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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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???adlib traffic workers - cleaning up wreckage from a weekend plane crash.. its a plane that slammed into a gilbert home. team 12's jen
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checking hot headlines this morning... a deadly overnight shooting in guadalupe. the shooting happened a little before
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telling us that the victim is dead. that person's identity not being released.... nor whether there have been any arrests. authorities are expected to release more information... this afternoon. a man reported missing from the green valley area has been found dead in southern arizona. bishop buckle was missing since saturday and pima county deputies found his body last night. it's almost time for the susan g. komen race for the cure. join 12 news as we support the race this year on october 9th at the cesar chavez plaza in phoenix. you can register right now at komen a-z dot org. ?? toss to morning juice ?? and this story will melt your heart.and it is everything that is ?right with the happened in michigan...robby a senior at novi high school up there...he's been the football team's water boy for ?four years...and he recently got his big chance to get into the game.what makes this even more
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it...he ran for a 36 yard touchdown.but wait...touchdown. but gets better.... robby's mom was there when it happened...she... is terminally ill with bone cancer. debbie heil says she was overwhelmed by the support from both teams...keep in mind... this whole thing happened in the second quarter... of a tie game... debbie said... both schools worked for a week to make sure
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time for your juicy question of the morning.when you buy this, you are paying a 900 to 1,000 percent mark up. even the most const conscious people.... will buy this.what
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time for your juicy question of the morning.three out of four of us could do this as a kid.three out of four adults say they can't do this anymore, because they might hurt themselves.what is
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50 days until the election - and the chaos continues...are you ready for more reality show stuff or will things finally calm down?we are talking about that in three minutes... and the secret to stopping hair loss... just might be in a piece of fish.we're talking
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new this morning.... a man taken into custody after allegedly pulling a gun on a d-p-s 12's nico santos is gathering details from scottsdale. we talked about it earlier in
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we talked about it earlier in the newscast.only 50 days left in this marathon that has become something more like a reality show... than a presidential race.and for a lot of people - it can't end soon enough... enough... the question we are asking this you think
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issues ahead of next monday night's debate...or are we in for more of the same until
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it was a huge deal when it when it it was
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it was a huge deal when it happened...we're talking about bridgegate...and today.. the trial for that mess is getting underway.that story in five minutes... who wore it best last night at the emmys?a look at the red six...
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time for your 12 today triva.
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back on the big 12 tonight. it's the season premiere the voice. this is the 11th season. and our question to you.. who were the judges on the were the judges on the first season? think way back to 2011 and guess. we'll have your answer in a half hour. checking hot headlines this morning..and investigators... ...still searching for the suspect involved in the bombs found in new york and new jersey. in fact, this morning... fbi agents raided a house in elizabeth, new jersey. a home they say is connected with the case. overnight - a bomb found in a trash can at a train station in elizabeth... exploded as a robot tried to disarm it. and today... plenty fo extra security... after another bomb exploded saturday in manhattan. the blast injured 29 people. it might have been part of a coordinated attack: just four blocks away, police discovered a pressure cooker
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attached. law enforcement sources say it appears the same man was spotted in surveillance videos near both devices. all of this happening as president obama is set to attend several events in new york city... surrounding the united nations general assembly.the president will deliver his last speech to the u-n tomorrow. a jury will decide the fate of bridget anne kelly and bill baroni as the bridgegate trial begins. the former allies of governor chris christie are charged with conspiracy and fraud in a nine-count indictment. closings that caused gridlock on the george washington bridge in 2013... delaying commuters for hours and leaving emergency vehicles slow to respond. the rio 2016 paralympics came to an end last night. the games wrapped up with a fireworks display over rio de janeiro's maracana stadium. rio officially passed the baton to tokyo, which will host the next paralympics in 2020. china topped the medal count at the paralympics. britain, ukraine and the u-s were next in the medal count.
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believe anyone would survive after a plane would survive after a plane falls out of the sky onto a gilbert home.we are live with that in five minutes... the arizona cardinals put tampa bay in their rear view its time to focus on buffalo.jay talyor previewing the our
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right now on 12 today, the after math of a plane crashing into a home at the valley, we're live at the scene. back from the dead. after years of despair, the housing market looking good. the cardinals take aim at the bills. >> we'll get to those stories and more in a crystal henderson talking about your forecast. it's back to work, back to school monday. let's get you ready if your sending the kiddos to the bus stop soon, no need for an umbrella. you'll need that tomorrow. but today, dry weather, mix of sun and clouds. the sun will be up in 15 minutes. temperatures range from 72 to 77. and as far as your work out forecast, whether you're running, biking, it's looking really good here this morning.
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partly cloudy skies. 77 at 7:00. we're in the 80s by 8:00. light winds, grab the leash and the collar, fido will want to drag you around the block a few times with temperatures like these. 75 at this time in some neighborhoods. and 81 degrees by 8:00. it's such a pleasant morning out there. and you're going to enjoy it on your ride into work this morning. maybe live dangerously, throw down the windows, and open up the sunroof. it's for your evening rush hour, 96 by the time 7:00 rolls around. we have chance for showers and storms. more on thatcoming. a man taken into custody after allegedly pulling a gun on an officer. >> reporter: this started as a traffic stop over night that


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