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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  September 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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good evening, everybody. our six-story, the presidential candidates -- our big story tonight. our presidential candidates, the race for the white house heats up right here in arizona. could hillary clinton become the first democrat to win arizona a new poll shows that she is leading donald trump. >> both candidates are making a big push. donald trump said he is expanding his arizona campaign team. >> tonight, we're taking a deep dive into tonight's forum
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impact on voters. >> robert graham here and alexis cameron, look, they do not go head-to-head in this for him. but if it was a chance to speak to undecided voters in america. the hillary voters will vote for hillary, they may change their mind after tonight. donald trump did not change his in voters minds. wh impression? >> secretary clinton has shown that she is the master policy, and is able to get into the details of what she would do as commander-in-chief. this is what it was, it was a commander chief forum. what was shown from donald trump him to backtrack in some statements and explain what has come out of his mouth the last few months. i think that based upon a debate or forum on policy and
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heard more from hillary clinton. >> it is interesting, when you talk the hillary clinton specifically, the talk about the master of talking. moderator had to remind her to shorten up her answers to get to the point. it was more words than substance. i'm looking at what donald trump is doing, he's leaning in saying i do not have all the details in every sense of the fashion, i'm going to tell you the truth and lean into the someone looking at the security of our country and not looking at someone back could fire off a tweet. >> we would get to both of those issues. one thing that caught me, hillary clinton said that the most important quality for commander in chief is steadiness. should the commander be intelligent enough to not use a private email server when serving as secretary of state? >> she says that is a mistake
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this has become a bigger issue. >> this classified information. it is very clear, when the committee, he said clearly, there's classified information on that server and she was being deceitful and she was doing that same thing tonight. when you are president of the united states any of that type of carelessness -- think of top- secret information, re and soldiers -- >> with all due respect, donald trump said he must be unpredictable. there is a difference from being unpredictable and being reckless. when he says stealing iraq's oil cut that sounds like a recipe for war. >> if you really look at the aftermath, they will be taking over iraq and is not a pretty picture. i think you know, you have been
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there but if are going to get out, take the oil. if we had taken the oil we would not have isis. ice is formed with the power and wealth of that oil. >> unpredictability is a good thing, none of us disagree, that where does it end and where does recklessness begin? >> he actually said, when i talk about, obama, he sets days, he forecast every single movement that our military will do to the enemy. when you do that cut you set yourself up for damage an extreme risk. as it relates to oil, when you really listen to his words, taking control of the oil. he left it for everyone to take hold of it. and then when they have the revenue stream, they could fund activities worldwide.
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to deal with isis. this is with secretary clinton said. >> we need to wage this war against isis from the air, ground, and online with cyberspace. here at home, for goodness sakes, we have to pass a law prohibiting people on the terrorist watch list from being able to buy a gun in the united states of america. >> convincing the american people? >> i think, the one thing i hear donald trump saying, we will end this within 30 days. hillary clinton says within the air and ground, then 10 minutes later she says she won't send ground troops in. >> donald trump said that he alone can fix it. he questions the judgment of our generals. based upon on what you heard to make a yet secretary clinton explain just exactly what we need to do with the broad
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, basically, criticizing our generals amid a telly -- generals and military. >> i appreciate you both coming in tonight. we hope to see you before november. we are in for a dynamic stretch run. >> it is exciting to be in arizona right now. >> if you missed tonight's commander in chief forum, you can find it here on 12 news beginning at 9 pm hillary clinton's campaign here in arizona. tim kane was making several stops here in phoenix. meeting with local veterans and families talking about what her role has been on the campaign trail. >> which she has asked me to do, is listen and bring feedback back to her. i'm getting to your from you all on what is working and not working with supporting our veterans and what are the
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this evening. >> as we count down to november's residential election we want to know how arizona's voter turnout is comparing to the rest of the country. we will have the answer in 15 minutes. turning out to the weather, a cloudy day across the valley. so far, there has not been any major problems because of the storms. let's take a look outside. right now, let's see what's happening. you can see it is still cloudy. you see there from our web cameras, the windsor on the breezy side, right now, we're not seeing any rain in the valley. let's take a look now at the satellite radar, you can see that most of the moisture is off to the south and east. we will zoom in, get a closer
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that's where we're seeing some of the showers. nothing very heavy. south of casagrande, they've seen some heavy rainfall that is pushing down to the south and not towards the valley. this is there are where we are cloudy. were not seeing any storm development right now but we have 20% chance for rainfall for the rest of this evening. our temperatures will be into the 80s. we have some lingering moisture that could impact is tomorrow. we will have more in the forecast coming up in just a bit. we will send it back at this point, testimony continue today in the ongoing trial for what has become the scottsdale yoga teacher trial. it is continuing at this moment. here is the latest on the details. we will actually get him in a minute. some college students right here in the valley are scrambling to figure out what to do after learning their school no longer exist.
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schools yesterday. and agency trying to work it all out and help out. >> reporter: like many blue- collar workers, he is looking for a way off of the workshop floor. >> getting the office job and get off the floor doing hard labor. >> reporter: he joined itt tech. tuesday, it closed its doors students that use government loans. >> i had no clue. not at all. they never talked about it at that campus. no one ever said anything. >> reporter: how many classes do you love? >> three. >> reporter: that is not just his problem, closing its doors at the 32,000 students. and there are 1300 here in the
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the hook. >> they can hopefully transfer they can get some other loans forgiven. but it does not give them back their time. >> reporter: for people like, steve, it is a crushing blow. >> i'm not a school person. and for me to get so close to accomplishing some so big, it really meant a lot to me to >> reporter: is a much larger issue for veterans who were attending itt tech. funds from the g.i. bill are not available for credit. munchies the government money, it is gone for good. if you are -- for those with using the government money, it is gone for good.
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not happy with his visit to the valley. he spent some time speaking to phoenix police.
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right now, let's take a look at our hot headlines. interstate 10 authorities shut it down. >> they were investigating a possible explosive, no word on what they may have found if anything. the interstate no word on what they may have found if anything. the interstate 10 has opened up in both directions after that scare. a maricopa county search team has recovered the body of a voter that went missing over the weekend at lake pleasant. he disappeared sunday while out
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there with some friends. a man is in custody stealing a briefcase with $3 million worth of jewelry. he took it off a tour bus belonging to the rapper, drake. still ahead on 12 news at 6 pm. the answer for our social sound
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sound of question. as we count down to the presidential election in november. we want to know how the arizona turnout compares to the rest of the country. it ranked 43rd percent. minnesota had the highest voter turnout while hawaii had the lowest. scientists and engineers are counting down to >> tomorrow, a project that been working on for the last five years will blast off into space. it will chase down a astroid and grab a sample and come home. >> the team is nervous and excited. >> it brings tears to your eyes. >> reporter: the second in command on the phone from florida, she was on the ground with a couple dozen members of
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are on the next big step but this big milestone. >> reporter: $1 billion it cost to create this. he sent many things into space and he knows what the team is feeling tonight. >> it is a strange mix of, you know, wanting to sing and dance and be happy and wanting to throw up at the same time. felt similar emotions last week when they lost a rocket. heather said that that moment flashed through her mind. >> is an opportunity for us to be humble and remember. >> the spacecraft will lift off tomorrow at 4 pm our time. that is exciting. >> we do not see enough
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we have a little bit of other out there. for the most part of the afternoon, it was pretty quiet. it was cloudy. it was humid. temperatures on the cooler side, cooler than what we would typically expect. we have some remnant moisture from newton. take a look at the satellite radar. it is light. is east of the valley. and the eastern to southeastern is pushing into the western sections of new mexico. not all of it fell in the valley. take a look at the valley totals. the arizona mexico border to inches. tucson -- 2 inches. tucson saw an inch of rain. over in peoria saw half an inch
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not much at phoenix sky harbor. all of this will be shifting its way to the east as we head through tonight. we may get a little bit of wraparound moisture but we will dry out as we head towards the end of the week. we will then pick up the moisture moving in from the southeast as we head into saturday. here's a look at the almanac today. i told you about those cooler temperatures. 88 degrees was a high today. we have not been in the 80 since may 26. it has been a while. forecast. temperatures in the low 90s, and we will have partly cloudy afternoon and then we would be back into the triple digits with storm chances for the weekend. 12 sports is sponsored by your valley hyndia dealers. >> brady is serving a four-
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carson palmer was asked during his conference with his thoughts on the matter. >> i go back, you follow with the rulebook says, you go about your business and your work. you know, if they tell you not to do it. you get busted. what happens happens. you suffer the consequences. >> i >> [ crying ] >> yes, i am going to new england, grandma. i am so excited, grandma. i am so excited. grandma, i love you. >> that was an emotional and
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he shared with his grandmother the great news. the former asu standout will make his pro debut here in arizona in front of family and friends when they come to town to take on the cardinals. >> is a business trip. we are going down there to accomplish something, for me just to focus on my job, whatever that entails this week. >> i am very close to them. tomorrow night, when you're watching the panthers, with the super bowl rematch, you may see a very familiar face trying to sell you tires. larry fitzgerald, he is on a new commercial for bridgestone tires. take a look. >> the all-pro receiver, larry
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>> bridgestone engineers are helping larry fitzgerald, go long. >> i do not need help with my lines. >> [ laughter ] >> [ laughter ] >> yes, i look forward to seeing that commercial tomorrow night. football. >> yes, tomorrow night. >> i see a lot of happy men in this studio right now. >> [ laughter ] the olympic action in rio de janeiro is not over yet. we will take a look at that when
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finally, at 6 pm. the olympic action kicking back up in rio de janeiro. nearly 300 athletes are representing team usa right now over the two weeks of competition. the very best of luck to all of them. that will do it for us, thank you for watching 12 news at 6 pm. get the latest news on
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y23eoy yvpy blackouts, booze, binges. the secret double life of 20/20 anchor elizabeth vargas. >> i would die for my children, but i couldn't stop drinking for my children. >> her all-new interview now on "extra." ? ? ? elizabeth vargas' dangerous downward spiral from abc's star to raging alcoholic. passed out drunk in a park, circled by two predators. >> how close did you come to dying? >> how the end of her marriage pushed her over the edge. brand new taylor swift pics and video.
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two hollywood moms, two body after baby transformations. >> how you just had a baby is beyond me. >> eddie murphy's girlfriend paige and ryan gosling's girl eva mendes. >> ryan lochte's redemption rumba. what he revealed about his relationship status. >> i am -- >> this is why we love tom hanks. he can't stop g wife rita wilson. >> rita wilson is having lunch with me today. >> kendall jenner's fashion week confession and does her sister kim own clothes that aren't see-through? >> wow! >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. ? ? hi, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, britney goes all-out


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