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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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newest addition to the next 100 years. >> something completely new, completely unique. and people can experience the grand canyon like they never could before. >> reporter: trisha hendricks, 12 news. >> definitely for the brave, for more information go to our website, 12 news at 10:00 starts right now. tonight live team coverage. they are honoring their fallen
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washington, pennsylvania, and people in the valley are vowing to never forget. >> we know why hillary clinton had to leave the event early. welcome. we continue our live coverage. losing to the patriots is a lot they can work on. dilate of this game, -- the highlight of the game. career touchdowns, the future hall of famer, larry fitzgerald. you can only see at one place, we got you covered with regards to everything with the game, in today's news, and the 15th anniversary of 9/11. we will get to that in just a minute. we are with coupon what
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the cardinals really struggled offensively throughout the game. they were able to cash in the prince, here it was currently in the game, despite the cardinals offense of area, we had a chance to take at the hybrids. the placekicker, -- the highlights. the placekicker. 46 yard field goal. he misses it. one of the bright spots in today's game, larry fitzgerald, the number 99, before the game started, the nfl network reporter wrote a story that this would be his final season. >> i had a chance to talk to him -- larry's dad about this very story. >> reporter: larry has no
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the season? >> know he does not. he is excited about being in the national football league and playing for the cardinals. he wants to win a world championship. >> reporter: cardinal fans got you can rest a little easier, larry fitzgerald is not going anywhere. a couple reporters asked about it, in the locker room, he said, look, i am not thinking beyond the sheer. -- this year. he signed a one-year contract fola enjoys playing. >> where they went 1-3, it did not look good on either side of the ball, it did not look good ostensibly, do you think they should have put more stock into the off-season? >> you can very much make that argument. the first team, offense, defense, they played sparingly during the preseason. they came out and they looked rusty. were talking about and
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talking about an offensive unit. they could and better prepared with more preseason playing time. >> with this early loss will it be good for them to shake them up a bit? and wake them up? what do you think? >> i will say this. i am one of those historians, there have been 50 super bowl winners. that is in history, 42 of thos that speaks a lot. the cardinals lost their season game and they're talking about being a super bowl bust. we went to go out to brian cody, he spent time at a tailgate party. >> it is exciting for everyone.
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different. that group is missing its best friend. >> i saw that flank before he passed away. i did not think much of it -- i saw that flag before he passed away. and i didn't think much of it. >> reporter: chances this would not be happening without the one person that is not here. >> he brought us all together. this people he met tailgating. and people he met in st. louis with an away game, they are all now part of this group. it has been this way. not just because of today that it has been that way. >> reporter: he was killed in the line of duty last may, and he never missed a cardinals game. >> he never missed a game. >> reporter: this is the first tailgate game without him. >> things that met the most,
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>> reporter: family and football. >> we are all connected. it is weird. we would not have met each other if it was not for him. >> he would have been part of that toast. we did that a couple times throughout the game. he would've been right there in the middle. he would have been holding up his red cup. it is a sad day he's not here to do it. i know he is looking down. he would want us to carry on into this. >> reporter: this is not the outcome that david was hoping for tonight. at something tells me, for someone who has spent a cardinals fan as long as these -- david has will be focus on the next games instead of the
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now it's time to check in. he has the top stories of the day. back in our phenix studios. >> thanks a lot. on this anniversary, thousands have gathered in tribute across the country. >> reporter: the memories of those lost and the emotions are yet to fade. thousands gathered today in lower manhattan to honor, remember, and paid their respects. including hillary clinton and donald trump. both suspended their campaigns on sunday and respect for their
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>> hillary clinton felt overheated and she left abruptly and went to her daughter's apartment here in new york. >> reporter: a crowd of family members and friends gathered at the memorial in pennsylvania. president obama took part in a service at the pentagon. you shared a message of respect. >> in the end lost is ensuring the america that we continue to be. >> we do not let others divide us.>> reporter: a nation together refusing to give in to terror. >> the presidential candidate, hillary clinton had to leave the ceremony early due to
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we want to show you. hillary clinton was being picked up after this elementary. she it -- after the ceremony. she was stumbling going to the vehicle. she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. according to her doctor, she is resting on antibiotics. her campaign has canceled a trip to california. a victims lost 911. here is a look at that. >> reporter: it truly is a remarkable display, nearly 3000 of these american flags, covering this entire field, each one honoring a person that was killed on the state 15 years ago. >> it is hard to understand there were buildings here and they are gone. >> reporter: it was 15 years
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of that september morning. >> i was getting ready to go to work. and my wife came and got me. she said there's something going on. >> reporter: nearly 3000 lives lost in the valley is remembering and -- is remembering them today. at tempe beach park, thousands of american flags list the names of each person killed. the impact of the tragedies felt every day even too young to experience it. >> the bravery of the firefighters and police. they went in there. >> and makes you stop and think what we take for granted, every day. anything can happen. >> there was a candlelight vigil earlier this evening. people are still out here this evening. tomorrow morning at 6 am, volunteers will come and take
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developing today, two elementary schools and glendale are closed through wednesday. there are serious structural issues. students from the schools will go back to school on thursday. where they will be attending class is unknown. >> we are concerned is a micro bursts, or high winds, something like a hurricane, something that would sweep the walls from the bottom. >> the school district will hold three community meetings to address concerns parents may have. details about those meetings are on a woman shot and killed on the 51 freeway this week,
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mother of three. people are trying to figure out why someone would do this. >> after the initial shock wore off, the reaction from everyone, what can we do to help? how can we help? honestly, sometimes you just have to come together. >> police do not believe this random shooting was random. she ended up calling 911 calling and saying she was being followed. we will go out to university of phoenix stadium in glendale. it was eventful and it was disappointing for the arizona cardinals. >> that is right,. as you guys know, the singing of the national anthem, before the nfl football game, it is american as it has. coming up next -- it is american
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we will have the story on that. how did the weather change during football season, i will have all that coming up. coming up on 12 sports tonight at 10:35 pm. a look back at the historic night from the sun devils running back. and all your cardinals postgame reaction all do tonight on 12 news at 10
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welcome back everyone, to 12 sports and 12 news.
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coverage. today we celebrated an assault and honored 911. this was the 15 year anniversary of the horrible day in american history when terrorist hit so many targets here in america. >> it has been 15 years, of course, we will never forget. there were so many tributes tonit and she had the honor of singing our nation's death journal anthem. -- national anthem. >> reporter: we got the chance to hear her rehearsed. and of course, listening to her sing was absolutely amazing.
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musical theater singer, she was happy to get the call from the nfl and the cardinals. it is not the first time. this time, it was different. >> maybe because i was in new york when it happened. i experienced it right there. i feel it is an honor and i want us to pause and remember it. it was my prayer today. >> actress is busy. and she will return to the broadway stage. kristin is going to be starring in hairspray live. >> i'm sure she will do a great job.
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thrilled to have her as we are remembering 9/11. >> it is something on everybody's mind today. it was hot out there. there were some tailgaters out there, some tailgaters, there is cooler weather in the forecast. our meteorologist is here with the forecast. 105 degrees was the high temperature pepper -- today. let's look at how fast the football weather changes here in the valley. the average high temperature with the season opener is 102 degrees. if you fast-forward to the super bowl february 5, we have an average temperature of 69
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soon enough, it will feel like football weather out there. today, it was a warm. all of the storm act to be towards the eastern side of our state tomorrow we could see a slight chance of thunderstorms. by the 3 pm hour. the temperature down to 98 degrees. the temperature will be gorgeous. the mind soon meter, coming in at a 5. over by the wet -- the a low pressure center will drop in towards arizona, that will mean very dry conditions, moving back into our forecast, the good news the temperatures they will stay right around that triple digit mark. you can easily see, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday cutting strikeouts. it is looking fabulous. live back here at university of phoenix stadium. the temperatures are calming down. but you have been sitting nice, but temperatures in the 70s.>>
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conditioning. >> it was warm out there. let's check in with joe. next on 12 news at 10 pm. an arizona man, why he rushed
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on vacation visiting new york city. he and his wife talked about having breakfast at the world trade center but did not get out of bed, and he >> i basically was half dressed , i got a cab and i had a guy drive me to the world trade center. as a reporter he wanted to cover the story. all around me, people kneeled down, they were dropping down screaming and crying. >> reporter: it was absolute
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later, a police officer had tears going down his face. i thought, this is the end of the world, this is how it goes. he was interviewing people in the middle of the street. the visibility was near nothing. >> i kept thinking, that is a gas explosion. a cop said to me, though, that is the people hitting the ground. >> reporter: months later, it said in. thousands of people cannot get out and there was no way to save them. >> i started to cry. it seemed like hours. i crawled up into a ball and
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that would not be here if he was stuck inside the towers. damages are forever etched in
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heartbreaker, it was in glendale. we are still excited for it is the beginning of the season. but you have to admit, it was not what we expected to see. >> vanessa, i have not lost my hope. >> i am not ready to trash them yet. >> it is just the first week. we have a whole season to go.
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lost to a well respected, patriot team even without tom brady. when you bill belichick calling the shots, he is one of the most respected coaches in the league. the cardinals will come out a better team after this. >> i want to believe that. this is just the beginning. >> we broke it down a little bit. the guys who really break down, they are coming out. we have cameron cox, and bruce cooper, they are standing to my left. they have complete analysis coming up on 12 sports tonight. >> thank you. it was definitely a disappointing season for the cardinals. >> with all the excitement coming into the stevenson --
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>> we have a lot to talk about. let's get to it. >> he is up for the touchdown. >> he has pressure. the arizona cardinals come away with it. larry fritch gerald. >> all right, back inside the university of phoenix stadium. it has been a couple hours. the fans were able to do the digesting of the game. >> to me, it looked like, number 12, tom brady out there,
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touchdown, the most important thing, they came across 16 they came across 16/3 down opportunities in the game and cashed in on 10 of them. >> i talked to a lot of the defensive guys in the locker room, they pointed out that was most of the problem. >> [ music ] >> larry fritch gerald. touchdown cardinals. >> they have one of the best receivers in the game that is a good situation.
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catch. >> we hold ourselves to a very high standard. >> we should have won the game. even as poorly as we played. >> we need to be more official on third downs. i do not know where we were percentage price. he is trying to get the first down, larry fitzgerald, he thinks hs he now has pressure. the ball is loose, it is on the ground. what a moment for him. >> we did a poor job of stopping the receiver. it was a short drop. he has spoken for the
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for dinner tonight. i also saw a dog crossed the street this morning, and i did not tweet it we have to get out and get a field goal to win the game part -- to win the game. it is no good. that was a bad snap. >> you know what, larry fitzgerald, he is addressing the rumors of him retiring. the nfl network, ian rappaport put out a story today, saying that sources close to him told him this would be his final year. i went to one of the big sources. it was his dad. his dad said he is not said
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>> it was poetic justice. this guy is going to retire tonight? they went to him time and time again for the big play. and he makes those. >> 99 touchdown catches, and now 100 with this historic night. >> i do not talk about the future. i do not i do not know what i'm doing next year. i signed another your for a reason. i believe in what we're doing here. i believe in the guys in this room. i believe in the coaching staff. they have put us in a position to win. that's where my mindset is that. what i'm doing next year, it is as of no importance. this is the year. i want to make sure we make it a great one.


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