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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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it was one of the most heartwrenching stories we've covered in a two years later... sentencing for the former owners of the green acre kennel. a rough night the latest on where things stand after a fire caused problems there... controversy over one display in a shopping market...look closely and you can see why... this morning we're asking... has 9-11 lost a little of it's significance? plus -coffee with a kick.a serious... don't mess with me
5:31 am and your morning juice... ???adlib ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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sentencing this morning for the former owners of the green acre kennel. team 12's nico santos is live in phoenix with a look at what to
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traffic???adlib traffic checking hot headlines right now ...overnight crews rushed to a small apartment fire in glendale.the fire happening in a laundry room at the complex near 71st avenue and glendale. no one had to be displaced. an arizona woman has been sentenced to 28 years in prison for faking cancer -- to get the state to pay for her late-term abortion.
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convicted of defrauding a charity for military veterans and for aggravated drunken driving. this morning - officials are investigating an officer- involved shooting at the u-s- mexico border, near nogales. authorites tell us the suspect swerved their vehicle toward officers. that's when the gunfire began. the driver was hit several times ... and airlifted to a hospital. the passenger suffered non-life threatening injuries and is in custody. the weekend is almost here... and the almost here... and the birdgang is ready. sunday night football from glendale.... right here on channel 12.the cardinals against the patriots kicks off. the game is at 5:25.and you can't enjoy football without tailgating.... team 12's bryan west is live this morning from live this morning
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?? toss to emma for ?? you can blame this one...on social media.or a bad elevator ride.or... both.elevator ride. or... both.kendall... and kylie jenner... from keeping up with the kardashians.... managed to elevator this week... when they were on their way to an event at new york fashion week. thank goodness... they kept their cool though...they rationed a granola bar...then snapchatted... and instagrammed their way through the entire ?20 minute ordeal. talk about grace under pressure..... how strong do you like your coffee?in australia.. there's a coffee so strong.. it comes with a health warning!many say it's the strongest in the
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content over 80-times of regular brew and the potential to keep you up for 18-hours! the drink's inventor uses an espresso that's custom brewed for 48-hours.a half a cup of the coffee is equivalent to 32 shots..equivalent to 32 shots.. then they add four coffee ice cubes that have over 2 standard shots each. now time for your juicy question of the morning... surveys show that 25 percent of women... and 40 percent of men admit that they have legitimately at on time, prayed for this to happen.
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now time for your second juicy quesf that 40 percent of people get grossed out when people do this at work.
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a 9-11 display a 9-11 display inside a supermarket...drawing a lot of attention this morning.and that has us wondering...if 9-11 has lost a little bit of its importance? and how to get a fake tan.... without the can be
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morning, a florida walmart is apologizing for putting up a display that many call disrespectful. the display was of coke cans stacked to look like the world trade center.this is at a walmart in panama city beach. you see the world trade center towers built with coke zero packages. and then a backdrop of the american flag. many people online were not happy and called for its removal. walmart now says thedisplay has been removed and they "hold is country's history in the highest regard." this walmart isn't the only company that's sparking an uproar. a mattress company in texas did a 9-11 theme commercial that is pretty the commercial, the owner and two employee are promoting their "twin tower" sale. and then at the end of the commercial, the two employees fall into a tower of mattresses that fall over. the owner then says
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so this morning - we are are talking about 11th... and memory of what happened that //what is //many celebrations ?today instead the actual date of 9-11: conflict with the
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even though we're less than a month away from fall... the summer heat is still stifling. and because it's still hot, i've got a lazy girl beauty hack secret for the summer.a lot of people use sunless tanning lotions, but you know how messy, splotchy and orange they can be. so to get rid of that messy fake tan... grab a little baking soda, sprinkle it on a washcloth, your damp skin with it. rinse with warm water and you should be good to go. sprouting up another store in the valley... the details on where... at six... get your tickets now baseball fans...the greatest non-pro baseball player to make the switch to the diamond since michael about to
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####break#### time now for our 12 today trivia.. your arizona cardinals kick off their season this sunday night against the new england patriots.. right here on the big 12. and our question to you.. many know the cardinals came to the valley from st.
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originate? think about it and guess.. we'll have and guess.. we'll have your answer in about 30 minutes. hot headlines this morning... and north korea is claiming it successfully tested a nuclear weapon.state run media reported the test overnight. the announcement came after a large earthquake was detected in the northern part of the country.if confirmed -- it would be the fifth nuclear test by north korea this president obama said that any provacative actions by north korea would have "serious consequences." 110 passengers had to be rescued from cable cars on the french-italian border overnight. the cars got tangled and stuck on mont blanc in the alps for several hours. blankets, food and water were sent up as crews tried to figure out how to get the passengers down. rough flight conditions meant rescue operations were suspended about halfway through-- left some stranded until this
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banking giant wells fargo has been fined 185-million dollars. the feds say the company's employees illegally opened millions of accounts for customers who had not authorized them to do so.wells fargo has already fired 53- hundred employees.the company will also pay restitution to the affected customers. this next story may make you shout holy cow! a giant, one-ton holstein steer at a northern california z tallest bovine in the world. the steer, named daniel, loves to eat bread and romps like a puppy at his home in eureka california. at 6 feet, 4 inches from the hoof to the withers, he's a smidge taller than the current record holder. an official measurement was taken tuesday to confirm his height but guinness world record has yet
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chipotle... paying out to some of its customers...again.the ecoli controversy the company just can't shake... and t-g-f-b....thank goodness football is back!the cards kick off in prime time sunday night...jay taylor...has everything you need to look for when big red... takes on the patriots.
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the end of horrific tragedy. awaiting a ruling. a final decision over hundreds of contested ballots. the arizona cardinals have their first game this sunday and we will tell you about a fun event happening. you can live in the same place as joey glass down. they will be saying cut it out. and video proof that there is nothing better than cotton


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