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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 20, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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bull market somewhere. i promise to try and find it just for you right here on "mad money. the suspect put his hand on the side and pulled out a handgun. >> did you know what your son was doing? >> no. >> you had no idea? >> we have directly linked rahami t >> new details surrounding new motives in how the suspect may have been radicalized. >> now, donald trump is calling for racial profiling while hillary clinton has a vastly different reaction. all this as president obama prepares to address the united nations today. >> battles near aleppo rage on. could today's u.s./russia talks change all that. >> outrage in tulsa after police
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shooting an unarmed black suspect. >> and hillary clinton hits the tonight show. "early today" starts right now. great being with you. i'm frances rivera. >> i'm gigi stone woods. >> pictures show the ravage of the new york area after a massive manhunt that enlists millions in the all-out search for the bombing suspect ended in a hail of gunfire. it came after they cornered the the bombings just hours after investigators released his photo to the public. we're hearing from the bar owner who was the first to find the suspect asleep outside his tavern. >> i recognized him. he just pulled a gun and shot. pop, pop, shot twice. and i think the cop shot. and he got up and started
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suv and started shooting at him. he went between the cars. 30, 40 shots i heard total. pop, pop, pop. >> this morning, investigators are now focusing on what if any help the suspect may have had in planting those bombs. miguel almaguer has the harrowing story of how it all unfolded. >> the manhunt turned into a foot chase and ended in a shootout. d times. wheeled to an ambulance alive after investigators say he opened fire on two officers. >> mainly seen the cop shooting at the suspect. >> sounded like, you know, pop pop, pop pop pop. >> after police and federal agents launched a massive dragnet for him, the 28-year-old was found sleeping in the doorway of a linden, new jersey, bar. responding officer recognized rahami.
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fired one shot at the officer, striking him. >> two officers were wounded along with rahami. a naturalized u.s. citizen who was born in afghanistan. >> now that we have the suspect in custody, the investigation can focus on other aspect, such as whether this individual acted alone and what his motives may have been. >> police asked for the public's help in finding him, sending this first of its kind emergency alert the lookout after pulling over five members of his family on the verrazano bridge and questioning him. the suspect's father spoke to nbc news. >> did you know your son was doing this? >> no. >> you had no idea? >> no. >> rahami lived with his father just a few miles from the shoot 37 out. here in elizabeth, new jersey, above his family's restaurant. the fbi scoured his home, inspecting the roof and towing away a car.
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video walking away from this blast in manhattan that injured 29 saturday. then later, this device, a rigged pressure cooker that never detonated, found just four blocks away. >> better safe than sorry, so i went upstairs and called 911. >> earlier that day in seaside, new jersey, investigators believe rahami blanted an ied along the route of a charity race, the bomb exploding >> we need to shut down this run. >> then a third explosion less than a mile from rahami's home. two homeless men alerted police after stumbling upon a backpack in a trash can filled with five explosive devices. this blast accidentally triggered by the bomb squad. it was near a busy rail line and pub, all evacuated. an act of terror, say police, but for now, this is their only
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>> miguel almaguer reported. state charges have been filed for five counts of attempted murder of an officer, however, federal charges have yet to be sought. his bond is placed at $5 million. he's expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. >> with six days to go before the first presidential debate, the conversation surrounding the attacks immediately turn political with donald trump immediately calling for racial profiling across the country. profile people that maybe look suspicious. >> how do they look suspicious? how? >> i don't know. these are experts. that's what they do. they profile. you go to israel and study because israel has done a phenomenal job at this and they profile. they're not happy about it, but they do it, and people aren't complaining about it. but we have to profile. honestly, whatever it is, but i'm not using the term muslim.
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>> overnight, a new controversy from the trump camp with donald trump jr. posting this viral tweet that quickly became a top trending moment. comparing syrian refugees caught in the civil war to a bowl of candy skittles. criticism from across the spectrum was swift. skittles responded with this statement. skittles are candy, refugees are people. we don't feel it's an appropriate analogy. we will respectfully refrain from any further that came after the donald took this victory lap following the recent bombings. >> i was criticized for calling it correctly. what i said was exactly correct. i should be a newscaster because i called it before the news. but what i said was exactly correct. and everybody says, while he was right, he called it too soon. give me a break. >> as for hillary clinton, she seized on trump's rhetoric and blamed him for the uptick in terror recruitment.
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comments have been used online for recruitment of terrorists. we've heard that from former cia director michael hayden. he said donald trump is being used as a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists. we also know from the former head of our counterterrorism center, matt olson, that the kinds of rhetoric and language that mr. trump has used is givi adversaries. >> yet, the candidates made their best attempt to also appear presidential, meeting with world leaders as they convened ipnew york for the u.n. general assembly. this morning, we have new pollingidaty from our tracking poll. the final poll before the candidates square off on monday, it has clinton beating trump by five points. 50%, trump, 45%.
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an unlikely alley on her side. reporting george h.w. bush will vote for her in the fall. it stems from a facebook post from the former maryland lieutenant governor and daughter of late governor robert kennedy. that means a kennedy is now outing a bush who looks to be voting for a clinton. >> in syria, a deadly attack on a u.n. humanitarian aid convoy is pushing u.s. and russian relations to the brink. the air strikes killed 12 aid workers and severed the delivery of life-saving supplies to 78,000 people. it occurred hours after syria's military declared an official end to a seven-day cease-fire brokered by the u.s. and russia. it seemed to terminate with monday''s attacks. today, the state department is expressing outrage.
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day for humanitarians. the agency has temporarily suspended all convoys from delivering basic necessities including medical supplies and winter clothes. >> britain's prince william is speaking out about how he sees dark moments in his job as a pilot. he chose to serve with a charity that provides helicopter emergency service to the people of europe. it does expose the future king to situations that his relatives >> there are some very sad moments. and you know, we talk about it a lot. and that's the best way of dealing with some of the situations. you talk, and you know, you try not to take it away with you, but sometimes, particularly for us who don't necessarily day in and day out see all the stuff, it can be quite difficult. >> in this interview with the bbc, william says that working as a team is one of his favorite
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the royal family. the priority of others and charity is something he gets from his mother. >> outrage in tulsa, oklahoma. a federal probe opened into the shooting of an unarmed black man by an officer. >> first, tropical storm payne turning toward california and arizona. bill karins is following that for us. >> this storm is falling apart quickly, fut the rain is heading north and into arizona. doesn't look like it's going maybe some isolated flash flooding. as far as the forecast. the moisture gets pumped to the north a little bit. plenty of rainfall in the days ahead in salt lake city, montana, and wyoming. now here's a closer look at your day ahead. you can see where all the cloud cover, temperatures are kept down from flagstaff to prescott to phoenix and tucson. we're watching beautiful weather in the northern rockies but it's going to get much cooler in the
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leading the news on disturbing footage shows tulsa police kill an unarmed man. the police chief is promising a full criminal investigation into the roadside shooting death of terrance crutcher. his family is demanding charges be filed. seen from multiple angles. tulsa police officers responding to an unrelated call when they spot terrance crutcher stalled suv. police say crutcher approaches officers but refuses to follow their commands. >> i have a subject, won't show me his hands. >> aerial videos shows he has his hands up as he walks back to his vehicle. one officer deployed his taser. another fires her weapon, killing crutcher. >> shots fired.
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we saw that terrance did not make any sudden movements. >> the 40-year-old crutcher was a father of four. his twin sister is devastated. >> his life mattered. his life mattered. >> the officer who fired her webben is on paid administrative leave. >> we will achieve justice. >> the department of justice has also opened a separate civil rights investigation. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> tulsa leaders are askingt shooting remain peaceful. gigi. >> thanks. >> new details coming to light about the minnesota mall attacker and the heroic officer who stopped the stabber in his tracks. officer jason falconer. he was off duty at the time, but it didn't stop him from confronting the attacker at close range. the former police chief was simply the right person at the
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intervention. he was needed to be there to prevent it from being worse than it was. >> all ten victims are now out of the hospital. focus has intensified on the lone attacker identified by family and friends as 22-year-old dahir adan. while an isis-run news agency has claimed him a so-called soldier of the state, police have pushed back against that claim. >> fastwa in an l.a. courtroom. he was arrested late last month after a woman accused him of threatening her with a gun in his home. the incident led to a ten-hour standoff with police. >> and first lady michelle obama is expected to appear on the late show. she'll promote the let girls learn initiative which helps young girls around the world go to school and stay in school. school is cool, ladies. you're watching "early today." tomorrow's the day
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this morning on "today," nbc's richard engel reports on how new york city/new jersey bombing suspectra homy may have been radicalized and how it will influence the fight against care. >> right now, stock futures are higher in the u.s. ahead of news and interest rates. and oil is also moving.
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today, near $43 a barrel. that's following comments that the global market is oversupplied. the country's oil minister said oil prices need to drop by 10% to meet actual consumption to stabilize prices, and two key decisions on interest rates as the federal reserve and the bank of japan kick off two-day policy meetings today. federal regulators will announce new guidelines to insure the safety of the department of transportation will require any new technology meet a 15-point safety review and consider new powers to limit the number of experimental vehicles on the road. and the government intends to update rules each year. wells fargo ceo is testifying before a senate panel this morning. in prepared remarks, he plans to apologize for betraying customers' trust in a scandal over allegations the bank opens millions of unauthorized
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>> we just had donald trump on the show a couple days ago. >> i heard that. >> i heard that he left something in your dressing room, i apologize, i didn't know he left something behind. >> oh, yeah. >> we usually don't. he left that here. >> let's look. let's see what's in there. >> this is a framed photo, it must be of his wife. that's not melania, is it? >> a cd. why would he have a cd? we don't even have a cd player in the back. i see, it's pink floyd "the wall." >> that's as close as he's going to get to the wall. >> at least jimmy fallon left her hair intact. unlike when donald trump came to visit. >> at least those gifts were pretty innocuous. it could have been a lot worse.
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beauty and the beast 20th anniversary event. she sparped in a q&a with other voice actors and graced the audience with a surprise performance. ? tale as old as time ? >> that was the grammy-award winning song beauty and the beast. lans bury is now 90 years old. she sang the theme in the disney animated classic and h murder she wrote was on 24 hours a day. >> she is exactly the way it sounds in the soundtrack, so great to see. >> celebrating birthdays today. kristen johnson turned 49. george r. martin is 68, and oscar winning actress sophia loren is an amazing 82 years old. this is "early today." lshire fae spice of life.
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the man accused of running down three cops is due in court today -- but he may not make it. donald trump junior compares syrian refugees to skittles -- and it doesn't go over well. plus.. jim carrey is being sued over his silent about it. that's in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome


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