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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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tropical storm newton... rolling towards arizona right now.we're tracking the storm as it comes our way... a deadly day for phoenix polcie...their latest shooting happening overnight.the details on lindsey vonn lindsey vonn says she has one thing she's checking off her life's bucket list....that's coming up on the morning juice... and dwayne there anything this guy can't do? parenting 101 with the rock... ???adlib welcome???adlib the investigation begins right now into a deadly officer involved shooting.police saying the suspect was armed with a possible 12's bryan west is live near 36th street and thomas. still an active investigation 7.5 hours after the shooting. we have two mobile command units out here. 37th street is blocked off north of thomas. phoenix police tell us around 4 in the afternoon yesterday officers came to an apartment complex here - one
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psychotic and threatening people with a large sword. the man left. officers noticed he had an outstanding arrest warrant and they searched the area for an hour. then at ten last night the mom called back and said her son was back at the complex in a different apartment. she claimed he assaulted a man. officers came and set up a perimeter. for an hour they tried to talk to the man. he eventually came out with the large sword tied to his hand and came after officers. phoenix police say they tried to subdue him with tasers and stun bag rounds. when that failed they shot him. a friend of the it was horrific to watch. the man died here on the scene. the five officers involved now being interviewed by detectives. live near 36th
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???adlib & toss jimmy ???adlib weather weather???adlib
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just in case the storms gets bad -- there are several places you can pick up sand. this is live oicture from fire station 182 out in goodyear. folks on the west side can
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community park and the roscoe dog park,you do need to bring your own shovel. right now all eyes in the state remain on this tropical storm... and the flash flood watches that are in effect. nico santos continues our team coverage from the 12 news tracker. own shovel.bring your own
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the storm is expected to drop
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in tuscon... plenty of people loaded up on sandbags in preparation for this storm. it's possible that some areas around tucson could see anywhere from two to four inches of rain. the storm will drop temeperatures significantly in tucson.the forecasted down there is only in the mid 70s today. checking hot headlines across the valley this morning and a scottsdale yoga instructor accused of flashing 7 boys at a bar mitzvah party is taking the stand in her own trial. court documents reveal that lindsey radomski performed a sex act on one of the teenage boys. she admits she was drunk -- and also flashing people at the party. but she says she doesn't remember the rest of the night. radomski claims
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h-b... into one of her drinks. radomski's lawyer has gone so far as to claim the victims sexually assaulted her. the prosecution countered with the defense's own expert who found no evidence of g-h-b in her system. closing arguments could begin as early as today. a 14-year-old is dead after a freak accident in overgaard on labor day. authorities say joseph brinkman was driving an off- roading vehicle with a passenger when he tried to stop. that's when they say asphalt.. causing him to fall off. the vehicle continued to roll before landing directly on him. an arrest warrant has been issued for a phoenix woman -- accused of pretending to be a dentist. the 54-year-old -- known as "mama elda" -- is believed to be on the run this morning. investigators say the woman's make-shift office was filthy.. she even used her bed as a dental chair. another navajo code talker has died in arizona. navajo nation
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monday at age 95. kellwood was a navajo code talker in the 1st marine division who served in world war ii. he was trained at navajo code talker's school at camp elliott in san diego, california and was the recipient of the congressional silver medal for his service. ?? toss to emma with morning juice ?? lindsey vonn and tiger woods... the perfect celebrity athlete coup.. married... and for lindsey... that was fact - she's checked marriage off her life bucket list.vonn - who was on running wild with bear grylls this past monday...said she isn't looking to tie the knot again.she was married once before... to fellow skier thomas vonn.. they stayed together for ?four years.vonn said the hectic schedules hectic schedules that she and tiger woods kept.. just made things too difficult.she also said... "if you want to be with someone, just be with
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go through the whole marriage thing. it's less complicated." ??ad lib ?? lebron james is making his first appearance on the ellen show... and there's a lot of talk on cleveland's championship win. lebron tells ellen how meaningful it was to bring meaningful it was to bring the championship back to his hometown. plus -- ellen and lebron test their aim and take shots of vodka in a new game called "the ultimate waste basket challenge!" also on today's show... brittney --- it all gets started at 3 this afternoon... now time for your juicy question of the morning... 80 percent of have done this. there's a good chance everyone in this studio has done this. research shows some people who do this are a bit on the narcissistic side.but one of four people are upset four people are upset after they are done doing this?final
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???adlib time for second juicy question of the morning.surveys show 20 percent of men claim they have
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woman has done this.what is this? the latest and greatest iphone yet?apple is about to drop a new one on us today...we're talking about our tech needs... in two minutes... if you're a parent...there's a pretty good chance you've been pooped on.but you probably haven't been pooped on - in front of 65 million instragram followers.the rock has...and he owned it...we're talking parenting 101 in the morning
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apple - planning a big announcement later this morning....and it already has people and it already has people scrambling. has people morning....planning a big
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apple - apple - planning a big announcement later this morning....and it already has people scrambling. speculation is that the tech giant will introduce an iphone-7 and updated watches. the company hasn't said if that's what they're going to do.but that's not stopping but that's not but that's not stopping people from gearing up to trade in their current products.the question we are talking about right now....are you someone who needs to have the latest and greatest when it comes to
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dwayne "the rock" johnson - pretty much a hero for a lot of people.and this week... he tried to pass along some wisdom to his 9 month old daughter earlier. the rock - likes to pass along life lessons... and advice for everyone. even new parents. let's take a look at the picture he posted on can see the
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rock said - quote - i had an amazing philosophical conversation w/ my baby girl about the value of hard work and how respect is given when it's earned. and then...she responded by poo'ing on me in this moment as she plays her favorite game, "drum time on daddy's big head". ?? ad lib the joys of
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???adlib & toss jimmy
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time now for your 12 today trivia question.. and we're all about the rain this morning. so we're wondering.. what's the most rainfall phoenix has officially ever received in a single day.. and when did that happen? think about it.. we'll have your answer coming up in a half hour. just minutes ago we received new video of president obama down in laos.and he's enjoying a's a quick list
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president obama visited a street market where he greeted residents and tasted fresh coconut.he took a stroll... talked to some residents and posed for pictures.the president's visit follows his attendance at the g-20 summit in china.he's also due to attend an annual international gathering in the southeast asian region. in your decision 20-16 news.. the latest n-b-c news/survey monkey poll.. showing it's a head-to-head race. clinton received 48- percent support from registered voters -- compared to 42-percenr that's the same margin as last week's poll. later today both clinton and trump will answer questions about the military on n-b-c. matt lauer will moderate the "n-b-c news and m-s-n-b-c commander-in-chief forum" tonight from new york. tonight from new york. hillary clinton and donald trump will take the stage separately.. but back-to- back.. to discuss national security.. military affairs and veterans' issues. we will air that live here on
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clinton's running mate - tim kaine.. will be in the valley. anne holton will meet with democratic party volunteers and attend a couple of events. the clinton campaign is putting a lot of attention on arizona.. as polls show her close to rival -- donald trump. so far.. they've spent about $250-thousand dollars on t-v ads in the phoenix area. the 2016 paralympics get underway today amid controversy in rio. this is video from the torch lighting ceremony yesterday. the games will feature athletes with disabilities funding crisis and a doping scandal. russia won't be one of those countries-- due to state-sponsored doping. the paralympics will run through the 18th. phoenix police dealing with another deadly shooting.we've got the latest on that ... at six... and we are tracking the leading edge of tropical storm newton... krystle has a look
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will she ever, ever, stay with anyone forever? taylor swift is single again. why hidleswift is no more. if you're planning to head out here, if it's any indication here, it was just slammed out here and it has a lot to do with the rainfall and the hurricane newton here. here's the pictures from the east valley. we have been scanning the road ways and take a look at this, already flooding out on our roads and you can barely see the road underneath all of that water. it's going to be a busy day, so where have the hardest hit


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