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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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diamondbacks. and girl power invades the voice set. that is all coming up. but we start with meteorologist krystle henderson talking about chances for rain today. yes, man, look at the dark skies out there. if there is any rain drops falling, oh, we cannot see them in this picture, it is really just scattered in nature. and switching over to the satellite and radar, you can see a swath over here, but, bark is for a worse than the bite. again, light showers at worst. and that is it, no lightning, just a very light breeze out there. looking apartment the last hour in the valley, it is really- -looking at the last hour here in the valley, it is really just fizzling. that does not mean that we are
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on that tropical moisture. and by the time tomorrow wraps up, no surprise that the higher rainfall totals are where you see the moisture here. so some places might get up to an inch. but in southwestern arizona, where we expect most of this, half an inch. so not big time totals and maybe nothing up in the valley or maybe a trace or an inch at best. the bigger numbers in the high country and southwestern arizona. emma. all right, thanks, krystle. the crash is looking a lot better than it was looking. so this is out here on the 17 making your way southbound right at thomas. it was at one point, blocking the middle lane. so it was in the middle lane, and then off to the right and now it is off on the right shoulder. so all lanes are back open. the bad news is that this is
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and right as rush hour is starting. so the crash is moved and this is really the only one right now. now it is just a little bit busy out there. 17 southbound and thomas, matt. all right, thanks. the man accused of running over three police officers with his car at a gas station is suppose today have a court hearing- -supposed to have a court hearing this morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning to ylt suspect, mark payne could be seen here later today, but he was in the hospital over the weekend and we don't know yet what condition he is in. now if he makes it in front of a judge today, as planned, he is facing two counts of attempted first degree murder: now this is after he tried to run of three phoenix police officers last tuesday. and 89 police chief called it a
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the officers were at the quicktrip meeting after finishing a call. the officers hit include a 31- year-old sergeant and a 33-year- old officer who just graduated from the police academy. they were standing in front of the q t when a driver slam intoed two of them. one suffering minor injuries after a fight with the suspect, the other a head injury, the sergeant a breaken leg. and now payne is facing two coun how close he came to hitting two clerks who were also inside of the q t. so stay with 12 news as we continue to follow this story here, later this morning, to see if he is in court. for now, live in phoenix, jen wahl, 12 today. jen, thank you. 6:03 a.m. is the time now. a judge has signed off on an agreement to end the last legal challenge for arizona 's 2010
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week. there are guidelines on how police officers must enforce a section of the law that fires officers, while enforcing other laws to question the immigration status of people suspected of being in the country illegally. and now the officers are required to document the reasons for their questions, that a person in the country is illegal. authorities believe that a stolen truck outfitted with a cannon and parked near the u.s., mexico border, was use today smuggle items into do smugglers have used similar things in the past, to lit cal i will send drugs over the border. douglas border residents have found bales of marijuana in their yards. half of the flights here in arizona are not following the flight past created by the faa-
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faa. the change has created issues for thousands of homes in the valley. and the city of phoenix and some of the historic neighborhoods are suing the faa. today the diamond backs are in san dee, in a few--san diego, and in a few weeks, there is a chance that tony larussa may be betlet go. and the--may be let go. the diamondbacks are in last place in ir they are already out of post season play. many w nba players are liking the league 's new play off format. the first two rounds of single elimination contests and playing tomorrow is your phoenix mercury, who are at the indiana while atlanta hosts seattle. and now here is emma. all right, guys, season 11 of the voice is now under way. the hit show, which you can see
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last night with the blind additions. and here is one of the most- -auditions. and here is one of the most memorable moments. ? [ music ] ?? >> this girl rocked it. miley cyrus and keys are the new coaches this season. we caught up with them behind the scenes to talk ant the struggles they face and what they bring to the show. emotional, it really calls you and what they are about and their dreams, and how great they are. >> much more, we are a little more nurturing and like really get like, it is just that instrict, that chick--that instinct, that stick which i think. >> i mean, the wardrobes alone, it is going be great. you can watch night two of the
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on 12. news. i watched last--on 12 news. i watched last night and it was good. and immediately following the voice, stay tuned for this is us. the show, oh, gosh, is that what is coming up, the show has had a huge build up over the summer, breaking a record for views of a tv show 's trailer online. more than 100 million. that is us finally gets to start spinning its story, one that links people in part because they share th birthday, but as viewers find out, their connection goes for a beyond the calendar. a new show, we hope it does well. time for your juicy question of the morning, it is a tricky one. this is four times more likely to happen to a man than a woman. and our producers are being very difficult with us because we are not getting any hints. so yes, it could really be anything. >> okay, so, donna says car
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date. and another says stood up or dumped. >> what do you think this. >> i am stumped. maybe get pulled over the by the police. >> these are all good guesses, too. still ahead on 12 today, if you do not afree that bald is butte--agree that bald is beautiful, we are v tips to rejuvenate your hairline. >> reporter: and things are restaurant week, a closer look at modern american in scottsdale, now through this weekend, that is coming up on
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news tracker is out and about on the freeways this morning, taking a look at some dark skies out there, spotty rain here and there across the valley. meteorologist krystle henderson has more on that in a minute. but first, it is arizona restaurant week. and nico santos has the assignment of the day. >> yes, nico, you do. what are you serving up this time? >> reporter: well, i have gotten actually pretty comfortable here of the bar, i got access to anything i want here, after i clock out, of course, since it is raining, really, there are so many excuses to make cocktails and this morning, remind me of the name of this one. >> [ inaudible - low volume ] sunny 5. it is a gin, it is a really light, fruity a nice gin taste to it. >> reporter: and is there showmanship in--and there is showmanship involved in this.
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cocktail list, maybe a dozen on the list here. and this is aside from the prefixed menu that you can try for restaurant week across arizona. 24 location of--this location of drexel is participating, he is you get the appetizer, and a dinner selection. there we go. >> [ inaudible - low volume ] >> reporter: this is going to be like fireworks. look at that, tram, it looks like it is a drink made just for me, fruitiness and acid, because there is lemon use. >> and a little simple syrup to add sweetness for it. >> reporter: i let him take over the shaking here, because he is a pro in this.
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my bar tending skills. i am going to trade off the microphone to you, if you don't mind. this is for you, for the moment. so should i start on the top or something? >> yep, just take it nice. >> and look at the juice, though,. >> reporter: the juice comes right now. >> and now try to do a complete circle. you are doing a good job. >> reporter: and we have some on the side here. it looks like i am going to make it, though, look at this, >> oh. oh, look at this. >> reporter: you know what, guys, i really do belong here, i am learning that more and more as the day goes on. this is the nole t 70. and what is your favorite drink? the old fashioned. we have a new--favorite drink? >> the old fashioned. and we have a new drink coming out, trying new drinks and restaurants, seeing what they
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that is coming out. i am adding a chocolate whisky can it. so i hope you guys come out and try it. >> reporter: great so, a lot of new things going on here at drexel. again, it is $33 for restaurant week. but there are more than 150 options through the valley. and in the next half hour, we actually have a very special treat, we are going to get >> okay, i will take both, thank you, nike. and you can--nico. and you can have dinner on us. >> yes, the give away, stick around, it is coming up in thefection half hour--in the next half hour. all right, guys, so far on the roadways, it has been nice, except for this spot here on the 17, going southbound at thomas. this crash, at one point, was blocking the middle lane. and because of that, we are
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right lane, and now off on the right shoulder. so that is good news, it is no longer locking any lanes of- -blockerring any lanes so- -blocking any lanes of traffic. but it is right before you transition onto the 10. heads up, it is a little bit busy. and a crash has since been cleared up. those are the only two accidents that we have had this morning. this one, already in the clearing stages, a tow truck is on the scene, so news as well. now we have some wet roads, but nothing too bad. chris will break do that down in a bit. --krystle is going break that down in a bit. how are the skies looking? well, you know, if you lookout out the window and- -lookout the window and say oh, it is not raining, but, you need to grab the umbrella because showers and storms are more widespread as the day goes on.
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now outside, let 's check in on what is now tropical storm payne, this is bringing moisture in the atmosphere through the day. it is going to slowly make its way to us and have the indirect impact on us with bringing us all of the tropical moisture. and now do not get caught up too much on the placement of the greens and bl just generally scattered showers and maybe some isolated thunderstorms for a couple of days. then, on thursday, we have got a different system to track here, it could produce some strong and severe thunderstorms in the high country. we could be talking hail and damaging winds and then that cold front is following suit and boy, it is going to live up to its name. we are all getting in on good stuff in weekend for the valley, hot and muggy.
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in the 60s. we cannot wait for that seven day forecast. not one of the days is in the triple digits. so maybe yesterday was the last one in let 's cross fingers on that. we totaled up 97, so for this yeh, that is actually the fewest # hundred ding days--for this year, that is actually the fewest 100-degree days in the last decade, actually, the last 15 years. so maybe we are getting in on cooler w. looking at it, not that many since 1999. but this year, we are actually really close to the record of 110-degree days. but let 's focus on the positive. 90-degrees today, maybe in phoenix, we might actually, basically spend the whole day in the 890s,--in the 80s, that would be really great today. and if you have not made plans yet, saturday, get out there and enjoy, whatever you plan to do, but maybe take advantage of
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at all of the national parks for public lands day. i mean, look at this. temperatures near 65-degrees at the grand canyon, you cannot go wrong wherever you plan to- -wherever you plan to go. keep your eyes to the skies and then mostly sunny skies in the weekend. an as pro-mitted, beautiful temperatures friday, saturday, sunday. >> yes, we hope it is the end of the triple digits. >> yes. >> thank you, krystle. 69:00 a.m. --6:19 a.m. is the time now. by the time you blow out 40 birthday candles, your hair losses some of the shine and more. and on our turn back the clock tuesday, we have tips for you. >> but it comes down to genetics, stress, and crash diets, inflammation, and hour
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can try some things. and for inflammation, a steroid solution may be needed. also, low energy laser gadgets could help. and maybe a change in birth control could be the best fix. >> no kidding, glad you got that one. 6:20 a.m. is the time. potter woke up? if you are willing to move across the pond, you can. >> and hillary clinton stopped by the tonight show with jimmy fallon a week after donald trump did, so that got us thinking who was the first presidential candidate to go on a late night talk show.
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good morning, welcome back to 12 today. coming up on 6:24 a.m. on this cloudy tuesday morning. some sprinkles and showers out and about. more rain could be on the way today, says meteorologist krystle henderson. now this morning we have been showing you highlights of hillary clinton on the tonight show last night, just like we did with donald trump. and now who was the very president to go on the talk show. >> i am guessing nixon. >> i am going to say bill clinton. >> here is the answer. >> [ inaudible - low volume ] >> welcome to the senator from massachusetts, jon kennedy? well, oh, you have to just like show it off. >> yes, jfk was on the tonight show.
6:25 am
crack any jokes, he talked ant the crisis with cuba and then richard nixon went on the show as well. >> oh, shoot. now to your shot of the morning, everyone. the house used as harry potter 's home in the hit film is now up for sale. it was featured as the drive in surry, the home of his uncle, it is actually in berkshire. roughly 25 miles west of london. current owners, they have put the house on sale for $620,000, american. it was bought for $325,000 back in 2003, atlanta the height of the global potter--at the height of the global potter mania. >> well, i would have thought it would have been higher.
6:26 am
francisco. >> oh, my gosh. >> and than that, well, especially, since you said, if that is about the average price. >> yes, and then you have the staircase. >> that is right. the next taylor swift gets a note from the actual taylor swift. her reaction, oh, what you think it would be. >> adorable. >> and tim tebow swings for the fences, while the mets bring the register. how a sweet deal is helping both the cash in on his pursuit of the
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right now on 12 today, rain in the valley, but will it last? we are checking the radar. plus, is a google than a regular one? what police say is to blame more crashes. have dinner on us. it is arizona restaurant week, and we are giving away a $50 gift card, that is coming up. i can not wait. right now, it is 6:29 a.m. now a check of the forecast, rain is in the forecast, right, krystle? that is right, right now, though, not really seeing much of it here in the valley. just those pesky clouds hanging overhead, you know, maybe you like that.
6:30 am
bed. i know, it certainly makes me want to do when it is cloudy out. now a look at the here and now on the satellite and radar, we are kind of seeing the last gasp of the lite showers that paid--light showers that paid us a visit this morning. now it is just a shower, that does not mean there is more come. and--there is more come. ab we can see the showers out and we are refilling on the moisture through the day. maybe a light storm in the mix. what we have senior night is not really a lot, the bark is a lot--we have seen overnight is not really a lot, the bark is a lot worse than that the bite. by the time we wrap things up in the next 48 hours, some of the spots in the high country could see up to an inch of rain, maybe half an inch in the
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tenth of an inch. but certainly, you need the windshield wipers on the ride home. all right, out on the rots, everyone. the only truck--on the roads, every, the only trouble pot is- -everyone, the only trouble spot is right near thomas. it is, of course, moved off to the side of the road, you can see it here, it is actually clearing up right now. so this is good news for our a lot of trouble any longer. however, it is leading right into rush hour. so this is one of the busiest spots, again, 17 southbound thomas, crash was blocking the middle lane and now debris is out there, too. this is the only crash that we are still dealing with. another one at 17 southbound and 10 eastbound, tram, that one also cleared up. we will get down to the busiest spots in a few minutes. it is a story that made national headlines and this
6:32 am
trying to kill three phoenix placers by running them down with his car is going before a judgment jen wahl is--judge. jen wahl is live with more. >> reporter: yes, now mark payne is scheduled to be at court here today. by he was in the hospital over the weekend and we don't know his condition. he is facing attempted first degree murder. the police chief called it a targeted attack and he said natomas officers were at the quick trip near camelback and i- 17 meeting after finishing a call. the officers hit including a 41- year-old sergeant and a 33-year- old office just frank--officer who just graduated from the police academy. they were standing in front seat of the q t when a driver pulled into the parking lot, hitting two of them, one
6:33 am
with the suspect. the other--after a fight with the suspect. the the other a head injury and the sergeant had a broken leg. and now payne is also facing counts because of how close he came to hitting two clerks inside. and is there a status conference here this morning at 8:30 a.m. we are live in phoenix, jen wahl, 12 today. >> jen, thank you. it is now time for a check of the hot headlines at 6:33 a.m. a man from glendale has been woman at sunday 's cardinals football game. he grabbed a woman and the woman was able to fight back user handgun phone to hit him. well a new report by the chandler police department is revealing how safe driverless cars are proofing to be. the city had three crashes with the self driving cars. in two of the crashes, the driver of the other vehicle was
6:34 am
been having the envying the. well construction on--the new vehicle. and construction on the loop 202 has started. the 22-mile extension arnold the west side of south hundred is going open in about--south mountain is going to open in about three years. a phoenix woman is accused of leaving her infant in her car while she went shopping. cartedder left her 9-month-old baby outside of the the baby was sleeping in the backseat and someone called the police. the infact is now with child- -infant is now with child protective services. it is arizona restaurant week, so get out there, try something new, and that is exactly what team 12 east nico santos is doing right now. >> reporter: yes, we have been really getting excited in morning. of course, we have been at the bar, if you are been watching 12 today this morning.
6:35 am
diner--we are standing in the dining room. so now a better look of the restaurant, the wide view, and there is patio seating. we are going to the formal dining room, so we are going to get the real experience, which is really what what arizona- -really what arizona restaurant week is all about. and now this is paul, the general manager of drexel modern american. so before we get to the food here, let 's learn a little bit about the restaurant. >> well, we have been open since february and we want to take classics and put a twist on it, use our chefs and see if we cannot make something that is common place to really wow them when they sit down and join us for dinner. >> reporter: and so what wows me in. >> oh, our pork chop, one of our great items. and you know, a pork chop is a pork chop, but you know, we add
6:36 am
sprouts with candies bacon on it. a goat cheese pasta. we just combine the flavors and the colors, they are great. >> reporter: and for arizona restaurant week, there two different price points, there are more than 150 restaurants through the valley and tucson as well. here, these are the three option for the rain entree, because you get an appetizer and a dessert ease well. this price >> yes, if you beef w have the short ribs, braised in house 24 hours, a nice sauce on it with asparagus. and now the seafood, the sal man are garlic noodles,--salmon with garlic noodles. and this is a great, healthy
6:37 am
and now this one in particular is on the regular menu. and we had to bring it back on after the last restaurant week. we have the mexican street corn, the pesto, just outstanding dish. >> it sounds like a lot of flavors here. >> reporter: when you said mexican corn, i thought of tram, i am going to try the corn, first, but the seafood is coming up, favorite protein, i really must say. >> oh, everything is just designed to not only taste good, bow look good. you can see the colors and the flavors will work so--taste good and look good. you can see all of the colors and the favors will work so well. >> reporter: oh, that is great. you have from now until the end of the week to take advantage
6:38 am
get, really, your money 's worth. this is what, $33 and sometimes you have your dinner, just a plate itself costs that much. so it is really worth it. >> yes, it is a steal. do they take twins, though, toddlers at all? >> it depends on how big the cleaning crew is, tram. >> knee, co, thank you--norco, thank you. and--nico, thank you. well, remember the story about ryan model? well, last week we told you about ryan seacrest and the supermodel, they were a thing. well, that may not be true. e news, where ryan seacrest works and produces several shows reported that they were dating. again, if i was dating a supermodel, i would report it, too. and now t mz is telling a different story. they are say nag they have been- -saying that they have been hanging out, gone on dinner dates, but they are just friends.
6:39 am
stay tuned. [ inaudible ] simoniacal dubbed that girl the next taylor swift. the american 's got talent season 11 winner got a beautiful and she posted that video. the 12-year-old singer, song writer wrote words cannot explain how honored i am for this, thank you so much. >> that is very sweet. all right, now to your juicy question of the morning and your answer. figures show this is four times more likely to happen to a man than a woman. your first guesses, everyone? >> no more hints?
6:40 am
>> i know,. >> oh, so going bald, stood up or dumped. hair loss, car accidents, pay for the date, a harassment, get a pay raise. >> okay, what is it? >> truck by--struck i will legislatenning. >> really? >> --struck by lightning? >> oh, really? the guy is like i am going to finish this game of golf, i paid for this game of golf, i am going to finish the game of golf and make it before the storm comes. >> four times more likely. >> it is notny true. >> did anyone get that? >> no, nobody. it was so out there. wow, i would have never guessed that. still ahead here on 12 today, tailgating on a new level, how you can get what you need for a pregame party, brought to your parking space. >> having the umbrella handy is not a bad idea this morning at the bus stop. showers on and off through the
6:41 am
but this morning, temperatures between 77 and 82, the sun is up. >> plus, tim tebow cuts a deal and is cashing in with the new york mets. who he is allowed to do that nobody else in baseball can do that. that is ahead on 12 today in
6:42 am
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6:43 a.m. now. he is one of the most recognized people in sports.
6:44 am
workout yesterday in florida. tebow, the former heisman trophy winner turned 29 last month, spent some time in the batting cage and he is going to wear number 15, which just so happen today be the same number that he wore at the university of florida during his football days. so this morning, tebow jersey sales, as you mite expect, number one on the mlb online shop, that is t iz. tebow and the jersey maker allowed the sales of the merchandise, even if he does not make the mlb roster, no other player can do that. if you want to buy the jersey, the player has to be an mlb player. >> well, it is just for money. >> oh, of course it is? i mean, tee me beau joining the whole baseball farm system.
6:45 am
cashing in. i mean, he has not officially played yet, he has got what, his baseball bat signed. it is all for you to buy. i mean, this is like a cash cow. but my question is, do we know how well he is going to play? >> or if he even will. >> most sports analysts do not think he will ever see the majors. yesterday, he missed his first grounder in the outfield. he his other teammates head, 20 feet over the head. >> and i was heading on espn, the rehab coordinator, he says i have seen a lot of guys work hard, this guy is a monster. he said he was sweating so much at the end of the day. >> it is humid in florida. >> but he is in good shape. >> well, you can know, i can go
6:46 am
going to make the play. >> oh, sure, absolutely. but man, he is bringing minute money before he starts. >> well, he got $100,000 to sign the deal with the new york mets. but, also, something else they do not do on other players, they are letting him off on the weeds. >> how do you think the other players feel? >> oh, yes, totally. >> totally. can we talk about some respect and paying your dues and you kn prove yourself and earning some stripes here? >> i think they all know that it is just a tebow show. >> a show. >> they had about 650 people there yesterday, usually, they have about three for the practice. >> so enjoy the attention wile you can. let us know what you think on first book and twitter. now--on facebook and twitter. what if i told you, we could be in the 80s all day long. would you will digging that?
6:47 am
on that. it is humid, but it is still 82. right now--still 890s. right now,--still 80s. right now, 82-degrees in phoenix. and a little difference across the valley. and what if i told you that there is another 80-degree reading in the seven day forecast that comes on friday, and that one comes with less hew midty. yes,--humidity. yes, i mite be able to deliver on that, too. and weekend lows, in the are you kidding me in that is all to come--kidding me? that is all to come. and now we are taking you hour by hour for the rest of today into tomorrow. a 40% shot through the 4:00 p.m. hour. and then 330% chance--and then 30% chance into tomorrow. and now we have the showers and maybe and isolated thunderstorm here for the next couple of days. then a different weather pattern is taking hold here on thursday, it comes in the form
6:48 am
strong to severe thunderstorms in the high country, maybe hail with some of these, and maybe very strong gusty damaging winds here. that cold front is swinging by thursday into friday and oh, boy, you are going to love the air mass is on deck with that one, it is going to be much cooler air and who would not love that set up? come problems here--no problems here. so it looks like no triple digits for the nest week. --for the next week. 97, that is how many o totaled up this year so far, which was actually the fewest number of one 1 degree days in the last 15 years, incredible. so since we are so positive, lettings look at more--let 's look at more fall activities, just 22 days until the average high temperatures every day are in the 80s. 41 days until halloween and thanksgiving. check out the temperatures today, maybe we eke out a 90,
6:49 am
phoenix. 87 for helo bend. 80s for highs in tucson and cay daytona gran daytona. and--and casa grande. and it is going to be very humid out there, as you can see by the dew points. for the seven day forecast here, keep your eye to the sky for a variety of showers out there, light to moderate, maybe some lightning, maybe some gusty winds, temperatures in the double digits through the first day of fall on thursd with a high of 89 on friday. >> oh, it is looking great. 6:49 a.m. now. the hot headlines this mortgaging, prosecutors are still weighing charges against a man who did the bombings in new jersey and new york. he has been charged with the attempted murder of several police officers who got into a shoot out with him before he was shot and arrested. he is being held on a $5 million bond.
6:50 am
the un-- addresses the un general assembly before he leaves office. he is going apply what has worked in the last eight years. donald trump jr., coming under fire this morning for a twitter post compared syrian refugees to poison scuttles, the tweet asks if i had a bowl of scuttles and i told wow- -scuttled and i told you just three would kill you, would you the tweet has sparked outrage all over social media. and a new nbc news survey mono-cincinnati presidential poll is out this morning, hillary clinton has a six point lead over trump. they are both starting their day in north carolina. it is the season, everyone. kohls is planning to hire 69,000 seasonal workers, that is the same amount as last year. they sex ebb expect more--they
6:51 am
coals does not--kohlss does not feel the need to increase the number this year. and the ceo of wells fargo is testifying before the senate this morning. he is going to apologize over a scandaling of allegations that the bank opened millions of air--of accounts to help meet sales targets. and federal regulators are going to announce new sidelines to driveless carses. they have to mote a 15 point safety review. and the government is going to update the rules every year. how does this sound, a delivery service that comes to your parking space. the 49ers and amazon prime, they are teaming up for tailgaters and this is great. you can order charcoal, food, beer, liquor, anything available at the amazon prime now store will be delivered at
6:52 am
everywhere. so cool. and now have a better deal for you, this is free, it is called arizona restaurant week. and the 12th caller right now is going to get a gift card. call 6(022)601-0800. this is----(602)260-1000. it is almost time for the sue can komen can komen--susan komen race for the cure. it is now 6:52 a.m. stick around, we have a final check of weather. --check of weather before you
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welcome back, everyone. 6:55 a.m. is your time-out there. it is a gloomy day. out on the roads, a little gloomy on the 101 going northbound at warner. we do have a crash to give you
6:56 am
block the hov lane. so a headings up, it is--a heads up. it is going to be busy. they tried to move it off of the the left shoulder, but there is not really much of one. again, 101 northbound and warner is where you are seeing crash. one of the busiest spot in the valley right now. on the 10, 67th avenue all the the way to the stack, getting slow on the 60 as well. all right, right now, radar, we have li yuma up to page here. --up to paige here, but very little fanfare over the valley. maybe a spotty sprinkle here and there. but we do expect chances for showers and maybe and isolated thunderstorm in the mix to increase through the day, as we continue to get this tropical moisture in our atmosphere. so, keep your eye to the sky for that, maybe we hit a high
6:57 am
to enjoy 80s all day, but it is going to feel humid for the next few days, and hey, fall begins of thursday. what a weird way to wrap up summer and such a beautiful weekend ahead for you, with temperatures that are maybe at 89 for friday. low 90s, i mean, lows in the 60s. it does not get much better than that this time of the year. so maybe plans now. >> nice looking seven day. yes,. okay, final tech comes to first dates, imwill melissa does--emma does not like bowling, any fun activity. >> no, anything at a family fun center, we did that every single weekend. >> it sounds good. >> no, it is the worse. >> and the worst thing that a guy can take a girl on for a
6:58 am
sometimes are short. >> there is a correlation. i am going to telestich to take you--to tell stephen to take you there. >> and. >> and the cast of the voice was great last night. >> oh, look at that. >> my take away is that we have tallied up 97 100-degree days so far this year, yesterday was one of them. that is actually the fewest number in the last 15 years. >> incredible. >> i tho i summer, too. >> and then the other side of it that is what we were at near record for the 110-degree days. >> and i feel bad for the guys trying to play with tim tebow, i feel like they are getting the raw end of the day there. >> no putt president--putt putt for emma. >> and we are always on at
7:00 am
more questions than answers about the suspect in the bombing attacks in new york and new jersey. ahmad rahami hospitalized this morning after a shoot-out with police. investigators focusing on his trips overseas and the possible motive for the terror spree. his father speaking out to nbc news. >> did you know that your son was doing this? >> no. no. >> you had no idea. >> no idea. >> the very latest on the investigation. blame game in the wake of the bombings. donald trump and hillary clinton accuse each other of making the country less safe. >> hillary clinton's decisions overseas have left us with the threat we face today.


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