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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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coming your way on 12 today.. a hit-and-run leaves one person dead -- and a major freeway restricted. plus.. a huge upset for the arizona cardinals.. we talk with 12 sports insider -- jay taylor -- to see if they can come back from last night's game.. team u-s-a up against.. team u-s-a.. michael phelps takes on two other olympians in a lip sync battle you don't want to miss. ???adlib welcome
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one person hit and killed overnight and it could affect your morning commute... team 12's bryan west has our top story.. from the i-17 and
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arguments are scheduled today for a scottsdale yoga teacher -- accused of sexual misconduct with seven underage boys at a bar mitzvah party. lindsey radomski claims she was slipped a date rape drug at the party and has no memory of the night.. but a blood test revealed she did not have traces of drugs in her system. two 15-year-olds are in the hospital today.. after they were shot at a party over the weekend. it happened near 83rd avenue and lower buckeye. police say one of the vms both are in serious but stable condition. police have one person in custody. two people were found dead inside their sun city home on saturday. officials say they were shot. m-c-s-o deputies are investigating what happened -- but as of now.. no details have been released. and a firefighter was hurt on the job in peoria. he was fighting a house fire near thunderbird and 75th avenue when he slipped on the roof tiles. the firefighter was taken to the hospital and treated for a
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the paralympics are underway in rio right now.. and we have 17 athletes with arizona ties competing. including paratriathlete allysa seely from glendale -- who was featured on e-s-p-n's body issue this year... and shirley reilly from tucson who won gold in wheelchair racing back in london. the full list of paralympic athletes from arizona and athletes from arizona and how to watch them in rio.. are on 12-news-dot-com. the games run through september 18th. a disappointing night for the birdgang -- the cards lose to the patriots 23 to 21. 12 sports insider and former arizona cardinal -- jay arizona cardinal -- jay taylor joins us now with his insight.. tell us jay -- what went
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the worst part about all of this -- both tom brady ?and? rob gronkowski were not in the game. was garapolo just really good or should we be worried about our cards
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larry fitzgerald is not showing signs of slowing down - - despite rumors this may be his last season.. a few days back.. n-f-l media's ian rapoport said the 33-year-old would call it quits at the end of the season. but last night -- after but last season. but last night -- after scoring his 100-th touchdown -- he disregarded the rumors.. saying he's not thinking that far ahead.. right now. just last month -- larry inked a one-year
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on a related note.. former seahawks running back -- marshawn lynch may come out of retirement.. and it could be soon. n-b-c reporter -- mike florio says lynch is considering making a return to the n-f-l during week four or five. now.. the seahawks still own his rights.. and would have to decide whether to welcome lynch back on the him.. or release him. we could learn more about lynch's possible return -- tonight on "running wild with bear grylls." that's right - grylls as they navigate through the rugged mountains of corsica.. and even come face to face with a wild hog. you can bet lynch will have to channel his inner "beast mode" for this one. the episode airs tonight at 9 -- right here on channel 12. today is the day -- the new talk show "t-d jakes" premieres right here on 12
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powerful.. inspiring man that will host the show.
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it's money-saving monday.. and in 10-minutes.. we have an easy trick that will help you save at the pump.. plus... the performance of a life-time! michael phelps kills it in a lip sync battle.. and you've got to see the competition. 12 today is back in three minutes.
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let's get another check of your hot headlines.. one person is dead and more than a dozen others are hurt after a bus crash near the denver international airport. police say a school bus was carrying students and coaches
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it drove off the embankment of a terminal approach. officials say the bus driver died and all of the other passengers were taken to hospitals. new york remembered the victims of the 9-11 attacks last night-- with a tribute that could be seen for miles. two beams of light illuminated the night sky illuminated the night sky in lower manhattan as a visual memorial to those who lost their lives 15 years ago. the lights were first put into place six months after the attack -- and are switched on each year from sundown on 9-11 until dawn the following morning. miss america 20-17.. savvy shields from arkansas took home the crown after a stellar jazz dance routine. in addition to the crown.. shields wins a $50-thousand dollar scholarhip ?and? a six- figure salary for the next year.
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had a hand in miss arkansas' big win last night.. if you remember -- douglas was picked to be a judge earlier this year.. the miss america pageant prides itself on breaking boundaries -- and douglas did just that throughout her career as a gymnast. and like douglas -- the pageant has been the center of controversy at times -- most recently with its swimsuit competition -- which has been swapped with athletic wear in the miss teen u-s-a. when asked about it last night -- douglas had a surprising response... surprising meanwhile.. douglas' teammates -- simone biles and aly raisman were busy last night -- helping olivia munn in a lip sync battle against
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made a surrpise appearance as backup dancers.. but it was phelps who really stole the show with this number... now time for your juicy question of the morning... when asked what movie best describes their boss.. one survey found these two movies were named the most. what
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it's money-saving monday.. and this morning we have a simple trick that will help you save at the pump... check your tires -- they could be costing you in gas money. you lose one percent on your gas mileage.. for every two p-s-i of air pressure under the recommended level in your tires. and it's easy to fill up tires on your own.. most gas stations have air pumps on site.. it will cost you a few quarters at most places.. but there are a few gas stations that offer free
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campaign follow suit? that and more decision 20-16 coverage -- when 12 today is back in three minutes.
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###break### minutes.
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a health scare for hillary clinton over the weekend.. the democratic presidential nominee.. appearing unsteady in a cell phone video. clinton left the september 11-th remembrance ceremony early complaining that she felt overheated. she went to her daughter's apartment for a bit.. and re-emerged later -- when this video was clinton's campaign says the 69-year-old has a case of pneumonia and is expected to be fine. meanwhile.. donald trump joined former new york city mayor rudy giuliani for several events in new york. they spoke with firefighters.. and attended the remembrance ceremony. when asked about clinton's stumble.. trump said he was unaware of what had happened. he has yet happened. he has yet to make an announcement on the incident. "sully" soars at the box office -- but how many ?jays? does team 12's jay taylor give
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marshawn lynch is going full beast mode tonight.. the details on his 'running wild' episode with bear grylls.. that's five minutes away in the morning juice. more 12 today
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a deadly hit and run accident along the i-17 .... threatening the morning rush hour.we are live with the latest on the investigation... no school today for ?some students in glendale...the reason why...and what the city is doing about it... hillary clinton's health... will it become an issue during the rest of the that she's contracted pneumonia? the guy best known for beast mode...finally met his match. with bear grylls...and the result?that's in the morning juice... ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy


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