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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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traffic traffic???adlib ???adlib traffic new this morning... a guy drives the wrong way on the freeway for eight 12's bryan west is live from near the loop 202 and 24th
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a quick a quick check on hot headlines this morning... overnight... crews were able to knock down a fire in glendale.the flames caught a roof on fire at a carpet & flooring company near 51st avenue and glendale.the business did suffer some damage... no word if it will be open this morning.the cause of the fire is under investigation. a motorcyclist is dead after a crash on the u-is dead after a crash on the u-s 60.. it happened near mill avenue yesterday afternoon. d-p-s tells us the man on the motorcycle ?was? wearing a helmet. still no word on what causee the avondale mom -- convicted of shaking her quadruplet infants violently enough to break bones.. detach retinas and cause brain damage -- is now free. 42-year-old elizabeth whittle served 17-years in prison for the heinous crime. she was originally sentenced to 172-years behind bars -- but made a plea deal. her babies were placed in foster care and eventually adopted. today could be the day when we learn the results of the cd-5 recount. andy
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election officials say they will release the results later today. starting today... nature is connecting with art at the phoenix zoo.the phoenix zoo. team 12's jen wahl is once
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remember that completely over the top and utterly insensitive ad for a mattress store?you know... the one that turned a 9-11 themed ad into a mattress sale?well - the people who came up with it.. are now out of a job.the san antonio, texas based store... miracle mattress... closed ?indefinitely last week.and this morning... they're saying they won't open again train them.the company also said it would make a donation to the new york organization ?tuesday's children... which supports families and communities impacted by terrorism. think about this as you go off to work this morning...a virginia company lets their employees bring their dog to work every single day.every single day.employees at crutch-field, a big electronics company, say having dogs at work helps
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company recently built a new park for the dogs too.??ad lib ?? time for your juicy question of the morning.each year around 15-hundred people injure themselves with this room.not sure if anyone here on 12 today have fallen victim to this dangerous thing.what is this? time for your second juicy question of second juicy
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this? time for your time for your second juicy question of the will use 95 this.women will use 50 percent of this.what is this? what is this?of this.use 50 percent women will of 100 percent men will use 95 the will use 95 to 100 percent of this.women will use 50 percent of this.what is
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twitter?hashtag...t-n-f..! we're talking twitter....and the three minutes... the iphone 7...available in stores it? apple... and the great iphone rush...its what plenty of people are waiting for...and its in 10 minutes...
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the nfl and the nfl and social mediathe nfl and the nfl and social mediaare coming together like the chicken wings and buffalo.and after last night...there's a new way to watch...and it's ?not on your tv.twitter launched its first thursday night football night.reaction was pretty positive for the game between the jets and the bills. the stream was free of major glitches-and people posted things like "honestly, watching football on twitter just means twitter is the only thing i need in my life.." and "twitter's football stream is really impressive. they need to do more events." the struggling social media site has the rights to ten thursday night football games this season.twitter users can watch via the twitter app on
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microsoft's x-box one.the company's goal is to give cord cutters a sports-watching it made us wonder -- are people going to skip the tv and just go straight for the phone?// would you ditch your // would you the phone? // would you ditch your traditional ditch your traditional football watching parties on sunday if you could just stream games could just sunday if you parties on watching football traditional ditch your // would you the
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the phone? // would you the phone? // would you the phone? would you ditch your traditional football watching parties on sunday if you could just stream games on social media?// what about other sports // what about media?on social stream games could just sunday if you parties on watching football traditional ditch your // would you the phone? straight for the phone?// would you ditch your traditional watching parties on could just stream games on social // what about other sports streaming espn? ???adlib weather???adlib espn?service... like espn? ???adlib weather???adlib espn?service... like streaming
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weather???adlib weather weather weather are you having a hard time sleeping?all this week, we've got surprising food secrets that will help you sleep all night long. according to prevention... these are clean foods that may already be in your kitchen and it's supposed to promote sounder, more satisfying sleep. so today's secret food...oatmeal!!! they're a good source of the sleep promoting hormone melatonin. and since it's
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you feel sleepy anyway. a massive sinkhole ... with toxic waste flowing ?into it? one guess as to where this mess is happening... and we are talking cardinals... bucs ...who will win..and why?former cardinal jay taylor has the six...
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time for some time for some 12 today trivia. and this morning.. we're all about the phoenix zoo and its new "nature connects" art exhibit. so the question to you.. how many animals call the phoenix zoo home? think about it and take a guess.. we'll have your answer in about a half hour. let's get a check on the hot headlines this morning...and
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now officially on sale in stores today. but don't get too excited. those who didn't pre-order are going to have to wait quite awhile before getting their hands on the new phones. apple says it could take up to three weeks... to as long as november. and now under an official recall... the samsung galaxy note--7.the danger of the phone comes from its lithium--ion operates at a very high 4 volts.if they are overcharged... or if there's a short... it can generate a lot of heat.causing a fire. morning, there's a massive sinkhole in central part of that state.that's not crazy part.but get this: millions of gallons of contaminated water --- just flowing right into it. the sinkhole is about 40 feet across, and it's unclear how deep it is. officials say the water is slightly radioactive and we're told 215 million gallons have drained into an wouldn't want to drink it, but so far, engineers don't believe the water is making it to private
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and for dads who like to say they're sitting on the throne....we give you our ?shot of the 6:25.
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leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer
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it's a fun friday on 12 the zoo. plus what do the cardinals need to do most to not start the season with two straight home losses. jimmy fallon messes up donald trump's hair. we'll get to that in a minute. a big fire on the freeway. team 12's brian west is live with more from the u.s. 60 near alma school. >> reporter: we're actually waiting to just turn around


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