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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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will she ever, ever, stay with anyone forever? taylor swift is single again. why hidleswift is no more. if you're planning to head out here, if it's any indication here, it was just slammed out here and it has a lot to do with the rainfall and the hurricane newton here. here's the pictures from the east valley. we have been scanning the road ways and take a look at this, already flooding out on our roads and you can barely see the road underneath all of that water. it's going to be a busy day, so where have the hardest hit
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today? >> did you say where this is at? >> we're still waiting, but i have a sneaky suspicion it's the east valley here. >> we're already seeing on the rich air mass here to the west and east of the bend here. a lot more to the south we get the tropical moisture. this will be the running theme for us throughout the day. that's heavy rains at times and the potential for flash flooding. we have it cranked up here to the max on the monsoon meter. what this translates to for your rush hour this morning, we're going to see widespread showers and storms and the
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then, when it's time to go home keep your ears perked up here for the showers. >> looks good, thanks. well, nico continues our coverage here from the road and you have been out there all morning long, how is it looking now nico? >> reporter: well things have seemed to settle down a little bit here and keeping an the radar app. we're in between two of the systems here and there's plenty of moisture here where that came from here. heading into the valley here, let's show you what we're looking at here. we're switching to the 101 north and in the tempe, scottsdale area here. there's a little cell to the
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and see if it's bad. we have seen some of the signs here and they say drive with care, adverse conditions here. you need to be careful, even right now, we don't see the rain drops, but the rain is slick. you need to drive carefully and it makes it pretty dangerous when you factor in the traffic that will start building in the 6:00 a.m. hour here this morning. so we'll continue to cover all the rain here and hopefully we get next hour or so. >> i mean it is beautiful, but you do have a stay safe. great advice. just in case the storms get really bad, there's several places where you can get sand. folks on the west side here,
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roscoe, but a good idea in you're concerned about flooding today. police were involved in a deadly overnight shooting. we're live with the details with brian. >> reporter: a man shot and killed and the investigation is still very active. this is going through the night here and you can see 10 to 15 officers. we have two mobile command units that are out here and the policeare telling police came to an apartment complex here. a mother claims that her son was acting dangerously. she claims he later assaulted a man and for an hour they tried to talk to him.
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and charged at officers. they tased him and when they failed, they shot him. one mom describes seeing the shooting. >> i mean, we all saw it. it was traumaizing, but they're only doing their jobs -- you can't say, well it was the cops fault, no, they for following their orders. it was sad they had to use excessive force. >> the man did die here scene and the five officers involved, they're being investigated by the police. >> bryan thank you. taking a look at the hot headlines here. the police have identified a man that shot and killed a police officer. the 31-year-old man and two others robbed a bank before fleeing in a back suv and
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cops during the pursuit. the driver kept on driving and ended up getting shot by police. it was day four for the search of a missing boater. he disappeared on friday and swimming near fireman's cove. we were told that the man is a student and was very athletic and a good swimmer. large group of his family is in from chicago search. his parents have rented a boat and rented a private helicopter to aid in it. >> he could have wandered or gotten lost or hurt. >> investigators say that the friends who were with him at the lake told them he was not drinking. a san tan valley man facing
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aaccused of trying to --accused -- of trying to burn down his house while people were inside. a loss to the dodgers last night. 5-2. skid gave up 5 runs and the two teams finish off their series tonight in l.a. and the first-pitch at the d.-backs tries to avoid a sweep here. well the n.f.l. starting tomorrow. >> about 75 million people play the fantasy football. one man played and had to do something for a bet here and it went viral. he shows us why his loss hit
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dude. >> how a seemingly normal 24- year-old that looks like this became this is a story worth telling [ music ] >> he's a 24-year-old employee for fusion marketing. like many americans, he spends his sundays watching his fantasy football players. >> i spend ur and i scream at the t.v.. >> his star quarterback, luck, and his star wide receiver, jackson were injured and ineffective all season long. you don't want to finish last in this league because -- >> the over all winner of the league he had to choose the
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create. so it came down to "wrecking ball" by miley cyrus and "blow" by kesha. >> he had to do it or -- >> i have to sacrifice the first five picks. >> the desire to put that much work into it was awesome. of all people to lose, it had to be dan, it. nobody else would have been remotely as good. so it was perfect ? i came in like a wrecking ball ?? ? i never hit so hard in love ?? >> the video went viral and over 40,000 hits. how did mom and dad like it? >> well, there wasn't a lot of shame, a lot of laughter. at least that's what i think
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as crap. >> [ laughter ] oh my gosh! i am kind of impressed with that video. >> he should get into the fantasy football videos. >> that's his new calling. >> i have come to embrace that fantasy football, you know, i have to say good-bye to my husband. >> >> well it's his friends and cousins and stuff. >> we had no time to watch tv the first time we had kids. now we're back on again. >> makes sense. >> i know, right? >> . still ahead will we score a touchdown in the rain department, the remnants push into arizona. first, how is the ride looking here today in.
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the humidity is feeling a little more pronounced here this morning. we'll see the thermometer readings between 75 and 80. the sun is up, but you can't see it because we're shrouded in clouds. ?? we're never ever getting back together ?? well, taylor swift is calling another man, why he's history, yourself watching 12 news
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welcome back, everyone to 12 news today. here's a live look at count club and mesa here. you can see a lot of ponding on the roads, obviously we have been telling you about
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side here. the hardest hit area is the eastern valley. so if you head out there, give yourself plenty of time. 6:14 now and let's talk the juice with emma. >> we all knew that this wouldn't last and we were right. the fakest relationship is over in hollywood. gave it the good ole try here. how many thought that taylor swift and hiddleston match made in heaven? they did split and they said the break up was for a reason. swift thought it was becoming too public. she broke up calvin harris before tom and now who will she date next? i kind of feel like we need to
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i dated a lot in college, you know. >> well, it was hard to go public and then it looks even worse. >> yeah, you're right. all rights, anchor scott has received a settlement in her sexual assault order. she claimed he was fired refusing the former ceo's sexual advances. well, that ceo resigned but received a severance of 40 million. just saying . the cable news giants said they lost one of their most popular anchors. she said that the network has
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she made the decision late last week and took advantage of a clause in her contract. that's a big one to lose. all right, time for the second juiciest question here. a survey shows that one out of five men have never also, this is not as important to women as to men. so we want to know what you think it is. >> paul says wax, make up or -- >> shaving legs? >> that's my first one, but i'm always wrong and crystal is always right. >> i haven't been right in a
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i'm thinking the same things, but i can't wait to hear the answer to that. we're talking traffic and weather together here. uh-huh, yeah, you'll need the windshield wipers here and the rain will naturally slow you down. so expect that and flicking on the windshield wipers and running into a little bit of a jam here. we're at the top of the rush hour and we thebrakes on here. let's look at the rain models here and that gives us a general rule of thumb here. where you see green, less than half an inch. we already had a couple of rain gages about a third of an inch and not necessarily the case for everybody, but certainly
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atmosphere here. where we see the blue colors, half an inch to two. purple up to two plus inches here. certainly a lot of tropical moisture here as we continue the track tropical storm newton. it would have to 35 miles-per-hour to become a depression. it will lose some of its oomph here -- into the overnight. there's only been five tropical storms to cross to border. the last one in 1997 nora.
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flooding here in the areas in green. you can see the risk here that you could get a drenching down pair here. right now just a whole lot of green taking over the screen. the east valley got hit first and we're real seeing the moisture here. we'll see more showers and storm through the hour-by-hour, a 50% chance through the a.m. hours here and then we have a 30% showers tonight. loving the double digits here, but it's an increase in humidity. then we have the bigger chances of it next week.
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welcome back everyone. just a heads up here for people in good year, you can get sandbags there for the flooding risk. it could be a good option ifyou're afraid of flooding here. we have a lot of rain coming down. all right, time now for the trivia question. we're all about morning so we're wondering this. how many rainfall has phoenix seen in one day? it had to be that horrendous day, where i had to drive through work and honestly, i was talk to my coworker about building an ark.
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who put that in here? matt? >> he's not here, we'll blame here. lame matt. so tomorrow is the two year anniversary and more rain is on its way here. >> it was the worse. >> okay, so you have it, 3.3. here's the shot of the morning here, this one is so hot on the the web here and yo why. how do you become the most popular guy in your scienceclass? >> oh! [ applause ] >> we're all too far away to have seen it. that paper ball tossed into the trash can, it earned that whole class an automatic 100 on their
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sure. >> the video now has hundreds of thousands of likes. the professor offers this challenge every year and the quiz is only about 3% of the overall grade. however, you don't have to take the quiz. >> i would be standing up and doing cart wheels, are you kidding me? >> that person was under a lot of pressure to make that. >> is that so fun? >> that's great. >> that's college. >> i miss college [ laughter ] >> especially organic chemistry. well, possible trouble for your diet here. we have four of the best fall super foods to help you lose weight. we're tracking the storm here and we have team coverage
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will affect the commute this morning. just be warned. you want to head out early.
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you get ready to head out the door. >> the hour-by-hour storm chance and how much rainfall we're talking here next. one out of every five men have never done this and some think it was not a big deal, others think it was scary. the answer is just minutes away. a country star since along with another star you saw it here, 6:30 is your time and the rain is coming down. we're covered almost everywhere and especially in the east valley, where you're looking at the rain here in mesa. just a little bit of flooding here. let's look at where the rain is falling here and the best thing
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>> the highways and byways here and picking up in intensity here at times, has a lot of cars hitting the brakes here this morning. newton has taken over the forecast and on we have showers and storms here taking over. let's zoom in here and the rainstorms to the south and west. we have a couple of only delivering the rain here and could be a little feisty at times here. we have green here and that's nice and steady rain here. it was basically just widespread at this time. so the question mark is, how many rain will we get after this thing is all said and
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anywhere from a trace to half an inch. in the blues we have half to an inch. purposes purples in the two inches here -- the valley is carved out of this and the risk is still there. >> all right, thanks. well, right now flash flood watches are in effect here we brace for what the storm will bring us here. we continue our coverage here, what do you see now? >> reporter: well, there's acouple of things here. we're driving into a weak cell here and it's just sort
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that's a good thing. the traffic can be a combinationwith the rain and make it dangerous. we're not seeing the sun here, it was completely cloudy here. no blue, none whatsoever. rain is really all over if i didn't mention already, we're on 51 southbound, approaching indian school. so we're heading towards the downtown area. this is typically -- where we see rain. >> it was beautiful out there. just in case the storms get really bad there's several
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here's a live picture from fire station 182 in goodyear. you do need to bring your own shovel, so a heads up there. the rain is expected in the south here, so people in tucson have loaded up here. it was possible they could see up to 2 to 4 inches of rain. >> you know the water could come and could not come. they're estimating two to inches and any low lying area, we want to be safe. >> the forecasted high down there, only in the mid 70s today. well, police say they shot and killed a man that was armed with a sword, we have the
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very active investigation here, 12 hours since the man was shot and killed here. the street is now blocked off. it happened yesterday at 4:00 p.m., one woman says her son was acting strangly and threatening people -- strangely -- then at 10:00, the mom called back and said her son was in a different apartment an and talked to him for an hour. he came out eventually with a large sword and charged the officers. they tried to subdue him with stun guns and when they failed they shot him. the five officers are still being interviewed by the police. we're live here at 36th street. a 14-year-old dead after a
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labor day. the boy was driving an atv with a passer when he tried to stop. the rear tires dug into the as fault -- and judge she was drunk and claimed that someone slipped a date rape drug in her drink. a 54-year-old is believed to be on the run this morning. she had a makeshift office for a dental office.
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had died. he died at the age of 95. he was a navajo co talker and was trained at the co talker school in california and was a recipient of the silver medal for his service. now 6:37 let's talk the morning juice here. >> we have a variety here. we singing. chenowith here, and says she will have a different kind of show. the songs change every single night. she's in town and sing theanthem at the game on sunday. bob costas is heading to the school of journalism. he's going to speak to students
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to miss here. bob has 27 emmy awards and there's a chance he will stop here at some point in the studio. [ music ] ? now we got bad blood ?? >> i love this, faith hill starting their trip with taylor swift. "bad blood" sing along with her daughter. faith dished to the major, saying maggy will study marinebiolgy.
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here with the odds. who do you have your money on,? >> well, ryan lochte. >> i mean he's with cheryl burke. surveys show that one out of every five men have never done this. some don't think it was a big deal and others think it was bit scary. so the final answers here -- >> well, it was between waxing and a pedicure. >> well, get ready, saying i love you. >>, really? >> it was so hard. >> what's so difficult about that. >> right? i love you.
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how long will it last, we'll have the full forecast in just a moment. first let's look at the bus stop here. >> make sure you handoff the umbrella here, we have showers and storms. the temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees here depending to the neighborhood you are in. we're tracking tropical storm
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what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer
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welcome back, everyone. we're live in goodyear. you're taking a look at the rain coming down. we're finally getting over it in the west valley here. here's the fire station in goodyear and you can get free sand, bring a shovel. rain is coming down not just in the east valley, now in the west too. >> everybody is fair game. >> well the morning mix here now. ripa is revealing her new co host. the former co host michael has left and who will replace him? we could find out soon because on yesterday's show, kelly teased the viewers about a big
6:44 am
so, do you have any guesses? >> well, i would love to see her husband, because they're fabulous together. but on the other hand, i think she should stay single. she is the show. even when michael was on, i watched for kelly. >> she had on morris for anderson cooper. andy cohen and i don't know if it one him. but interestingly enough, she has said that because of michael's departure, it was brought her staff closer together. they have had to work harder to
6:45 am
dailybasis. >> she's officially an executive producer, so that's good and she has a little bit of a say here. i think it ended so badly with michael. >> it has been fun with the surprised guests. it was going to be what we're not expecting. told she constantly needs to lose weight. she explains, she just blocked them out and this is just her body. it worked out well for her, she continues to have major success today. >> can you believe that she used to be bullied as a child?
6:46 am
teased for her bushy eyebrows and long legs. >> i would kill for that now -- >> everybody wants to be like here. >> i don't know what that is like, you get to places quicker --. >> well i have a pretty good stride with the legs. >> see over the crowd. >> oh, man. let's check out the ro you know it was going to be busy and the good news is we we're getting a little bit of a reprieve from the rain here. the 60 at mcclintock was a mess here just a little bit here. not exactly sure if we have a semi accident here. we got rain here earlier so on
6:47 am
throughout the morning commute into the afternoon. perhaps even into the evening here. this is still the west valley here and i think the camera froze a little bit, evidence of what flash flooding is the number one threat here. one is meaning rain is definitely happening here. then for a three, for the high country and also southwestern areas here we're in the scattered area. keep your eye to the sky today. here's the here and now and how
6:48 am
here. we have the steady rain and seeing a little bit of the drizzle and mist here. that's pulling away here from the buckeye area and a drenching downpour with the spotty storms. 50% chance throughout the a.m. hours and down to 30% chance tonight in 20% holding overnight.. we have the widespread showers and storms here and that will naturally slow you down this morning. the temps into the 70s and 80s. we're going to hit a high into the low 90s. that's about 10 degrees below
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trade off here. we have a ton of humidity and it's so rich of moisture, we have the tropical storm, newton to thank for that. turning to the south here and 60 miles-per-hour winds and has to drop to 39 to weaken to a depression. it will do that once it crosses the border and makes a right hand turn. so it was going to be a glancing blow for here. we're not expecting to soak here, but it will in the whitemountains. the last storm we had, nora back in 1997 is the last time we had a tropical storm. >> almost 20 years, okay, let's
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search and rescue crews begin day four to find a missing boater. the man disappeared on sunday while out boating and swimming with friends. family members told us that shaw is a medical student and was very athletic and a good swimmer and ran marathons. students here at itt tech will have to find a new place closing down because of a investigate over accounting practices and recruiting. apple will make a make announcement today, it was speculating they will release a new iphone 7. they like to
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release is this afternoon. tonight, hillary and clinton will take the stage separately, but back-to-back. they will take questions from the veterans and you can watch it tonight at 7:00 p.m. congress still fighting to find ways to fund for the zika virus. they declined because of planned parenthood restrictions tagged on to it. american airlines will fly its first scheduled flight from miami to cuba today. the trips to havana will begin in december. they become the first airline to fly there in half a century.
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a mid controversy, here's video from the torch lighting ceremony yesterday. russia won't be one of the countries due t state-sponsored
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welcome back, everyone. we're giving you a live look from the 12 news tracker here. we have a tracker out here heading towards downtown. not a lot of rain where he's
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over in goodyear here, we're covering on the hurricane newton here. it's not as bad with the rain right now, but we have a lot of flooding here. you can get free sand for the sandbags, but bring your own shovel. what's happening now crystal? >> well, taking a look at the big picture here. the rain is smothering, and it was creeping northward. we too are getting in the very light rain and it's starting to spread across the area here.
6:57 am
around buckeye and that's the theme of the day here. keep your eye to the sky and a high of only 82. the weekend should be nice and a slight chance for a storm and then next week we might be back in the action. trending this morning a picture you may have seen online here. take a look at that, wow. a breathtaking picture the to cliffs here in yosemite. they posted the picture and hoping to find the couple. it kind of worked here, well, kind of sorta. they want to remain anonymous. >> he didn't even know, but thought man, that's beautiful.
6:58 am
instagram. he's giving life lessons to his 9 month old daughter and maybe i'll learn a thing or two and pass it along to my children. tomorrow marks the second anniversary for the worse rain ever. we're not expected that much rain here, but all day we're on storm watch. >> all week -- >> that's right, all week. >> my biggest take aw be careful. it looks to be raining off day here. >> and it could pick up in intensity. >> just be careful. >> don't forget to watch 12 news and follow our social media apps. we'll check back in 30 minutes
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?? good good morning. battle ready. donald trump and hillary clinton set to take the stage tonight at our commander in chief forum. a new poll shows trump way ahead with active service members and veterans. clinton takes a swipe at her rival's pla >> the own things that is clear is he has no clue about what he's talking about. >> what will both candidates have to do to win the military vote? $1.7 billion. that's how much the obama administration now admits it sent iran in cash earlier this year. more than four times what it initially said it delivered. what was the money for, and why wasn't the government more up front about it from the start?


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