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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10:00 starts now. 12 news at 10:00 tracking the big picture for you tonight. up first kevin kennedy a valley forensic expert who unravelled the jonbenet ramsey case gives us insight into missing children's cases. pet owners who lost their four-legged friend. emotions running high as the owners of the boarding facility are sentenced. the first building fell down. >> a valley reporter who witnessed the attack reflecting on one of america's darkest days. school bus fiasco.
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children stranded. only on 12 news front loader odor. cardinals kick off. >> the latest on the tame and cool card -- team and cool haircuts. 12 news at 10:00 tarts right now. >> a -- starts now. the forensic psychologist you just saw shares his secrets when it comes suspects in high profile cases. >> since arizona has its share of missing and murdered children we want to know what he looks for. kevin kennedy sat down with him and asked about sop of the major suspects -- some of the major suspects. >> it's like getting a crash course on human behavior. he helps police solve crimes by
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victims and potential suspects. >> my son has either climbed out the window which he's done before. >> it's the call that started a massive search. >> two months later jesse wilson is still missing. >> every day we have to strive and stay focused on locating him and bringing him home. >> there are no suspects and few leads. but detectives have interviewed several people gaining what could be critical information. >> wha for is that overlay between the behavior and the physical evidence. >> dr. steven pitt is a forensic psychologist. >> it's about the dynamic between the -- between the kwhield and the parent. >> pitt remembers watching videos. >> this was a woman who has the detectives in her face about what her world may or may not
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>> understanding them was vital. >> in the jesse case phoenix police never found a body but evidence and information ended with a conviction. >> it's harder to keep your facts straight when you're lying. >> as for the investigation into jesse wilson police releasing little but they have plenty of information. the more they learned about jesse the closer they could get >> i talked with investigators today who tell me they are waiting on information and continue to develop leads in this case kevin kennedy 12 news at 10:00. thanks. developing now. a man from switzerland has died hiking camelback mountain in phoenix. the 26-year-old was with three friends but got separated. employees of the resort heard him yelling and ran to help. they told police he was nearly
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acting erratically and stopped breathing. bystanders performed cpr until fire crews showed up but he passed away. and the ac had been out in the room and our three dogs and his one dog died. our family was hysterical. both our boys were screaming and we were all crying. >> the owners of the green acre kennel in gilbert where more than 20 dogs died know their fate. and six years -- days in jail and six years on probation. what an emotional day in court. >> that's right, joe. the dog owners tell 12 news the past couple of years have been painful and they're glad it's over. >> we're not going make comments tonight. >> green acre owners maleisa hughes and her husband making
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years of probation which is more than was the minimum that we agreed to. we're very satisfied. >> emotions poring out on both -- pouring out on both sides. >> i feel like i can't trust anybody. >> they were going to be kept kennel free. >> i'm so sorry. we've apologized and apologized. >> the hughes apologized in court but the owners say an apology won't bring th back. >> my son has as per gers and that was his therapy dog. it was very very difficult for him. we're happy. >> we want this to never happen again to anybody. we're trying to eliminate animal cruelty across the country and this is a big ruling. >> their attorney visibly emotional. >> they're getting the justice. >> today justice was served. >> the lesson they hope
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own up. >> now jesse hughes is starting his jail sentence tonight and maleisa hughes will start hers january 13th. trisha hendricks 12 news at sock. to -- at 10:00. the maricopa county animal control has reached critical capacity after extending the amount of time before animals they got requests to save more pets' lives. they need your help. they're offering $20 adoption fees for dogs at the may and a phoenix locations through september. 18 more provisional ballots being counted. unofficial results have andy biggs leading christine jones by 16 votes. the thin margin means there
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this sunday will mark 15 years since the twin towers in manhattan and of course the pentagon and the pennsylvania countryside were struck by hawaii jacked pass -- hijacked passenger planes. >> in new york city today a solemn march remembering those who died that day and those who died diseases. jay johnson marked the return of several federal agencies to lower manhattan now housed in one world trade center. >> terrorism cannot repral -- prevail if we refuse to -- refuse to be terrorized. >> members of congress sang and prayed on the steps and paul ryan announced there's a generation of americans too
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many arizona ans were in times square that day including robert who investigates issues at the arizona republic. he and his wife talked before about having breakfast at the world trade center but overslept. he saw what we all saw on tv. as a reporter he wanted to cover the story so he grabbed a cab and headed towards the towers through smoke and billowing ash. fares streaming down his -- who had tears streaming down his cheeks. >> i start running towards the world trade center and the first building fell down. there were things that happened and some of them will stay in my mind forever. i saw people coming out of the building, falling on the ground. i heard the sounds of the thuds of bodies. >> the father of three says the
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pulled him aside begging for help. telling him his wife was on the 10 ist floor of the first tour to collapse. you can hear more on sunday aon 12 news at 10:00 . . -- sunday on 12 news at 10:00. the tempe park will have a ceremony at 8:46 in the morning. the arizona cardinals and will be honoring the 9/11 victims before every game this sunday as well. you're going see that sunday night live right here on 12 news. as for the game, all right so, coop, if this is truly the season of destiny for the arizona cardinals have they caught a break already? >> they most certainly have. the two biggest stars and weapons on the patriots offense will not be playing.
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gronkowski. he did not make the trip with his team. he's being slowed by a hamstring injury so the absence of these two will help the cardinal's cause but what else do they need to do? bruce is here to tell you. >> one point more than they have. nothing else matters. how it goes, how it shakes out. there are a lot of things that would help us ge than they have. that's the only thing that really matters. >> all right the cardinals and palt yachts kick off -- patriots kick off sunday at 5:25 right here on 12 news. the texas tech game may be the best game on paper in the entire country tomorrow. that's just how bad the week two schedule in college football appears to be. the devils defense will be put to the test tomorrow night trying to slow down the high
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tech has some pretty massive offensive lineman. >> 6'6" it doesn't matter to me because at the end of the day they pit on shoulder pads and everything. it's another man that you've got to beat. my thing is i want to get to you before you get to me. asu and texas tech kick off at sun devi that should be one wild one at sun devil stadium. >> dazzles. had to throw that in there. >> i wonder who kristin is cheering for. >> hm. our roof cams. clear skies as weekend rain may dampen some spirits. trisha hendricks hen and card's fan has the game forecast for us.
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dampen cardinal's spirits i think it would take a hurricane. there's a slight chance that we're throwing into the forecast. 99 with a mixture of sun and clouds. keep your eye to the sky storms off in the distance and could kick up the winds and perhaps a stray storm will make it into the valley. 102 at kick off. holding on to that slight chance for storms and mostly clear skies in the overnight we'll see temperatures in the double digits. time the game wraps up and the cardinals have won. valley students stranded when the busses don't show up. exploding phones. the faa's plea. only on 12 news ways to get rid of the stench coming from your front-loading washer. a defiant insect in the video of the night. cardinal's cuts and where
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hey guys james spader is my guest tonight plus man di moore do not change the channel. next week on 12 news at 10:00. on money saving monday who deserves your dining dollars. the technology that keeps cancer patients from losing their hair. the things the average parent doesn't think about. o is the scottsdale case going cold. a millionaire getting food stamps and medicaid accused of taking advantage of the system. that's next week on 12 news at 10:00. don't go anywhere 12 news at 10:00 will be back in 60 seconds.
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while charging. >> only on 12 news does your watching -- washing machine stink? simple ways to fix it minutes away. where you can go to get a custom cardinal's haircut. a troubled valley school district leaving children stranded. >> this is happening in the roosevelt school district. >> we talked to parents there who say they have no idea what's going on. >> p morning that there were no school busses today. some parents missed that call leaving children stranded. it's still not clear exactly why it all happened. >> there are hundreds of school bus riders at dr. bernard black element through school. because today -- elementary school. because today there are no school busses. the school district alerted
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kids. like kindergartners walking by themselves. that's devastating. >> vincent picked up some school kids. >> what bothers me is they waited until the last minute. kids are waiting and their parents have no idea what's going on. >> his wife erika is running for the school board and he wanted answers. >> i want to know why these kids were strabded. >> this is the -- stranded. this is after they overspent their budget by $4 million. >> we don't know if it's a strike or budget cuts or whatever. >> roosevelt superintendent issued a statement blaming a driver shortage as well as drivers who called in sick. the board plans to meet on monday to figure out how to deal with absent bus drivers. in the newsroom brahm resnik 12 news at 10:00. >> the faa is asking all of you
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phone to follow specific rules. they recalled phones after reports of some exploding while charging. if they catch fire in flight they could pose a serious risk. the concern is over the lithium ion batteries. hoverboards were banned earlier because they could catch fire now the concern is this specific model from samsung. >> this isn't necessarily precedented or unprecedented wht they're looking at it from a safety perspective and anytime a battery especially in a particular phone they're advicing caution without -- advising caution without banning the phone itself. >> they're asking if you bring the phone on a plane turn it off and don't put it in a checked bag. as far as getting a refund ver
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will trade it. at&t is offering exchanges as well. millions of washing machines with a strange odor has become such a big problem that there are class action lawsuits. many have reached preliminary settlements so you could be getting some money. but what can you do to avoid the issue? >> front perform better than top loaders and consumer reports test. plus they're gentler on clothes. some got more than they bargained for. >> it started out as online chatter but turned into multiple class action lawsuits involving more thap six million -- than 6 million machines. >> if your previously or currently own an lg washing
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2006 with mold issues you may qualify for the $35 settlement or a rebate on a new washer. the other involved whirlpool, maytag and ken mor machines. if you own one of them you may qualify for a $50 settlement or 20% off the purchase of a new washer or dryer. there are a few e that can provent this. wipe down the door gaskets daily. and leave the door open between washes. and every month sanitize the machine by adding a cup of chlorine bleach and running a wash without laundry. >> many manufactures say they've added a tub clean cycle to avoid this. >> if you want to avoid a front loader consider a high
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it recommends this samsung. it has washing performance and is gentle on clothes as well. >> if you want to know if your washing machine if you own now or previously is part of the settlements we made it easy for you to figure it out. go to and search washing machine. new tonight. i like this. students at virginia tech have a new way to get a burrito fix. chi poet low and google will deliver burritos by drone. >> i like this experiment. science. we're a little over an hour away from another exciting night of friday night fever. >> coop and the gang cover the high school football scene like none other in the valley. >> thank you joe and thank you stacia. we are all over the valley from the north and south and east and west.
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covering. >> thanks from desert ridge high school. jaguars and hamilton huskies tonight. jaguars trying to fwhaelt for the -- trying to beat them for the first time ever. >> we are hear at -- here at central high school. trying to go 4-0 on the year. a lot of fun to watch. you know what else is fun? these stud. who's going to win? >> let's be honest the first couple weeks it was easy for me big blowout victories. tonight is different. know tremendous dame and st. --
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>> it's not any game these guys are fighting for bragging rights. are you all ready? >> all right thanks a lot everybody. good job out there. checking it all out tonight. st. mary's will join us in studio. 11:35. and i have to say th i'm a little worried about cameron. i don't know if he's going to make it in time. >> i lost him in that video there. now to our omg video of the night. >> steve vasquez was repairing a pool this morning. this preying mantis was on the gate latch. >> he says it puffed up like this and continued to stair him down when he -- stare him down
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karate chop me. >> that's terrifying. >> don't forget to go to our 12 news facebook page and share our videos with your friends and family. >> and share them with us. >> that's a serious omg. >> i'd run screaming like i do with every bug. >> somebody shold be yelling sweep -- should be yelling sweep the leg behind completely karate kid. the weekend is going pick up where the workweek left off and that's hot. you figured that, right? what you see is what you get basically for tomorrow the high temperatures for today we maxed out at 103. may tack on a degree to that in phoenix. i think you get the idea. if you're going to work out in the morning do it early. 6:00 to 8:00 is ideal.
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by the afternoon find a pool near you. 94 to 104. some clouds with the sun but the uv index high. the pike county fair is going on. 70s through the a.m. hours. in the 80s for the afternoon. flirting with 90 by 3:00 and a slight chabs for showers and -- chance for showers and storms there. ofrjs the monsoon -- on the monsoon meter low end see an isolated distant storm developing in the mountains. that's where we have the highest number which is only a very women pi two. that seven-day forecast -- wimpy two. that seven-day forecast. five out of seven for double digits. i want to break down the sunday forecast. they're doing a first responders day at chase field
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they're hosting it. starts at 10:00 in the morning. the theme is a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the morning. temperatures heating up there. 98 degrees there by the 1:00 hour. now back to that seven-day. storms sunday through tuesday and more sunshine for the rest of the week. everybody's favorite part is we're counting so many double digit highs. 12 news is counting down to the cardinal's kick off. and the place to go to get a custom cardinal's look showing off your team spirit. 12 sports is sponsored by
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12 sports is sponsored by your valley hyundai dealers. all right so even if you're not watching the game live in glendale on sunday we know it's
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wherever you are. >> and maybe you're due for a new haircut. this man is giving fans fresh cuts for game day. >> people go wild with it. >> take a look. he says it takes 40 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the complexity of the designs. >> in case you haven't heard there's a new taking place in west gate on sunday. it's called touchdown tailgate. it's family friendly and free. it will happen before every big red home game. thousands are expected to attend. >> they'll have games, entertainment, food and life- sized beer pong. ticketholders and nonticketholders are welcome. parking is $10.
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tailgating because you get offered free grub there. and it's all good, trust me. that sounded pretty interesting. it may have pulled me away from tailgating. >> oh. experience all of it. >> don't go away. jimmy is on right after 12 news
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baseball fan with a big personality has captured the internet's attention. >> meet cotton candy girl. a dancing machine fuelled by sugar and the seattle mariners. >> her energy and expressiveness lit up the big screen. in addition to loving cotton candy she's a big baseball fan. >> even sweeter? her team got the win.
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marketing tweeted this out and it was retweeted hundreds of times. the fans said she was the mvp. >> the slow, late part of the season and you've got a team like the mariners not winning a lot you need the magical moments. >> we're in the wind down part of baseball. >> may we all love something that much. 12 news is always on. yeah.
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(vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- james spader,


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