and looked at their comments and likes. then those people took surveys about their moods-- and satisfaction after using facebook. researchers
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comments with friends-- their satisfaction levels were as high as they would be if they experienced a major life event.. but "likes" on facebook didn't have the same effect. so - stop liking things... and actually comment on them. better yet... talk to your friends in person... trending this morning -- a picture you may have seen online. take a look. a tourist captured this breathtaking picture of a standing on the cliffs in yosemite national park at sunset. the photographer posted the picture on social media, hoping to find the happy couple. and it worked! sort of. the newlyweds want to remain anonymous. now time for your juicy question of the morning... 80 percent of us have done this.
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chance everyone in this studio has done this.but one of four people but one of four people are upset after they are done doing this?what is this? ???adlib if you are lookng to loose weight...we've got four of the best fall super foods that will help do the trick.... that's in 10 minutes. plus you're going to meet a young lady who has a passion for the arts...and needs help
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on this week's wednesday's lady who enjoys the creative
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if you'd like to learn more about krista or helping a child in foster care, please contact aask- aid to adoption of special kids at 602-930-4900. organizations like aask help families build relationships, and change the lives of children like krista through information you can also visit their website at: ???adlib & toss jimmy
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it's weight loss wednesday here on 12 today.. this morning this morning we have four of the best fall super foods to help you lose weight. these are all from shape. first up.. brussel sprouts. they're packed sprouts. they're packed with fiber and they're packed with fiber and anti-oxidants and taste great if you bake them with a touch of olive oil and pepper. next.. sweet potatoes. they're one of the good potatoes and carbs. they're loaded with fiber and can help control your blood sugar and curb you appetite. just pass on the butter and sugar.then we have pumpkin seeds. then we have pumpkin seeds. they're packed with protein and omega-3 fatty acides. plus they have trytophan which can help you fall asleep and reduce stress.and finally.. we have spaghetti squash. it's a low-calorie and low-carb alternative to traditional
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beta-carotene and other nutrients that are great for your vision. it's not quite a debate....but it's close.a look at what hillary clinton and donald trump are getting ready for tonight.... apple getting ready for a big announcement...could we see
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####break#### it's someg something it's something that's never been done before - the "commander in chief forum" - airs live tonight on nbc. hillary clinton and donald trump appear back to backlive... answering questions about national security, the military and veterans. tracie potts is live from washington with the preview.
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clinton's still dogged by the email investigation. now the house oversight committee here wants the attorney look into whether her obstructed justice by emails days after they were asked to i'm tracie potts - back to q: and trump's allegations he made a huge reacting to q: and trump's reacting to allegations he made a huge donation to an official donation to an allegations he reacting to q: and trump's you. potts - back to you. in your morning health check - m-r-i testing during the first trimester of pregnancy does not appear to harm a growing fetus. a canadian study looked over one million births over a 12 year period. m-r-i early in pregnancy did not increase the
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loss. however, the use of an injected chemical -- called gadolinium -- to enhance the quality of m-r-i ... is not recommended for pregnant women. gadolinium increased the risk of several inflammatory and skin conditions in early childhood ... and possibly infant death. a new harvard study of over 22-thousand children finds those born by c-section have an increased risk of becoming obese ... especially compared to their siblings. compared c-section deliveries were linked to a 15-percent higher risk of obesity. but within families ... children born by c-section were 64- percent more likely to be obese than siblings born by vaginal delivery. consumers could be shelling out more money on technology over the next five years. one research firm found the retail value of wearables is projected to hit 45 million dollars in 2021...
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$18.7 billion for this year. sales of wireless speakers are projected to reach 73 million units by 20-21... a whopping 25 percent growth between now and then. apple's big event scheduled for later today with an anticipated launch of a new iphone has many apple fans trading-in now to get the highest trade-in value. re- commerce site decluttr dot com says it's experiencing a surge in iphone6 trade-ins... a 73 percent boost in the past month the past alone. it's predicting an influx of iphone 6 and 6-s models will be traded-in following apple's press conference today. current trade-in value from decluttr on iphone 6 models in excellent condition will give consumers between 300 and 400 dollars. phoenix police - involved in a deadly shooting overnight.the new details on that in five minutes... and parenting lessons with the
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to every mom and dad's daily
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tropical storm newton... rolling towards arizona right now.we're tracking the storm as it comes our way... a deadly day for phoenix polcie...their latest shooting happening overnight.the details on lindsey vonn lindsey vonn says she has one thing she's checking off her life's bucket list....that's coming up on the morning juice... and dwayne there anything this guy can't do? parenting 101 with the rock... ???adlib welcome???adlib the investigation begins right now into a deadly officer involved shooting.police saying the suspect was armed with a possible 12's bryan west is live near 36th street and thomas. still an active investigation 7.5 hours after the shooting. we have two mobile command units out here. 37th street is blocked off north of thomas. phoenix police tell us around 4 in the afternoon yesterday officers came to an apartment complex here - one


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